There was a boy who just turned sixteen today, but it was not happy as people would think however. He had no family, they were all dead. He had nothing and he was starving. He walked aimlessly through the streets of the big city wandering around in the vein hope of finding someone who would spare him food.

After walking around for quite some time he sat down on the ground, his body unable to carry him any further. He laid his head back breathing heavily trying to look past the hunger but he couldn't. What do I have to live for except living? He thought as his eyes began growing heavy. But the a piece of paper floating in the wind hit him in the head. He blinked and grabbed it from his face. 'Do you wish to help better humanity? Do you feel lost? Join a research project now I personally promise the rewards will be great.' The poster read. The boy put his hand over his rumbling stomach.

I read the address and slowly stood up. I winced pushing my body just by standing, then before I could begin to doubt myself I took off running to the address listed on the flyer. Food at last! I skidded to a stop in front of a dark and huge building. I felt the urge to drop down to my knees but caught myself before I fell. There wasn't a big line like I expected but I marched up to the door and walked inside.

There was high tech machinery all over. An old man with a cane smiled and walked over. "Why hello young man! Have you come for the flyer?" I nodded and looked around. There was something about him that made me feel very...uneasy. "Then please sign this form and we'll get you a nice meal." He said with a smile that was warm. Too warm. My eyes widened at the mere mention of food. I snatched his pen and signed the form quickly. "Very well then." He snapped his fingers and something cold poked into my neck. "W-What the-" My vision blurred as I saw three of him. He just chuckled. "Boy's, we've got another patient! Put him by the pink haired one." I fell over to be caught by two men and was carried off.

I regained consciousness to a horrible pain all over my body that made me want to curl up in a ball but I could not. I screamed as loudly at the top of my lungs. "AHHHHH!" I screamed in pain. "So you're awake. Continue to inject him and keep an eye on the signatures over here." I recognized the man with the cane standing behind a giant window. I froze as a hot liquid was injected into both sides of my neck. "I-I..." I whimpered silently as it emptied. My body went stiff as my eyes shot open widely. The man smiled. "It seems we have a successful patient." Then a man ran over and began to examine me. I just laid on the metal table with my eyes wide, unable to blank, as I shook violently and uncontrollably. "Sir! The girl, she survived as well!" The man with the cane chuckled. "This is a good day now let us-" The man stopped as he heard the door in front open. I laid on the table shaking as my ears rang so loud that I couldn't hear anything else. "Welcome! You'll be pleased to know we have two successful patients. I suggest we-" He was cut off by a stern voice. "No! I've waited enough! Give me at least one of them!" The man sighed. "Very well, I'll give you the girl her name is...Anemone. She was very fun to experiment with just to see her reaction. A shame, come back for the boy in about a month, deal?" The other man grunted in reply. "Get the female creature out her now!" I heard metal squeak and the door close. The old man came back. "Now you have my full attention." He chuckled. "Please, stop..." I whispered painfully. "No."

(1 month later)

I laid on the same metal table, my nerves were so numb from this 'experiment' that I couldn't feel anything. The door in front opened as I laid on the table staring straight ahead unblinkingly. "Old man I will not wait any longer damn it! Give me the other!" The old man sighed. "Bring him out!" He yelled. Two men unstrapped me from the table and put me on a flat metal table with wheels then proceeded wheel me out. I saw the man with the stern voice who stood beside the table and took one look at me then gasped from shock mixed with disgust. "Jesus!" He yelled. "Captain we-" A young boy my age froze when he saw me. He stopped dead in his tracks. His face began to twist as he started to gag and ran outside. My skin turned a sickly green color while my veins were a disgusting yellow. "Now to finish him, lift his head!" The old man ordered the two men. They moved one to the side. The holes where I was injected were crusty due to infection from being open and untreated. The man got out some sort of drill and put it to my neck. "You're not gonna-" The stern man began but was cut off by the drilling turned on and drilling into the hole where I was injected. I couldn't even feel it my nerves were so numbed by the constant procedures. The men pulled the drills out from my neck and got another type of gun looking contraption. They placed them against my neck and pulled the triggers. There was a loud doof! As two metal injection holes were in place to allow injections but prevent infection. "He's all yours." The old man said smiling. The stern man picked me up as gingerly as possible as he carried me back. "Goodbye my friend!" The old man called after me. When we got outside I could hear rain was pouring now that my ears slowly stopped to ring. "You may want to close your eyes." The man carrying me. I never moved my eyes, I was unable to feel let alone move. "My god... what'd they do to you?" He covered my face as he ran to the car.

He sat me inside on the far left and got in beside me. "Go." He ordered the driver. The car accelerated as the young man from before looked back at me from the passenger seat. "I'm Dominic." He introduced himself but got no reply. "This really isn't the time." The man beside me said for me. Dominic nodded and turned back around. I just sat there shaking the whole way. "Stop here." Dominic ordered. The car stopped. "We'll see you at the ship." The man said, Dominic nodded and hopped onto his bike he had parked in front of a destroyed house. He sped off while we casually went along. I never moved other than shaking. We went all through the night just driving to our destination. As the sun began to rise we arrived at the airport and drove into a reserved hangar. I whispered my first words to the man. "P-P-Please, k-kill me." I pleaded. His look was that of pity. We stopped and the captain opened his door as he pulled me out gingerly. "T-T-Thank y-y-you." I whispered quietly. He nodded, and flung my arm around his neck to help me walk. "NO, NO, NO! I DON'T WANNA! IT HURTS TOO BAD!" A girl screamed across the hangar. "Come on! Hold still! You need to take this!" I shifted my eyes painfully and saw a girl with pink hair down to her waist wearing a white and red dress sitting against the landing gear and open ramp of a huge ship. She was grabbing her head, screaming, as blood dripped out of her nose. She looked up at me with tears streaming and froze when she saw me. The sun reflected off the metallic openings in my neck. She put her hand on her neck running her fingers over her own openings. The stern man who I could now see from his uniform was the captain of the ship lead me towards the ship. When we walked up the ramp I locked eyes with the girl. I saw here openings too. The man led me into a room and sat me down on the ground. It was nice and open, incredibly open. "I know that you don't like tight spaces, at least if all you are like Anemone. The first time we brought her on board she had a panic attack." The man chuckled. I let out a quite chuckle but winced from pain. He laid me down on the bed. "By the way I'm the captain of this ship. Your roommate you've seen she's a bit..." Suddenly the door was thrown open and the woman who was screaming outside stormed in. "Who's this? Why is he in our ship?" The captain sighed. "Listen we need another-" She cut him off. "Another WHAT? I'm not good enough? Are you gonna kill me? Leave!" The captain sighed and walked out not even getting the chance to speak. The girl sat down with her back against the bed and had tears falling. "I'm-" I tried to introduce myself painfully but she stood up. "I don't care! Leave!" I took a deep breath and grunted. "It hurts just to breath." I whispered as her face seemed to soften and she went around the bed by the giant window across the roo. I tried to turn to face where she walked only to be greeted by a massive spike of pain shooting up my spine. My vision went black as I fell over.