Author's note: If I have not mentioned this before, and for those who I have not told in the past, Petunia Rhubarb IS Larry The Cucumber's Valentine! I confirmed it a while ago when I asked Larry himself…and he replied "Petunia!"

I am not kidding. I still have my question and his answer in my email.

Valentine's Day

"Come on guys, it's almost time!" Junior shouted back at the adults as he rushed up the hill with the other VeggieTales kids.
Unlike the children, the adults did not have the childlike energy to sprint up the hill, except maybe Larry and the French Peas. Larry was pacing himself though, not wanting to reach the top and be worn out. A few others had minor struggles going up.

"We're almost there, Jimmy." Jerry Gourd encouraged as he pushed his brother up the hillside.

"Why did we have to go uphill instead of down?" Jimmy panted, still trying to catch his breath.

"We're about to go down if you don't start moving." Jerry grunted in response as he tried to nudge Jimmy up again. Mr. Lunt and his girlfriend, Ellen, were moving past the two brothers, and Khalil was riding on top of Mr. Lunt's hat.

"You're almost at the top, buddy," Khalil supported as he rode on by, "just tinsy bit more!" Hearing Khalil's words and due to his brother's assistance, Jimmy managed to lean forward and started trudging up the hill.

"Hurry guys! Or you'll miss the fireworks!" Larry marshaled as he dashed past the relaxed tomato and excited rhubarb.

"What's the rush Larry?" Bob called out to the cucumber heading up the hill.

"I wanna see the fireworks!" Larry shouted back. Bob rolled his eyes and faintly increased his speed.

"Where does he get all that energy?" Petunia wondered as she observed Larry go up the hill.

"To this very day, I still don't know." Bob sighed. Right when he finished saying that, Madame Blueberry grabbed Bob and rushed up the hill.

"Whaah!" Bob cried out as he was being tugged along by Madame Blueberry. Petunia laughed and sped up her pace to the top.


Everybody had reached the top of the hill, which overlooked a shallow valley bathed in the afternoon shade and brisk moonlight. The sun was now barely shining beyond the horizon. The VeggieTales cast members were resting and waiting for the firework spectacular that Cp promised them for Valentine's Day.
While the adults recuperated, the kids were following behind Cp, eager and excited to get the spectacular going.

"Can we start the fireworks now?" Libby asked a third time and she followed, "Please? Please? Please? Plea-"

"Alright, soon." Cp interrupted. After the kids ran off, Cp cleared his throat "Can I have everyone's attention please?"

All the actors and actresses gave their attention at Cp.

"You see that dark sky over the valley?" Cp asked and pointed behind him. They all glanced up at the now darken sky and the stars starting to poke out.

"Yeah why?" Larry wondered aloud while looking up with everyone else.

"It's about to light up in a few seconds." Cp informed flatly and took out his cell phone.

"Oh this is so exciting," Archibald enlightened as he and his wife, Lovey, approached Larry, "despite the extensive trudge up this mound, I have a hunch that this vivid exhibit of exploding and dazzling colors will be well worth the journey."

Larry just blinked at Archibald.

"What?" Larry asked, not comprehending the British asparagus.

"He's quite excited about the fireworks." Lovey shortly summarized for the cucumber.

"Oh…me, too!" Larry quickly replied.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nezzer went over to Cp, who was dialing on his cell phone.

"If you're here, then who's gonna start the fireworks?" the zucchini asked.

"I hired some professionals." Cp answered as his call was picked up. "Hello?...Hello!...Is everything set?...Light 'em up."

With that being said, Cp hung up and put away his cell phone.

In the distance beyond the valley, there was an indistinctive boom echo.

All of them turned and saw the little firework shoot up into the sky over the valley. A second later, the firework blew up and shot streams of blazing blues raining down and burning out. The ground and sky lit up from the blast of light.

"Ooooh." everybody awed in together. Several more fireworks shot up, and erupted in sparkling explosions shaped like hearts in the sky, each a different color.

Suddenly, there was a huge boom that sounded like a clasp of thunder in the distance. Everyone watched as numerous fireworks launched upward and blew up in the sky. The sky was filled with constant firework explosions shaped like everything that related to Valentine's Day.

"Whoaa!" Junior exclaimed.

"Awwessome!" Percy Pea shouted.

"That's a lot of fireworks!" Scallion 1 said, trying to speak over the continuous eruptions of the fireworks above the valley.

"Hmm…" Cp mumbled to himself as he watched. He felt his cell phone ring, and answered the call. Due to the constant fireworks going off, Cp had to put it on speaker.

"What is it?" Cp asked.

"Hrph hmph uh prmhuhm." an obscured muffled voice spoke on the speaker. Cp could hear two distinctive voices screaming and hollering in the background.

"I'll be right back." Cp told everyone as he hung up and ran towards where the fireworks were flying from.

Larry glanced to his right and spotted Petunia. She was standing with an open, speechless smile and was watching the fireworks go off in the sky. Inside, Larry felt the subtle insistence inside him to be with Petunia. Giving in, Larry went over and stood next to Petunia, watching the fireworks with her.

The fireworks were still constantly shooting into the sky and exploding. Feeling the need to say it, Larry turned to Petunia.

"Petunia?" Larry asked to get her attention. Petunia turned to the sound of Larry's voice. Larry felt his heart beating on the inside.

Somehow throughout all the joyful feelings and lovely sight of Petunia, Larry managed to find the words he was looking for.

"Happy Valentine's Day." Larry declared with a bold smile.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Larry." Petunia added amorously.

Just as they finished saying those words, there was a huge flash of red. Petunia and Larry glanced at the firework that just went off and saw a huge red heart sparkle in the sky, illuminating everything around them in a tint of red. Only a four letter word could describe the feeling that the two of them shared at that moment.

Without another word spoken, Larry and Petunia embraced each other and continued to watch the Valentine fireworks blast away in the night sky with their friends.

Author's Note: Don't worry about the professionals setting off the fireworks…they are characters I borrowed from another Archive.

Happy Valentine's Day.