A/N The idea of someone growing up completely isolated, no external influences, has always fascinated me. So I've taken that idea, added a little supernatural and a dash of Alice/Bella, and here it is.


The predator watched its prey grazing in the field. The kill would be simple, but barely satisfying. She craved more than this herbivore's blood. She wanted… …that.

Snapping her head sideways, the small vampire took in a distinctly feline smell, possibly mountain lion. She was lucky, as the large cats rarely ventured into these woods anymore. They were much smarter than deer, you see.

Taking off towards the new meatier scent, the tiny vampire danced through the brush, hardly ruffling the overgrown forest. She was nearly there when the suddenly the smell shifted. The feline scent was still lingering, but it was now overwhelmed by an even thicker, more luscious human blood. The black haired vampire stopped short, breathing in deeply, confused. Where had her cat gone? And just as importantly, why was there a human this deep in the woods. There weren't houses around for at least ten miles in any direction.

Creeping forward silently, the predator could hear light footsteps moving across the ground. She crouched behind a bush, carefully peering through the branches into a clearing on the other side. She gasped quietly at the sight before her. She must have found Eden because the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, was moving about the bushes, happily picking berries and popping them in her mouth, oblivious to her audience. Her long brown hair was naturally wavy, but still reached down passed a shapely rear. She had only seen a profile of her face, but it was enough to know her features were very feminine. A rosy blush made her appear innocent, which appealed to the vampire's dominant nature. But what stood out the most was her vibrant green eyes. Well at least that's what stood out about her face. The fact that, like Eve, this girl was completely naked, was quite difficult to overlook, especially with her body being so perfectly figured. Her hips were slender, but still womanly, and her chest, from the occasional side glance was a pleasant size, the predator thought. Yes, she would happily take those mile long legs wrapped around her petite body, as well.

The low purr emitting from the tiny vampire caught the attention of the naked woman's sensitive ears, and suddenly she was crouched, staring at the spot from which the sound came. The predator had now become the prey, as a loud roar rang through the clearing and where the girl had once stood, now a large lion appeared. Well, it looked like a lion, but had milky white fur that appeared to be downy soft, to the vampire's highly developed eyesight.

Now discovered, the vampire stood, taking a step back and holding up her hands in a peace offering. She didn't want to fight this beautiful creature…err, girl. I guess that explains the scent change, the vampire thought to herself.

"Hello. My name is Alice. I won't hurt you." The small vampire spoke quietly, hoping to soothe the large cat. Thankfully, she didn't see anger or aggression in the beast's stance or eyes. It was purely defensive, watching her with both fear and curiosity. In fact, she looked almost like a puppy, with her large head tilted to the side, as if trying to understand the strange being in front of her.

Alice wasn't sure what to make of this cat slash girl, for her part, either. What exactly was she? And where did she come from? She didn't have long to think before she was torn abruptly from her thoughts by a large nose pressed against her crotch. With a squeak of surprise, she jumped backwards, alarming the cat and causing it to go back into its defensive crouch.

"Whoa! Hey there. Personal space, much?" Alice said, glaring at her violator. It was this action, however, that alerted the vampire to the fact that this probably wasn't simply a girl who turns into a cat, because a normal girl, who happened to be a shapeshifter, would retain enough of her human mind not to go sniffing people's privates. That was pure animal. With this in mind, Alice decided a different approach might be necessary.

Taking a seat on the ground, so her face was now about level with the lion's, she held out a hand, patiently. The cat seemed to consider her for a while before slowly padding back towards the small vampire and sniffing gingerly at her hand. When those introductions were complete, Alice attempted to reach her human side again, and gestured to herself, saying, "Alice," before pointing to the lion and raising an eyebrow in a silent request.

She had hoped the girl might take this invitation to return to her human form and say hello, but that wasn't to be. Instead, she looked confused again and gave a little growl that came out more like a whimper.

"Fine." Alice huffed, crossing her arms, while the cat sat down on the ground not three feet from her, observing interestedly. "If you don't want to tell me your name, I'll think of one myself." She let her gaze track over the muscular feline body. It was covered in the gorgeous, fine white fur, that seemed to dance as the wind blew through it. Each strand moved individually, but in the same way, like a choreographed routine that was mesmerizing to watch. Alice thought back to when she was covertly viewing the beautiful girl this cat could become. The supple curves, long lush hair, and breathtaking green eyes were burned into her memory, and only one name seemed to fit. Bella. It meant beautiful in Alice's preferred foreign language, Italian, and couldn't be more perfect to describe both aspects of the being before her.

"Alright, from now until you decide to give me your name, I'm going to call you Bella." The cat continued to watch her silently and she sighed. This was going to be harder than she thought.

"Will you please change back?" She practically begged. Again, no reaction, except for another tilting of the head. Alice stood, frustrated. "Change back." She said again, slowly, as though it might help the cat understand her. Instead of the reaction she'd hoped for, the lion also stood, padding forward to briefly rub its soft furry head against her hand before it turned back to the brush. With one final look over its shoulder, the large cat sauntered into the darkness of the woods, its body swaying gracefully back and forth in the typical feline fashion.

Alice was left awestruck, standing and staring at the spot where her new acquaintance had disappeared.