Soft. Gentle. This place was tangible in its beauty.

Not like space, with its illusion of gentle quiet.

Diana shivered slightly underneath her heavy coat.

Still didn't change the fact that they both shared one important characteristic. They were both far too cold to be truly comfortable for extended periods.

"Dianna, my lady, the tea is ready. Would you like to come inside?" said Loran from inside the cabin doorway.

"Loran," Dianna admonished as she shut the door behind her upon entering the cabin, "how many times have I told you to not refer to me as 'my lady'? Please, call me Diana."

Loran gently reached out with his right hand and grabbed Diana's left hand. Bringing her fingers to his lips, he gave her fingers a light kiss before looking at the blonde queen with caring eyes. "I call you that, because to me, you will always be my very important lady, Diana."

"Even after all this time," Diana said with a hint of wonder in her voice, "you still exude that sense of kind-hearted chivalry that made me want to lean into your embrace." Smiling slightly, she reached out and embraced Loran close to her, her head finding its grove beneath Loran's chin.

"Forgive me, Diana," said Loran.

"For what?" she replied with a small smile.

In response, Loran pressed her body tighter to his own, before capturing her lips with his.

Several minutes later, the both of them were entwined around one another in front of the fireplace, a heavy blanket the only thing covering them besides one another.

"Letting the tea grow cold," Loran replied at last.

Sometimes the cold could be a good thing.


AN: Short ficlet I came up with for this next to non-existent fandom. I love this pairing to pieces.