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After Axel Bagatell had heard about some so-called 'monster' being hidden secretly in his and Xigbar's casino, the red-haired gambler made it certain he was going to find out what this monster was, confiscate it and use it to get Xigbar back for good. But what was honestly the best way to sneak back into his casino without Xigbar and his thugs not knowing? And it was then that Axel decided to put all those old spy films to the test and try the ventilation system of the building.

Axel had to force Demyx to go with him with a great deal of horsepower; Demyx was not in the slightest bit eager to go back to the casino where Xigbar was...

"C'mon, Axel," Demyx whimpered quietly as Axel shoved him forward from behind. "I r-really don't think this is a good idea. Why couldn't I have just stayed at the house, man? What point is there in me bein' here?"

"Shhh!" Axel barked, gently popping a bickering Demyx on the back of his skull. "Listen Demyx, I've about had it with you, man." They had stopped in front of one ventilation screen where some light was spilling in through the cracks, and Axel was glowering heavily down at Demyx who was now curled up on the floor of the ventilation system, his eyes watery as Axel reprimanded the blonde.

"If you're too much of a pussy to help me out with this, then you're no friend of mine," said Axel as he turned to try and peer through the screen.

"No, no! I'm not scared," Demyx whispered, sitting up. "I'm just worried Xigbar's gonna catch us and put a gun in our mouths!"

But Axel wasn't listening. He was staring intently through the screen, examining the room before him. It looked like a small room, and there were no windows. There was a small bed in the corner of the room that was stacked and piled with blankets and pillows, and in the middle of the room was a craps table that looked as if it hadn't been used in a couple of years.

"I don't think anythin's in here, Dem," Axel said, turning away from the screen. Just out of curiosity, Demyx crawled forward to take a look himself and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw the massive pile of patch-work blankets move.


Before Demyx could scream any longer or louder, Axel had slapped a hand over the blonde's mouth to shut him up. "What. What is it?" Demyx pointed forward at the screen, shaking in his tatty clothes. Axel quirked an eyebrow and moved towards the screen again and sure enough, those blankets were moving; they looked like they were breathing.

"What the...fuck?" Axel murmured and continued to stare unblinkingly at the pile of cloth. "That...can't be right..."

"Of course it's right," Demyx whimpered, covering his eyes. "It's g-gotta be one of those Frankenstein stories... Xigbar managed to make a monster, I tell ya! I'm sure of it!"

"Will you shut that hole in your face?" Axel snarled and Demyx immediately went silent. "I don't think that Xigbar would make a monster out of freaking blankets and pillows, man. What's he gonna scare off? Squirrels?"

"Well, it's scarin' me..."

"Well, you're a pussy, so it's normal."

Axel couldn't help but think there was something incredibly fishy about this situation though. He wasn't about to think that that pile of cushions was a monster; there was something else behind it. And speak of the devil, Axel was right...

The blankets shifted a little more and Axel watched closely and to his surprise he saw a human hand push the blankets away over a human head. The 'monster' wasn't a monster but a person, and the more the blankets were strewn away from this being, the more Axel saw that it was a little boy, a little boy with golden blonde hair.

"It's a little kid..." Axel spoke, looking very confused by this. "Is this for real? Why would Xigbar be keepin' some little kid?"

But the more he stared at this little youth he began to notice the kind of angelic features he seemed to hold. He had the completion of the softest looking sands on the most tropical and paradise beach. His eyes were sparkling beauties, shimmering like that of the rarest sapphires. And his hair was as golden yellow as that of the richest gold, the beautiful strands shaped naturally into cute little spikes; much like Axel's hair. As much as Axel didn't want to already admit it, his heart was absolutely popping out of his chest from the loveliness of this little boy...

The blonde boy in the bed slowly rose from his slumber as he rubbed at his blue eyes, yawning sleepily. However, his yawn was cut off when the sound of a door being closed sounded. Both Axel and Demyx steered away from the screen when they heard the sound of the closing door as well, the redhead's eyes trying their best to continue watching through the screen. He caught sight of some iron stairs and coming down the stairs was no other than Xigbar himself.

"Good evening, Roxas," Xigbar chuckled and strode across the room. Roxas seemed unhappy to see Xigbar and brought his legs up to his chest and embraced them; he looked a little afraid. "How're you doing, poppet?" Xigbar was smoking again and as he exhaled a large puff of awful smelling smoke billowed out from his lips.

"I just woke up..." muttered Roxas.

"That's nice," Xigbar chuckled. "You sleep alright, babe?"

"As...as well as I could," answered Roxas, not mentioning that the bed he slept on felt like metal. "Xigbar? Do you think...you could let me outside today? I haven't been able to get some fresh air in a while..."

"Sure, why not," Xigbar said frostily. Roxas had noticed that Xigbar was holding something behind his back, but when he dropped it carelessly onto the unused craps table Roxas saw it was a little white bunny rabbit in a cage. The bars of the cage rattled very loudly when Xigbar dropped it on the table, uncaring that it probably scared the daylights out of the rabbit.

"But, my sweet little cherry, you gotta do the business first," Xigbar said, drawing out some more smoke from his cigarette. "Talk to him."

Axel cocked an eyebrow at what Xigbar said. Did he mean talk to the rabbit? Had Xigbar absolutely lost his mind? But he supposed he hadn't when Axel watched Roxas slip off the bed, revealing his whole slender little body, clad in a pair of torn up shorts and a long-sleeve red shirt that was low-cut and had a few holes here and there. The blonde boy stepped slowly over to the craps table, smiling sweetly at the fluffy rabbit in it's cage.

"Hello," Roxas smiled to the rabbit. Strangely enough, the rabbit seemed to respond to Roxas's sweet demeanor and hopped towards him, the bars preventing him from getting any closer to Roxas. The blonde's smile increased and he stuck his fingers between the bars and stroked the rabbit's head. "I see you're going to be entering the rabbit race later, right?"

The rabbit's long ears flopped and it nodded it's head. Roxas smiled, "That's good. So, who do you think is gonna win?" The rabbit squeaked quietly and pawed at the cage. "Ah, so you believe Figaro is going to win? Why do you say that?" The rabbit's ears fell limp to it's side and scratched at the bottom of the cage with it's teeny claws. "What?" Roxas looked surprised by what he had heard the rabbit 'say' to him. "Because everyone else is sick? Sick with what?"

Xigbar was standing right next to Roxas, watching him closely the whole time, taking a few more drags from his cigarette and acting as if this little blonde boy talking to animals was completely normal. Axel, on the other hand, looked absolutely bewildered... Was this honestly true? Could that boy actually talk to animals?

"Stomach aches... I see," Roxas said, nodding his head and tapping his chin. "Tell the rest of them to stay away from celery sticks for a while and maybe they should take this race off?" Roxas glanced up at Xigbar and the pony-tailed man smirked delightedly.

"So, the odds are number six will win tonight," Xigbar drawled and flicked some ashes of his cigarette haphazardly onto the rabbit's cage. "Well, I'll just have to send Zexion to place the bets on him, won't I?" As Xigbar drew out the remains of his cigarette, Axel was about to have a serious meltdown up in the ventilation system.

"So that's how he did it! The scoundrel! The bastard! He's been cheating his way with that boy this whole time!" Axel looked furious, but he kept his voice down very quietly so the only one who heard him was Demyx. Axel shook his head in bewilderment as he continued watching through the screen, his eyes on Roxas. "That little boy can talk to animals..." It was then that Axel's eyes seemed to turn to dollar signs and he grinned devilishly.

"So, may I go outside?" Roxas chirped hopefully with a smile.

Xigbar chuckled and leaned down so his face was a few inches from Roxas's. "Not until you've shown your gratitude to me that I'm letting you live here with me..." Roxas looked suddenly extremely scared and repulsed, his skin going a little paler. Axel didn't know what Xigbar was talking about, but he knew it wasn't going to be good...

And he was right... Xigbar had placed Roxas back on the edge of his bed and Axel heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Axel's eyes grew a little wide as he watched Roxas, voluntarily, unbutton Xigbar's pants and free his engorged erection. The redhead nearly went green in the face as he witnessed Roxas begin to actually drag his tongue all over Xigbar's length.

"Oh my god..." Axel whispered, backing away from the screen and tearing his eyes away from the horrible sight before him. "I...I just can't believe what Xigbar's doing to him..." Demyx had no desire to look; he could understand with his ears what was going on down there. "We gotta get that kid outta there, stat. He's being used and forced to do things he doesn't want to do. We gotta kidnap him- ah, I mean, rescue him..."

Axel glanced towards the openings in the screen again and felt his cheeks burn when he caught sight of Roxas having taken all of Xigbar's length into his mouth and was sucking. The black-haired man had both his palms at the base of Roxas's head and was attempting to force Roxas to go deeper when it was impossible. Roxas was whimpering and had tears rolling down his cheeks.

Axel felt both his heart break and his dick twitch and his brain scream "MONEY" as he watched all this unfold before him. He heard Roxas cough and gag violently and then the sound of Xigbar groaning in pleasure, and what was to arrive next was Xigbar's massive load of semen spurt out of his length and fill Roxas's mouth and dribble down his chin. Some of the white fluids splattered over the floor and Roxas pulled away, gasping for air but when Xigbar clamped Roxas's mouth closed he knew instantly to swallow. Xigbar grinned from ear to ear. "That's my good Roxas..."

Axel looked a little disturbed, unable to look away when he wished he could. Xigbar cleaned himself and lit another cigarette. He patted Roxas on the head and said, "I'll get Zexion to give ya some food in a little while." With that being said, Xigbar began to take his leave up the iron staircase. Roxas looked at Xigbar as he left and called out, "B-But you said I could go outside, Xigbar!" Roxas's answer was the sound of the door slamming closed and reverberating around the room. Without further or due, Roxas looked miserably to the floor, taking one of the patch-work blankets and wiping himself clean with it and sitting himself down on the bed again. He began to sob gently...

"Poor thing..." Axel grumbled. "I think we should talk to him." Axel sounded sympathetic all for more than about twelve seconds.

Demyx shook his head, terrified, "No, Axel, please no! You can't be really thinking of taking him? Xigbar's gonna find out and rip you apart!"

"Not if I rip him apart first," chuckled Axel. Gripping the screen between his fingers, Axel pushed the little screen open which allowed him entry to the room where Roxas was still sitting on his bed crying his eyes out. Axel slipped slowly out of the ventilation shaft and jumped out of it and onto the floor in one fluid motion.

Roxas, startled, gasped and looked up at the red-haired man before him. Immediately, Roxas looked frightened and began to try and stay away from Axel.

"Hey, hey, heyyyy!" Axel cooed. "Don't be afraid, kid. My name's Axel, and I'm you're knight in shining armor, here to rescue you!"

Roxas stared at Axel, looking confused. "Y-You...are?"

"Of course I am, squeaker," Axel kidded and stepped towards the blonde. "So what're you doin' here in this stinkhole, blondie?"

Roxas looked down sadly. "Xigbar...he found me on the streets, in an alleyway. At first he seemed really nice... He offered me a place to stay and I agreed to go with him. He said he had been watching me for a while and noticed I would talk to the alley rats at night and they'd come bring me food... Xigbar won't even let me see the sun anymore..."

"Such a pity," Axel sighed and sat down on the bed next to Roxas, putting his arm around him. "You're such a cutie, too. That dazzling little face of yours needs to be seen around the city; you're absolutely divine...uhh, what's your name?" Axel did not want to come across as if he had been watching Roxas just like how Xigbar had been.


"Roxy, Roxy, Roxy!" Axel praised, taking Roxas's hand and kissing the knuckles. The blonde boy's face flushed pink and the redhead grinned charmingly. "I'm gonna get you away from Xigbar...and you can come stay with me..."

"AXEL! I'M SCARED!" screeched Demyx from the ventilation system. He was dangling off the ledge of the ventilation shaft, his feet no more than four feet from the ground.

"That's Demyx," smiled Axel. "He's my buddy. A real jokester he is! But yeah, c'mon, baby and pack your things. We're gettin' out of this joint." Without actually letting Roxas pack his bags, Axel snatched a leathery looking satchel from a pile of random junk in the corner of the room and began filling it with the actual valuable looking things in the room.

"So, you got any parents, kid?" Axel asked with a smile.

"I'm...an orphan," Roxas answered sadly.

Axel was thrilled by this, even though it was a really unfortunate circumstance. "Well, who needs parents when you got friends like me and Demyx." Demyx was whimpering in fear as he still dangled from the edge of the ventilation screen. "You're gonna stay with us, Roxy, so you won't be treated bad like how Xigbar treats ya." There came a crash and Demyx finally fell from his ledge right on his back-end. Once Axel was done packing the bag he tossed it into Demyx's lap who glared at the redhead.

"You're gonna have a much better life with the two of us, Roxas," Axel smiled sweetly. Stepping over to Roxas again, the redhead easily lifted Roxas into his arms like a little bride and began towards the ventilation system again. He allowed Roxas to crawl through it first so he could get a good view of the boy's ass on the way back and smiled kindly at him.

"Oh, Axel, thank you for...getting me out of here!"

"It's no problem, sweetie-pie, now scoot, we gotta get home!" Axel moved into the ventilation system himself while Demyx tried desperately to get back inside himself while simultaneously holding the over-stuffed bag.

"A-Axel?" Demyx whimpered, but Axel had already crawled away down the ventilation shaft with Roxas.

Axel had arrived back at his home with Roxas in hand, Demyx trying to keep up from behind. They acquainted themselves a little more with the talented blonde boy and got a bit more information about Roxas's skill in talking with animals. Roxas seemed oblivious to Axel's plan and was simply glad to have someone to be with other than Xigbar. Axel actually let him go outside and was extremely kind to him so far!

Now that it was nighttime, Axel was desperately wanting Roxas to get some sleep so he could discuss his plan with Demyx for tomorrow. However, it seemed Roxas was a bit too fidgety to stay awake, so Axel attempted to actually read Roxas a bedtime story. He chose between several fairytales and ended up with Robin Hood. Axel wasn't exactly good at reading out loud and couldn't read very well in general, so what he had decided to do was sort of...elaborate on the general story of Robin Hood. He turned Maid Marion into Sir Marion, made Little John actually 'little', and made it quite clear that Robin Hood and his merry men were almost always wearing tights. And the way Axel seemed to describe all their personalities was very...well, prepubescent boy-ish.

With his arm wrapped around Roxas's shoulders and the blonde leaning into him, Axel went on and on with his tweaked story of Robin Hood. "So Robin Hood wanted to do something nice for his group of adorable merry men, and of course the people of the uh, town...and stuff... He wanted to steal all the most precious items away from the evil prince, and one of those treasures was no other than Sir Marion, the most beautiful boy in the whole town! But most of all, he wanted to help out the poor, so yeah... He stole a bunch of gold from the royals and blah blah blah everyone lived happily ever after..."

"I really don't get this story," grumbled Demyx where he was laying on his back on the floor of their house with his legs resting up on Axel's bed. "Why would this guy give his money away to the poor?"

"Because he's generous?" Roxas suggested, not looking the slightest bit tired.

"Just a bunch of cheese, in my opinion," Demyx grimaced.

Axel threw the actual missing paged copy of the story of Robin Hood at Demyx which thonked against his shoulder.

"So did Robin Hood marry Sir Marion?" Roxas asked with sparkling eyes.

"Haha yeah, sure," Axel grinned, only elaborating that aspect of the story that Robin and Marion went off privately together for lovey-dovey time. "But, I think you should get some rest, kid. It's late. I gotta talk to Dem about some business. Here, take my bed."

Standing up from the bed, Axel gestured for Demyx to join him in the other room of the house in which he pulled some drapes back to divide Axel's part of the house from Demyx's. Roxas, who was curling up under the covers of Axel's bed, nuzzled the pillows and sighed happily.

"Goodnight Axel!" Roxas called loudly to Axel from beyond the curtains.

"W-What, oh, goodnight, Roxy!"

Rolling his green eyes and crossing his arms, Axel said, "Sheesh, that boy has got a good ass on him but boy is he innocent..."

"Why don't we hide him somewhere else, Axel?" complained Demyx. "He's just gonna cause us to pull our hair out, mannn... How about we hide him in the old church with Aerith? She'd be able to take good care of him."

"Tch, why would I do that?" Axel said in a hushed tone so Roxas wouldn't overhear. "Xigbar thinks I'm dead; this is the LAST place he's gonna look for the kid when he finds out his little sex toy has gone missing." Demyx groaned but mentally agreed. "But listen, we're gonna make a fucking bigass fortune off this kid. Do you realize how much dough we're gonna get if Roxas can talk to some...say, I dunno, race horses?"


Axel flinched and glanced towards the drapes, pulling one back and seeing a very excitable looking Roxas on his bed, sitting straight up with wide eyes. "Did you say horses, Axel? I-I love horses!"

"You woke him up," Axel admonished Demyx in a furious whisper while momentarily closing the drapes. Demyx looked ready to hang himself. "But yes, Roxy, I said horses... Now, uh, get some sleep." Closing the drapes again, Axel turned back to Demyx and sighed, exasperated.

"Get up at eight tomorrow," instructed Axel. "We gotta get to that horse race at ten sharp tomorrow, and we'll for sure win all the cash that's betted." Axel grinned a little maniacally while Demyx nodded his head and yawned sleepily.

"Okayyyy, nighty night, Axel," Demyx smiled and crawled up to his bed, falling asleep instantly when his head touched the pillow.

Returning to his part of the house, Axel closed the drapes separating his room from Demyx's and caught a glance at Roxas who was laying under the covers of his bed watching Axel with those big blue eyes of his. It both amused and creeped Axel out a little bit but he offered the blonde a smile. "Go to sleep."

Striding across the room, Axel slowly dimmed the lights on the wall which caused the room to grow darker. He then strolled towards the window which had a lumpy looking cushion meant for a window seat by it which he sat down on and stared out the window with a thoughtful stare. But he wasn't able to focus on what was outside the window for long when he felt eyes boring into the back of his head. Nervously, Axel turned to glance at Roxas over his shoulder and sure enough, Roxas was still nuzzled up under the covers, just watching Axel with wide eyes.

"Do the pillows need to be fluffed or something?" Axel spoke grumpily.

"N-No, I-I'm sorry..." Roxas said, looking away. "I suppose I'm just...a little scared."

Quirking an eyebrow, Axel faced Roxas completely where he was sitting, "Scared of what, squeaker?"

Lowering his gaze, Roxas felt his cheeks burn. "Well...I'm afraid that...you're g-gonna turn out like how Mr. Xigbar was, Axel."

Axel couldn't help but actually feel his heart move a little when Roxas said this. However, he smiled and shook his head, crimson spikes bouncing. "Don't worry, Roxy. I ain't nothin' like that guy..."

"Y-You're not gonna...you know...t-touch me or anything...right?" Roxas muttered sheepishly.

As much as Axel wanted to say, "Oh god would I love to touch you", he held back and smiled again, shaking his head. "I won't. Remember, kid, I'm your knight in shining armor. I wouldn't touch you like how Xigbar did...he's the evil wizard..."

Roxas couldn't help but giggle and Axel grinned delightedly at the blonde's little laugh; adorable. Shaking his head, Axel realized he was falling for the sweetness this boy bore and told himself repeatedly in his mind that this kid was for money purposes only. "Now uh, go to sleep."

Axel sighed and decided to rest himself down against the window seat, propping a cushion from his bed up behind his head and closing his eyes.


Sighing, Axel opened his eyes and looked up at Roxas, "What?"

"Do you think um...you could tuck me in?" Roxas asked shyly.

"Tucked in? You're alrea-" Axel stopped himself and took in a deep breath of air. If he gained the trust and sympathy from Roxas then things would be so much easier later. Giving into Roxas, Axel rose from the window seat and stepped over to his bed in which he tucked the sheets of the bed up under Roxas snugly and made sure Roxas was nice and comfy.

"There," grumbled Axel as he returned to his spot on the window seat. Closing his eyes once again, Axel sighed, trying to relax but wasn't able to relax for very long from the constant squeaking of the springs coming from his bed. Eyebrows twitching in irritation, Axel sat up and growled. "Hey! Quiet down."

The squeaking stopped and he heard a faint "I'm sorry" from the bed. Closing his eyes once more, the redhead felt just on the verge of falling asleep when he actually heard Roxas begin to speak. Groaning quietly, he went to go and say something but stopped when he realized what Roxas was saying.

"Thank you for helping me find a way to get away from Xigbar," Roxas prayed quietly. "I couldn't be happier where I am right now... Thank you for Axel and Demyx...they're really nice to me..."

Axel, his face slightly blank, watched Roxas from where he was laying and the corner of his mouth curled a little in amusement. Once Roxas had stopped praying, the redhead felt his eyes close slowly, but when he opened them at instinct to check the room he flinched and cried out in surprise when he was met with Roxas staring at him right next to Axel.

"Nnngh..." Axel groaned, pressing a hand to his face. "What is it, Roxas?..."

"Axel, can you come and...and sleep with me?" Roxas asked timidly.

Removing the hand from his face, Axel glanced down at Roxas and stuck out his bottom lip. Now that was something Axel could manage. How could he not turn down sleeping in his own bed, pressed right up against an adorable, slender little boy like him? Smirking, Axel said, "Sure, Roxas, sure..."

Following Roxas back towards the bed, Axel allowed Roxas to slide in first before Axel got right in after him. Once the sheets were tucked comfortably around the two of them, Axel found his heart flutter when Roxas wrapped both of his skinny little arms around one of Axel's larger more muscular arms and nuzzle his bicep tenderly. Axel couldn't resist the smile that spread across his lips and he stroked Roxas's hair affectionately and leaned back against the pillows to close his eyes once more.



"Do you think I'll...find somebody who...who really loves me?" Roxas asked quietly. "You know...like how Robin Hood loved Sir Marion?"

Axel smiled a little. "Of course... But please...Roxas...go to sleeeep..."

Xigbar was sitting in his casino, in his personal back room, and he was tossing a very lethal looking knife up and down in his hand, catching the blunt sides of the blade once and then the hilt another times. The expression on his face was hard and cold, a kind of lividness hidden within his yellowish eyes.

The door to the back room opened up and in stepped Zexion. Once Zexion had stepped foot in the room, Xigbar gripped the hilt of the knife and threw it as hard as he could in Zexion's direction. Eyes a little wider than they usually were, Zexion flinched a little as the knife embedded itself into the wall right next to his head, cutting one strand of his purple-blue hair.

"Roxas is gone," Xigbar breathed dangerously. Licking his row up upper teeth, Xigbar stared only at Zexion. "I want him back." Zexion looked a little scared but nevertheless nodded his head.

"Y-Yes, sir."

Xigbar stood up from his seat and walked towards Zexion, wrapping his fingers around the knife, his eyes connecting to that of Zexion's.

"Right..." Xigbar snarled, bringing the knife out of the wall and holding it by the blade, gripping it tightly, "...now." Zexion nodded his head once again, trying to appear unphased by Xigbar's rage however noticing blood trickle down Xigbar's wrist and stain the floor. And then, in a state of fury, Xigbar turned around and threw the knife at a mirror across the room, where the point of the knife broke the glass and stuck into the wood behind it, the pieces of glass scattering all over the floor and Xigbar's blood dripping from the blade.