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Her Knight

He was always there for her. He would appear out of nowhere and save the day. She wouldn't call him her knight in shining armor because well he wasn't the prince or the good guy in her story. Perhaps she would call him her dark knight or a knight with a few kinks in his armor that fit him better. So when he appeared like he always does out of nowhere she wasn't surprised but when he asked for her advice now that was what sent her mind spinning. He came to her. When he was the one in need of advice, of help, she was the one he went to. That thought made her smile inside.

After T.K. stormed out of her office telling her he was through with her Dani wouldn't say it didn't hurt. She had grown to care about him as more than just her patient. She had let her feeling develop for him which was why she had let his behavior go on so long. She wouldn't tell anyone and she wouldn't let it show. That wasn't the professional thing to do.

As she walked out of the coach's office having to deal with the latest fallout from T.K. she moved quietly to an empty office. Everything was overwhelming her. She had let it all pileup inside. T.K.'s words hurt her, cut deeply. She leaned back against a wall closing her eyes trying so hard not to cry.

She didn't even realize she wasn't alone until she was pulled into a strong comforting hug. She knew who it was. She didn't have to see his face to know. After all there was only one person who appeared out of nowhere to save her.

Her hands clung to his jacket as she buried her face in his chest. No one ever saw her this weak and she realized she was okay with him seeing her like this. Only him.

As the sobs died down and she finally peeled herself away from him his hand moved to cup her face as his thumbs brushed away the last of the tears. Her eyes finally gazing up into his face as he leaned down pressing his lips softly to hers. Her eyes fluttered closed.

When she finally opened them again he was gone and she couldn't help but wonder if he had ever been there in the first place. Yet the warmth on her lips told her he had. Nico was her knight even if it wasn't shining armor.

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