So...I don't know if Naoji has a bathroom in his room...but for this story he does haha! Get to it! Read, read!

Lui couldn't help but chuckle to himself as he opened Naoji's room door and stepped inside. The room was dark so he quickly found the light source and lit the room brightly. He heard Naoji hiss from his place on the bed and watched as the covers went up just a bit higher so his eyes would be shielded.

"And how are you feeling today, Naoji?"

Naoji stayed quiet. He couldn't tell if Lui was seriously asking him or if he was teasing him. Lui had made fun of him a bit for catching whatever it was he had, though he had been sure to check on him for the past two days to make sure he was all right.

"If I knew how to make that tea of yours I would have done so already," Lui told him. "However, if you hadn't gotten sick then I wouldn't have to worry about making the tea would I? That is your job after all so please hurry and get better so you can start again."

Naoji couldn't make the herbal medicine Lui had when he was sick. He was simply too exhausted to make it for himself. The only medicine he had was what the school nurse gave him and those medicines worked much slower than his herbs.

"Lui, please…." Naoji coughed a few times and decided he better not try to talk again. The only thing he really wanted was for Lui to turn off the lights. However, as Lui made himself comfortable on the bed and started touching Naoji's face and chest he knew there was no way those lights were coming off. He didn't understand why Lui was spending so much time around him. There was a high chance of him catching the sickness again and the whole cycle would be repeated.

"You're so clammy. This won't do at all. I know what you need."

Naoji wasn't sure what was going through Lui's head as he jumped off the bed and opened the door to Naoji's small bathroom. He heard water running and almost wanted to run away. How was he supposed to take a bath when he could barely stand? He was ready to completely refuse Lui when he came back and started messing around with Naoji's clothes.

"What are you doing?" Naoji asked in between coughs.

"I think a bath will make you feel a little better." Lui said calmly as he wrestled Naoji out of his pajama top. Of course, the Japanese boy couldn't put up much of a fight otherwise he would have told Lui that he was fine without a bath. He did however find the strength to slap Lui's hands away as they went for his pants.

"Lui, don't. Please, I'm so tired."

"And this bath will help you, I promise." Lui said. "I trusted your remedy so you should trust mine."

There was never a moment when Naoji didn't trust Lui. It's just that this time Naoji really wanted to be left alone rather than try out different ways to make him feel better. Before he could even get another word out Lui swiftly removed his pants and his underwear, the shock of it causing Naoji to go into a coughing fit. Lui held in a giggle as he watched Naoji do his best to cover his mouth and his body with his hands. The overly flustered boy was failing miserably.

When Naoji finally quit coughing all he could worry about was hiding his exposed self from Lui; however, when he tried Lui grabbed his wrists and leaned over to his ear.

"Beautiful," he whispered.

From his ears to his toes Naoji could feel his entire body turn red. He kept his eyes away from Lui as he felt himself get lifted into his arms. Lui kept his lips on Naoji's temple until they reached the bathtub where he gently set him in the warm water to let him soak a bit.

He didn't know how Lui had managed it, but the water was the perfect temperature. It didn't make Naoji feel too hot or too cold. He could almost imagine that he was at a relaxing spring. He closed his eyes and let himself get settled when he felt something sliding along his arm. He opened them again to see that Lui had rolled up his sleeves and was washing him with a cloth.

"Oh, Lui, you don't have to-" He was cut off as a few more coughs made their way out of him.

Lui didn't say anything as he continued to drag the cloth along Naoji's arm up to his shoulder. He ran it along his chest and Naoji couldn't deny how nice it felt. He closed his eyes again and let Lui do whatever he wanted. He thought about mentioning how Lui was spending a lot of time rubbing his nipple, but he let it go. He couldn't deny how enjoyed the feel of it and the water washing away the sweat and grim. The water felt so wonderful and he hadn't taken a bath since he had gotten sick so it was nice to finally feel fresh and clean again. He almost felt as if he was washing the sickness away as well.

He let out a wheezy sigh as Lui started to run the cloth along his stomach. When it came to his personal space, Naoji knew that Lui didn't care that much about it. He was always touching him or feeling on him or just staying close to him in some way. Over time Naoji grew to accept and appreciate the closeness, but today Lui was getting too close for comfort. Naoji felt a loose part of the cloth brush against his more sensitive areas and knew that Lui's hand would be following soon. In his nervousness he quickly grabbed Lui's wrist to keep it from moving anymore.

The two of them started at each other though not for long. Naoji quickly turned his face away and let his hair form a curtain in front of his face which had turned bright red all over again.

He coughed a few times before finally stuttering "Please, d-don't go…." He drifted off as embarrassment overwhelmed him.

"Any lower?" Lui finished for him. Naoji just coughed a few times and let Lui's hand go, trusting him to respect his wishes. Lui did so for the most part. He skipped over the area he knew Naoji didn't want him to touch and instead started washing his thighs. He felt Naoji shudder a bit and smiled. That was all he wanted…. He loved seeing at least a little rise out of his Japanese friend.

He took his time washing both of Naoji's legs, taking time to notice the tiny, almost inaudible squeaks his friend would let out and the way he clenched his fists closed when Lui would get a bit closer to his special area.

After a while Lui finished having his fun with Naoji's long legs and told him to sit up.

"All that's left is your back and then we're done," Lui told him. He helped Naoji sit up and began rubbing his back with the cloth. Naoji moved his hair to the side and held it tightly so it wouldn't get in Lui's way.

"Thank you for doing this, Lui," Naoji said. He would have said more but he felt Lui's hand go lower down his back…a bit too far for Naoji's taste.

"Lui!" Naoji cried, scooting a bit away from him. He looked at him and didn't know exactly how to react to his friend's smirk. Lui didn't say anything else as he continued to wash Naoji's back. Lui could see Naoji's hand tighten around hair if he felt the cloth go lower. He smiled and brushed his lips against Naoji's neck, making him shudder again. Naoji quickly turned his face away, but Lui turned it right back. He pressed their foreheads together and gently rubbed Naoji's cheek with the cloth.

"Do you feel better?"

Naoji couldn't turn his head away so he just lowered his eyes and nodded. He could feel Lui's breath against him and he closed his eyes to try and get control of his emotions. Lui loved to tease him and tonight he had done an excellent job. He gasped as Lui brushed his lips against his. Naoji had been teased all this time. He couldn't resist anymore! He leaned up to give Lui a proper kiss, though it was met with air. Lui had stood just as Naoji leaned over the tub to kiss him, causing Naoji to nearly fall out of it. He quickly recovered and fell back into the tub with a large splash. He stared straight ahead at nothing wondering what had just happened.

"Here you are, Naoji," Lui said, holding out a towel to him. As Naoji took the towel he noticed the look on Lui's face. He had indeed seen that look before. That was his look of victory. Naoji smiled back at him, giving him the challenge to try his luck again. Perhaps next time wouldn't be so easy to get a rise out of him.

Naoji stood up, all embarrassment lost about being seen naked. He was expecting Lui to dry him and didn't want to admit that he was disappointed that he didn't. He quickly dried himself off and walked into his main room. Lui handed him some different pajamas than the ones had been wearing and turned around. Naoji wasn't sure why he was bothering to give him privacy now when had been the one to take his clothes off in the first place.

He touched Lui's shoulder to let him know he had finished dressing. Lui quickly turned around and hooked his fingers in Naoji's pants, bringing him closer to him.

"You look so much better," Lui said. He ran his fingers through Naoji's hair, admiring and toying with every strand.

Before Naoji could say anything Lui pressed his lips against his, forcing him to open his mouth. Naoji was shocked and a little scared, but he did his best to calm himself down. He wrapped his arms around Lui's neck and kissed him back. The emotions that Lui made him feel were all new to him, but he loved all of them. He adored and treasured Lui and wanted to stay with him forever. He wanted to tell him that when he broke away from the kiss. They stared each other in the eye and Naoji opened his mouth to speak.

"I…I…." Naoji closed his eyes and took a deep breath to compose himself. It was then that he remembered something.

"Why did you do that?" he yelled, pushing away from Lui. "I'm still sick. You might catch it again!" The last thing Naoji wanted was to be the reason that Lui was sick again.

Lui smiled at him. Oh, how he loved getting a rise out of Naoji. It wasn't often he heard him raise his voice even if it was just by a small amount. "You seem fine to me."

Naoji would have argued back, but he realized that Lui was right for the most part. He hadn't coughed even once in quite a while and his throat was starting to feel exceptionally better. He felt better than he had in days.

"How…how did just taking a bath…?"

"Good night, Naoji. I expect to see you in classes tomorrow."

"You're not staying?"

Lui chuckled as he opened the door and stepped into the hallway. "I don't want to get sick. Good night."

Naoji stared after him for a few moments before laughing and shaking his head. Lui was such a tease…. much room for smut! So much room! I could cry! It's like there's so much foreplay and no sex! Dear god...I went the innocent route and I like it a lot but jeez there was so much opportunity for smut...