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Chapter 1

"How is she?" the voice said, filled with worry.

I am fine. No worries. Just a few scratches that I can feel. And I can't see anything… It's all pitch black.

"Physically fine," another, more tired, and deeper voice answered.

Didn't you hear me?

"I can see that, but is there something wrong with her?" the first voice pressed.

Can you not hear me or something?

"Do not talk about her like that. Why do you treat her as if she cannot understand?" yet another calmer, younger, and more perceptible voice retorted.

Of course I can understand. Where am I? Is that-

"Because she cannot," the second said simply.

Yes, I can! Why can't you hear me?

"What? Tell me what happened to her. It's been a whole week!" the first said in shock.

A whole week since what? Nothing happened! Listen to me!

"She's practically brain dead," the second said unemotionally.

'Brain dead?' I am alive! You just can't hear me.

"No. She is not," the third said simply.


"Son, are you questioning the diagnoses of a trained doctor?" the second was starting to become irate.

Yes, he has the right to, since, you sir, are incorrect. I am in fact not brain dead.

"This whole time during this conversational argument, have you not noticed that she has been reacting to everything?" the third said smugly.

I have?

"What?" the first's voice filled with even more disturbance.

I am not moving. I know I am not moving. How-

"Rin! It's your father. Are you okay?" the first said before turning back to the other two, "Why is her expression changing in reaction to us…?"

It's all pitch black and I am not moving.

"Can a brain dead patient do that?" the younger voice asked complacently.

I-I-I wish I could say someth-

"LEN!" a young, feminine voice cried out.


"Now, doctor, tell me."

Len smiled and lead Rin into their favorite cafe.

"Len?" Rin looked over to her best friend.

"Yup, Rin?" he smiled opening the door for her, bowing and gesturing gentlemanly for her to go ahead of him jokingly for her amusement.

"I'll buy my own lunch, thank you very much," she laughed.

"Aww, come on," he feigned disappointment before returning to a questioning voice. "But you don't get an allowance."

"Doesn't matter. I still have some of my birthday money left. I wouldn't want to impose…"

He asked for a table and continued the conversation, "oh, that's not fair for you! You earned that money!"

They sat down across from each other at the small table. "Earned it?"

"Yeah, duh! You lived for another year, of course that means you earned it," he smiled slyly.

She laughed at his expression, "you seriously are weird sometimes."

His face turned serious.

"What now, Len?"

"I am paying. I get an allowance. I can spend it however I'd like and I'd like to pay for both our lunches."

"Oh, alright," she smiled once his face turned to smile again. They sat down at the table. "It's just… it makes it…"

"What is it, Rin?" he asked.

"It…" she sped through the next sentence. "Itmakesitsoundlikeadate."

Len blinked. "Um… of course not." He laughed nervously. "We're just friends, of course."

Rin looked directly at him, except Len averted his eyes from her own.

"Um, Len..?"

"Yes, Rin?" he asked, still not looking at her.

"No worries," she closed her eyes happily.

"Yup, no worries!" he smiled shyly, still trying to hide his embarassment.

Len was shocked. He just sat there, in the waiting room of the lobby. Utterly. Traumatized. His face with buried in his hands. His elbows resting on his lap. He heard footsteps.


"Len. Please, call me Len," he choked through tears.

"Len," he looked up for a minute before returning to burying his face in his hands. It was pink haired nurse who had been tending to Rin. "I would like to thank you."

"For what?"

"For not losing hope. I've seen people like your friend's father. They're just… lost… and they lose hope very quickly."

She sat down on the bench next to Len. "I'm technically not supposed to be talking to you about this, but… I don't like to see people like this. Nurses don't only care for the physical wellbeing of those around them. Emotions count too."

When Len finally glanced up, he saw the nurse kindly smiling.

"So, what happened to her?"

"Basically, without all those confusing technical terms, something's wrong with her communication in her brain. She doesn't have voluntary movement and cannot speak because of it."

Len's eyes widened, "she can't sing either, then?"

Luka looked at Len oddly, "no, she cannot sing. There are therapies for helping her gain control of herself again, but it won't make it the same as before."

Len stood up, regaining his voice, "Thank you-" he looked at her name tag, then to her again "-Luka. I think I'm going to try to eat something…"

"If you need me, just ask for someone to page me," she placed a hand on his shoulder. "You stay well, Len. You are welcome to stay overnight if you wish. I can tell you care very much for her."

She walked towards the elevators. If Len's emotions weren't already twisted with regret and distress, he would have been blushing. I show I care for her that much?

With that thought bubbling through his head, he went off to the cafeteria.

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