Author's note: This is my first Veggie Tales Fanfiction story, or story series. I hope you will enjoy these one-shots. In my opinion, I am not good at romances, but I will let you be the judge of that. I must thank Fizzy Starburst, whose story inspired me to make a romance Veggie Tales story. Enjoy!

Welcome to Veggie Tales

"Hey Bob?"

"Yes Larry?"

"Today is the Audition Day, right?"

"Yes, today is Audition Day. Didn't you get the notice?" Bob asked Larry as they headed past Qwerty the computer. Larry stopped.

"What notice?" Larry asked. Bob turned around and gave the cucumber a puzzled look.

"Didn't you get the email?"

"Uh...nope." Larry admitted plainly. Bob just sighed and shook his head, then turned to Qwerty.

"Qwerty? Can you show Larry the email please? I have to go help with the auditions." Bob request, and left to go do his business. Qwerty shook, beeped, and the screen turned on. Larry watched as Qwerty brought up the message on the screen.

"Oh...that email..." Larry muttered, and began to read the message.


At the given day, Veggie Tales will be holding auditions for new cast members to be added into the cast of Veggie Tales members. The current cast is to carry out the task given to them on that day. Thank you, and good luck. Remember, God made you special, and He loves you very much.

-Big Idea

"Ohhhh, now I remember!" Larry exclaimed. "Wait, given tasks? I didn't get a task!"

Qwerty made a few beeps and a bloop.

"Really? You have to keep track of the results of every audition?" Larry repeated after Qwerty.

Qwerty gave a chirp, and shook again. The screen pulled up a list of names, some highlighted green, other highlighted in red, and many names that have not been highlighted.

"Cool!" Larry exclaimed, "I wonder who the lucky ones are..." Larry started to read the screen. Qwerty's screen turned off, and gave Larry a stern bloop.

"Aw come on! Just one peek? Pleeease?" Larry pleaded. Qwerty gave a raspberry noise at Larry.

"How rude!" Larry exclaimed, and started off. Qwerty's screen watched Larry go off, and made a few varied toned beeps. Larry knew exactly what Qwerty was doing: laughing.

Larry spent the next hour wandering around place, trying to find something to do. He had tried to helping Pa Grape and Scooter at the reception. While he was carrying the cups tea, he accidently slipped on a banana peel, and he ended up spilling the tea all over floor. While Scooter hurried to go get the wet mop, Pa Grape kindly asked Larry if he could go help somewhere else.

He ended up with Jimmy and Jerry Gourd and helping out with the Souvenirs Shop. It seemed a pretty easy job, but it all went down hill when Larry took a quick restroom break from working at the cashier while Jimmy and Jerry were eating lunch.

The line at the cashier had grown longer by the second. When Larry returned to his post, a huge line that ran out of the Souvenir Shop awaited him, along with Jimmy and Jerry. While Jerry hastily took care of the shoppers by manning the cashier, Jimmy told Larry that they can handle the rest, and that Larry could go help elsewhere.

After wondering around, he decided to help Archibald, Mr. Nezzer, and Phil Winkelstein (the celery who played as Frankencelery in 'Where's God When I'm S-Scared?') with helping out the kids as their parents tried out for auditions.

This time, Larry spent a good 15 minutes helping the little kids, until two of them got into a fight over a set of dolls.
Larry had tried to break it up, but it somehow made things a lot worse, and ended up getting hit with the dolls on the head. After Phil helped separate the two toddlers, and Mr. Nezzer helped resolve their argument, Larry was lying on the ground, covered with dolls. He quickly left, not wanting to be attacked again.

"Are you sure that you didn't receive a task to perform?" Archibald asked Larry as he left the Kid's Care Center.

"I'm sure Archie, I wasn't given any task." Larry explained.

Larry soon found himself in the back of the studio, where Mr. Lunt and the Scallions were unloading boxes. Wanting to make himself useful, he decided to help them out. Just like the previous attempts, things did not work out so well. Larry was given a stack of heavy boxes piled on top of each other, and he had to set them somewhere in the storage room. Since he couldn't see past the boxes that towered over him, he didn't see where he was going.

He ran into a lot of obstacles, and judging from the screams, almost ran over two of the Scallions.
When Larry finally set the boxes down, he turned around, and saw all the boxes lying everywhere. The Scallions and Mr. Lunt all stared at him. To make matters worse, the boxes behind him toppled over, and buried Larry. When Mr. Lunt dug Larry out, Larry quietly made his way out, filled with disappointment.

"Man...he's having a rough day." Mr. Lunt remarked as Larry exited.

Now, Larry was sitting on a bench, behind the Audition booths, with fruits and vegetables stepping out of the booths, and going somewhere else in the Studio. Larry even saw a caterpillar walk out of one of the booths!

"I can't do anything right." Larry pouted, and laid down on the bench. As he stared at the ceiling, his ears caught the sound of Bob's voice in a booth.
Carefully, Larry tuned the rest of the sounds out, and focused his hearing on the booth that Bob was in, which happened to be right next to the bench.

"Hi, I'm Bob the Tomato, your interviewer." he heard Bob introduce himself. "And you are?"

"Petunia Rhubarb," Larry heard a sweet voice say, "and it's a pleasure to meet you Bob."

"Well, I guess I should get this interview going." Bob simply said, "Please tell my why you would like to join Veggie Tales Mrs.-"

"It's 'Miss' actually." she corrected him.

"I'm sorry, Miss Rhubarb." Bob apologized.

"Oh it's fine." Miss Rhubarb answered with a happy tone and started to answer Bob's interview questions.

Larry continued to eavesdrop to the interview, taking mental notes of Bob's comments and questions, and Miss Rhubarb's answers and how she replied. After a few minutes of listening to the interview, Larry had a smile on his face. Knowing his best friend Bob and how she responded to all of the questions, he knew what the result of this interview would turn out to be.

"Thank you for your time Miss Rhubarb." Bob concluded the interview.

"Anytime." Miss Rhubarb said, and started to leave the Audition Booth. Larry sat up, and watched the curtain be pulled aside, and caught a close look at Miss Rhubarb.

She was indeed a rhubarb. Her bright red hair was combed and done, had a yellow braid placed in it, and a twisting pony tail down the back of her hair, with a bundle of hair shaped like a scorpion stinger at the tip.
She had a yellow bow tied near the bottom of her pony tail, and another yellow bow near the top of her pony tail. She had lipstick on her lips, and yellow pearl earrings on each ear. Larry had to admit, she did look pretty.

Pushing that thought aside though, Larry was excited to tell her the good news. As she started to head off, Larry quickly got off the bench, and went after her.

"Excuse me miss!" Larry called after her. Miss Rhubarb turned around, and spotted Larry approaching her.

"Yes?" she asked, not knowing what to think.

"Miss Rhubarb, right?" Larry checked, just to make sure.

"Yep, that's me." she answered with a smile, and presented herself to him. Larry noticed that she was slightly shorter than him, only by an inch or so.

"I just wanted to tell you that you got the job." Larry reported happily. Miss Rhubarb's eyes went wide, and she stared at him with an open mouth.

"I-I ww-what?" she stammered and blinked, not believing what she had heard.

"Yeah, you got the job!" Larry repeated again.
Larry didn't notice that he was attracting some attention from other fruits and vegetables that had already been interviewed or were going to be, but Petunia did.

"Shh!" she said, and leaned in closer. "Follow me." she whispered to him.
Larry followed her as she left, making his way through the crowd. Although he was swarmed with tourist traffic, Larry was determined to keep following her. When she finally stopped and turned to him, they were alone, and behind a booth.

"I what?" she repeated her question again.

"You got the job!" Larry stated again.

"Does Big Idea tell you that quickly?" she questioned.

"Well, no," Larry explained, "they send you a letter saying that you got the job, but I just wanted to tell you in advance."

"Wait, if they haven't sent the letter out, how would you know?" she wondered.

"Well, I was sitting on a bench, and I heard my friend Bob interviewing you, and-"

"You were eavesdropping?" she interrupted with a stern tone.

"No, I..." Larry protested, but soon realized what he had done. He hung his head low. "Yes, I was eavesdropping, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"It's ok...uh..." Petunia started to comfort him, but didn't know his name.

"Larry, Larry the Cucumber." he told her, still a bit bummed out at what he had did.

"Don't feel bad Larry," she comforted him, "you didn't mean to eavesdrop."

"Well, I really didn't, but I happen to hear your interview, and judging from your answers, attitude, and from Bob's comments, I have a pretty good feeling that you will be in the cast of Veggie Tales." Larry told her, already cheered up.

"How do you know?" she asked, giving Larry full attention.

"I know Bob, and I am sure that he will put you on the suggestion list. Plus, I know Qwerty will pick you, because you gave pretty great answers in the interview." Larry explained cheerfully.

"You really think so?"

"I know so Miss Rhubarb."

"Oh, call me Petunia." she told him with a smile.

"I know so Petunia." Larry guaranteed. Petunia was left speechless. She let out a sigh of happiness, relief, and joy that had filled her heart.

"Well, I better get going. Gotta help anyone who needs it." Larry said, and started to head off, leaving Petunia alone.

"Larry wait!" Petunia called out to him. Larry stopped, and turned around to face her.

"Thanks." she said with a big smile on her face.

"Aw, it was nothing." Larry admitted; glad that he could help out.

"I was wondering..." Petunia started to say.

"Yes?" Larry asked, obviously curious.

"If you could show me around?" she asked. Larry thought it over for a moment.

"Sure! Follow me!" Larry exclaimed. Petunia stood right beside him. Making sure she was ready, Larry started to show her around. All throughout his tour of the place, Larry and Petunia stayed right beside each other.


Petunia opened her red mailbox, and took out the junk mail.

"Coupons...bills...wicker furniture magazines..." she muttered with no interest. "Wait, what's this?" Petunia pulled out an envelope with the words Big Ideas printed on the front in bold fine print.

She quickly tore open the envelope, and pulled out the folded letter. She was speechless when she unfolded it, and started to read. Her jaw dropped and her she blinked her eyes. She held the note to her heart, and looked to the sky with joy.

'Larry was right.' she thought to herself with joy.

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