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After she had discovered that she was in love with Ren, Kyoko's days as Setsu became torture. She was cushioned by the blanket of Setsu's character and her fraternal relationship with Cain, but her real self underneath was suffering from the almost incestuous closeness. At least that punishment saved her the need to metaphorically beat herself up for breaking her vow to never love again. Every time Cain looked at her adoringly, her heart would be pierced, and she would think, this is what I get for falling in love.

She wasn't sure exactly when, but it didn't take long before she admitted that she enjoyed his attentions despite the pain they brought. She had, it seemed, become a masochist. He would buy her clothes or pretty gifts, and while Kyoko would have felt the need to refuse them, as Setsu she reveled in her ability to cherish what he gave her. He called her cute and she hoped against hope that he wasn't just saying that as a brother to his sister. He simply smiled at her, and she melted into a puddle on the floor. Her self-doubts made it painful, but the love she had for him made it wonderful.

She wasn't sure if she should wish that he wouldn't love her back so that she could continue to keep her vow to be loveless for life, or if she should wish that he would love her in return so she could have her fairy-tale ending. She was on the fence about it for several days, until Cain decided that his cute little sister was so hard working and adorable that she needed a long, tender hug. Kyoko decided to wish that he would love her, as his lean, masculine body pressed against her soft feminine one.

Even though they were playing siblings, even though he was dressed like a serial killer, even though he showed no sign of affection once they dropped the personas, she was undeniably attracted to him in a way she had never experienced before. She knew he was the sexiest man in Japan, but she hadn't seen him like that until she was too far gone. And now they slept two feet from each other, her in a lacy camisole and tiny shorts she had compromised to match her modesty and Setsu's personality, and him in boxers. She felt his presence acutely while she attempted to rest.

She took to testing him, just to spark a reaction, with her outfits. She gauged his reaction to particularly skimpy ones, hoping he would find her attractive. Even if she wasn't pretty, she thought, Setsu was, so maybe she could turn his head. He was often surprised by her choices in clothes, but acted perfectly in his part as the protective brother, and told her to put on more clothes. Disappointed, Kyoko didn't know that every time she did that she was accomplishing everything she had hoped to. Ren noticed and desired her more than she would have thought. She was torturing the poor guy.

Weeks in a hotel room with the man she loved taught her for the first time in her life the meaning of sexual tension. She didn't know if he felt it too, or if she was just imagining it on her own. But it certainly made her days uncomfortable. Especially with Cain-nii-san's very touchy-feely habits.

When the assignment was finally done, Kyoko breathed a sigh of relief. She stepped onto Jelly's truck for the last time to become Mogami Kyoko again.

The two women had become quite close over the past few weeks, because Jelly would often need to check up on Kyoko, make sure she had enough make up, take care of the wig, occasionally bring some new clothes, and the like. Jelly was a very friendly, open person, and made Kyoko feel very comfortable in her presence. Kyoko had opened up to her quite a bit, more than she did with anyone. Jelly knew about Kyoko's past with Sho, and by extension they had talked about Kyoko's relationship with her mother. Kyoko hadn't ever told anyone about that in detail in her life except for Corn, and it made her feel very connected to Jelly, who was comforting and supportive, and told Kyoko that she hadn't deserved any such misfortunes.

This connection with Jelly, who then knew her biggest secrets and heartaches, made her, while trying on a clean new wig, accidentally spill about her love for Ren. Jelly was so excited. She demanded all details immediately, and Kyoko ashamedly and reluctantly gave them. Jelly understood her hesitance to admit to loving after that horrible boy, as Jelly called him, had broken her, but encouraged her to have hope.

Kyoko told Jelly later about the tension she felt alone with Ren, and Jelly explained that it was because she was attracted to Ren and couldn't act on it that she felt sexual tension. She also told Kyoko that he probably felt it too, though Kyoko doubted it still. After that, Jelly brought more tiny tops and skirts, and had given Kyoko the idea to check Ren's reaction when she wore them, but warned her not to trust if they were too mild because he's an actor.

When they walked off the truck, Kyoko said with relief evident in her voice, "It's finally over."

She hadn't realized that Ren was standing right there a few yards away, and heard her declaration. She blushed, and felt ashamed at herself.

"Mogami-san, I'm sorry if you were unhappy during our time together, I had hoped that you would be happy, but there was no need to force yourself to stay."

Kyoko started apologizing wildly, "I'm so sorry Tsuruga-san, I didn't mean it like that, you were very kind to me and I'm very grateful, I was just thinking it would be nice, and less hectic, to just be me again, I'm sorry!" She bowed low, and Ren felt little reassurance. She was just apologizing because that's what she knew to do. She was lying, he could tell. There must have been something she was happy to get away from now that this was over. It couldn't be him, could it?

Ren let out his own sigh, this one of sadness. Kyoko heard, straightened from her bow, and asked, "Tsuruga-san? Are you alright? I really am sorry…"

"No, I'm fine Mogami-san, really. Don't worry about it. But I wish you hadn't stayed when something made you uncomfortable, I could've spoken with the president."

"No, no, I really wasn't unhappy, Tsuruga-san, it's just that, it was just that-"

Jelly interrupted when Kyoko got stuck, "It's just that she couldn't take the sexual tension anymore, Ren-chan."

Kyoko looked like she'd swallowed a bug. Her back and arms were ramrod straight, her eyes were complete circles, and her jaw was locked shut. She didn't know what to say, couldn't get out the words to deny it. Ren just looked confused.

"I'll leave you two to figure this out." Jelly walked into her darling's car, and they drove away, while Kyoko inwardly swore to make a doll of Jelly and sew her mouth shut.

Ren thought about how tense he'd felt over the past weeks with Kyoko so close to him, how she continually wore tiny outfits even after he'd bought more modest items, and how they would sometimes just look at each other, in each others' eyes or at their bodies. He'd thought it was just him feeling that, he thought she was just playing Setsu. Maybe she had felt it too, if Jelly had told the truth.

He needed to take this opportunity to tell her his feelings. He steeled himself for either the most pain or most joy he would ever experience.


His voice brought her out of her trance, but it didn't loosen her tongue quite enough. "That is- I mean, she- I don't think- I, um, I, I can't-"

Ren held up a hand to stop her. "Mogami-san, were you unhappy during the time we spent together?"

Not trusting her traitorous tongue, Kyoko shook her head violently in protest.

"Do you see me as a friend?"

Managing to squeak out a few words, she said unsurely, "If Tsuruga-san doesn't mind…"

"I don't," he said clearly. She nodded.

"Mogami-san, do you find me attractive?"

Kyoko blushed deeply, looking horrified. He prepared to take it as an unequivocal no, until she nodded, once quickly. He was shocked. There was an awkward pause before he plunged into the next question.

"Have you ever thought that we could be more than friends?"

She was stunned. More than friends? Oh, how often she had thought of that as a distant impossibility, a dream she couldn't hope to achieve through effort, the ultimate reward for good karma that she didn't have.

Ren didn't wait for her answer before asking another question. "Have you ever seen the way you affect me?"

That confused her. How could she affect him? Maybe she annoyed him? She had yet to put together his line of questioning to find his line of thought.

Ren's questions stopped, replaced by an outpour of pent-up emotion. He also began to use her given name. "Kyoko, I was always so happy when we were together these past few weeks. You are my closest friend, and the most beautiful woman I've ever met, hands down. I wish every day of my life that we could be more than friends."

He paused, and watched as the gears in her head clicked. She had been in turmoil as he answered his own questions, each telling her his feelings, and now her mind was peaceful.

"You have no idea, do you Kyoko?" It was his last question, accentuated with his footsteps as he approached her. She didn't move, her heart waiting for a certain signal before she could regain full body movement.

He reached her, stopping when his body was inches from hers. He looked down at her, smiling that smile that killed her grudges, and said, "I love you."

That was what her heart had been waiting for. She could move again, and she used her regained motor-skills to wrap her arms around his neck. "I love you, too," she responded, and pressed her lips lightly to his. His enthusiasm in responding literally swept her off her feet as he grabbed her around her waist and lifted her to his level.

Kyoko's real first kiss was everything she could have hoped for: passionate, breathtaking, and with a wonderful man that she loved and who loved her back.

She made a note to make a doll of Jelly and charm it for good luck.

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