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The Prologue: 2 Years Earlier

Naruto was fifteen and had lived a pretty simple life. He had always dealt with things not in the most orderly fashion… but he got them done. The only thing he had gone after in the most carefully planned way was Sasuke. He loved Sasuke probably since the day he met him when he was thirteen. They had always been in the same class but Naruto had never really paid attention to the Uchiha. He had only started paying attention was the day they were assigned to the same team, which was the day of their first kiss. Amazingly Sasuke hadn't beaten him up in front of everyone for the accident.

The day came when he was sick of just chasing after the sharingan user without getting anywhere. He finally blurted out that he wanted to date the silent boy and all Sasuke said was his usual "Hn." Naruto took that as a yes and every day since then he was always at Sasuke's side. There wasn't a time went anyone had seen them separate. Sakura had become worried that Naruto was a bit too attached to Sasuke but he had just brushed her off by saying, "I'm not too attached. We are moving in together after all." Still, didn't she have a right to worry about her friend.

The day Naruto moved into Sasuke's place he was ecstatic. The blonde was told to set up his stuff in Sasuke's room. They had made love a few times but Naruto hoped it would be more special since he was finally living with the person he had loved for so long. The young genin went back out to see where Sasuke had gone but couldn't find him. he didn't worry for too long, he thought that his love was just out getting some things to make Naruto more settled in. sadly what Sasuke was doing was far from thinking about the well being of the little blonde.

Sasuke came back so late that Naruto had fallen asleep on the couch. He didn't even bother waking the boy, he just walked into his room and fell asleep from exhaustion. Naruto woke up a little later to go to the bathroom and went to check if Sasuke had returned safely. He peeked into the bedroom and saw a tuft of black hair sticking out from the top of the bed. Naruto wondered why the raven hadn't waked him up but pushed it to the back of his mind. He made up some ridiculous excuse about Sasuke wanting to let him get his rest. And that was how it began.

Every few nights or so Sasuke would go out and not return until Naruto had fallen asleep. Naruto would worry for Sasuke and ask him where he'd been but Sasuke would just tell him, "Stop worrying so much, dobe. You're going to give yourself a headache." And with that he would go back to his normal routine. He loved Sasuke and told him so almost every day, in case he forgot or something. And everyday Sasuke would just look at him with those cold emotionless coal black eyes.