Chapter 1 (Because 'he' was actually a 'she')

He had been so close. So painfully close to making it to the sixth month of his job. Sure, he was just a waiter, but to him it was definitely a milestone. For once, Yabuki Hayato actually thought he could go steady with this particular career path. Boy, was he wrong…

It wasn't his fault that he was such a hot-head. In fact, his father's genes should take the blame for that, along with the drunk asshole who threw drinks at his female coworker. It wasn't that he was feeling heroic at that time, nor did he have any special feelings for the girl; he just thought that it was plain wrong, so he stopped it the only way he knew how to: with his fists. He hadn't been the head of Kurogin Gakuen for nothing. Of course, said asshole just had to be a friend of the restaurant's owner. With that in mind, Hayato was booted out of there faster than he can flip them off. Now he was at some bar, spending the meager remains of his salary on cheap booze. It was turning out to be such a shitty night…which was bound to get even worse when he gets home. Hayato sighed deeply, finishing off the last of his beer. Though his father was out of town, he knew he would still have to face his younger brother. "Damn, how do I even tell him…? 'Hey, Taku, guess what? I got fired…again'". Sticking his hand into his pocket, he drew out a pathetic bunch of crinkled bills and left it on the counter.

Hayato began to walk home, kicking a can as he did along the way. He wondered how the others were doing. Ryu was a teacher, Tsuchii was a camera guy, even Take became a businessman. So where does that leave him? He remembered what he said to his father back when he was in highschool. "I will become a man who will protect what's important to him." At least it was something along those lines. Either way, he wasn't exactly living out that promise. "Man, what the hell am I doing…?"

He kept walking when, on a dark street corner, he saw something that was just all-too familiar for him. It was your typical group-of-three-ganging-up-on-one-guy scenario. It was already dark, so Hayato could only see their figures in the poor light of a street lamp. Still, it was rather easy to make out that the victim was rather small, about Takeda's size. Surprisingly enough, he was holding his own pretty well. Arms restrained by a member of the trio, the victim managed to land a solid kick to the groin to the guy who walked directly in front of him. Idiot, Hayato thought. Even he knew that was a stupid mistake, and truth be told, he wasn't really all that brilliant a guy. After the Groin Guy went down, the victim snapped his head back hard, effectively breaking the nose of the guy behind him. Two down, one more to go. Hayato decided it best to stay out of his affairs till he was done kicking the crap out of those thugs. However, the victim did the unexpected; instead of going for the third guy, he turned around, tackled the guy with the bleeding nose, got on top of him and started wailing down on his face like there was no tomorrow. At that moment, the Third Guy, shaking off the initial shock, kicked the victim squarely in the ribs, knocking him clean off his friend and onto the dirty pavement. Hayato heard the sound of violent coughing coming from the victim. Damn, they knocked the air clean out of him…

That was when the three thugs began to close in…

Clicking his tongue, he began to head for those strangers. "Tch...Just how many people do I have to save tonight?" he grumbled to himself. This wasn't his usual gig, it was Yankumi's! "Oi! He's had enough, don't you think?"

One of the guys refrained from kicking at the victim's already-huddled form and glared at Hayato through tinted glasses. "Stay out of this, kid. This snarky little bitch needs to be taught a lesson."

At that moment, he could only think about three things. First of all, who the hell wears glasses at night? Are his eyes bad or is he that ugly? Second, did he just call him kid? Bastard, I've probably been fired from more jobs compared to you. That's not something a 'kid' can do! Of course, it wasn't something to be proud of either, but hey, as long as he proved his point, he didn't care. Finally, the word 'bitch' registered to him. His eyes then traveled to their prey who was curled up like a fetus on the pavement. There were definitely tendrils of long hair there, and those legs…even in jeans, they were just too feminine to belong to a guy. Hayato couldn't see her face because of the hood on her jacket, but he could only imagine the damage they've dealt to the poor girl.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, hitting a girl?" And just like that, his fists sliced the air and landed on the nearest body, eliciting a painful groan and crumpling to the ground. One by one, he took them down, and just for extra precaution, kicked the living shit out of them. Soon enough, the trio limped as fast as they can, leaving Hayato to tend to victim. "Weak assholes…" he hissed softly, then spit on the ground beneath him. By the time he looked back at her, she was struggling to sit up. "Whoa, take it easy…" He reached out for her in order to support her, but she cringed, thinking she was going to get hit again. "Hey, look, I'm not gonna hurt you. See?" Hayato slightly leaned away from her, palms up to show that he meant her no harm.

The girl, on the other hand, sat up with her head down, gripping her knees in a pathetic attempt to keep her upper body from keeling over. She coughed again, and this time, a bit of blood came from her mouth. Shaking, she wiped it with her sleeve. Then, slowly, she raised her face up to Hayato. Now it was his turn to cringe. She seemed anemically pale, with strands of matted hair stuck to the bloody wound on her forehead as well as a cut on her lip. There was also a bruise forming on her cheek and the beginnings of a black eye. His gaze then traveled to her hand, which was clutching her side. He then remembered that she was kicked like a stray dog, and he didn't even want to know what that injury must have looked like. Overall, she looked like she'd been chewed up, digested, and regurgitated back out. Still, despite the initial disgust, he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. "Um…miss…?"

Had he been trying to get with this girl, it would've been the lamest pick-up line ever, even if it was just for the sake of finding out her name. Strange Girl looked at him through glazed eyes, and feebly uttered a single word: "God…?"

Huh? Is she…is she talking to me? Sure, he saved her, and he figured he was good-looking enough, but God was a bit of an exaggeration. Still, it definitely stroked Hayato's ego. "Well, thanks! You know, I—woah!"

At that point, the girl began to lean forward, until leaning turned into falling. It would've been a perfect face plant, but Hayato caught her just in time. Holding her by her arms, her head unintentionally lay on his shoulder. To onlookers, it would look like he was consoling his crying girlfriend. "Oi, miss, wake up! Don't pass out on me!" He shook her violently like a ragdoll, thinking it was fine considering how damaged she already was. Yep, not even a blip. She was definitely out. He sighed, awkwardly patting the girl's head. "What am I going to do with you…"