A Little Unexpected Picture

Kiku Honda has always been misunderstood ever since that day in his life. People sometimes see him as a threat or some scary curse because of his expressionless and often misunderstood face but really, that's not the case at all! So what happens when this expressionless, misunderstood boy suddenly gets a note of confession from their school's energetic football star, Alfred F. Jones? Most of all, what will Kiku do when everyone of Alfred's friends join in and offer to "help"? AU Gakuen Style!


T (Arthur's language should really be kept on a leash! And Francis's plans of sexual advances also!)


Humor/Romance/a little bit of Horror (for Kiku's behavior)


So late on my fandom! But! Alfred is a sophomore and Kiku is a junior. Yeah, human names used. Also first 'APH' fanfic. xP

Main Couples-

AlfredxKiku (because they deserve more love)

Other Couples-

FrancisxArthur, LudwigxFeliciano, GilbertxMatthew, IvanxYao, and AntonioxLovino

Disclaimer- The things I'd do if Hetalia was mine! I'd make Ameripan a lot more canon. LOL!

Okay. On with the story.


"P-Please! Don't put a curse on us!"

"Y-Yeah! We're sorry! Don't hurt us!"

Just like that the two students ran away, screaming for their mommies.

Kiku sighed. He was only returning a bat that one of the students dropped. Why does he have to be so misunderstood?

Oh. That's right. That day. That day where he. . . he'd rather not come in contact with that memory. Maybe later on he will, if he wants to.

He looked at the bat, it wasn't like he was going to hit the two or put a curse on the bat to make the batter have the worse luck in the next baseball game (which wasn't until spring). No, not at all. To tell you the truth, seventeen-year-old Kiku Honda was actually a very nice but a shy kind of guy. A hardworking student. He just has a habit of suppressing it which leads to him being so misunderstood.

He looked at the direction the two boys had ran on, then back at the bat. Was he really a threat or a curse to the whole school population? Was he? He put down the bat in the same exact place where he had picked it up and walked away. Hoping that someone would at least take it.

Kiku walked along the rows of windows, reflecting the rest of the cheerful students outside. He kept his head down, as always, and went to his classroom.

Upon opening the door, the students stopped talking and laughing and just stared at him with fearful faces. It really wasn't is fault! Why do they always keep staring at him like that? Kiku just ignored and continued walking down to his desk though. He sat down, still getting gazes from the students.

As if his morning couldn't get any worse with the two students running away from him earlier and his classmates staring at him, he noticed a note on the top of his desk as he sat down. He picked up the note and gently unfolded it, afraid it being some kind of a threat note.

The note read,

Hey there, Kiku!

How are you, dude? I'm fine, thanks.

Listen, I'm kind of nervous about writing you a note about this.

But. I'll just cut to the chase!

I've been looking at you from afar for sometime now and I really like you Kiku!

I think you're really badass!~ And I really admire you, like totally! And I just

hope you can like me too!

But really, it won't matter because I'm just going to find a way to make

you say you love me back

Well bye! (Sorry this was a short note.)

The hero,

-Alfred F. Jones

Wait, did he say that it really didn't matter if he rejected him or not because he was going to win him over? What! Did he even notice that Kiku was his senior? Did he even notice that he was feared by almost all the school population? Teachers included. Most importantly why was he looking at him from afar? Was he TRYING to be a stalker or something? And what hero? The only heroic thing he did was win his school countless of football games.

Kiku suddenly stood up and crumpled the note. It was nothing more than a harmless prank, right? Right. He looked at the rest of the classmates, whom in return ran away from the classroom, too scared out of their wits. Kiku sighed and walked to the trash can to throw away the note and then walked back to his desk, waiting for the bell to ring. Everyone will be back once the bell rings.


'Click', 'click', 'click', 'click'.

"WILL YOU STOP CLICKING YOUR BLOODY FUCKING PEN? FUCK! I SWEAR I'M GOING TO CASTRATE YOU!" Arthur yelled on top of his lungs, everyone who passed by just looked at him bewildered but then got back to whatever they were doing eventually.

"I'm sorry! I'm just anxious!" Alfred retorted, now facing him.

"And why are you so bloody anxious, you git?"

"It's just, I wonder if Kiku got the note I put on his desk." Alfred looked down again.

Awkward silence.

"Hm?" Alfred looked up from his homework (that he solely 'forgot' to do, again) to look back at Arthur again. "What's wrong, Arthur?"

Arthur leaned back on a locker, bewildered.

"It's just that, why'd you give him a note? What for? Didn't you even get his reputation of being notoriously feared? Or are you just a git? Plus how did you even know where he was sitting in the first place?" Arthur bombarded.

"None of your business, man! And no way, dude! He's, like, super misunderstood! And plus! He's not crazy to the point that he'd think of imaginary friends or a 'flying mint bunny'."

"HEY! He's very much real, you bloody git!"

"Pshh, yeah right."

"Mes amis! Why are we yelling so early in the morning?"

The two turned to see Francis with the rest of the crew.

"Freaking wanker just sent a note to Kiku Honda! THE Kiku Honda! Why would you even do that? Are you trying to get yourself cursed?"

"Mon chéri, calm down. And, Alfred, why DID you?"

"Because I admire him! And I think he's really cute." Alfred said the last sentence looking down.

"Ah. There is nothing to be afraid of then."

"Except the fact that Kiku's scary was hell." Lovino butted in.

"No way! He's just probably misunderstood. Plus, the really scary one here is Arthur. Have you seen him talking to himself?" Alfred exclaimed.

"Why you-!"

Arthur was about to strangle Alfred when, in luck, the bell rang signaling to get their butts over to their classrooms before they were late.

"We'll talk about this later. Okay?" Alfred told the others.

So just like that, the friends separated.


Everything felt like a blur as the days progressed. It didn't even occur to him that it was already lunch hour. He was too busy thinking of that stupid note! Why target him? Is Alfred THAT scared to confront him and pull a prank right on his face? He sighed as he stared down at the window overlooking the football field.

It wasn't any surprise that Alfred would be there. Practicing with his teammates. Being the quarterback and the team captain (though Kiku thinks both of them are the same, he doesn't know much of sports) of the team he was obliged to sometimes skip lunch hour for practice. But, he guesses, it may have been a good thing that the team was eating before and after practice.

Kiku sighed, Alfred was a stupid boy. Why would he just play a prank on him like that? Next thing he knows, Alfred's probably going to pin him down and. . .

UGH! He doesn't want to think about it. Too vivid.

He looked down unto his untouched bento and then looked back at the window, even more confused as it is.


He was staring up at the window, unbeknownst to Kiku, and luckily had a view of the said man.

In all truth, he didn't care if Kiku was his senior by one year. He liked him and admired him in a way to look past that fact and it didn't bother him one bit!

"JONES! Stop staring at the classroom above and focus!" Alfred's coach had yelled, snapping the young teen out of his thoughts.

Alfred turned around and said, "Sorry coach!" and went back training with his teammates, unbeknownst to him that Kiku was also staring back at him.

After School

Finally! It was after school. Alfred didn't have any on-going late practice so he headed straight for the rooftop, knowing where Kiku might be. Not that he was stalking him these past few weeks or anything. Nope, not at all.

Once at the rooftop, he gently opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door just as gently as opening it. Upon getting used to the scenery, he noticed Kiku looking at it.

"That's a really good scenery, isn't it?" he asked. Kiku jumped and turned to face him, frowning.

"You were the one that sent me that note, weren't you?"

"Yep. My name's Alfred F. Jones! Nice to meet you Kiku Honda!"

Kiku sighed, "I know who you are."

"Oh, sorry."

"Mhm. So, why'd you sent me a prank?"

"A prank? Oh no! Ahahaha! It's not a prank, dude. I really do like and admire you!"

Kiku walked past him, not saying a word, which made Alfred turn around.

"Is something wrong, Kiku?" he asked.

No answer.


There was an answer. But it was a faint one.

"Hm? What'd you say? I couldn't hear you, man."

"I said I don't date brats like you. I don't date anyone younger than me. Now leave me alone and don't you dare try and win me."

With that being said, Kiku had left Alfred just standing on the rooftop, speechless, as he exited.

"He. . .rejected?" Alfred looked down on the ground in confusion and sadness. He looked up again. He smiled.

Either way, whatever his senior says, he's going to do the opposite and try to win him no matter the competition because he's the hero.

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