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What had become of his peaceful librarian life, Zexion wondered, as he stood waiting in the passageway.

The room left of him was completely dark; the lights had been shut down just a second ago, the room filling with expectant silence.

The room to his right was uninteresting. Barely lit, the narrow space was jammed with equipment.

But a blond musician passed through the room at a steady pace, halting for only a moment to press a chaste kiss to his lover's lips.

"Wish me luck!"

Zexion shook his head smiling. "You don't need luck, they love you!"

Demyx grinned. "I know."

"Stop fooling around, moron!" The slate haired male retorted, giving the blond a playful shove.

Demyx's sudden appearance on stage was met with a hall full of screaming girls (and boys).

Shortly after a few support musician's made their way past Zexion, nodding at him in acknowledgment.

"Hey guys!" He heard Demyx greet his fans and blocked out their screaming.

His eyes rested on his lover's form like they always did when he was able to witness his lover perform.

He went to many of his concerts, unofficially of course. Sometimes Demyx would invite him backstage and whenever Zexion was able to get some time off, he toured with Demyx's and his band members. Those were the only times when they would really have some time together.

Sinking (slowly sinking) into despair,

Whenever I can't see you~

His lover's band members would warn him, jokingly mentioning that Demyx shouldn't "strain" himself too much, he "still needed his voice otherwise".

They never declared themselves against their relationship and Zexion quickly grew fond of them, and they in return adored their "little Zexy", ruffling his hair on every chance they got only to infuriate the slate haired male.


Demyx was performing the songs of his new album, "Movement", all songs composed and written by Demyx the Nocturne himself, as stated in the booklet.

Floating, floating to you,

For you,

With you,

Until we're one…

The blond had started off with the theme songs "Sinking" and "Floating" as he had told Zexion beforehand. His lover had questioned the decision, wondering why he wanted to start with his best songs but Demyx was intent on revealing the secret story behind the album and to accomplish that the songs had to be in the corresponding order.

Zexion had sighed and left Demyx to do as he pleased.

"Forever" was next…

"You sure the third song of a story can be called Forever?" Zexion had asked but only got a chuckle in return.

"You'll see~"


If all that's left is forever,

There's only one question left to ask~

And the blonde's voice faded out as the last line of the song left his lips.

The crowd cheered and applauded as a single headlight focused on Demyx's mic, the rest of the stage hidden in complete darkness.

"Hey guys," Demyx started slightly out of breath as he entered the spotlight again, "you probably remember… the first time I stood on the stage in this very city…"

The whole hall screamed in euphoria.

Demyx chuckled.

"How many of you have actually been there that day?" he asked curiously.

The crowd screamed and dozens of hands rose.

"O-oh, so many?" Demyx asked embarrassed.

"You're… you're spoiling me, guys! I'm… I'm getting a little embarrassed here." He laughed sweetly and the crowd actually aww-ed.

Zexion could imagine some of them fainted.

"But hey, then you probably remember that crush of mine I mentioned-"

The hall was suddenly filled with different voices screaming: "Yeah!", "Of course!", "I always cheered for you!", "Yeah, me too!".

But Zexion froze. That wasn't… or was it?

"Yeah, you know… that day I was really unsure how it would turn out… B-but hey, I confessed that night-," cheering and applause everywhere interrupted him, "and I have been happy ever since!"

Zexion blushed in embarrassment.

The redheaded guitarist closest to him just smirked amused.

"That's why I want to introduce a very special someone to you!"

His fans were in exuberant spirits the moment he said that.

Demyx grinned at his lover and reached out his hand … and after a few moments in which it was completely still in the room, Zexion took his first insecure step toward his lover.

Suddenly the girls were screaming again as a second spotlight focused on him.

"D-Demyx," he mouthed, afraid that the crowd could hear him (over the screaming? Very unlikely), "w-what…?"

The blond only grinned and pulled him close as soon as he was within reach.

"And that's my sexy Zexy!," he introduced him to the crowd. The red on Zexion's cheeks intensified.

Of course, the crowd couldn't be stopped now, the screaming hurt in Zexion's ears but Demyx actually managed to silence them, telling them with his hand to keep it down.

"It's been years now, Zexion. And I sure didn't keep counting. I have always been happy…" he got onto his knees in front of him, "so I'm asking you-," a few voices raised in disbelief and a few girls squeaked in excitement, "will you marry me?" He finished his sentence presenting a silvery diamond ring to him and Zexion sobbed; his eyes shimmering with tears.

"Y-yes, I will!" Not able to contain his tears, he tried to wipe them off instead but Demyx rose with high-speed to his feet, embracing his lover.

The diamond formed like a guitar flashed for a moment as Demyx slipped the ring on Zexion's finger.

"I love you," he said clearly and looked into his lover's cobalt blue eyes.

The room filled with cheers, applause and exuberant screams but for the both of them nothing else existed beside their togetherness.

But unwillingly Demyx took his eyes of his lover to face his fans.

He grinned, leaning over to whisper into Zexion's ear.

"And later on… we're going to take our time with each other…"

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