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This is a practice with writing conflicting personalities, but it's mainly a break, especially after my local copies of The Odd Ones Out somehow disappeared. (PURE RAGE INFLICTED ON NEAREST OBJECT.)

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Hunter smirked behind his mask, seeing the destruction he had left behind. He had succeeded in sabotaging a Red Sand deal that was suppose to go down here, and the results were quite...explosive. The small warehouse was ablaze, flames lighting up the night sky. Hunter had to admit to himself it was quite spectacular to watch.

"Another job well done." He said to himself, walking back to his shuttle. He jumped into the cockpit, flying away from the planet.

He hit the Relay that led back to the Omega System, arriving back to the place where money can be found in the most unexpected places. He docked with the enormous space station, leaving to find something to eat. He was interrupted in his search when his Omni-tool received a message.

"Hunter. You have a job for me?" He said in a interested tone.

"Hello, Hunter." A voice replied on the other end. "My name is Dorak Messania. I am the CEO of Horizon Engineering. Yes, I do have a job for you...if you are interested of course."

"What's the pay?" Hunter asked, knowing someone such as Dorak probably has good access to credits.

"50,000 credits." Dorak replied matter-of-factly.

"Deal. What's the job?" He agreed.

"We can discuss the job here in my home, on the Citadel." Dorak replied. "2600 Block, Bachjret Ward. I'll be waiting, Hunter."

With that, Dorak cut the line, leaving Hunter confused. Why did he have to be given the job in person? What needed to be done to warrant such a large payday?

He was sure his questions would be answered eventually, but that didn't make the idea of traveling to the Citadel and less annoying.

Hunter walked up to what looked like a penthouse. There were guards posted outside the door, who looked at him with distrust in their eyes.

"Get outta here, vagrant." One of the guards said, waving his gun at me.

"I'm here to see Dorak." Hunter replied, using all his self-control to keep his anger in.

The guard growled. "Name?" He asked grudgingly.

"Hunter." He replied calmly.

"Mr. Messania, there's a Hunter here to see you?" The guard said, pressing the communicator in his ear. "Alright, I'll send him in. Watch it, quarian. If you even try to do anything to our boss in there, I'll be on you before you can say petri-dish."

I simply walked past him into the penthouse. Inside, the walls were covered with priceless artwork, there was wood paneling on the walls, and there was fine looking furniture dotting the place.

"Hunter! Nice to see your finally here!" The intercom buzzed next to the door. "Please, up the stairs and first door to the right."

"Alright." I said, still admiring the place as I walked.

I went up the stairs, entering the door to the dark lit room. Inside, there was a figure standing next to a fireplace, smoking a pipe.

"Welcome to my home, Hunter." Dorak said, blowing smoke through his lips. "Glad you could make it."

"Just tell me the job. I want to be payed." Hunter replied, holding up his hand.

"Be patient, Hunter." Dorak said, dumping out the tobacco in his pipe and setting it on his desk. "Besides, both of you need a full briefing to pull this off."

"Wait, BOTH of you?" Hunter said, confused.

Another chair in the room spun around, revealing a quarian woman that had been sitting there quietly. She wore a battered white mask outside her helmet that looked similar to a human skull.

"Evela." Hunter said, recognizing her immediately.

"Hunter." She replied calmly.

Evela is a quarian mercenary that never completed her Pilgrimage, similar to Hunter himself. The difference is that she loves killing, bordering on psychopath. Hunter hated her.

"Ah, so you two do know each other." Dorak said, breaking the glare between the two. "That's good."

"Good?" Hunter yelled, infuriated. "This little bosh'tet has stolen twelve of my jobs!"

"It was nothing personal." Evela said calmly. "I only took them because I knew you couldn't do them."

"Screw you!" Hunter yelled, walking up and pointing his finger in Evela's face. "You shouldn't be out here, pretending to be a high-and-mighty mercenary! What you SHOULD be doing is making sandwiches back in the Fortilla!"

Evela stood up, grabbing Hunter's arm with lightning speed and twisting it into a deadlock. Hunter let out a yelp of pain as Evela took out her pistol, pressing it into Hunter's helmet.

"Listen to me, big boy." Evela said in a threatening tone. "If you say anything like that ever again, I'll introduce you to a world of pure pain from which there will be no return."

"As fun as that sounds to watch, I don't want the two of you killing each other." Dorak said, putting more tobacco in his pipe and lighting it. "Not yet, at least."

"Fine." Evela said, releasing Hunter. She walked over to Dorak's desk, sitting in one of the chairs in front of it.

Hunter rubbed his arm, walking over and sitting in the other chair. Dorak opened a holographic interface on his desk, opening up a image of the Interstellar Dynamics logo.

"Alright, this is going to take a while." Dorak said, taking a puff from his pipe. "My main competitor, Interstellar Dynamics, is developing a new device that will make them millions of credits."

"Interstellar Dynamics?" Hunter asked quizzingly. "Aren't they the main developer in ship parts for the Alliance?"

"Your memory is good." Dorak complemented. "Yes, they are the main developer for the Alliance."

"This sounds like it's going to be fun." Evela stated, sitting up in her seat.

"They are developing a new molecular fuel storage system. It will allow ships to hold ten time more fuel than normal." Dorak said, bringing up images from the inside of the facility. "I want the blueprints to the device, and the prototype destroyed."

"I'm guessing if this was easy, you wouldn't need us." Hunter commented, placing disgust behind the word "us".

"Your right." Dorak said, taking another puff of his pipe. "The production facility is protected by a platoon of Alliance troops, along with several layers of security that will need to be bypassed in order to reach the prototype."

"Damn." Evela said, crossing her arms. "This sounds better by the minute."

"I have a plan, so follow closely." Dorak said, setting his pipe down and placing his hands on the table. "The facility is surrounded by a laser grid, wired to an alarm. If you trip one of the lasers, the facility goes on high alert, sealing the entrances to the facility. I have acquired a pinch device capable of disabling the power in the facility for a brief moment."

"An EMP?" Evela asked, sounding interested.

"Yes. It should be able to disable the grid long enough for the two of you to slip into the compound. Once inside, you need to find two people: Commander Richard Atlas and Chief Engineer Chris Lazlo. They both have an ID card needed to get into the production facility. Once you acquire the cards, you will both need to insert them at the same time to enter the production facility."

"Richard Atlas, huh? Sound's like a hardass." Hunter said, shaking his head. "Where are these men located?"

"The Commander can be found around the Command Center, supervising the ingoing and outgoing shipments. The Chief Engineer can be found in the Workshop, located near the edge of the facility."

"These sound like men of interest." Evela said, rubbing the bottom of her helmet. "Wouldn't the facility go on alert if we knock out two of the most important men in the facility?"

"That's one of the main reasons why I want both of you doing this." Dorak said with confidence. "With the two of you, you can get in before they can raise the alarm."

"You really want me to work with her?" Hunter said in a annoyed tone, standing up.

"You two are the best damn quarian mercenaries in the Terminus. If you don't work together, neither of you get payed." Dorak stated, slamming his fist into his desk. "Understood?"

Hunter sat back down in his chair, glaring at Evela. Evela just chuckled calmly.

"Why do you need quarians for the job, though?" Evela asked.

"Only quarians can hack hack the mainframe to the production line quick enough." Dorak replied simply. "Once the mainframe is accessed by an outside force, there will be a countdown to when the mainframe will lock itself down automatically."

"Alright, alright, what do we do when we get inside?" Hunter asked, sitting up.

"One of you will go to the test labs and place explosives on the device, while the other will set charges on the main fuel line to the facility. Once the explosives are set, you will meet at the mainframe and hack the schematics to the device."

"What's the extraction plan?" Hunter asked.

"You will detonate the charges, causing an explosion to rock the base and the command center outside." Dorak said, smiling. "They should be too busy putting out fires and caring for the wounded to notice a few quarians slipping out. You will find a shuttle three kilometers north of the base. Use it to get out before reinforcements arrive."

"It sounds like you've had a lot of time to think about this." Evela said, leaning on her hand. "Why in such a rush?"

"The device will go into production this week. I want to have it before they can mass produce it." Dorak said, pointing that the picture of the device. "If they succeed in producing it, I'll be worthless."

Dorak looked over us once more, and stood up. "If you two can pull this off, I will also throw in a bonus."

"What's the bonus?" Hunter asked curiously.

"It's a surprise." Dorak responded dryly.

"I hate surprises." Hunter replied, annoyed.

"Well, deal with it." Dorak said, putting tobacco in his pipe. "You two will leave tomorrow. I have rooms set up for the two of you. Get some rest." He said, puffing his pipe.

"Your gonna need it."


A/N: Sorry if the first chapter's a little short. It's just the intro chapter. The next one will be MUCH longer.