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Timmy was walking home one day after school. As he was walking, he pondered about a lot of things. His love for Trixie, how creepy Tootie was…and yes, his godparents. Oh, how he loved them. He was so thankful that they came into his life, and as a 15 year old Timmy wondered what his life would be like without them, he shuddered. He could imagine his torture when he was younger with Vicky, how he had nothing to look forward to on a day-to-day basis; except his godparents. They were always there to cheer him up. They looked after him, and not only to make sure he was happy, but that he was also safe and sound.

Timmy was starting to think how much time he had left with them. Time wasn't going any slower, and he realized that at 18, he would lose them forever. But, he thought with one question, he could perhaps change that.

Timmy walked through the front door, to find a note waiting for him on the coat rack. It read:

"Timmy, your mother and I have gone out for the weekend. I hope you know how to cook!

-Mom and Dad.

P.S., we love you, we guess."

"We guess? WE GUESS?" Timmy thought outloud. "HOW DARE THEY! Well, I GUESS if they don't want a son, then I don't think that they deserve one!"

With that, Timmy ran hysterically upstairs, practically tripping over his own anxious feet to try to reach the top. He went to his fishbowl, where he yelled, well, shrieked, for his godparents.

"What is it Timmy?" Wanda asked with a peculiar look on her face.

"I don't know…maybe this could be a clue?"

Timmy handed her the note, and while she read it, her face grew and grew with more disgust than even the most stupid of Cosmo's antics could not receive. She practically threw down the note, and yelled for Cosmo.

Pretty soon, Cosmo had read the letter too, to which he was also disgusted at. He and Wanda looked at each other, and let out a deep, concerned sigh. At the sight of this, for no apparent reason, Timmy just let it go. He cried. And cried. And cried some more. He cried until his godparents thought that his tear ducts would literally dry up. Timmy finally spoke up after several long moments of bawling his eyes out.

"Guys…*sniff* I have a question to ask you…"

"What is it Timmy?" Wanda looked slightly concerned.

"Can you guys be my parents?"

Wanda and Cosmo looked at each other in disbelief. Never, in the history of godparenting, has a godchild become so close and loving of his godparents that he would request that they take the role of the actual parents. They were positive that there was something in Da Rules that prohibited that…wait….was there?

"Uh…lemme check the rulebook with Jorgen, okay sport? I'm gonna leave you with Cosmo while I'm gone, try not to get into any trouble, okay?" She said this with a sheepish smile, trying to make Timmy at least chuckle. But, there was no such luck. And, with that sad sight, she poofed into Jorgen's office in Fairy World.

"Hi, I'm Wanda, here to talk with Jorgen about a very specific…request." She hesitated with that last word, because she was in shock to realize that it had not been a wish.

"He'll be with you in just a few moments", the secretary replied.

After a few moments of impatient waiting, Wanda's name was finally called.

"Ahh, the puny fairy has returned! Okay, what did Turner do this time? Or was it your idiot husband's fault?"

After getting comfortable in the leather chair, she replied:

"No, this is something..that I don't even thing that you're prepared to hear, Jorgen."

"Oh, is this so? Then what is it?"

"Well, Cosmo and I have received a very….unique…request from Timmy."

"And that would be?" He sipped at his coffee at the end of his question.

"He's requested that Cosmo and I…well…..would become his real parents."

At this statement, he spit all of his coffee out of his mouth, and gasped,


"I'm sorry! But Jorgen, you just don't know what this poor boy goes through!"

"Wanda….I'm truly, truly shocked." Wanda was scared now. She knew that usually when he gasped like that, it meant that bad news was coming, and she honestly wasn't in the mood to take that.

"Wanda….I'm truly, truly shocked….that you've actually accomplished what no other fairy godparent has achieved in thousands of years! You've actually shown that you and Cosmo are capable of doing the impossible: filling the void of a broken heart. I'm so proud of you two!"

Wanda's mouth practically dropped to the floor. She had never, EVER expected praise like this, especially from the toughest fairy in the universe. After several seconds of thinking, she finally spoke up,

"So, uh…What do we do now?"

"Let me check the rulebook to make sure that there is no rule prohibiting this."

After several minutes of scanning, and scanning, and occasionally reading a rule or two out loud, he finally spoke up:

"Well, seeing as how Turner's parents do not seem to have his best interest in mind, and that they forget to even say 'I love you' most of the time, it seems to me that you and Cosmo adopting him would be the logical choice"

Wanda practically jumped for joy at the end of his decision, but was quckly interrupted by another statement by Jorgen,

"But I warn you, he would have to be transformed into a fairy, as there is no humans allowed in fairy world, unless under VERY special circumstances. Like if a child is with a godparent. Actually, that is the only circumstance."

"Oh, Jorgen! You've made me so happy! Thank you for letting me and Cosmo do this! Since we can't have children, you allowing me and him to take in Timmy is the best news I've received since Cosmo asked me to marry him!

"No problem, Wanda. Now go and bring your godso- I mean, son, here home to Fairy World. We'll take care of further matters after you three have arrived.

With that, she poofed out of the room and back to Timmy to deliver the good news.


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