Author's note: First of all i don't own anything, second i'm not even sure if this fic is even good but the idea has been running around my mind and i had to write it off.


Middleman HQ 18:00 hours

The middleman called his trainee with increasing desperation, it wasn't common for Wendy to not answering her middle watch, something was definitely wrong.

-"Ida I really need you to track Wendy she's not answering"-

-"I'll take care of the dopey you got a bigger fish to fry, there's an alien invasion coming our way, probably Althurians, I'll give you the coordinates"- The android said to the intercom

-"I wouldn't be surprised if those aliens were involved in her disappearance"- He said disgusted.

-"She's probably passed out from the smoking I'll take care"-

-"We both know she wouldn't do that, I'm serious Ida"- He said even more concerned if that was possible.

-"Just go to the friggin place before mankind gets enslaved by whatever superior alien race is up to get us. I'll take care of Smokey mc Pot"-

Ida sighed when the boss hung up, when it came to Wendy he was an overprotective pain in the ass, if he knew that the dopey was simply banished from the earth by a force so powerful and secret not even the HEYDAR could track down he would get into an hysteric fit, he might even forget about the aliens and go on a wild goose chase just to find her.

Damn those meat bags, their emotions got in the way of their missions and judgement; this middleman seemed more grounded and serious than his predecessors. His lack of social life and up tight proper ness should be an asset that prevented him from making stupid decisions but behind all his neat mannerisms laid a man with an unpredictable personality and passionate emotions. Once, not long ago, given to choose between the faith of the modern world and his apprentice's life, he chose her. If the Mary Jane worshipping hippie hadn't come up with a plan at the eleventh hour the only technology available on earth would be a piece of rock tied to a stick.

Ida searched for the tracker on Wendy's watch, nothing, the last images recorded showed her painting alone in the apartment and then engulfed in a ray of light. Ida recognized that light though; she had seen it several times before. She had been called by the curse of Chac- Mol. It didn't make sense that a trainee was summoned instead of a middleman but Ida's belief that O2STK did it for a valid reason was the only thing in the android's programming that resembled faith.

Middleman HQ,Year 2018, 20:00 hours, London time.

Wendy opened her eyes and saw a room with a great resemblance of the Middle HQ; she also saw hundreds of middlemen and middle women around her. She knew from her previous experience she was called in to fight to stop the end of the world, all the worriers around her braced for the upcoming battle.

A young beautiful blonde woman limped her way in front of all of them, she wore casual clothing but the colour pattern presented her as a Middlewoman. She was followed by a young attractive man dressed in a Hawaiian like t shirt that reminded Wendy of Ida's ugly dress.

-"To all the warriors that came here to fight in order to save the world I have bad news, the apocalypse near doomsday situation happened three days ago"- The blonde woman said tired

Nothing could be more scary and confusing that a room filled with middlemen asking angry questions, out of the young man in the ugly t shirt came a siren that silenced them all, he was obviously an android.

-"The villain of the hour, a jerk named Eagle Eye messed with the Chac-mol amulet so when we called you guys you didn't show up until it was too late. The situation is contained now but at a great expense, the previous Middlewoman died stopping this villain's plan to destroy the world"- He said sadly

More angry shouting, Wendy heard her boss predecessor, Ravine; she said enraged that if the amulet wasn't reliable the next time it failed the world might be easily destroyed.

-"Was the villain ripped to pieces like he deserves? If not I'll like to help on that matter"- cave man middleman asked raising a huge stick

-"Unfortunately no, but as the new Middlewoman my first job will be to destroy him in the most painful way possible and I want the pleasure for myself only"- The new heroine said with and angry smile.

-"So much for the omniscient O2STK those guys can screw up as much as we do"- Wendy said out loud, she heard the door stomped open and a stylish blonde came out of there shouting.

-"Great! Now you choose to show up, a little too late you know?"- She was on the verge of tears

-"Calm down Lacey, it's not their fault if the amulet was damaged"- The android called Idan said.

-"I just buried my best friend don't you dare to tell me to calm down"- She was crying now

-"Lacey?"- Wendy asked dumbfounded –"Geez is that you?"- Behind the impeccable clothing, aging and snobby manners she could tell that woman was her friend

The other blonde approached her, her jaw would have fallen to the floor, she touched Wendy's face to see if she was real.

-"Oh my god, boss you're alive!"- The new Middlewoman hugged her, followed by an unrecognizable Lacey and an unknown android. By the time they let go the rest of the warriors were gone they disappeared by the amulet's power, leaving only a very confused Wendy with three people that claimed to know her.

-"Ok guys I've seen weird before but this is way over my league would you please explain before I get a freak out fest in here?"- The trainee was terrified, she could take down any monster without a flinch but something about this seemed wrong. Thirty minutes later when she got her explanation the scene had only grown darker.

She was summoned ten years in the future in the city of London, right at the end of her time as a Middlewoman.

The beautiful blonde used to be named Evangeline Emerson, she had been Wendy's trainee but with her boss' recent demise she was promoted and now she was The Middlewoman.

The android was Idan, apparently you can change Ida's true appearance in the shape the current boss wanted, in this case a cute guy with an ugly t-shirt, and he had been in that mode for almost ten years now.

Lacy on the other half was now the CEO of the fashion house Famouse, now radicated in Europe. Apparently she had been Roxy's assistant until the succubus died and then she had to take charge of the company.

Wendy was afraid to ask about Noser, it wasn't long until a handsome man in an expensive suit entered the HQ followed by two bodyguards, and she recognized him as her friend. When Lacey introduced him as the prime minister of England her mind begun to spin.

-"There could only be one reason for you to come here Wendy"- Noser said with a ceremonial tone –"You must learn about this future so you can go back to the past and change it"-