There was silence in the hold of the Gekko as everyone gathered around Haru, Renton, and Eureka. Everyone but Holland who was away from the crowd leaning against a wall across the hold.

Everyone was chattering loudly about Haru and what Eureka's suggestion to bring him onboard.

"Eureka, this is the man who shot you. Knowing this you're perfectly okay bringing him onboard?" Holland suddenly asked, jumping into the fray.

Eureka stared at Holland as Renton uneasily looked over at Haru.

"Yes. He's a good person." Haru lightly blushed to hear someone speak on his behalf like this.

"Although I don't like him I have to agree with Eureka. He was with the military but he's not a bad guy." Renton also chimed in. Haru looked down with his face glowing he'd never had someone speak about him in such a nice way.

Suddenly Holland roared out with laughter. Everyone looked over at him in confusion.

"You think that everyone in the military's a 'bad guy'? News flash kid, the men we've killed, they all had families. They all had loved ones that we took them from. They were probably good honest people at that but we killed them." Renton's eyes went wide as his breath caught in his throat. He'd never thought of it that way he'd simply accepted they were in the way and he took care of them.

Renton looked down unable to say anything. What could he say?

"That's what happens when you wage your own personal war Holland. You kill good people on both sides." Haru said stepping forward in front of Renton. Renton looked up in surprise that Haru would defend him.

Holland frowned as he stepped forward.

"This isn't my war! This is the world's war! We're the only ones who're doing anything to save it!" Holland screamed curling his hands to fists.

"I've heard about you Holland, you started this war because you're running away from your past!" Haru yelled right back as Holland twitched with rage.

"Why you little! You don't know anything about why we left you little shit!" Holland screamed with rage but Haru didn't back down.

"But it's a war you started Holland, people are going to die. I'm certain everyoe here's accepted that or they wouldn't be here, even Renton." Haru said with a nod. Holland's frown lightened but remained.

"I think you need to follow your own advice kid." Holland scoffed and turned as he started walking towards the door.

Everyone but Haru and Eureka seemed confused.

"Wh-What did that mean?" Renton asked looking over at Eureka.

"It means he knew that I had plenty of chances to kill you two and him during our previous battles. But I...never took the chances." Haru growled to himself. The crew started filing out except for Eureka and Renton.

Haru jumped lightly as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He looked back and saw it was Eureka's.

"I know you never took the chance to do it but it's because you're a good person Haru." He slowly nodded with a smile as she began walking to the door, following everyone else.

Haru looked behind him and saw Renton standing there simply staring at him.

"You...defended me?" Renton asked still in shock.

"Ofcourse, it's not fair what Holland was doing. defended me as well, it's only fair." They both stood in silence a moment until Renton spoke up.

"Listen...maybe we got off on the wrong foot...Can we...start over?" He asked holding out a hand. Haru looked at the hand with uncertainty.

Haru had two friends in this world, Anemone and Nami. He was still wasn't sure if he knew how to be a 'friend'. The prospect alone of having someone that relied on him was frightening.

Haru finally recheaed out and slowly shook it.

"I think we could be friends." Haru said with a smile.

. . . .

Anemone laid on her bed clutching Guliver close to her chest.

"Where is he Guliver?" She whispered. Guliver simply laid there and stared at her with his giant eyes.

"The Captain said he'd be back by now but...Where is he?" She held Guliver tighter.

"Anemone?" Dominic stood in the door to Anemone's giant room. She paid him no notice as she looked to her window where theEND stood.

"What do you think theEND? I don't know where he is." Dominic began walking into her room.

"Come on Anemone get out of bed." She stilled ignored him as though he wasn't even there.

Dominic stood beside Anemone's bed.

"Anemone you've got to get-" Anemone finally turned to face him.

"GET OUT NOW!" She screamed. He jumped then scrambled out of the room.

She turned back and held Guliver once more.

. . . .

All was silent aboard the Gekko. The crew was silentely going about their day, Renton and Eureka sat under the bridge on the round couch. Beside them was Haru who was never more than a few feet away from them.

"I'm still not used to being so high above the clouds." Renton marveled with a smile as he looked over the back of the couch out the window. Eureka looked over at him with a smile.

"What about you?" She asked looking over at Haru.

"Oh, well we didn't have any windows onn my ship except for the bridge so...the only time I really saw how high we were is when I was in Redemption." Eureka nodded as Renton stared out the window.

"I know how you feel, it was the same way for me." Eureka said with a small nod. Renton looked over in confusion but Haru knnew she was talking about her time in the military.

Haru scooted closer to her and leaned into her ear.

"You really should tell him who you are and who you used to be." He whispered.

Eureka looked down looking off into the distance.

"I wish to forget about the past." She whispered as Renton looked back out at the clouds.

"We all do but you cannot simply run from it, it's what made you who you are." She looked over at Haru as Haru scooted back over on the couch so he wasn't so close to her. But once again she smiled at him.

"You're very wise for someone so young Haru." Haru chuckled as his face glowed.

"I wouldn't say wise I just come up with these things." Eureka giggled as suddenly Talhoe came over the loud speaker.

"Trapar readings confirmed! We've got a big ass wave coming right for the abandoned base below us!" We could all hear holland who was on the bridge from down where we sat.

"Take us down!" He yelled.

. . . .

The ship had landed in the base a few minutes ago and the crew was outside reffing around while a few others sat on the side and relaxed.

Haru held his board and was in the hold of the Gekko but didn't move.

He was standing in front of Nirvash simply staring at her.

Anemone...Redemption...theEND...I've left so much behind.

He looked down at the floor with a small sigh.

"Haru?" Haru jumped and looked toward the ramp that led to outside and saw Renton standing there looking at him.

"Ah sorry." He said with a light chuckle and began walking toward the ramp.

"You miss Redemption?" Renton asked when Haru was right beside him.

"I...left a lot behind. I'm just happy to be here though." Haru said as a wide fake sile crossed his face. Renton stood there a moment then nodded and walked inside the Gekko.

When Haru got outside he saw everyone reffing except for a few who were on the side.

"Where were you Haru?" Eureka asked walking over to Haru.

"I...was just looking for my board." He said with a chuckle. But she wasn't convinced.

"I'm a lot harder to fool than Renton." She said crossing her arms. Haru simply couldn't hold the laugh that escaped.

"I suppose so, I saw Nirvash and I just miss Redemption." Eureka nodded.

"It must be difficult to leave him behind." Haru was reminded that Eureka was like Anemone and him sometimes. Except she wasn't a fake like him...

"It was...but maybe reffing will help." Haru said putting his hand up in the air and closing his eyes.

"Here it comes!" Haru yelled as he threw down his board and jumped on.

"He's right!" Eureka announced as she threw her own hand in the air.

Haru shook with excitement as a wide grin spread across his face.

"HERE WE GO!" Haru screamed laughing as a giant green wave swept by carrying everyone on it.

All was well for a moment but suddenly Haru's board began to shake beneath him.

"Wh-" Next he knew he was falling with his board following after him.

Oh shi-

. . . .

When Haru woke up he was in the infirmary with his shirt gone and a bandage wrappped around his head.

He groaned and slowly sat up.

"The doctor said you should be ok though you bruised your forhead." Haru froze as he looked to his left and saw Eureka sitting beside his bed.

"Oh that's...good..." But she was not smiling.

"I want to know how this happened Haru." Eureka said staring into his eyes.

"I just let the board slip I-" She cut him off.

"I mean why you look like you're one of me but I know you're not. Why you have scars covering your torso and why you have those opeings in your neck." Haru looked down as he laid back in the bed.

"I...didn't have parents. I was on the streets. I heard of an experiment the military was conducting so I applied, they promised a warm meal. Next thing I know they put me under and I wake up in more pain than...than I could ever describe. When it was over the Captain from my ship was there and he took me in...he saved me from that place. That's why I was with them. That's why I'm but I'm not at all you." Eureka looked down as she shook her head.

"I've always been alone...but then I've met you." She said looking up. Haru frowned. He didn't like the sound of that.

"I'm not you though Eureka! I'm just some in between creature!" She smiled.

"But you know what it's like not to be human, you're the only person I've met that is like me." Haru sighed looking down. As much as he didn't like to admit it she was right.

"I...Yes but..." Eureka put a finger to his lips causing Haru to freeze over as his face burned.

"You need to listen more and stop being so stuborn." Haru gulped and slowly nodded.

Eureka smiled and stood up returning her hand to her side.

"We took off while you were out, when you're feeling better I'll be in the observat-" Haru suddenly stood up and nodded.

"I''m right behind you." Eurea chuckled lightly as they began walking.

. . . .

Haru sat on the couch staring out at the clouds as Eureka sat beside him. She looked at his face as he smiled distantly staring out there.

"You always have that look on your face." She suddenly said causing him to jump lightly.

"What look?" He asked looking over at her.

"That look of happiness when you look at the sky." Haru was silent for a moment then smiled.

"It's because...being up here, in the sky, makes me feel so free. That's why I love the sky, and reffing especially. I can be up here and feel the wind on my face." Eureka smiled as he got that same smile on his face.

"Then let's go." She said standing up.

Haru looked over in confusion.

"What?" She just looked at him with a smile.

"Let's go reff!" Haru chuckled scratching the back of his head.

"A-Alright but where's your board?" He asked as he got up and followed her to the bridge.

"I'm going to ride with you." He stopped in his tracks as his body froze over.

"Holland?" Eureka called out.

He came walking down the stairs from the bridge scratching his head.

"Yeah?" He asked tiredly.

"Can you land? We're going to reff." Eureka asked pointing back at Haru who quietly and nervously chuckled.

Holland stared at Haru a mmoment then back down her.

"Hmph fine. Talho! Set us down!" He yelled up the stairs and bega walking up to go argue with her over it.

. . . .

Haru held his board tightly in his hands as he stood beside nervous. His heart was practically jumping out of his chest.

"Ready?" Eureka suddenly asked across the room. Haru looked over with a smile and nodded.

She grabbed his hand and dragged him outside where they stood in the middle of a grassy field.

She turned and simply looked at him.

Oh...she probably doesn't know what to do.

"Well you just run, throw it down, and jump on." Haru explained as she nodded.

They began sprinting as Haru smiled and threw the board down immediatly jumping on it.

He looked back but saw Eureka was falling behind.

Haru reached back, extending his hand while he leaned back.

Suddenly his board bega to tilt as he felt himself sliding off.

In that moment at the last second he shifted his weight and did a loop. At the bottom be scooped Eureka up in his arms and rode up higher into the sky.

She laughed as she marveled at the ground below then at the sky they were rapidly approaching.

Haru chuckled then realized hi sboard was too small to fit both of them.

Probably should've realized that earlier.

He sighed quietly to himself but enjoyed the ride.

. . . .

On the ground Holland sat beside Talho watching the two as they rode up into the sky.

"They look sweet together don't you think?" Talho asked with a smile.

Holland frowned though.

"Yeah but that's no good. They're falling for eachother." Talho looked over in confusion.

"Her partner's Renton not Haru. This can't continue." He growled shaking his head.

"What do we do then?" Talho asked as Holland watched the two fly across the sky.

"We might just have to call the military." He said with a sigh.

Talho frowned at that.

"Are you stupid?! We can't just call them in and expect them to leave no problem!" Holland looked over with a frown.

"We'll negotiate, they get Haru, we get to leave without them following us." Talho looked down shaking her head.

"I don't like this at all." She sighed as Holland nodded.

"I agree has to be done." She stood up and looked down at him.

"I guess we'd better make the call then."

. . . .

Haru and Eureka walked in laughing as Holland stood on the bridge watching them walk towards him.

"Thanks Holland I'm off to bed." Eureka said with a smile as she walked off. Haru watched her go down the hall with a smile of his own.

"Hey Haru, come with me for a minute." Holland said as he walked toward the hangar with Haru behind him.

The walked outside as Haru stood behind Holland while he just stared off across the grassy field.

"What'd you want to-" Haru froze over as a familiar black ship suddely landed before them.

He opened his mouth but couldn't manage to say anything.

"Haru...I want you off my ship. Don't come back." He muttered and turned back, walking back inside the Gekko.

Haru simply stood there in disbelief. The familiar black ship's elevator dropped revealing the Captain along with four armed personel on both sides of him.

"You're coming back Haru!" the Captain yelled. Haru looked back at the Gekko and say Holland was gone.

He didn't even look back...

Haru looked back up at the Captain who looked at him with a small smile.

That smile...he's actually happy to see me?

He slowly took a step towards the Captain. Haru looked up at the Captain and saw his warm smile.

Everyone's always saying how bad the military is but yet...I always feel more at home with them than...anywhere else.

In that moment he began walking straight toward the Captain.

When he reached them he looked up at the Captain he put a firm hand on his shoulder.

"Though you may not like some of the orders you're given, this is your home Haru." Haru nodded firmly and smiled.

"I understand Captain, I now doesn't matter what orders I'm given because this is my home. I won't quetion them again." The Captain smiled and led him onto the elevator.

. . . .

Holland sat on the bridge and watched the military ship fly off into the sky.

He sighed and buried his head into his hands.

"Do you think we did the right thing?" Talho asked him.

Her answer was the silence.

. . . .

The moment Haru was onboard he was instantly happy.

Suddenly someone charged into the room growling.

"Captain I-" Haru turned and froze the moment he saw the long pink hair belonging to her.

"Anemone." Haru said with a wide smile. She simply stood there frozen.

"I...I'm back." Haru said with a smile. In a moment Anemone crossed the room and tackled him hugging him tightly.

"Haru!" She yelled squeezing him tightly. He coughed as he struggled to breath.

She rubbed her face against his chest then finally loosened up.

"I'll leave you two alone." The Captain said with a chuckle as everyone but the two on the floor left.

"Haru...where've you been?" She whispered still clinging to him.

"It's a long story...Can I tell you tomorrow? I think I'm going to get some sleep." But she didn't let go.

"S...Stay with me in my room tonight." Haru froze as he face was ablaze with heat.

"I...I mean so you don't have to sleep in here or anything." She studdered still holding on to him.

"A...Alright." He said with a nod.

They both got up and went into her room. She laid on her bed with her hair falling over the side as Haru laid on the floor beside her hair.

"I missed you." She said with a smile, staring up at the ceiling.

"Me too." Haru said with a sigh of content.