Fear the King!

by Uzunaru999

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A/N: In this story their are 2 levels for Naruto's powers.

!st level is when they say a phrase and the names of their reincarnation person, They gain the appearance of their reincarnation and main powers of an arrancar.

2nd level is when they activate their resurrection release.


Chapter 1 Fear


Valley of the End

Naruto jumped upon the head of the Shodaime Hokage, looking over the valley Naruto spotted his 'rival'. Sasuke Uchiha turned around to look at Naruto, he shouted, "Isn't this a perfect setting for our battle, eh Naruto?"

Naruto just scold, "Sasuke I'm going to have to ask you you to come back to the village or I will use force." Sasuke scoffed, "As if you could beat me 'deadliest'. You've always been beneath me! Like right now I brought you here for one purpose only, and that is to kill you."

Naruto snarled, "Why Sasuke? I thought we were friends? Almost everyone in the village wants you back! And what is this about wanting to kill me? Even if you do, you won't gain anything!" Sasuke gave an evil chuckle, "But you see Naruto I will, for you see there is another level to the Sharingan!". Naruto glared.

"The Mangekyou Sharingan is the ultimate level, but you see to gain it I have to kill my best friend! Thats the reason I've brought you here, when I kill you i'll have the power to kill my brother!" Naruto shook his head in exasperation.

"This is the last time I ask you teme, come back or I'll drag you back." Sasuke just spat in Naruto's direction and stood his place in defiance. Naruto then smiled, confusing Sasuke. Naruto laughed in satiation.

"What the hell you laughing about dobe! I'm about to kill you and all you do is laugh?" Naruto calmed down, "Whats funny is that you believe your the only one that has a bloodline. For your information Sasuke I have a bloodline more powerful than any doujutsu." Sasuke growled, "You lie!"

Naruto gave his famous grin, in the process pissing Sasuke off. "Let me give you a history on my families bloodline. Both my father's and mother's clan had a similar yet different bloodline called "Umarekawari" or Reincarnation. On my fathers side, when activating their bloodline they gained special attributes of ancient creatures called Hollows. When they first activate their bloodline they only gain a few abilities, but they can gain more. They gain more by 'eating' the chakra of their fallen enemies. The more they chakra they ate the stronger they got, my father was the strongest of and the last of his clan. His name was Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage, his Hollow power was super speed thus the name 'Yellow Flash'."

Sasuke paled and took a step back in fear. Naruto continued, "On my mothers side, they were reincarnations of powerful samurai known as 'Shinigami'. They were the most powerful swordsmen in all of the elemental nations! They were the creators of Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, but back then they were called the Seven Swordsmen of the Whirlpools. When the children activate their bloodline they forge their own blade, infusing it with their chakra and soul. At first its just a regular sword that never needs to sharpen nor gains rust. But the swords gain a persona of their own, and by training with ones sword they can gain even stronger sword forms! My mothers name was Kushina Uzumaki, her sword was Benihime, her sword got her the name, The Red Death."

Naruto chuckled, "But for me, well I got a special reincarnation, I got the powers of an Arrancar! A Hollow who gained the powers of a Shinigami!My powers surpass all my ancestors before me, even the powers of the one who I have. FEAR THE KING, GRIMMJOW JAEGERJAQUEZ!"

As Naruto shouted his blood line name his power sky rocketed. Cracks shot around him soon causing the statue head to break and fall into the river below. Naruto him self started changing, his hair turned blue with blond highlights. His usual bright orange jumpsuit evaporated to show his new attire, A white open vest with a pop'd collar and bunched up sleeves. He had black sash round his lower waist, which held up long white pants. Held to his left side was a azure handled sword with a light blue sheath. On his lower right jaw was what looked like a animal's jaw bone, the weirdest thing is that he had a hole in his stomach!

Sasuke couldn't breath, the sheer pressure was just too much. 'This isn't happening! The dope has been holding back this entire time!' Naruto grabbed his own chin and pop'd his neck back and forth. Then he started walking…on the air. The closer Naruto got to Sasuke the more pressure was put on the emo brat.

"So tell me Sas-UKE, how are you going to beat me if you can't even stand?" Faster than Sasuke could blink Naruto back handed him down into the valley bellow. The Uchiha crashed hard and gained many injures: 6 broken ribs, snapped ankle, smashed hand, fractured leg and dislocated arm. Sasuke could only hiss in pain as Naruto reappeared and flipped him over. Sasuke stared up at his attacker with as much hate as he could muster.

"You think you're all that just because of your bloodline? Eh Naruto? With out it you'd be just like the rest of the weak shinobi in Konoha!" Naruto gave out a hearty laugh, "Man you must be one of the most hypocritical bastard you know that? You're the one would be nothing with out your eyes, I mean look at you!"

"You have very little muscles structure, above average speed, you only know what 6 or 7 ninjutsu? All of them I might add are offensive, the only good one is a A-rank assassination jutsu. You don't have any genjutsu and you copied Lee's Taijutsu. You don't believe in teamwork and you have a stick up your ass the size of the fucking moon. You use your eyes to cheat at everything! Like in the first part of the chunnin exams, if it wasn't for your sharingan you would have been lost."

Sasuke Was about to curse him, only to be kicked in balls. Naruto just sighed, "Lets just get you back the rotten village." Naruto reached out to grab the pricks shirt only to feel a small burst of Chakra. The Arrancar backed up as Sasuke's wounds healed as he activated the curse seal. Naruto frowned as two hand like wings burst out of Sasuke's back, the demented Uchiha started laughing.

"YoU ThinK YoU're ALL That eH? Naruto!", Naruto just shook his head in disgust. "Your family must be rolling in their graves at the moment. Look at what you've become, all this to kill the only family you have left? You really are weak, just as Itachi said you were."

Sasuke roared and charged Naruto, his arm covered in black electricity. Naruto brought his hand and a open palm up, a regular rasengan formed only for it to gain an dark red tint to it.


"You never learn, Cero Rasengan!"

The two attacks collided, both battling for supremacy, but that only lasted for about a minute. The 'Cero Rasengan' exploded forward engulfing Saasuke in energy. When the smoke cleared it showed Sasuke laying on the ground, screaming in pain. His left hand trying, and failing, to stop the bleeding. His whole right arm and part of his shoulder was gone, third degree burns covered his right upper body. He was also missing his eyebrows, and most of his hair, he still had the duck butt style though. In conclusion, he was fucked up.

Naruto shot a bala right at the wound cauterizing it. Sasuke screamed some more only to pass out the next minute from the pain. Naruto sighed and then reverted back to regular Naruto, he then picked up Sasuke and started to head back to the village.



Omake: Ichigo's soul?

Grimmjow paused in the midst of his fight against Ichigo, "Hey Ichigo can I ask you a question?" The shingami scowled, "You do know we're fighting right?"

Grimmjow waved him off, "Yeah yeah, anyways my question is your natural hair color is orange right?" Ichigo growled but nodded. "And that makes you a ginger…right?" A tick mark appeared on his fore head, but he still nodded.

"Whats confusing to me is that your a shinigami even though your a ginger." Ichigo shouted in rage, "What the hell does me being a ginger have to do with me being a shinigami?"

Grimmjow just smiled evilly, "Nothing its just I heard that gingers don't have souls. So how is it you have one?"

Ichigo snapped and then yelled to the sky, "DAMN YOU RAY WILLIAM JOHNSON!"