Ikuto: Yeah.

Amu: Oh God no!

Morg: You best believe it!

Ikuto: Is it an M?

Amu: Oh please no!

Morg: XD You better believe it is!

Ikuto: YES!

Amu: Oh hell no!

Morg: I don't own anything!

~Writing Love~

"Will that be all for you, Tsukiyomi-sama?"
Without glancing up at his newest secretary, Ikuto shook his head. "Call me Ikuto, Amu."

"Yes, Tsukiyomi-sama."

The blue haired man didn't get a chance to reply before the door clicked. What was with his new secretary and the way she blatantly ignored all of his attempts to familiarize himself with her. It wasn't as if he wanted to have a deep and meaningful relationship with the girl, but she did work with him and they did have to spend every day together. The least she could do was call him Ikuto.

Amu sighed as the door clicked shut. Damn that man for being so good looking that she could never trust what was going to come out of her mouth. Then he had to go and be all 'lets be friends' with the girl that was love struck the moment she saw him. Yeah right! Like that was ever going to happen. If Amu wanted to keep her job and her sanity, there had to be a strict work relationship and she was going to force it to work out.

The computer chair squeaked as she sat down and spun until her fingers touched the keys of her keyboard. The pinkette was finished with her work for the day, but Ikuto asked her to stick around until five in case anything else came up. Amu didn't have a problem with it considering she got paid to fool around on her computer. At first she didn't want to use her free time at work to write chapters for the website she was a member of. It would be too embarrassing to explain what she was doing with that kind of content on the screen, but the pinkette soon realized that the only people to ever move that deep into the offices were her and Ikuto. There was no need for her to worry about anyone else seeing.

The pinkette pulled up the document she had been working on earlier in the day, up for her to view now. Skimming through the first few paragraphs that she had written, Amu fixed any mistakes she found in her spelling or grammar before setting her fingers back to the keys and letting the words just flow out.

In less than an hour she had seven full pages written and ready to post. With the click of her mouse, Amu prayed that her readers would like the newest installment to her works of fictions online. The pinkette sat back and waited for the people she knew were dying to read what happens next to her heroine and leading man. Within minutes her email inbox was full of messages telling her how awesome the newest chapter was and that she should already be writing the next one.

Amu sighed once more as she twirled for a few minutes in her chair. One of her stories had just ended and now she was only writing two. Somehow that fact bored the pinkette. She wanted to be writing multiple stories so that she had little time for anything else. Here she was, sitting in her office chair with three hours left before she had to go home, with nothing to do.

The door to her boss's office opened making the pinkette hurry to click out of the screen she was in. With a blank stare, she watched Ikuto walk towards her to hand her a few papers to be filed. Amu took them without a word and waited until the beautiful man returned to his office before she let out a breath she hadn't realized that she was holding. How could such a man have such an effect on her? Amu was above silly crushes and meaningless infatuations. If anything, men should be lining up at her door to ask her to go out with them.

Unfortunately, for the pinkette, it was quite the opposite. She was completely and utterly alone in her studio apartment each night when she went home, save her cat. The little kitten didn't hold much for her though. He came around during feeding time but that was it. Amu liked to tell herself that he was just 'independent', as if that would somehow make her feel better about even her cat disliking her.

A little one popped up on her screen to show that she had a new email waiting in her box. Amu clicked it to read:

Great chapter! :3 I can't wait for more! You are such a fantastic writer!

With that, everything was right in the world for the pinkette once more as she made her way down to the file room.


He'd had creepy assistants in the past, but none as mysterious as his new one. Hinamori Amu was a girl that confounded Ikuto. Where others would already be at his feet, she was standing tall and ignoring him. Ignoring him. IGNORING HIM! That was not acceptable. He tried everything from funny comments to just being straight out polite. Pretty soon he was going to demand that she drop the last name business.

When he had walked out to give her a couple of meaningless papers that he'd quickly written some official looking shit on just to see what she was doing, the pinkette seemed to be waiting for him. As if she'd known that he was about to bring her something to do. There was no possible way that she just sat there and waited the entire time. No assistant was that dedicated to their job.

He wanted to know, no! He needed to know what she was doing out there. Why was she so different? With a plan in mind, Ikuto set off to figure out his new office assistant.


Amu stood before the filing cabinets, studying the papers in her hands while she tried to figure out where they go. Truth be told, they looked as if they belonged in the trash. Finally, she spotted something that resembled a name and stuck the papers in the respective files. They were neatly organized so that she could quickly find whatever Ikuto asked her to find for him.

Amu turned to leave when suddenly she came face to face with her boss. "Is there something else you need me to do, Tsukiyomi-sama?"

Ikuto smirked at the surprised pinkette. At least he'd managed to get some kind of response out of her. If even if it was just because he startled her. "Oh no, I was just coming in to shred some things. Don't mind me."

Amu had to force herself to stay calm as her oh so hot boss squeezed past her, letting his breath fan across her face for only a second before it was gone. That one second was long enough to put Amu into a daze until she got back to her desk. Then the gods of literature struck her with the most brilliant idea that the pinkette had ever had. She had a new document up so fast that the computer could hardly keep up as her fingers flew across the keys.

The new story formed so quickly and she typed it out so well that in the end the first chapter alone was longer than any other she had written. Refusing to read through her new chapter, Amu quickly posted the new story before closing out of everything on her computer. Her heart was beating so fast that she was sure that Ikuto was going to demand to know what all the racket was about. Then she'd have to make up some lame excuse because the truth would just be too hard to deal with.


Ikuto watched as Amu typed something on her computer with such fury that he was sure some of the keys were going to be knocked loose from their spot on the keyboard. He couldn't get close enough to her to find out what she was typing without her finding out so the man decided to stay put where he was and just watch her body language. Oh what sweet language that body spoke. Curves in all the right places, she made Ikuto want to drop to his knees and praise the Lord for such a fine creation.

After several furious clicks of her mouse, the pinkette sat still with a blank screen before her. Her breathing was faster than he normally saw and her face looked relieved yet terrified at the same time. Intriguing. Ikuto felt himself wanting to find out more about the girl that kept everything personal from him. If it was a question about work, he'd get an answer right away. If it was about her personal life, the pinkette seemed to be unable to speak.

Now he had to know what she was doing with her free time. Approaching the girl with heavy steps as to not frighten her, Ikuto leaned up against her desk and crossed his arms. "You can go home early tonight if you'd like to, Amu. I don't have anything else to do today so I'm going to leave soon as well."

Amu kept her expression professional as she nodded and began to put her things away. After closing out of her computer, she turned to give Ikuto a small smile. "See you tomorrow, Tsukiyomi-sama."

Ikuto nodded and watched the pinkette walked out of the office before he locked the door behind her. As if he was stalking a wild animal, Ikuto moved silently over to the now empty desk and sleeping computer. Since she was still relatively new, Ikuto figured that she'd keep the password to let him onto her PC somewhere at hand. He found it beneath her keyboard.

Smirking, the man punched in the correct numbers and letters to get to her home screen. She'd been writing something. That much was certain to the snooping man. He pulled up several recent documents to find that they all pertained to work. Strange, not one of them was something personal to the pinkette. Ikuto tried one last place to see what she had been doing. The internet browser. He clicked on the history tab to see which sites she'd been visiting and found some normal ones such as facebook and her email, but there was one that he'd never heard of before. The name definitely stuck out the blue haired man so he clicked on it.

Welcome to Smut for You!

Please sign in.

Feeling that good looking smirk of his cross his mouth, Ikuto created an account and started snooping around the posted stories. The most recent one was labeled 'Office Romance'. He couldn't help but see what it was about.

The young girl carefully placed the files into the drawer before turning to find her sexy boss staring at her. "Anything else I can do for you, sir?"

Smirking, the young, good looking man moved closer while letting his eyes rake up and down her body. "Yes, get on your knees."

His secretary agreed without a second thought as she licked her lips in anticipation as to what was to come. (AN sorry but I have to point out the pun! Hehehehehehehe!)

Ikuto stared blankly at the screen. The scene he was reading was the one that had played out earlier in his mind. Except the girl had been his secretary and not the one in the story. He could just imagine his pinkette on her knees with his… Ikuto glanced back at the screen to continue to read what was written on the screen.

The girl slid the now soft member back into her boss's pants before getting back to her feet. "Will that be all, Tsukiyomi-sama?"

Ikuto felt his pants restricting his every movement. Amu. Hinamori Amu was writing about him and her doing naughty things. Glancing at the screen once more, Ikuto noticed that her writings did not stop there. In fact, she went on in great detail about all kinds of delicious things.

Her boss looked at this in two ways. He could either confront the pinkette and demand to know what was going on or he could wait and see how this played out. He did have the website now and she didn't need to know that he was reading what she posted.

Ikuto smiled as he closed out of her internet browser and shut the computer down. His days just got a little more exciting.


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