Fear the King!

by Uzunaru999

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Chapter 4 Future Plans


As Tsunade and her guard were escorted Naruto decided to mingle with the Kage's and Daimyo's. The first one was the gorgeous Mizukage.

"Well Naruto-kun that was a very...discouraging speech. Did that all really happen to you?" Naruto shook his head, "That was the sugar coated version, there were somethings that would cause a few of you to throw up if I mentioned it." The Mai involuntarily shuddered at the words.

Naruto thankfully changed the subject, "Well Mai the reason I mostly wanted to talk to you is that I have a project a big project. One that would need the help from 1 or 2 major villages. I chose yours since its closest."

Mai curiously asked, "And what project is this?" Naruto gave a fang filled smirk, "I'm building a new village, a village that will not only be powerful but will help bring the other reasonable villages together as allies."

Now that got the Mizukage eyes widen in surprise. She nodded and took a thinking pose, "Give me a few minutes Naruto-kun I need to talk to my Daimyo and guards about this." Naruto nodded, understanding and left to go talk to another Kage.

Soon Naruto was before the Tsuchikage Onoki and his guard. Naruto actually bowed in respect, knowing one inkling of disrespect would cause disaster.

"Hello Onoki-dono, I just want to ask you a few questions and then be on my way." Onoki grumbled, "Be swift gaki." Naruto nodded, "Well I just want to talk to you about teaming up on taking out a certain village."

Onoki looked skeptical, "Konohagakure I presume?" Naruto actually shook his head, "No they will come on a later date, whom I'm talking about is that thorn in your side. Otogakure." Onoki actually hissed.

"That damn snake has been inching more and more into Iwa territory and its driving me nuts!" growled the Kage. Naruto nodded, "While I probably could take it out myself I thought that it would be smart to share the spoils with a future ally."

Onoki looked at the boy with distain, "And why would I want to be your ally gaki?"

Naruto sighed, "To tell the truth Tsuchikage-dono I hate my father." This surprised Onoki. "He was one of the main reason that I was tortured as a child, I believe that he was a moron for what he did. I was hoping to make a better reputation of the Namikaze name by helping you with a major problem."

Onoki scratched his bald head, "Alright gaki I'll give you and your new family a chance, but.." He gave Naruto a powerful glare. "Betray Iwa and you will feel all our power." Naruto nodded with a smile and left.


Fire Daimyo's chambers

"Konoha as a whole is now in deep shit!" roared the Daimyo. Over the last 30 minutes the Daimyo had his advisors go over the journal and point out more of the dark things they had hidden from him.

The real reason about the Uchiha Massacre. The ROOT program being still up and running, even after the Yondaime tried to shut it down. How they treated the son of one of the Daimyo's closest friends, the Yondaime.

The journal also told about how the Hiruzen tried to be a 'grandfather' figure to Naruto, only for him to be turned into a weapon. Even went on to tell about the true death of Naruto's Mother Kushina Uzumaki. Kushina had tried to save Naruto but Danzo and Hiruzen had killed her so that Naruto would stay loyal to Konoha. The one good thing was that , even though tired from childbirth and Kyuubi being extracted, she had killed three platoons of ANBU and ROOT before she died.

While all this was happening something was going on in Tsunade's head. Something sinister and...pink?

[CHA! Who the hell does this old fart think he is! We don't care about some whore that married the Yondaime!]

The thing that yelled at that was non other than the Inner Sakura. The elders had, with Sakura's help, had transferred Inner Sakura into Tsunade's head. Not only that but Inner Sakura had taken over. The real Tsunade was in a cage covered in seals. Behind the cage Tsunade yelled with tears.

'You pink haired slut! Give me back my body! Don't you dare insult Kushina! When I get out of here I'm going to murder you, the elders and you psychotic creator!' Tsunade was at her breaking point, she was forced to watch all the crimes and misdeeds that Inner Sakura caused by using Tsunade's body.

I.S. Turned around and back slapped Tsunade, [Don't bother you old hag, no matter what you do you'll never get out! You will be caged her forever, and you will watch as I make everyone you love come to hate you! But don't worry Sasuke-kun will come to love you.]

The last part made Tsunade sick and then brake down in tears as I.S. continued to ruin her life. But what I.S. didn't know was that Tsunade was slowly and surely breaking the seal, though it would take some time. But by that time would it be too late?

After the Fire Daimyo was done yelling he had cut back his funding by 40%, a huge blow to Konoha's economy. The possessed Tsunade tried to persuade the Daimyo other wise but he would hear none of it. And so The Konoha group was escorted out of the country capital. The Daimyo didn't want to see their faces.

Naruto continued to talk to the people within the room and smiled as he saw Mai coming towards him.

"Hello again Mizukage-sama, what can I help you with?" Mai gave a sly grin, "Well Naruto-kun I've decided to help you, but you must do something for my village before we help yours."

"And what might that be Mai?" Mai smiled, "Well you see my predecessor was the jinchuuriki of the Sanbi. After he died the Sanbi was killed, but recently many sightings of the beast have appeared. What I need you to do is capture the Sanbi and return it to the village."

Naruto almost growled, "I first will ask what you will do with the Sanbi?" Mai looked sad, "We will have to make another jinchuuriki. The thing is we don't have time to raise a baby jinchuuriki. We are trying to find a way to seal the beast into an adult, a trust worthy adult."

Naruto gave a sigh, "There is one way but you need help from a hyuuga, or someone that can destroy the chakra network in a body. Luckily my hime has the means to do that. I guess I'll do it but I want your word that the new Jinchuuriki will be treated with respect, yet not spoiled."

Mai smiled, "Of course you have my word as Mizukage." Naruto nodded, "Alright contact me when you want me to do it. Right now though I have to deal with other things. Don't worry by the end of the month the Sanbi will be sealed." Mai thanked Naruto and left.

Naruto looked to his left and groaned as he saw the Raikage walking forward with anger on his face. Naruto calmly asked what was wrong and the man growled out.

"Your Hyuuga bitch attacked one of my shinobi!" Naruto took a few deep breaths and then glared at the muscle bound idiot.

"You luckily that I can't attack you Raikage, otherwise you'd be in a crater for your blatant disrespect of my hime. Now I already told you to leave my hime alone. And you ignored me, that is your first strike this is your second. After three strikes I will give you three days to evacuate Kumo before I turn it into a empty wasteland."

'A' backed away as he felt the power coming off his opponent. But he didn't totally back down and he walked away he thought, 'I'll get your Hyuuga boy, weather you like it or not.' Over to the side KillerBee shook his head in disappointment.

Naruto sneaked over to the girls table and found Hinata, Tenten, Tsunami, Koyuki and Temari all whispering and giggling together. Deciding to let the girls have their fun Naruto walked over to Gaara.

"Hey." Gaara turned from the water fountain that he watched. "Hello again Naruto." Naruto looked at Gaara as the Kazekage watched the water cascade down.

"There are no fountains like this in Suna, we have to conserve the water that we get since we're in a desert. It weird that people around here wastes water for such a silly thing." Gaara turned to Naruto.

"I'm sorry my friend I was rambling, is there something I can help you with?" Naruto just shook his head, "Just wanted to ask you about how you became the kage of your village."

Gaara smiled, "Well after our great fight me and my siblings ran back to Suna. We found out that our father was murdered by Orochimaru. The council of Suna had taken over until a new Kage would be chosen. During this time I remembered during the chunnin exams when you yelled about becoming the Hokage. So I decided to follow your path, I decided to become the Kage. It was long and it happened after I returned from the helping your team rescue the traitor Uchiha."

Naruto patted Gaara on the back, "I'm proud of you Gaara, how are the villagers taking it?" Gaara scratched his chin, "Pretty well, after they saw that I could control myself and started to show emotions they warmed up. They repented and I forgave them, and so I became the Kazekage and swore to protect the village no matter what."

Naruto sighed, "I wish my village was like that, but we can't all get what we want." Gaara nodded, agreeing with the blond.

The night went on and soon the get together was done. Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten left with Tazuna's family but as they got closer to wave they saw smoke raise into the sky..


Wave country

"No no no no no no NO!" cried Tazuna as he saw his burning town. Nothing was spared, Tazuna's house, the village, even the mighty Great Naruto Bridge was crumbling. But what got their attention and Naruto's anger was that the flames were black.

Naruto snarled, "Only one man would have the power to do this! ITACHI!"

And as they say 'Speak they devil's name and he shall come.' Out of the forest came a very angry Itachi and amused Kisame. Naruto focused all his hate and anger at the two Akatsuki members. Kisame was sweating from the pressure, while Itachi was just throwing his own KI.

Itachi yelled at the espada, "You ruined everything Naruto. You crippled my brother, told the truth of the massacre to the Daimyo, thus the public. My family's name is now dishonored. I planed on Sasuke killing me to bring glory to our clan. Then you had to cripple him! What am I going to do now! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING"

Naruto looked at Tenten and motioned to Tazuna and his family. Tenten nodded and took the family else where. Naruto then turned to Itachi and Kisame. Naruto took slow steps forward, "You know Itachi I was planing on helping you, thinking that you were different than Sasuke. But it appears that you are just like him. Glory to the clan and all that bullshit."

Naruto motioned Hinata to Kisame. Naruto then continued, "You Uchiha's are all the same, well except Mikoto-chan, she was the only one that was actually nice to me."

Itachi interrupted with narrowed eyes, "Why did you refer my mother with -chan?" Hinata giggled and Kisame widened his eyes and jaw dropped as he figured it out fast.

Naruto grinned wickedly and bluntly replied, "Didn't you know? Before the massacre I was her secret lover since her 'husband' was 'In the closet' as they say. I'm surprised that you and your brother were actually born"

Itachi couldn't believe what he was hearing, he stared at Naruto bugged eye'd and stuttered, "B-But y-y-you were o-o-only a child a-at the t-time!" Kisame was off to the side trying not to laugh.

Hinata stated, "He's very 'gifted' you could say." Kisame looked at Naruto with mirth in his eyes, "You actually bagged Itachi's mother as a child?" Naruto smiled and reached into his coat and took out a picture. He sonido'd over to Kisame and showed him what it was.

It was a pic of a naked Mikoto in a sexy pose and on the pic written with red lipstick was, "Can't wait to see you later tonight my King." At the bottom was a kiss print. Kisame had to hold his nose to stop the building nose bleed.

Naruto returned to his spot and looked at a fuming Itachi, he pop'ed a blood vessel in his left sharingan eye.

"You 're dead Uzumaki!" and the Uchiha charged blindly.