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The Epilogue: 10 Years Later

"Hokage-sama, we need you to sign these papers before the deadline. If you don't so it soon then we may-"

"Yes, yes Sakura. I know I have to sign the documents." He said with a wave of his hand. "I will get to them soon I promise."

"Sometime today please Hokage-sama." With that Sakura left the blonde haired boy to his work. He had finally made it. He was the most powerful ninja in the entire fire nation. His own face was going to be carved into that mountain next to his father. Sadness swelled in him as he thought of his father. Everything he had done was to save the only things he cared about: the Leaf and his son, Naruto. But today was supposed to be a happy day. It was the tenth Anniversary of the day he had given his heart to Kiba. Forlornly he started signing the stupid documents; he didn't have time to think about Kiba just yet.

Since Tsunade had passed down the position of Hokage to him Naruto had moved into the official Hokage's house and asked Kiba to move in with him, who automatically said yes. He loved Naruto too much to say no. Today Kiba had a special surprise for Naruto when he got home. He couldn't wait for his blonde to come running through the door at any second. For now he had to worry about making the dinner as perfect as possible.

Naruto had three more papers to sign and then he could get back to his beloved Kiba. He rushed through them and ran out the window….why the window, because it's faster? He sprinted up to his house and burst through the door. He smelled something delicious and floated towards the dining room.

"Welcome home, love," Kiba said as Naruto walked into the dining room. He gave him a quick kiss and led him to a chair. The blonde looked at the table and noticed there was something familiar about the array of food. He thought back and then it hit him; this was the dinner they had when Kiba had first told Naruto that he loved him…the day his life changed for the rest of his existence. He smiled at the old memory.

"Thank you, Kiba. You always know the best way to make something special." Kiba smiled his brightest and they started to eat. Everything was as scrumptious as or better than the first time. Luckily this time he didn't have to wait so long to have Kiba, due to the fact that they had maids to clean up the dinner. Kiba led Naruto by the hand to the master bedroom, it was like walking into a memory, the candles were there and the same white and red petals floated around the room… making it the most enchanting place. Naruto turned and kissed Kiba.

"I love you so much it feels like my heart is going to burst." Naruto kept his voice low as he said this but still made it as fervent as if he said it louder. He just didn't want to ruin the atmosphere being to calm and peaceful.

"I love you too Naruto and that's why," he got down on one knee and Naruto's heart sped up, "I wanted to give you this." He held up a small velvet box. Naruto reached out a shaky hand and took the box. He opened it and read the inscription on the silver band Love has its troubles, but we conquered them together. For the first time since Naruto was with Kiba, he cried. "What's wrong?" Kiba looked at Naruto with genuine worry in his eyes.

"It's perfect. Thank you so much Kiba, I love it and you." He wiped the tears out of his eyes and hugged the happy man in front of him. He slipped on the ring and it fit wonderfully.

Naruto and Kiba made love all night long. Because that's how you somebody that you really care about them through little 'I love you's' and actions that make an impact. And even though you may have some troubles in your love, they will get better if you stick by the person you love the most.

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