Summary: AU. What if Salazar Slytherin was a vampire? What if he decides to turn his last descendant, Tom Riddle? What if Tom became DADA teacher? What will that little change do? Dark!Harry Slash!Harry/Tom/Voldemort Manipulative!Dumbledore Creature!Voldemort

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Boom… boom… boom… a grin appeared on the face of the Lord… boom… the heartbeat continued. It was calm and serene and the Lord was more than in love with that lovely sound.

The two heartbeats, the sound of someone breathing, the feeling of the chest rising and falling underneath his head.

The Lord opened his eyes, he was laying in his private chambers, on his bed, with his second wife and with his head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat, but being careful so he wouldn't harm the baby.

The Lord sat up and just sat there for a while, looking at his chosen beautiful lady. She was sleeping. Her pale face was relaxed in sleep and she even had a small smile on her lips. Her smooth brown hair was filling the pillow. Her neck was pink on some places where he had kissed and sucked the skin, he loved to do that, she was so lovely, and when she moaned "My Lord"
The Lord shook his head so he would forget the image. His lover needed the rest after the very tiring task of satisfying her lord, (not that he was satisfied, oh no… he was far from satisfied, but after spending half the afternoon and half the night making love, she was getting just too tired for more).

The Lord smiled softly and then he put one of his hands on her belly, no, on her pregnant belly. She was pregnant with his third son, her first. She was nothing like his other wife. Oh… how that one was jealous of this lovely brown haired angel.

The Lord stood and looked at her laying on the bed, the sheets laying at the foot of the bed and a pile of clothes laying next to the bed.

He looked at her naked body, her chest (where he had been laying just moments ago with his head hearing the sound of her breathing and her heartbeat), she just had the most glowing breasts that he had ever seen. They weren't as awfully big as the breasts of his other wife. They were small but they were big enough for him to hold in one hand. Oh… how she used to blush when he played with her nipples. Her belly, her beautiful pregnant belly that held his child, even pregnant she managed to be one of the most beautiful woman of the world according to him. He looked down and smirked, remembering when he had lain down with her for the first time:

They had just entered their new room for their wedding night, she was slightly nervous, after all her lover and husband was a vampire, and not any vampire but Salazar Slytherin himself, one of Hogwarts' founders. She wasnervous and he could sense it, it was in her moves, in her tensed form, in her faster than normal heartbeat and in her shallow breathing.

He smiled, more to himself than to calm her. He knew that, in a few moments, she would forget all of her fears and she would beg for more.

They approached the bed and he, giving a kiss on her cheek, began to unbutton the enormous wedding dress that she was wearing. Her cheeks were a lovely red, but he didn't stop his owns actions until her dress lay at her feet.

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Slytherin smiled and went to the nearest window looked outside, it was already morning. He looked back to his lovely wife, she tasted so good, and he couldn't wait for her to deliver his child, so he could turn her.


How could he? How could he marry again. And how dare he follow her around like some little puppy while ignoring her? She was his wife too. The mother of his two sons.

She looked at the governess that was looking after the kids in the garden, she raised an eyebrow, and then looked at the window that she knew belonged to her husband. And there he was, looking out over to the grounds, shirtless, and she suspected that he was completely naked. He looked back, and won a smile appeared on his handsome face.

Her blood boiled. How dare he? He had never done something like that to her before. She was his wife, a witch, a pureblood witch at that and a daughter of a great family and how did he show her his respects? By marrying with a second wife, half her own age and she already was half the age of him.

He didn't have the right to do that to her. No right at all for doing something like that to her. She was more beautiful, better at housekeeping and probably a far better lover, but even then did he prefer the filthy whore's presence.

And the worst of it all was that the whore was nothing less than a filthy mudblood, a powerful one yes, but still a mudblood.



She was his more loyal wife and he's going to turn the mudblood? He is going to turn the mudblood and her abortion into vampires, but not herself or her children?

Oh, but she wouldn't accept it, on no she would not. She would kill the mudblood and the monster before her Lord could turn them, and then he wouldn't have any other choice but to turn her and their two children.


She opened her eyes. Her baby was on her side. Lord Slytherin must have left a while ago, since he wasn't in the room with her. She looked at the baby and smiled.

"You're going to be a great lord, just like your father. I just know it."

"Oh no you don't and no he won't!" she immediately looked up. In the doorway stood Lord Slytherin's first wife, she didn't like the other woman, but the Lord had asked her to try, and so she smiled friendly at the other woman.

"Good Morning Druella."

Druella approached and, without a warning, slapped her. "How dare you? How dare you filthy mudblood? How dare you to say my name? To think to steal my son's rightful place as the heir of my Lord? How dare you, you whore?" and nd with that, before the woman laying on the bed could react, a wand was drawn and aimed at her chest and a green light was making its way towards her. And she heard a scream from her baby 'Nor my son, please not my Tuomas.'

The last thing that she saw was her lord Slytherin entering their chamber running and then everything went black.


When Slytherin finally got to his second wife it was too late, she was dead, as was their son, both having been hit at the exact same moment by that one single but deathly spell.

Slytherin looked at his first wife, his eyes filled with anger. He had sent her against a wall in his attempt to stop her, but he had, sadly enough, failed in saving his beloved wife, and he approached the place where she was stuck in the wall.

"You killed her."

"Good! Now you don't have to disgrace yourself anymore while you lay with her. You can lay with me forever, my lord."

He laughed at her words, a cold heartless laugh that made her tremble.

"I would never turn you, my lady. And for your actions against my beloved seconds wife, I will curse you and all those of your filthy blood. You will become the thing that you hate the most: a muggle. You'll lose your magic every day from now on and you will never get it back. And our children will lose their vampire powers, they'll become mere wizards." while he said it, his magic left his body turning his words into reality.

And with that Salazar Slytherin took one more look at his lovely dead wife and their dead baby, that lay in her arms and left.

Left into a world of loneliness.


One thousand years passed.

His heirs, he had with lady Druella had almost all died, except for one.

It was a halfblooded boy. He was five and lived in an orphanage.

He was powerful, too powerful for someone whose vampire blood should have been bound and whose vampire blood should have remained hidden for the rest of eternity.

Slytherin looked at the boy who stood next to him. Just yesterday, a priest had come to the orphanage and tried to exorcise the poor lad.

He did everything that he could to stop himself from rolling his eyes.

Mrs Cole (who is the head of the orphanage) looked at him, she probably believed him to be an idiot, choosing to adopt that lad even though she was telling him that the boy had the demon in him.

He looked at the boy again and smiled, the boy had grey eyes, which were similar to the eyes of his beloved dead wife. This lad even had a name close to the one his beloved wife had given to his dead son, Tom Marvolo Riddle.


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