A/N: out of canon just due to not having seen NCIS this past season.

Eight years later:

Gibbs picks up his phone, "Yeah, Gibbs. He did? When? What's his condition? I'll be right there."

Gibbs hangs up and takes the stairs up to the Director of NCIS's office two at a time. Tom Morrow looks up when Gibbs enters his office. "I need three days off. Bereavement."

Gibbs leaves again, and Morrow frowns in consternation. He's read Gibbs' file and aside from Mike Franks, there is no one listed as next of kin. He dials a certain cantina in Mexico, patiently waits once he makes his request and then listens as Mike tells him a story.

"How did he look Tom?"

"Disturbed…resigned…he was too quiet Mike, almost too accepting."

"Yeah, he'll be back. Give him his three days. Cameron was a special person, they both were."

Morrow frowns again, "Are you saying they're both dead now?"

Mike chomps on his cigar as he sips his beer and flirts with the pretty senorita who let him know that Morrow was on the phone, "Lisa Cameron is probably the one who called him Tom. That or Cameron's ex-partner, Tobias Fornell."

"Fornell? I thought he was with the FBI now?"

"He is…but eight years ago, he was also Cameron's partner. Took a bullet in the tookas for him. That and a few other things put an end to Fornell's career as a cop; he went to the FBI a few weeks later."

Morrow nods thoughtfully, not realizing that Mike has already hung up until he hears the dial-tone in his ear.

Gibbs heads directly for the hospital, not caring who he's terrifying with his driving. The doctor he had talked to had said that David is barely alive, and is asking for him. He isn't about to let the lieutenant down now.

Over the course of the past eight years, Gibbs and the Camerons have become good friends, often getting together for drinks and reminiscing about the old days. Gibbs pulls to a halt in front of the emergency room doors and runs inside.

"David Cameron?"

"You're Gibbs? This way sir."

What the doctor has waited to tell him is that Lisa is there too. The couple had been out celebrating their anniversary when they'd been the victims of a drive by shooting. Lisa didn't make it to the hospital and David is almost gone. He opens his eyes when he feels Gibbs' presence. Gibbs blinks back hot tears when he sees that familiar pair of brown eyes focus on him.


"Hey Dave, you didn't have to do this to gain my attention." Gibbs chides him gently.

"Shut up…smart ass. New detective, brass are gunning for him. You need him Gibbs…he…he…he needs you." Cameron holds up a shaking hand, and Gibbs takes it in a firm but gentle grip.

Gibbs nods as he holds his old friend's hand. "Promise me Gibbs…take care of Tony…he…needs firm…hand…guide him."

"Another of your Probies Dave?"

"Now, your probie…promise me…" Dave's voice starts fading and Gibbs knows he's about to lose his friend.

"Ahh, man…don't do this to me Dave…"

"Promise me…show Tony…wall…" Dave's persistence has Gibbs blinking back tears and remembering their first drink and the wall of fallen heroes. Marine Lieutenant David Cameron's photo also holds a small photo of Shannon and Kelly, smuggled into the back. He smiles, blinks fiercely against the wet heat that threatens to spill out of his eyes and puts a hand on Cameron's shoulder.

"Don't worry Dave…I got your six…I'll have Tony's as well."

"Good man…Tony…DiNozzo…smart ass…but good man."

Gibbs gives a choked laugh, "You and Lisa adopted him didn't you? Another one of your orphans from the storm?"

"You turned out…okay."

Gibbs leans in, gives him a goodbye hug. "Yeah, that I did. I'll watch your kid Dave."

David Cameron Senior sighs, and Gibbs knows that his friend is gone. He places a gentle hand on David's face, closing his eyes and then turns to the doctor.

"Let me know when they can be released from the coroner's office. I'll be back for them."

He doesn't turn when someone enters the room, "I will be extremely gentle with them dear boy. Do not fear, they will be treated with the utmost care and respect."

Gibbs turns and stares into the compassionate blue eyes of Dr. Donald Mallard. "I'm the county ME, but my friends all call me Ducky."

"Gibbs." He hands Ducky his business card.

"NCIS? I shall take extra special care of them for you. Do not worry, I will make certain that they will be treated fairly."

"Thanks Ducky." Gibbs turns and walks away before Ducky can say anything more.

"I…well, now, he is an abrupt individual isn't he? And what stories can you two tell me?" Ducky smiles sadly as he starts preparing the bodies for his exams.

Baltimore PD:

Anthony Tony DiNozzo limps into the precinct, scowling at some of the other officers. It's rainy days like this that his old college injury bothers him the most. He doesn't see the silver-haired individual watching him from Cameron's desk until he's almost sitting down.

"Dave won't like you sitting there." He warns quietly. The other man stands up and extends a hand.

"Dave won't be coming back. Gibbs…NCIS…we need to talk."

A/N: I realize just due to talking to some others that it's not the way they actually met, but it was necessary for this particular story to work...