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Our Little Voice.

-Chapter I-The voice and the mutts-

-Peter's POV-

Sometimes I just hate my gift, no matter how handy it can be, hearing a little voice in my head that all but compels me to do something, it's not fucking cool at all. Especially when most of the time the stupid voice is not kind enough to tell me exactly why the fuck I need to do it.

Before you ask, I am not crazy, doesn't matter if I hear a voice in my head or not. Fuck I guess that does sound crazy but I'm not. Really. It's not my fault some Vampires have gifts. It sucks that I didn't get something cool, like shooting fire out of my fingertips or mind control. No I'm not cool enough to get shit like that; instead I got a little annoying voice in my head that tells me things. Like what to do, where to go, who to hunt and shit like that.

Sometimes the voice is useless as fuck, like when it chose not to tell me Charlotte wasn't actually my mate for almost a fucking century. I guess it thought that little piece of information was not very important but the fact that tomorrow will be a sunny day is. Little fucker. Not that I mind the fact that Charlotte found her mate, no point in getting pissed off at fate if you ask me, but really, I get to know who will be the next American Idol before the season even starts but I'm clueless when it comes to my love life? So fucking unfair.

Which brings me to what I am doing now, besides wishing shock therapy could work on Vampires just so I could fucking fry the little voice that told me while watching a re-run of Heroes, don't laugh I have a lot of free time, that I needed to get my ass down to a little Quileute reservation called La Push in Forks, Washington so I could make friends with a pack of mutts and help them protect a human girl.

Why the fuck should I care about mutts and human girls? Fucking beats me but I can't really say no to the voice, it's my own fucking mind after all, unless my mind has a mind of its own and that mind is controlling mine but I digress.

It took me almost four days to get to Forks, it would have been less but the little voice also informed me that I should drive until I reach the "Welcome to La Push" sign or whatever. So after driving for almost four days only stopping twice to eat, I almost feel stiff, not possible of course but damn I want to stretch my legs bad anyway so I don't waste any time and as soon as I reach the reservation sign I park the car and make sure no one is around and take off to run for a mile or two.

This place is a little too green for my tastes and with the low amount of humans living in town grabbing dinner might be tricky. Not that I am very hungry right now, considering the awful scent covering the area, mutts ought to take more baths, seriously. It shouldn't be long until I run into one and I can finally make sense of why I had to travel all the way from Texas to help a human girl.

After ten minutes of running around the woods I sat my ass down in a little clearing to wait for the mutts. The little voice starts chatting away about silly things like the weather report for the next week and what I will miss from today's Grey's Anatomy episode.

I pout because I really wanted to see it. I don't have to wait long for the mutts, the growling starts about a mile to my right. Not sure if this are friendly mutts or what so I rather be prepared for a little tumble. I can hear five heartbeats approaching fast; I stand and press my back against a big tree so they can't surround me completely.

"I am not looking for trouble." I barely manage to finish my sentence before they all lunge at me. Thankfully I didn't spend over fifty years in the Newborn Wars for nothing. Got to call Jazz and thank him for all the training after this. Teeth snap close to my neck while paws try to tear my pretty marble body. But it seems these are young mutts so I simply move a little or push them back before they can take a bite from me.

It takes about half an hour of this for them to start panting and coming at me in a slower pace. I could go on forever or until I really need to grab a snack.

"I am not looking for trouble." I repeat myself and hope they fucking get the message this time. The big black mutt growls at me and a few seconds pass before he leaves the clearing. I can only hope he is going to shift back to human so we can have a little chat. He doesn't disappoint and comes back just a couple of minutes later. The other mutts are still trying to eat me though.

"What do you want leech?" He asks and I pout at him while giving a reddish mutt a light punch, little fucker tried to bite my dick off. Gross.

"There is a human girl in danger, she is connected to you somehow and I need your help to keep her safe." All the mutts stop their attempts to eat me and glance to the human, which is enough to let me know he is the Alpha of the pack.

"How do you know about her? Why should we trust you leech?" I shrug at him, I can't really tell him why he should trust me or not, this 'mortal enemy' thing is only a technicality, some humans take shit too seriously.

"I have a gift. I was relaxing my ass watching Heroes four days ago when my gift kindly let me know that I needed to get here fucking fast, have tea with some mutts and help a human girl. I don't know why and if you all know you better tell me so I can deal with this shit and get back to Texas! Already missed too many of my fucking shows!" I may have rambled a little but fuck I am annoyed, long ass drive, no shows and mutts trying to eat you would annoy anyone!

And now they are just staring at me like I am some sort of crazy Vampire. Just because I hear a voice in my head doesn't make me crazy! It's a gift!

"Are you for real leech?" One of the mutts asks, now human as well and naked. Gross.

"Yes I am! Now what the fuck is the problem and who is this girl? Look I could just go ahead and find another way to figure this shit out or you can save me the fucking trouble of involving an entire Coven of Vampires." I sighed; I really didn't want to deal with the Cullens right now.

"No! We don't want any more Covens to come into town." The Alpha boy said, he sounded very angry.

"Had trouble with a Coven? Look I don't even care if you ate them or not, I just want to get this shit over with so I can go back home." I tried not to look at the four naked boys around me; at least they smelled a little better as humans.

"We didn't kill the stupid Cullens, they left. And we don't fucking eat leeches!" One of the boys said.

"You know the Cullens? Perhaps they can help you instead." I nodded.

"The fuck! The Cullens started this whole mess in the first place! You know them you fucking stinky leech? Where are they? Fuck Sam! Let's just kill the fucker." The same boy said and wow, just wow! Isn't he an angry motherfucker? I pouted when he called me stinky.

"Be quiet Paul!" The Alpha, Sam, barked at him and then glared at me. "How do you know the Cullens?"

I shrugged. "I am a Vampire, most of us know of them because of their weird diet but my brother Jasper joined their Coven about eighty years ago. They wouldn't hurt a fly, how did they start whatever mess you are talking about? And why? And please just tell me already so I can get my ass back to Texas!" I hissed.

"Wouldn't hurt a fly? You stupid leech! They left her catatonic for a week! Sam let me have another go at him!" Paul, the shaky, angry fucker all but yelled at me. Sam just groaned.

"Calm down Paul. Look leech, the Cullens got involved with a human girl, claiming she was mated to one of them, some nomads stopped by and tried to kill the girl, she was bitten, and they stopped the transformation and killed the leader of the nomad Vampires. They left a couple of months after that, her supposed mate left her in the woods, she was there alone for hours, spent almost a week catatonic.

The following months she started to get better though but then one of the nomads, Laurent came back and tried to kill her again but we got to him first.

Now the last of the nomads, a female named Victoria who was apparently mated to the Vampire the Cullens killed, is trying to get to Bella for revenge, there has been a lot of missing people in Seattle over the past month, about twenty-five so far. A Vampire we don't know stole some of Bella's clothes, we believe there is a chance this Victoria might be creating Vampires, a lot of them to get past us and finally kill Bella.

There are only seven of us. If all those missing people are really Vampires now we might not have a chance against them." He sighed after finishing his little speech.

Well fuck me! This is almost as good as Grey's Anatomy. So much drama! I could only gap at the humans in front of me. Unfuckingbelievable that Jasper would let something like this slide. Always thought that eating animals just messed with your brain. I was right it seems. Killing one Vampire and leaving his mate alive? Vampire 101: 'You don't fucking do that! Ever!'

A few minutes passed before I could wrap my brain around all this new information. Unfortunately the mutts were right and Victoria is creating a newborn army. The little voice was kind enough to inform me of that now instead of back in Texas. Little fucker.

I guess there is no fucking way around this, it better be that this human girl is going to discover the cure for Cancer or some shit like that, really a pack of mutts and me protecting her against a newborn army? She must be really special.

"Save the girl, save the world then. We can have a little fun killing the newborns and this Victoria chick and then I can go back to Texas. We have a week; there will be around twenty newborns. If each of you can kill one I will take care of the rest." I told them but I was mostly focused on a battle plan. I don't think the mutts will be very good at fighting the newborns; they couldn't even take a bite from me. Maybe I should call Jasper and get his ass down here. It is his fucking mess after all!

"Leech!" Paul shouted, startling the fuck out of me.

"What the fuck mutt!" I yelled back.

"I asked if you are fucking crazy! You are going to kill thirteen Vampires on your own? Fucking crazy!" I growled. 'You are not crazy Peter.' I chanted in my head.

"The voice is real and it's a gift! I am not fucking crazy alright? It's not my fucking fault I didn't get Jedi mind tricks instead!" I kicked the tree behind me and it crashed to the ground. Great now I just have to call for my mommy or some shit.

"Whoa calm the fuck down man! You are not crazy I get it." Paul said but he sounded doubtful and took a step back from me as if I was unstable or something. Fucking mutt. I am not unstable! I sighed and rubbed my temples.

"Look mutt, thirteen newborns are nothing. They are too fidgety to do much damage if you know what the fuck you are doing, and I fucking know. The question is can you mutts handle it? Have you fought a newborn before? If not I better get some help here just in case." I took a deep breath and kept rubbing my temples a little, it helps me calm down when people start calling me crazy.

"Fighting newborns is different from fighting old Vampires?" Sam asked.

"Very different. We have a week to train. Now take me to see this girl, it's almost dark and you all need to fucking sleep properly. Training will take a lot of energy." I glanced back at the tree I almost uprooted while I was pouting, it didn't look unnatural so I could just leave it like that.

"Take you to Bella? But your eyes are red! You will try to drink her fucker!" Paul started shaking again. I snorted.

"I am a fucking Vampire but that doesn't mean I try to drink every human I run into mutt! My gift points me towards murderers and dangerous criminals and I drink them. Better than to leave them roaming the streets." I shrugged.

"That actually doesn't sound too bad." Sam said looking at me like I suddenly grew another head.

"That's what most Vampires do mutts. Your kind can surely hold a grudge over the few humans that smell especially nice to some of us. Most times when that happens we don't even realize we are drinking from them until is too late." They all gaped at me for a little while and then just shook their heads.

"If you are sure you can control yourself around humans then we will take you to see Bella. She is staying at my house. We didn't want to leave her unprotected with the female leech around." I just nodded. Poor girl, staying at a mutt's house with the stinky smell.

It only took us a few minutes to reach Sam's house, they all had clothes hidden in the woods a few yards from the back door. I could hear four heartbeats inside I sniffed, two more mutts and two humans. One of the humans smelled particularly nice, freesia with a hint of strawberry, I had to swallow a little venom.

Sam unlocked the door and politely invited me in. The rest of the mutts stayed outside. The house was small but it really felt like a home, the living room had a T.V. hopefully Sam has cable and I can catch up with some of my shows. I followed the freesia-strawberry scent to the kitchen; Sam was a step in front of me. There were three girls and a boy eating pancakes, two of the girls and the boy were obviously Quileute.

I could only see the back of the third girl, she had long brown hair and had really pale skin, and if I didn't know better I would say she is a Vampire. The Quileute boy and one of the girls glanced at me and frowned.

"Sam, what is he doing here?" The boy asked, tilting his head to point at me.

"Bella?" Sam ignored the boy and called for the human I am supposed to protect.

"Yeah Sam?" The pale girl said while turning in her seat a little. Her voice made me shiver, it was beautiful, if I was a human I would be covered in goose bumps and as soon as her eyes met mine the air left my lungs and the world ended and was created again in a second. In that second Sam and the rest of the mutts would have been able to lead me towards a pyre and I wouldn't have noticed the pain. This human girl is my everything now.

I couldn't breathe, not that I needed it but I wanted to smell her scent again. I could just stare at her beautiful chocolate brown eyes. I actually had to lean against Sam's shoulder. I felt the world shaking around me, but I knew better than that, it wasn't the world, it was me and everything I thought I knew. Over a hundred and fifty years and everything I had to go through was suddenly worth it because of this human girl.

"Fuck me Sam." I whispered. "Bella is my mate."

So I hope this is not too weird! I just had this idea on my mind for a while and since the other story I started is not really elaborate and full of plot I finally decided to give it a try. Hopefully I will manage to keep this story angst free, there are enough stories full of angst out there and sometimes I just really want to read a funny/romantic story!

Peter is not crazy! Not sure how long this story will be but if you like it and want more please let me know!