Morg: Heyo!

Ikuto: I demand to be paid for waiting for this chapter.

Amu: You don't even know what's going to happen yet.

Morg: Hell, I don't either.

Ikuto: You took way too long to update this and I want to be compensated.

Amu: I have a feeling I know where this is going.

Morg: I don't own anything so I can't do much for you.

Ikuto: I want a lemon.

Amu: I knew it.

Morg: Oh. I see. Well…

Ikuto: Make it happen.

Amu: Just ignore him. He's an idiot.

Morg: I make no promises.

~Writing Love~

After getting over her initial embarrassment about having kissed Ikuto on his cheek, Amu lay in her bed thinking about her life in general. What had she done to wind up where she was? What major life choices had led her to working for Ikuto and falling in love with the one man she'd never confess to? Tadase leaving her for Lulu was definitely something major. While dating that man, she'd never thought further than working at the small company she worked at. There was no need. With Lulu splitting half the rent and Tadase to buy her things, Amu hadn't needed a better paying job. When they two took off, Amu was forced to look for something that could provide her with more. Hence, she applied to work for Tsukiyomi Ikuto.

Not once had she regretted her decision to apply and accept the position. Not only did she get plenty of time to write her stories, but Ikuto had also given her inspiration for one of best works. Never could she regret working such an amazing job. Now she was living with the man of every girl's wet fantasies.

Releasing a sigh into the dark air of her room, Amu rolled over onto her back while staring up at her ceiling. She couldn't see it, of course, due to its height and the lack of light in the room. She still knew it was there.

Slipping one hand beneath her blankets, Amu scratched at a spot on her stomach before resting her hand there. Besides being cheated on and left for her best friend, Amu couldn't think of anything else that led her to Ikuto. The ad had been something that she'd found on accident one morning when Yoru had decided that her newspaper needed to be shred before she could even look at it. The pieces of the job description Ikuto had placed in the paper ended up stuck to the bottom of her foot when she'd walked into the kitchen to find the mess and her cat nowhere to be seen. Amu considered that to be the first bit of luck she'd had in a while. Of course, Yoru had also destroyed a few bills of hers so the luck wasn't really much.

Now, however, Amu couldn't help but feel that things were going too well in her life. Almost dying because of lung failure due to entering her apartment during a gas leak wasn't exactly what she'd label as 'going well', though it did land her staying at Ikuto's beautiful house. The bed she was currently in was definitely more comfortable than the one she had back at her apartment. Then again, she'd probably have to replace her mattress once she could go back.

Yoru definitely liked the change in location. Then again, her apartment was small and the cat had so much more room to play now that he was in a bigger house. His bond with said house's owner wasn't exactly a good thing. Eventually they'd have to go back to her apartment. Maybe she'd leave Yoru with Ikuto and use the cat as an excuse to come visit.

Amu wrinkled her nose as she thought of how pathetic that would seem to her boss. 'Yeah, I want to leave Yoru with you because he loves you and hates me. Don't worry! I'll come visit him all the time!' That definitely didn't sound like some clingy idiot. Nope.

Who was she kidding? Amu really didn't want to leave. Leaving meant less time with the love of her life and total hottie. It wasn't fair how much of an effect Ikuto had on her, and the female population in general. Just thinking about that perfect human being made her nether regions ache. Stupid Ikuto.

Sighing again, Amu rolled onto her side while clutching at her pillow. Her teeth worried at her bottom lip as she thought over her feelings for her boss. There wasn't anything she could actually do about them. Ikuto was off limits. It was a self-imposed rule, but still a rule that Amu intended to abide by. Coming onto Ikuto wouldn't make her any different from the other sluts that threw themselves at the man. Amu intended to be different.

Not coming onto Ikuto, however, didn't mean that Amu couldn't come onto herself. Rolling back onto her back, Amu parted her legs slightly as she ran her fingers down her stomach to rest them on top of the fabric of her pants. Usually her stories took care of any sexual frustration that Amu had swirling inside of her. Writing it seemed to lessen the tension within her body and she didn't feel inclined to help herself relax. The backrub that she'd received earlier messed everything up. The chapter she'd posted before was supposed to have taken care of her until she could write another one the following day. Stupid Ikuto and his magic like hands. Fucking bastard.

Amu was torn. She'd touched herself before, sure, but that was in the privacy of her apartment without the worry of anyone knowing anything was happening. That and it was rare for her to use this particular form of release.

The pinkette wasn't worried that Ikuto was going to suddenly walk into her room in the middle of the night. Her apprehension was mostly due to the fact that she was staying as a guest in the man's house. Was it rude to touch oneself while thinking about the owner of the house one was currently a guest in?

Figuring that Ikuto never needed to know-Amu could insist to wash her own sheets or something to make certain-Amu slipped her fingers beneath her pajamas. Hesitating for only a second, the rest of her hand followed, though the girl didn't actually touch anything just yet.

Thinking about Ikuto was definitely enough to turn her on, but it wasn't enough to get her off. She needed some sort of fantasy for that. The one that stuck out her mind lately was the same scene she'd written before about sucking cock in the file room at work. Granted, that was never going to happen, but a girl could dream.

Instead of picturing herself in the file room, however, Amu imagined that she had the courage to get out of her bed and sneak over to Ikuto's room. How hot would it be if she woke him up with a blow job? To hear him moaning before he was quite awake and could hold back any noises. Amu lowered her fingers to slowly rub against her clit as she imagined it.

Of course, she'd have him hard and panting by the time he actually woke up, which meant that he'd be too far gone in pleasure to push her away. No, Ikuto would bury his hands into her hair and try to force her to go faster and take more. Amu moaned at the thought of those harsh tugs.

Rubbing her fingers faster for more stimulation, Amu tweaked one of her nipples with her other hand as she thought about how Ikuto would buck up into her mouth. The tip of his cock would hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag and him to moan out at the sensation.

Using her other hand, Amu slipped a finger between her wet folds just to fondle herself more. Ikuto would no doubt dirty talk to her. Telling her to 'suck harder' and 'take more'. He'd tell her that it felt good and that he was getting close. Amu moaned again at the thought of licking the precum off the tip of Ikuto's cock. She could only imagine what it would taste like since she'd never touched a guy before. While dating with Tadase, Amu had never gone more than sharing a few kisses. Even those were far from steamy. No wonder she was ditched for her roommate.

Turning her thoughts back towards her boss and not her ex, Amu moved her fingers faster to keep her mind focused on her pleasure. She'd play with the tip of his cock with her tongue to tease him because he'd be so close to coming undone and she wouldn't want it to end so quickly. Amu would hold him back from his orgasm for a bit longer to listen to him beg for it before sucking him in and swallowing around his length until he filled her mouth with hot cum.

Squirming in her bed, Amu sunk her fingers further into herself only to pull them back out as she began to pant. The pinkette was careful not to overwork her lungs and kill the mood, but she was so close to finding her own release as she thought about how she'd milk Ikuto's cock for every last drop that she couldn't help but let out a few more needy moans.

With a last pump of her fingers, Amu came. Letting Ikuto's name slip from her lips as she did so was completely unintentional, but it wasn't like anyone was ever going to know.


Ikuto had no idea what he was doing, but he wasn't going to think about it at the moment. If Amu happened to catch him out of bed then it was easy for him to make up some excuse about not being able to sleep and just walking around to burn some energy. Walking past her door didn't mean he was intending to visit her. No way. That's definitely not why he paused outside the door that separated him from the girl of his dreams. Nope.

Holding his breath so that she wouldn't somehow hear him, Ikuto leaned closer to the wooden object to just listen. The chances of him actually hearing anything were slim but Ikuto couldn't help himself. He hadn't been able to sleep due to thoughts about the girl he was currently creeping on. The man thought about sneaking into the room just to look at Amu's sleeping face or a bit. That's definitely not weird. He was only trying to make certain that she wasn't having any difficulty breathing in her sleep.

Ikuto almost panicked when he heard a moan. Just before he could throw the door open to rush in and save the pinkette, he heard another one. The second one, however, registered to the CEO as being a noise that was made when one felt pleasure rather than pain. Ikuto froze as he stared at nothing in his shock. Amu was… Amu was…

Another moan made Ikuto almost make his own pleasurable noise in answer. Fuck. There was no way that Amu was doing what he thought she was. Granted, Ikuto had jerked off earlier that day to her chapter, but that didn't mean he was prepared to hear the sounds she made when she touched herself.

The tightening in his pants told him that he didn't mind listening. He couldn't just barge in though. All he'd do was embarrass her. Amu would probably scream for him to get out before she'd ever invite him to join. Ikuto was going to have to be content with just listening to her from outside the door because there was no fucking way he'd be able to walk away now.

That was, until he heard her moan his name.

Losing all control of his body, Ikuto flung the door open, startling the girl on the bed.


Morg: Did I make it up to you?

Ikuto: Almost.

Amu: Dear Lord.

Morg: I'm sure you'll be pleased with the next chapter.

Ikuto: Don't take as long to write it.

Amu: Please don't write it at all.

Morg: I'm going to try not to!