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Summary: Hidan and Kakuzu had a baby sixteen years ago, but they gave her up on Pein's orders. But when they get word that a lilac haired teen by the name of Akane has become a rogue against Takigakure, they set out on a mission to bring back their baby girl.

Bulldog wearing a bikini! RANDOMNESS TIME! Do the cha-cha now! This is a prologue.

"AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hidan screamed as the baby was half-way out, pushing its way into the world. His grip on Kakuzu's hand tightened to the point that the Kakuzu thought his hand would break.

"You're gonna be ok, Hidan. You're gonna be ok." Kakuzu soothed as he wiped the sweat from Hidan's brow with his unoccupied hand. Hidan nodded and screamed again as the baby finally pushed itself all the way out. Hidan's breathing began to slow as he took his baby in his arms.

"It's a girl, Kuzu." He said as he rocked the crying child back and forth in his arms. "I want to name her Akane." Kakuzu nodded at Hidan's request and smiled down at the crying baby.

"You think she'll like me?" Kakuzu asked and sighed in relief when the baby stopped crying and looked up at him. She started to laugh.

"It's weird, though." Hidan stated. Kakuzu looked at him. "She has lilac hair, but neither one of us has lilac hair. We have silver and black. Her eyes, I can understand, but they're two different shades of purple." Kakuzu looked back down at her and nodded his head in agreement to what Hidan said.

"You think Leader-Sama will let us keep her?" Kakuzu's question was answered when Pein burst through the infirmary door and stood at the foot of the bed, glaring.

"No, you cannot keep that…thing. It will only get in the way." Hidan and Kakuzu both stared at Pein with wide, shocked eyes.

"Bu-but Pein-Sama-"

"No buts, Hidan. You will get rid of the nuisance today. If you keep it past the amount of time I am giving you, I will kill it and you. Don't say you can't die, Hidan. I know how to kill immortals." with that, Leader left the small family to mourn over their baby.

"Hey, Akane, baby, Daddy and Father are gonna come back for you in a little while. Don't move, ok?" Hidan told his newborn with misty eyes. Akane made a face, like she knew something was wrong, but nodded anyway. "Good. Bye, Baby." and with that, Hidan turned around and fled into Kakuzu's arms. Shortly after, Kakuzu turned around and began the long journey back to the hideout.

'Why are daddy and father sad?' Akane thought as she watched Hidan and Kakuzu leave. 'Why are they leaving me?' that thought made her start crying. "WAAAAAAHHHHHH!" She cried and cried, but it didn't do anything. They were still leaving her.

"What is that, Karudo?"

"IT'S A BABY, JACK!" Next thing Akane knew, she was being lifted into the air by a man with long, brown hair that reached to his collar bone. He had dark, green eyes with a pale red surrounding them. On his forehead was a blue cloth with a piece of medal in the middle of it. On the medal was an arrow pointed down.

Curious, she reached up and yanked it off of his forehead and put it in her mouth.

"Hey, hey, hey! Spit that out, kid! I need that!" Karudo scolded as he pulled it out of her mouth.

"Let's take her back to Takigakure with us. I mean, no one else is here to claim her." Jack said as Karudo nodded his head eagerly. With that, they turned around and headed for Takigakure.