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Off to the side on the set of Tsuruga Ren's new romance drama, a young rapidly rising actress sat in a chair waiting for the nausea that had hit her suddenly to pass. The small, cute actress, Mogami Kyoko, was playing the best friend in the drama, a role which she hoped would show her capability to play protagonists and lead her to more varying genres. Unfortunately, at that moment she didn't feel capable of doing anything.

It was completely his fault that she felt so awful. When she was away from him her breathing felt shallow, as if she wasn't getting enough oxygen. But then every time she saw him her heart squeezed until it felt like it couldn't beat anymore. Every time he smiled she felt so weak in the knees that she had once collapsed, much to his alarm. Any time he touched her, her mind would blank, and she was sure she was having a stroke.

And God damn it, every time she had to watch a filming of one of the many kissing scenes between him and the lead actress she felt like puking. Just like now.

Why in the world did she have to see this happen so much? Why do the writers add so many kisses to the script? Half of them aren't necessary, and it was endangering her health.

Love, she had decided long ago after her heartbreak, was a disease. Now she had proof that it was.

Kyoko didn't know how much longer she would last without a cure for this terrible feeling. But what could possibly cure her symptoms? All she knew about it was that when she was alone with him, talking one on one, she didn't have the feeling. But when he left the feeling came right back.

She considered that for a moment. Maybe being near him was the cure.

After all, she was suffering from lovesickness. And she was in love with him.

When the ridiculously long-winded romance scene was finally over, the Director called for a lunch break. Ren and his manager, Yashiro, walked to his dressing room to change out of the outfit from that scene. Kyoko quietly followed, and waited for him to come back out.

When the door finally opened, Ren's back was turned and Yashiro was saying, "Ren, you need to tell your co-star that you aren't interested, or you're going to have quite a mess to deal with."

Ren sighed. "I've already done that, but she seems to think I'm encouraging her in romantic scenes because I can't push her away when she uses tongue in the middle of one. What can I do? I can't ruin the take. I'll have to deal with it when the drama's over. There are only two more episodes anyway."

Ren turned to walk out the door and nearly jumped a foot in the air when he saw Kyoko standing there. He looked guilty about what she had heard and started to tell her that he hadn't seen her there, until he noticed how pale she was.

"Mogami-san, are you alright?"

Kyoko was trying to hold back the most recent wave of nausea. It struck after she had heard 'tongue.' Trying to remove the image of the actress, who automatically made her list of most hated people right behind Sho-baka and beagle, French kissing the man she loved from her mind, she assured Ren that she was alright. Ren wasn't reassured, and sent Yashiro to get her something to settle her stomach.

Ren led Kyoko to sit on the couch in his dressing room and sat next to her. She blushed at the touch of his hand pulling hers. Seeing the color return to her cheeks, he felt relieved.

"Mogami-san, why don't I go get us both lunch and we can eat in here. Relax, and I'll be right back."

"Wait," Kyoko whispered as she grabbed his hand to stop him from getting up. "Just wait a second. I need your help with something."

"What is it Mogami-san?" He sat back down on her right, and she held onto his hand with her left.

Kyoko took several deep breaths and started speaking quietly. "I don't know how to describe it really." She paused to think, and then continued, getting louder all the time. "I just keep getting this painful feeling in my chest when I see you not with me, but when you're not around at all it's like I can't breathe, and then," she paused and lowered her voice. "And then you have to kiss that woman all the time and it makes me want to hurl," she admitted.

She paused again to breathe. She couldn't look at his face from embarrassment; if she could have, she would have seen his total shock.

"Mogami-san? What do you-"

He was cut off by her right index finger, which she raised while her head still faced her knees, her back hunched over. She let the silence continue for a few more minutes before turning to Ren and saying, "What I'm trying to say is that the only time I don't feel sick is when I'm with you." She quietly added, "I've long since believed that love was a disease anyway."

Ren was more than shocked; he couldn't even think anymore. So for once, he just let himself do what he felt like.

"I think I might know of a way to make you feel better, Kyoko."

Kyoko's heart sped up when he heard her name on his lips. It was a good feeling, like she was finally catching a breath of air after being submerged in water. She didn't want to ever again live without the wild rush of emotions he gave her. "W-what is it?"

She gasped when Ren's face was suddenly right next to her's, one of his hands on her left cheek, his thumb rubbing comforting lines along her cheekbone. "You'll just have to stay with me forever," he whispered into her ear before pulling her whole body close against his, so they were sitting side against side. He moved his head in front of hers to look into her tear-filled eyes. His were filled with love, and she was drowning in them. He leaned his forehead against hers and murmured I love you. Then he kissed her.

Kyoko leaned into his kiss eagerly, and for the first time in weeks her lungs were filled, her head didn't ache, and her heart pounded brightly; she felt perfectly healthy.

Yashiro finally came back a couple of minutes later with stomach medicine to find the two making out in the dressing room. Biting back a fangirl squeal, he closed the dressing room door as quietly as possible and stood guard outside the door.

It was part of the manager's job, according to Kyoko at least, to protect his charge's health, and Ren had been lovesick for far too long.

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