Sleeping Stella

By ChrisJan34

Chapter One: Cassandra's Cursed Prophacy

Once, in the great kingdom of Solaria, loyal King Radius and his fair Queen Luna longed for a child, and at last they got their wish. They had a beautiful little girl that they named Stella. Yes, they gave her a name which meant 'Star', for their Stella was the single star in their empty sky. At the day of Stella's birth, King Radius declared it to be a holiday, so that all in Solaria could celebrate the birth of the infant princess. And on that day is where this story begins. Everyone in Solaria paraded to the palace for the party, so they could see beautiful newborn Princess Stella. Once everyone was in the palace throne room. one of Radius's dearest friends and his son had been announced to enter.

"Behold, the Royal family of Eraklyon, King Elendor, and Princes Sky and Brandon." the Solarian harold announced as Elendor gave Radius a friendly hug, and the young four year old Prince Sky held his little brother's hand as they stood obediently in front of the throne. On that day, Kings Radius and Elendor agreed that Elendor's youngest. one and a half year old Brandon, would be betrothed to Princess Stella, and marry her when he was old enough. So Sky and Brandon gave newborn Stella her gift, unknowing of Brandon's destiny. Suddenly, the trumpets sounded again, and out from the window came three fairies.

"Now, here comes our most recognized and trusted fairies, Musa, Layla and Bloom." the harold announced once more as the three fairies appeared from miniature form. The flew to the cradle where the newborn Princess Stella slept peacefully, and gazed at her lovingly. Then they flew to the thrones of King Radius and Queen Luna.

"Each of us will give the baby one special gift, only one." Musa told the king and queen of Solaria. Then she went to the crib again, and closed her hands, then when she opened them again, a tiny red orb appeared.

"Princess Stella, my gift to you is the gift of song." she replied as the orb materialized into fairy dust that fell upon the sleeping baby. Then, Layla was next to give her gift.

"Princess, I give to you the gift of inner and outer beauty." she replied softly as she repeated the same process that Musa did to give her gift. Then finally Bloom when up to bestow her gift to Princess Stella.

"Baby Stella, my gift to you will be-" but before Bloom could repeat the process that her friends had, fierce wind began to blew the flags of Solaria, and lightening flashed throughout the room. Layla and Musa were scared to see the sight before the people of Solaria. A bolt of lightening hit the floor, creating light purple flames, and from the flames appeared a old looking woman with a light purple hooded gown and green jewels. And a young woman appeared beside her in a dark purple dress and dark blue hair that was almost the same as Musa's.

"Countess Cassandra and Shimara!" Layla gasped.

"What could they possibly want?" Bloom asked quietly.

"What a wonderful gathering." Cassandra began, "Royalty, nobility, the people of the kingdom… even the pixies."

"Come on, Cassandra, I'll show you who's a pixie." Bloom gritted her teeth and tried to fly towards the countess. Though Musa held her back.

"I was quite unhappy with me and my daughter not receiving an invitation." Cassandra continued.

"You wouldn't even want it." Bloom spat.

"Oh, this is awkward, well in that case I'd better get going." Cassandra laughed bitterly.

"You're not offended, Countess?" Luna asked nervously.

"Of course not, and to show I have no hard feelings, I too have a gift to give the baby princess." at that, the fairies tried to block Cassandra's dark magic with a protective barrier, "Listen well, people of Solaria, you're princess will truly grow the beauty and love by everyone who knows her, but before the sun sets on her eighteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and die!"

"No, my baby!" Queen Luna cried out, gathering little princess Stella in her arms.

"Seize them!" King Radius ordered his guards, but it was too late, Cassandra and Shimara were beginning to vanish. The guards could not get them in time, and King Radius and Queen Luna looked heartbroken as they stared down at their baby princess.

"Please don't lose hope, your majesties." Musa replied, "Bloom still has her gift for the baby princess."

"So she can undo Cassandra's dreaded curse?" Radius asked.

"No, I'm sorry, I can't." Bloom sighed.

"Cassandra's power is way too great." Musa agreed.

"But Bloom can alter the curse's result." Layla told the king and queen of Solaria. She and Musa gently gave Bloom an encouraging push toward the royal couple.

"Just do you best." Musa told Bloom. She cleared her throat and began the words to change the course of Cassandra's dark spell.

"Even though through the wicked countess's dark trick. Your finger, a spindle will prick. Though there is still a light of hope, for the gift I will give to you… when you fall, you'll only sleep, so the prophecy we will keep. When true loves kiss causes you to wake, this horrid curse, this will break." Bloom recited as she finally was able to repeat the process the other fairies had completed. Despite Bloom's gift, King Radius was still fearful for his beloved daughter's life, so he had every spinning wheel in the kingdom burned. So it was declared, so it would be done.