A/n: hey y'all! I present to you a new story! Hope you like it! It's based around the movie 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' but has my own tweak to it such as...more violence...more sexual things...language, all that stuff XD but yeah, I hope you like this chapter and continue reading! Tell me if you like it!

It was getting quiet early in the hallways of the prison, the prison guards individually locking all the cell gates and making sure the inmates were asleep in their bunks. The sound of their polished boots clacked as they walked down the corridors, checking each jail cell before the sound of their footsteps faded off in the distance and the lamps hanging from the ceiling flickered off.

Once any sound had quieted down from the dimmed hallways, one cell was the one and only cell that was rather active with life that night, and Axel Y.M. Bagatell made sure that no one noticed what was going inside said cell. When he made sure all the other prisoners were asleep and wouldn't reveal what he was doing, the red-haired prisoner chuckled quietly and stepped quickly over to his bunk.

With all his strength, he had managed to pull the wooden bed from the wall and into the middle of the room without so much as a creak from the grungy mattress or the splintering wooden legs. Hiding under the bed was a very large hole which looked like it had been dug for several months.

"Psst! Demyx! You there?" Axel whispered softly into the hole where he was bent on his hands and knees. There came the sound of some rocks crumbling in the hole and a dim little light grew brighter and brighter towards the opening of the hole. With a puff of dust, a head popped up from the hole along with the sound of coughing. Axel swiftly waved his hand back and forth as to free himself from the dust which blew in his direction and hushed the person from the hole so as to not wake prisoners.

"Shut up, you moron!" Axel snapped in a hushed tone. "You wanna wake up the guards or the other inmates?"

"Ack! Pah!"

"I said quiet!"

"Okay, okay, Axel, but just wait 'til you get down here; you'll be coughin' too!"

The male from the hole in the floor was a young man with a hairstyle in the shape of a mullet, and strapped around his forehead was a mining hat with a little light bulb on the front, just bright enough to see what was right in front of your nose. He was very dirty and looked worn out.

Axel didn't stall any longer, and the red-haired male gestured for his best friend, Demyx Ingrahm, to move aside so he could climb down in the hole with Demyx. While on their hands and knees, Demyx took the lead in the tunnel they had burrowed for many, many months.

"So I take it you were able to make time to sneak out in your own cell, too?" Axel mumbled once they were far enough away from the hole in his cell.

"Yeah, man," laughed Demyx. "You really don't like getting your hands dirty, so I-I-aiyaiyai- ACHOO!" Dust puffed up into the pressured air once again and caused Demyx to come to a halt and Axel to bonk his nose right against Demyx's hind-quarters.

"Hey! Demyx! Get a grip and stop sneezing, will ya?" Axel groaned irritably. "Keep movin'! We haven't got all the time in the world..."

"Okay, sheesh! Sorry I have a tickly nose... You always complain a lot, don't'cha, Axel? OW!"

There came a loud clang in front of him and Demyx had rammed right into a drain pipe, his mining hat falling off his head and the light flickered off.

"Damnit, Demyx! Look what ya did! You shouldn't talk to much, you idiot!"

"Do you realize how bad that hurt? Gee wiz, Axel! Help me find my hat..."

It was pitch black in the tunnel as the two males searched around for the light on Demyx's hat, simultaneously on their hands and knees. "Oh! Found it!"

"That's not the hat! Get your hand off me, Demyx!"

"Ah crap! Sorry, Axel!"

A few seconds later, the light on Demyx's hat flickered on and the blonde male tied it securely around his forehead, trying to relocate his path for trying to escape the prison. The drain pipe in front of them was blocking their passage slightly, but there was more of the tunnel beyond it.

"Okay, I knew we weren't gonna be able to get past this pipe without a proper...tool..." Demyx said, searching around for something.

"What do ya got planned?" Axel murmured, trying to look around Demyx to see what he was doing. While crawling through the tunnel, Axel had noticed a few tools around Demyx's waist on a belt he had manage to sneak from the prison during the hours of the day and one of them was a jack hammer, and that was just what Demyx reached for. "Oh man, Dem...you sure you know what yer doin'?"

"I know exactly what I'm doin', Axel!" grinned Demyx as he aligned the head of the hammer to the drain pipe. "With this baby, we'll be free of this prison for the rest of our days! And we can get back to what we do best...gamble!" With a flick of the switch, Demyx turned on the hammer and rocks immediately began falling from the top of the tunnel and once contact was made, the pipe exploded and water burst forth from the pipe instantly. The two males were soaked immediately.

Of course when a major drain pipe in a prison was busted, the prison guards were alerted of this immediately when doing their duty. As Axel and Demyx scrambled to squeeze through the small space between the pipe, the whole prison burst with energy to try and locate the two prisoners which were not in their cells.

"HURRY UP!" Axel yelled as Demyx crawled as fast as he could through the hole. "They're all OVER the place up there! I can hear 'em!"

"I'm going! I'm going!" Demyx cried back. "Ah! Axel! I see the hole!"

There was a small, distant little light shining at the end of the tunnel and before they knew it, both of them were crawling through a hole that reached the surface and outside of the prison. Search lights were moving all around the prison and the sound of yells and shouts coming from the large building as well. The hole was on the outside of the perimeter fence of the prison, just wide and open enough to where both criminals could squeeze through without getting cut by the fence. Luckily enough, the prison guards did not catch sight of the two escapees and did not even notice Axel and Demyx running for their lives down the long winding road that lead away from the lively prison.

Axel and Demyx did not stop running until they were sure they were far enough away from the prison and that was in a small bayou roughly around a two hours' walk from the brightly lit city of New Orleans. Panting both males came to a stop by some trees which they leaned against to catch their breath.

"So, Axel... Now that we're out of the big house, where we off to now?" Demyx asked, unstrapping his hat off and tossing it carelessly away.

"Well, Dem," Axel yawned, stretching his arms behind him. It felt nice being out of that cramped cell and able to stretch his arms and do as he pleased. "I think I should drop a visit to the bozo who got me locked up in the first place."

"Oh no..." Demyx murmured, looking terrified. "No no no! Axel, please no! Let's not go there, man! Xigbar's thugs will have us massacred for sure! You know how good he is at getting what he wants!"

"Aye! Dem!" Axel barked. "I've been workin' with this guy for lots of years, and he's not gonna get what he wants... That dick owes me money and I'm gonna get my fair share if it's the last thing I do. C'mon, Demyx... We're going to see Xigbar Calico right now..."

Xigbar Calico was a well looked upon, and well feared, gangster who was rich and good at getting what he wanted. He lived and owned a casino named 'Xigbar's and Axel's' hidden away from the festivities of the heart of New Orleans and was a large sail boat that looked rather broken and like it wouldn't exactly be very much fun to ride in and it was tied securely to a dock on the shallows of the lake it sat on. There were sparkly lights coming from the inside of the lop-sided boat, and the interior was full of life.

On the inside, men and women were standing around gambling tables, the sounds of dice crackling against the green carpet tables, and cards clapping together and the delightful little rings of slot machines hitting the jackpot. There was a great bit of activity happening in the casino, and at least every single poker table was packed tightly with men betting huge amounts of money, all with drinks in their hands and cigarettes in their mouths.

At the far end of the room was a long line of people watching no other than rabbits sprint to a finish line with little tags attached to their long ears with numbers on them. Some of the people in the crowd called out things like, "Run, number four!", "I bet all I got on you, now go!", "Fucking rabbit, MOVE!" and similar cries. It was quite obvious this casino was making it's fair share of wagers and the owner, Xigbar, was making plenty of dough.

As the twenty-third round of rabbit racing had subsided (the tiniest little white rabbit had one the race and only one guy betting won), the crowd seemed to die down a bit and everyone headed over to the bar to get themselves some drinks. It was around that time when the front door to the casino opened up and in came Axel, holding no smile on his face and it was safe to say that everyone who's eyes had landed on the popular redhead had nearly popped out of their skull.

"Hey guys!" Axel called to the crowd, waving his hand arrogantly. "Miss me?"

"AXEL!" cried many of the people in the room. Several men and women crowded around Axel, patting him on the shoulder and shaking his hand.

"It's great to see you again, Axel!"

"How'd you get out of jail?"

"Looking just as sexy as ever, handsome..."

Axel ignored nearly all of the comments said to him as he and Demyx strode over to the bar (the crowd opened up for him) and hammered his fist on the bar counter. The bartender, a young man with an askew top hat and golden facial hair, smirked at Axel and wordlessly passed him a mug of foaming beer.

"Axel..." murmured the bartender. "Thought I'd never see you again."

"Thought I'd never taste some of this good-for-nothing ale again," Axel sighed as he wiped some of the foam away from his mouth with his sleeve.

"I thought you were gonna be goin' to the electric chair, my friend."

"Not in a million years, Luxord," Axel grinned as he sat down at a barstool. "There ain't nobody around who's gonna keep Axel Y.M. Bagatell down!"

"Heh heh," Luxord chuckled again as he served Axel another beverage. "I'll tell ya though, Axel... In the months you've been gone, this casino has been a disgrace ever since Xigbar has been in charge of it..." Luxord was talking in a rather hushed whisper, as if any of Xigbar's thugs might've overheard him he would've been kicked out and possibly gotten the cement shoes if he was heard.

"How so?" Axel responded as he sipped his drink, not caring that the casino got a bit more lively once again.

"Xigbar ain't cuttin' the slack on any of the prices of stuff, and he hardly pays the proper cash money for bets anymore neither," Luxord said as he spat in a glass and wiped it clean. "That old con man has got himself a spot in hell for what he's doin', I say. But no one's gonna stand up to the geezer for shit; he's got so many guns loaded in the back and so many men to do his work, none of us have got a chance to get our money."

"Don't you worry, Luxord," Axel grinned. "When I'm finished with Xigbar, everyone here will be able to get what they deserve. Now, speaking of him...he in the back?"

"Where he usually is," Luxord replied, finally noticing that Demyx was sitting next to Axel and wanted service as well. "Help yerself..." He said to Demyx who slipped behind the bar to grasp a wine bottle. "The lazy-ass barely comes out and spends time in his casino. All he does is roll around in money and do as he wishes."

"Pfft, he'll get what's comin' to him..." Axel sighed, rolling his green gaze. As he stood up and stepped away from the bar, several of the people standing around watched him head towards a secluded looking staircase and the casino burst with noise once more once Axel was out of sight.

Demyx didn't much like being here after what happened to the two of them when Xigbar managed to get them in jail. He didn't like sharing; that was for sure. Xigbar and Axel owned the casino together and planned on making a decent amount of cash to open and even bigger club deeper in the heart of the city, but Xigbar just didn't enjoy the idea of giving Axel some of the money too and had gotten Axel and Demyx in jail for many past stories that were withheld and not meant to be mentioned again, all kinds of crap in the past. It was safe to say that getting put in jail wasn't fun at all, and Demyx was worried out of his mind of what could happen to Axel if things didn't go as they planned.

Axel had reached the top of the dark staircase, the sounds of the casino below getting quieter as he neared Xigbar's area of the casino. "Hey! Xigbar! Where are you, man?" He noticed a small door off to the side in the dark room and as he went to go and open it, someone else on the inside opened it instead. Standing in the doorframe was no other than Xigbar himself, dressed in a tight-fitting black suit with a cigar in his mouth. He wore an eye patch and had long black hair with one gray streak in it. Usually it was tied back in a ponytail but it was hanging straight down his back as of now.

"Axel..." Xigbar murmured, chuckling a moment. "Why what a surprise it is seeing you here..." He shook hands with Axel, mildly amused to see Axel and mildly aggravated to see him too. "Come on in..."

"Don't mind if I do," Axel grinned as he strolled into the room. The back room was lit by a red light and Xigbar sat down on a large sofa and Axel sat down on a sofa opposite him, crossed his legs and stared at Xigbar who took a long drag from his cigar, blowing the stinking smoke in Axel's direction. Axel was perturbed by the odor at all; he had smelled a lot worse smells in jail.

"So...what'cha want, Axel?" Xigbar grunted. "You're out of jail...somehow...and I know you want some of the payment, right?"

"You bet your ass I do," Axel replied. "Heh heh... Xigbar, you know we both own this nice place...now...I think I need a fair share of the cash here..."

"Mm..." Xigbar grunted in reply again.

Axel had to try and schmooze his way into getting what he wanted from Xigbar, otherwise this was gonna be a complete disaster. "But ya know what would be real good? If we added a little...class to this place, ya know? Maybe a couple new bands...some dancing girls and-"

"Axel, Axel, Axel..." Xigbar chuckled, flicking some ash off the end of his cigar. "I can't say I really...want you here, man... You got a criminal record here, Axel... Can't have that in my casino ya know..."

Axel's face hardened and he gritted his teeth. "Xigbar...you gotta give me 50% percent of ourcasino, man! When I was outside, I saw our bar sign read only 'Xigbar's' instead of 'Xigbar's and Axel's'... Gimme my amount man!"

"Hey, Axel," chuckled Xigbar. "You haven't heard my bargain yet... You're a special friend to me, Axel, and I've got to...treat you specially... I'll give you the money, fifty percent...and how about this. I'll set you up your own personal club." Xigbar smirked at Axel and stood up, the redhead following Xigbar's actions and rising to his feet as well. Xigbar placed his arm around Axel's shoulders, the black-haired gangster smirking at Axel's cocked eyebrow.

"How great would it be to have a place of your own? Somewhere where your record ain't known about... I'll give ya all the means ya want; dancing girls and all..."

Axel rubbed his chin and hummed in thought. As much as he adored this casino, he just had to take Xigbar up on that offer. The more Xigbar suggested it, the more Axel liked the idea. He'd make the casino so great; it have all kinds of gambling games, all kinds of shows, all kinds of performances, food, drinks- everything any gambler could dream of! It'd be great!

"Okay, Xig... You got yourself a deal, man..." Axel grinned, shaking hands with Xigbar.

"Perfect..." Xigbar smiled, squeezing Axel's hand rather tightly before swiftly pulling away. "Meet me downstairs in twenty minutes - we're heading over to Mardi Gras..."

"Got'cha there, Xigbar," Axel grinned, saluting to him. "Hey man..." Xigbar turned to look back at Axel, brow raised. "Thanks. You're a good pal."

Xigbar smiled. "I think after tonight...I'll be the best friend you'll ever have." Axel smiled again and stepped quickly downstairs while Xigbar slammed his door shut. Xigbar plopped down on his couch again and placed his cigar down in an ashtray, pulling back his sleeve to look at his wristwatch, and right on cue, the door opened and in stepped a very small young boy.

His hair was dark blue and hanging in front of his right eye. He was wearing all black and looked rather threateningly with the way he was dressed - choker collar with spikes, fingerless gloves and a stare that looked mean.

"Zexion, glad you're here," Xigbar smiled. "Look, you know Axel's back..."

"Of course..." Zexion said, crossing his arms.

"There ain't no mother-fucking way...under the sun...I am giving Axel fifty percent of my money..." Xigbar growled. "He got out of prison...and now...I'm pissed."

"We were able to set up Axel into jail, along with his friend...so now we got the means to do other things, boss," Zexion murmured, looking expressionless. Towards the staircase, Demyx began climbing it for he had yet to see Axel rejoin him downstairs and he was getting a little anxious to what had happened to him; with the crowd downstairs it was hard to spot anyone. Demyx approached the door and stopped when he heard voices and neither of them sounded like Axel, but one definitely was Xigbar...

"We have the opportunity to squeeze Axel's head with pliers..." Zexion said, the corner of his mouth curling up a bit. "If I know you good enough, boss, I know you want Axel out of the world completely..."

Xigbar chuckled again. "You certainly do know me well, Zexion. But don't worry about it... Axel's a special friend of mine, I've got to treat him specially..."

Demyx's eyes widened and he stepped slowly back and rushed down the stairs, into the crowd and panicked as he tried to locate Axel. The redhead was nowhere to be seen; Axel was already heading towards the big parade in the city, and nearly everyone else in the crowd was as well, Demyx getting bumped and shoved as he tried to get out of the pub.

"Axel! Axel!" Demyx cried in the hoopla of the people. "Axel! They're gonna kill you!"

Mardi Gras was as it always was every year, full of life, music, people dancing, huge parade floats and the people in the floats throwing out necklaces and boas. Demyx was running through the crowd, desperately trying to locate Axel in the mass of people. "Axel... Axel! Where are you?" The redhead was absolutely nowhere to be seen, and Demyx was getting extremely scared...

Axel had been escorted by Xigbar's thugs to a secluded area of Mardi Gras, off to a darker side of the city where there was no one around. Xigbar was giving a testimonial to Axel, a batch of other men and a few women standing around smirking.

"My good friend, Axel Bagatell..." Xigbar smiled to the redhead who was standing next to Xigbar with a drink in hand. "You're gonna go down in history with what I'm about to give you, my friend... I'll loan you the cash and you'll have one of the best casinos that New Orleans has to offer!"

Axel hiccupped and smiled up at Xigbar, and he was passed more and more alcohol the more Xigbar talked. Xigbar's lackeys were getting Axel drunker and drunker by the minute and soon enough, Axel was on the verge of blacking out as he started to drunkenly sing and praise Xigbar and tell him how much this meant to him.

"Hey guys, how about you take Axel out back further...and give Axel his surprise." Xigbar smiled and as he witnessed his boys take Axel by the arms and lead him towards the docks on the lake nearby. Axel allowed them to escort him as he laughed and sang along the way, remembering the tune from the casino earlier and humming it off-key as he stepped onto the docks and at the far end of the pier.

Zexion awaited him at the end of the pier and smiled at him. "Now Axel, sit down and don't peek." Zexion had a blindfold and he wrapped it securely around Axel's head, the redhead voluntarily letting Zexion do so, Axel continuing to sing while slurring his rules. "We got a real blast of a surprise for you, so don't peek."

"Don't choo worrraay, Zexyyy..." Axel hiccupped. "I don't think this night could g-get HIC! ...any better for me!"

Zexion chuckled. "Oh it can. For all of is, Axel." As Zexion gestured for Axel to sit on the edge of the dock, the redhead swinging his legs back and forth, the blunette glanced back up at the top of the dock and saw Xigbar beginning to head down the pier, his hands behind his back...rifle in hand.

Demyx had arrived at the area where Xigbar and Axel previously were and he noticed a group of people on the pier and panted as he hurried towards them. "A-Axel!" Demyx ran as fast as his legs could carry him, but there was no way he was going to be able to make it in time as Xigbar stood next to Axel, smirk on his face and shining silver gun in his hands.

"You're gonna go down in history, my dear friend," chuckled Xigbar. "Heh heh...heh..."

"I l-love you...Z-Zigburrr!"

Xigbar grinned from ear to ear as he positioned the gun near Axel's temple. "Love you too, Axel. Good things...come to those...who wait."

Demyx stopped at the top of the pier and his eyes widened as he heard a gunshot. "AXEL!"

Axel's body fell onto the ground, blood dripping from the bullet hole in his head. Xigbar pocketed his gun and frowned, gesturing for his thugs to dispose of Axel's body. Xigbar turned around and began heading up the dock and Demyx ran hurriedly for his life because if Xigbar saw him he'd be dead too.

With a loud splash, Axel's body was dumped into the river and he began sinking down towards the bottom of the lake, stone cold.