Althurian mothership, stratosphere, 18:00 hours

In every possible corner there was a demon, all the supernatural creatures hid in every crook of the spaceship with both Middlemen in key positions. Clarence was given the task to kill the Althurian king after Wendy defeated the Mandelors and lured most if not all of the Althurian army, leaving the king unprotected.

In the future Wendy eventually got sources in the Althurian army. It was an alien soldier that worked as a double agent during the invasion in an act of revenge against the king for sending his sons to die in battle. He told her the race was on financial trouble and depended on earth's resources to pay off all the debt caused by the intergalactic wars. If they lost this battle the alien race would be ruined and fall pray to their numerous enemies. So if they won now, they wouldn't have to worry about them anymore.

Clarence waited patiently in the king's office; the invisibility spell was much more effective than any of their scout machines and cameras.

Not long after he assumed his position the king was alerted that a large group of strange humans were killing their mandelors. Those fool aliens didn't even know of the demon's existence. The ruler sent all his army to fight them and remained locked in his chambers with his royal guard that consisted of three large warriors.

Once the doors of the chamber were locked Clarence swung the magic daggers in the guards' direction, his perfect pulse sent the daggers right into their heads, the remaining guard didn't have time to look around until the king saw in horror how an invisible force slit his throat. Alone and terrified the king sunk to his knees and begged for mercy. The Middleman refused to kill a helpless man in such state, he left him tied up and locked in the chambers. He believed that with the army destroyed the ruler could be more useful as a ransom or source of information than as a dead body.

Clarence ran to the centre of the ship were Wendy was fighting the mandelors, too late the Althurian warriors realized that a smaller group of demons had destroyed their sophisticated weapons before they launched their attack.

The battle was on its peak but he could already tell the demon army was wining, with blazing fireballs he made his way into one of the mandelor's cave, inebriated by the violence that flooded the ship, the primal warrior inside him jumped at the beast's neck and used a water spell that drowned the animal from the inside out. Like a kid with a new toy Clarence threw deadly spells with frenzy, turning aliens into ice only to shed them later, burning them alive or simply removing the air from their lungs.

Wendy's flying daggers swung in circles chopping alien limbs, the metal strings as sharp as the knives themselves did lots of damage as well slicing several limbs in each turn.

Demons fought in unleashed frenzy, enjoying every scream and gore that came from the enemy's bodies. It was over before they knew it.

A gooey carpet made of alien corpses lay below them, Wendy was on top of the pyramid made of dead bodies, standing proud and tall like a true Middlewoman, like the fighter he knew she could become. He loved the satisfied smile she gave him, his heart beating faster at the sight of her than in the middle of the fight.

It is always the little things that ruin your plans, and no matter how hard you try, they always pop up. In this case that little thing came in the shape of an Althurian warrior that played dead and waited until Wendy dropped her guard, and when she did so he shot her from behind with one of the few gamma ray guns the Althurian army salvaged from the strike.

A demon ran to her and chopped the attacker's head off but the damage was already done, Clarence was by her side before she fell to the ground.

No clich├ęd words of encouragement could pass his lips, seeing her fighting for her last breaths until she breathed no more, it left him speechless. Life escaped from her and he couldn't every consider the thought of it. He had coped with Ravinne's death in the hope of meeting her in the underworld, in the meantime he fell in love with Lacey only to see helpless how that sacred beautiful emotion was ripped from his heart and his life, and now that he found someone he could fall for once more he was now seeing her die in his arms.

"No" he thought "Not this time, no more" for once in his life he wouldn't stay passive while the woman he loved was ripped away from him, this time he would walk by Grace Kelly into the sunset even if it meant he had to go to the underworld to get her back, even if he had to fight the reaper itself and pry her from its claws. She would live, with him, for good.

The thoughts locked inside his head formed an inner will that later turned into a wish, transformed into magic. His light blue aura flooded her body until her purple aura danced as well; blinding white light erupted from her wound. His being moulded inside of her life force until every single cell of his body bounded with hers. He felt her heart beat once more, followed by her breathing, shallow at first but growing in strength. Her eyes still closed he summoned what little strength he had left to take her home.

Middleman HQ 21:00 hours

Still asleep in the infirmary Wendy couldn't hear Clarence fighting with Roxy over the intercom.

-"You played with the force of life and death Em Em, how the hell you pulled it off I have no idea but be sure there will be consequences. If she turns into a zombie don't call me to clean up your mess"-

-"She's not a zombie Roxie, her EEG is normal. Now if you excuse me I need to rest too"- Clarence said on the verge of sleep.

-"You poured your filthy life force inside of her of course you're tired"-

-"You make it sound dirty"- He scoffed

-"Because it is!"- She said disgusted, sex was part of a succubus daily life but this kind of bonding made her sick to the stomach.

-"Bye Roxy"- He said disengaging the intercom

He was exhausted but with Wendy asleep he had the chance to know who this Eagle Eye was, he gave her his word that he wouldn't access her code 47 until she died and for a few minutes that is what she did, he was only doing as he was ordered.

The large screen illuminated with a plain legend

"Code 47 of middleman number 346"