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In the Dark II

Robin limped into the compound; he held his side and tried to avoid putting any weight on his right leg. He wasn't sure if it was broken or just sprained but the pain was horrible.

No matter how many times he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth it always came back. His face was far worse then the small cut on the corner of his mouth. Bruises and slices and gashes, his ribs, which were probably broken, throbbed with each forced step.

It took minutes longer then it should have to reach the main chamber but Robin did. He slammed his fist into the button next to the door and it slid open with a quiet swoosh.

Robin stumbled and slammed onto the floor of the main room. He let out a cry of pain and curled up into a ball. He had to get rid of the pain it was almost unbearable.

"Well well, it took a little longer then I thought it would but you made it. Congratulations." Came a soft voice from the darkness.

Robin tried to open his eyes, he scanned the room as best his could, "Slade?" he called weakly.

"I am here Robin. Come to me."

"Slade… I was hurt… I need help."

"I know. If you can make it to me I will give you the help you need." Slade said.

Robin closed his eyes and tried to focus, he had his order, and he would carry it out. He reached out and dragged himself across the floor. He had to get to Slade, the man could help him, he could fix this and take the pain away.

Robin was inches from him, Slade said nothing but the voice in his head was encouraging, You can do it boy… make it to me… show me your strength.

After a few more minutes Robin came to rest at his feet, "Slade please." Robin begged.

Slade had to resist his urges and compulsive need to pick up the injured boy. It was true that Robin was now his apprentice; they had been together for almost four years. Slade had planned everything out; he had made sure no one had found them after that dark night in the woods. He had covered his tracks and Robin's.

Now that Slade had Robin he had made sure he wouldn't have to let him go. But as sometimes can happen Slade had made on little mistake. He had underestimated Robin's old team.

True Robin had been gone with out a trace for four years, but what Slade hadn't counted on was that his old team didn't break up after his disappearance. They grew stronger and from their many attempts to find Robin they had grown smarter. They refused to give up.

Slade had moved Robin from compound to compound, sometimes just barely losing the annoying super heroes. In their many travels something had happened between Robin and Slade.

At first Robin had just gone with Slade because Slade had manipulated Robin's confused and unsure mind. He got Robin to doubt himself; he had managed to make the boy feel like he truly was a murderer. Slade had pushed the boy, trained him mercilessly and whenever Robin would give up or snap and try to leave Slade would seduce him to further his dark hold over the boy.

Then something happened that Slade had not expected. the Titans had found them. It had been six weeks ago and Slade was sure they would be able to talk Robin into coming with them. Their reassuring and friendly words had caused Robin to falter in his mission to retrieve some data from a science lab. He had missed his objective and returned to the haunt to seek out Slade.

For the first time in their three and a half years together Robin approached Slade and openly asked for sex. He had done most of the work and it had been far different then anything the two had done before. Slow, soft, it could almost be considered love making accept Robin had punched Slade half way through and then tried to strangle him.

Slade had held him down and refused to let him go until Robin clarified what exactly he had been planning on doing.

Robin had freed himself and ran for the door, he was trying to escape and for some reason Slade had decided to let him go. After all his hard work he just gave up and let the boy head to the exit.

A half hour later Robin had returned on his own and stared down at the man sitting in his throne like chair, "You didn't come after me."

"No." was all Slade had said as he stared at his dark screens.

"If you cared about me at all you would have come after me." Robin said.

Slade's eye sliced slowly through the air to come and rest on Robin's face, "It's because I care that I let you go. If you don't want to be here I won't make you stay. I care about your happiness Richard. If leaving and going back to jump is what makes you happy then you may do so and I won't stop you."

Slade turned back to his screens to watch a mathematical equation fill the space. He had been going over some diagnostics of a new engine he was hoping to build. Robin had turned his back on the man and Slade had been sure that Robin was going to walk out the door and never come back.

Minutes later Slade noticed something out of the corner of his eyes; Robin stood next to him and held out a bo staff to the man. "I need to work on my kicks still right?"

Slade nodded once and Robin backed down the stairs never allowing his eyes to leave Slade's.

"You punched me." Slade said.

"I will take my punishment… Master."

Looking back on everything, how Robin chose to stay with him, how he was willing to crawl to him and to fuck him just showed how far Robin had come to trust Slade and to respect him. Robin reached out his hand and rested it on Slade's boot, "Master please. I need your help. Slade… please." Slade needed to remain strong but somehow he just couldn't.

Slade dropped to his knees and pulled Robin up into his arms, "What happened?" Slade asked keeping his voice even.

"I was trying to complete my mission… the Titans attacked. It shouldn't have been a problem. But they've changed; they knew how to take me down. They took me by surprise Master. I am so sorry I let you down."

Slade peered down at Robin's swollen and bloody face expecting to feel angry or disappointed but instead he just felt… he hadn't felt this way in forever. What was it he felt?

You feel guilty.

Slade heard a voice in his head say, as he looked down at Robin all he could see was Grant and Joey. He had failed them, and now he was failing Robin. He pulled the boy up and hugged him to his chest, "This isn't your fault." Slade said softly, "For once Robin I have failed you. I should have allowed you to study them, to watch their own training progress. I was selfish and kept you in the dark about their growth because I didn't want to take the chance of you leaving. I need you to stay Robin."

Robin's breathe caught in his throat, "You love me?" The boy asked in surprised.

Slade thought about it for a moment, did he love Robin? In some fucked up perverse way had he come to rely on the boy as much as the boy had come to rely on him. When was the last time Slade had made Robin sleep in his own room? When was the last time Slade refused the boy anything? With out realizing it Slade had allowed Robin to get under his skin, he had allowed the boy through his barriers.

He didn't just have a partner or an apprentice; he had a companion. Slade heard an explosion ring from down the hall, he may not get a chance to say it and if the Titans got their hands on Robin who knows how long it would be until Slade saw the boy again. Slade swallowed and for the first time in over thirty years he spoke the words he had thought he would never said again, "I do Richard. I love you."

"DOWN THE HALL!" Came a familiar voice, "Don't let them take me! I will work harder for you! Just don't let them take me!" Robin all but begged

"Listen to me Robin… if they take you today you must find a way to let me know where you are."

"You will come for me…" Robin weakly asked as he tried to sit up.

"I will always come for you." Slade said leaning down and placing his lips on the boy, Robin gently kissed him back and Slade picked the boy up and laid him down on the table behind them. He took a syringe from his belt and injected Robin's arm, "In ten minutes you will be able to move… I don't care what is happening in the fight you WILL run and head towards the safe house."

"Not with out you." Robin protested. Slade pulled away despite Robin's protest and reached for his mask. "You will go or I will make you go. If I am not there in twenty-four hours I am dead."

"You better be there." Robin bit as he suddenly laid his head back and closed his eyes. Slade put on his mask and went to stand in the middle of the room.

Slade waited for the Titans to burst in, he turned when he heard Robin whisper, "Slade… Raven can project a perfect replica of herself; the only way to tell the difference is the jewel in her forehead. Cyborg has a new cannon that he can amplify with any nearby power source. Beast boy has two new beasts he can change into that have triple the strength and Starfire…" Robin stopped a moment and Slade waited, "She… has gotten a lot stronger."

Slade didn't bother to nod because at that moment the door burst open, "SLADE!" A scream filled the air and the green changeling burst fourth with the other three in tow.

"How nice of you all to drop by. I know you hoped to visit Robin but he is a little under the weather right now." Slade motioning to the boy on the table who was now lying unconscious and bloody, "I would say I admire your handy work but this is cruel eve for you."

"Shut up you monster and hand Robin over now." Beast Boy barked.

"Robin isn't going anywhere. I suggest you leave and do not return." Slade said not moving from his usual stance. His arms were behind his fast but his fists were pulled tight.

"We aren't leaving with out him. He has a lot of explaining to do and we won't let you manipulate his mind anymore."

Slade couldn't help but smirk at their naivety, "Robin chose to stay with me. There was no manipulation. He chose to stay with me just as he chose to return to me after you beat him and chased him off."

"He attacked us we had to defend ourselves!" Beast Boy yelled.

"Temper temper, you know, you're starting to sound just as angry as Robin used to be. I could help you with that if you like. Of course, I don't know if you could handle my training as well as he did. It's pretty rough."

"TITANS GO!" Beast Boy yelled!

Robin opened his eyes to see the fight to end all fights. It was Slade verse his old team and man was it crazy. It was like an atom bomb had gone off. Robin sat up and felt his face, "I'm healed?" He turned to look at the battle and couldn't believe his eyes. Slade was winning… somehow the man was holding his own against the Titans.

Robin was split, he wanted to stay and help Slade but the man had given him a direct order. If he didn't go Slade would beat the shit out of him, but if he left Slade could die.

"Robin! Get out!" Slade called as the man dodged a blast from Starfire. The boy slid from the table and made a motion to head towards Slade, "GO ROBIN! Or you will regret it!" Slade barked, just then Beast Boy tackled Slade in one of his beast forms and Robin sprinted at him. His foot smashed into the beasts head and Beast Boy went flying.

Slade stood and shoved Robin towards the exit; the boy stumbled but managed to catch himself. He didn't stop running; he sprinted as fast as he could, ran like he had never ran before. He dived through one of the escape shoots and slid down for almost a good minute before he was shot from the slide like shoot out into a lake. He fell from the side of the cliff and managed to reach a diving position just as he hit the water.

He surfaced and took a deep breath into his lungs; he looked up at the emergency exit and waited. There was no sign of motion or of him being followed. Robin turned and started to swim away from the shore. About half a mile out was a hidden escape sub. If Robin could reach it he would be in the clear.

Suddenly there was an explosion, and not just any explosion, a fiery angry one. Slade's entire compound blew up and an almost volcanic rumble shot through the air. Fire reached miles up into the sky and Robin's huge eyes stared in shock.

Debris and rocks and even pieces of trees showered down over the ledge and Robin had to avoid falling objects hitting him a couple times.

He had to have gotten out! He wouldn't blow up his compound unless he knew he could get out!

Robin watched at the black smoke bellowed into the sky like an angry plague, he had to keep moving. If Slade did get out then he wouldn't be very happy when he got to the safe house and Robin wasn't there.

It had been two days, two whole Goddamn days! Slade would have been here by now if he had survived. Robin refused to accept that Slade didn't make it. If he had to he would go back and search the destroyed compound, he would search the woods and then he would search Titans Tower, Arkhem Asylum, every jail, crazy bin, loony house, and death row that he could find no matter how far or wide, or how tired he was.

Robin would find Slade, and he would bring the man back. But as the days turns into weeks and the weeks turned into a whole month Robin started to lose hope. The pep talks had helped at first but now… if Slade the grand master of all mercs couldn't escape a bunch of teenage super heroes then the world was coming to an end.

The black haired boy grabbed his coffee and went outside the safe house to sit on some large rocks that over looked a forest. He sipped at his drink and for a small second almost smirked.

Four years ago he was a teenage super hero. It had all changed that one night, in a forest just like this. When Slade had stripped Robin of his dignity and stripped him of his mind and started the long and cruel process of rebuilding him. Robin had been beaten, raped, mutilated, lectured, tortured, and then broken. Four years of his life had been nothing but blood, sex and pain. And for that he would forever thank Slade.

This wasn't some fucked up version of Stockholm syndrome, this was what happened when two people who hated each other learned to respect each other. When robin realized Slade really did want what was best for him, and when Robin realized that Slade just didn't want to feel alone anymore the two came to a mutual agreement. And then two months ago… when Robin had for the first time went looking for sex from Slade it had been incredible.

Slade saw that Robin had broken, he saw the boy wanted some comfort since Robin realized he had just given up his beliefs, his friends, his family, everything he had to be with Slade.

How gentle the assassin could be, how loving and tender and how painful it was to attack him mid-sex, to show everything Slade was giving him in that moment back in the man's face.

But Robin had wanted the mother of all fights, the fight that would end up killing him if he didn't get away. But he did get away and when Slade didn't come after him…. Robin knew the truth. Slade really did just want him to be happy.

Robin felt a tear come to his eye, "You not coming back are you." He whispered to no one.

The full moon rose high into the sky and Robin watched it, he set his coffee aside and let the blanket fall. Tonight was just like that first night so long ago… dark with a full moon casting eerie shadows that crawl like snake across the ground.

"You won't be out there tonight… but I can still pretend."

Robin descended the steep slope down into the dark woods in hopes to relive some memories. He had traveled about six miles and the moon was just reaching its peak. He jumped and flipped off a large tree protruding from the ground when he heard a branch snap.

He landed and melted into the shadows instinctively. He waited and listened, who ever was here with him he wasn't doing a very good job at hiding his noisy footfalls. Robin rounded on the noises and soon saw a shadow dashing through the woods at a hyper speed.

Jumping up into the trees Robin quickly followed and soon got enough distance with the man he could drop down and wait for him to come up the hill. The shadowy figure moved like lightning and yelled as he smashed into Robin.

"Slade?" Robin screamed as he was flipped up and over the man's shoulder and fell to the ground. He skidded down the hill on the pine needles and then twisted himself onto his stomach to look up at the figure who had stopped. He was breathing heavy, like he had been running all his life, his face sweaty and pale, his hands twitching.

"Robin! Come!" Slade called scanning the darkness of the woods. Robin smiled and didn't even hesitate; he scrambled up the hill and jumped like he had never jumped before. Slade caught his shadow and opened his arms. The boy slid into place wrapping his legs around he man's waist and Slade didn't hesitate to lock lips with the boy.

Slade shoved Robin against a thick tree trunk and his shaky hands peeled at the boy's clothes. Robin couldn't believe the coincidence, the one night that resemble their first meeting so much and now Slade was going to reenact it.

Robin tore as the man's already destroyed clothes and Slade ripped Robin's pants from his waist. They didn't try to speak, or look each other in the eyes or pretend that they were romantic. Both of them wanted to fuck… a whole month with out it had been torture. Of course both men had worried about the other's well being but now that they knew the other was safe sex came next and then food, sleep and then finally questions.

Slade pulled a wire from his belt and quicker then the boy had ever scene tied Robin's wrist to the tree's trunk. He dangled there like a fish on a hook as the wire cut into his wrists. Robin marveled in the painful feeling of the wire cutting into him.

Slade had a look in his eye of pure animalistic urges, he wasn't going to love Robin tonight he was going to rip him open. Robin was ready.

Slade stripped from the remaining clothes and spit into his hand, he lubricated his large shaft and head and then grabbed Robin's hips. The boy was pinned to the tree and Slade didn't wait to make sure he was ready. He pressed the tip of his shaft against Robin's entrance and started to push.

Robin's eyes snapped shut and his hands balled into fists the best they good, sweat rolled down the sides of his face as he felt himself being penetrated by something that hadn't been around in a month. It was like he was a virgin all over again, the pain, the impatient, the need to be filled and taken and brutalized.

Slade could give him everything he ever wanted and more, which is why Robin stayed no matter how much pain the man caused him.

Slade shoved then, ignoring the scream from the boy as he went in so dead he though he reached an end. Robin's back arched and Slade was pushed back, his feet digging into the dirt. But his finger nails dug into Robin's hips and he pushed back against the boy until Robin was pinned against the tree, Slade's shaft lodged so far inside Robin could barely breath.

"I missed you." Slade whispered into Robin's ear. Robin couldn't speak, he simply nodded and Slade smirked, "Those won't be over quick." And with that he started to move.

He pulled and pushed like a rabbit, over and over and over for what felt like hours. Robin hanging by his hands and wrist the whole time. Slade had already cum three times and was going for number four but this time he took hold of Robin's shaft with his hand and started to jerk him off into with his own hips thrusting.

"You've been such a good boy. It's your turn now… make it a good one."

And it was, Robin felt it build quicker then he ever had before and when he came he blacked out for a second as the release filled his body and covered it as well.

Slade suddenly gave two more deep thrusts and came for the fourth time, his juices over flowing and seeping back out. He rested against Robin's sweaty and abused body. Robin panted and felt Slade's seed dripping from him. He blushed and shivered and reveled in the feeling.

Finally Slade pulled out and pulled away and took the boy's chin up in his hand. "I missed you." He repeated kissing the boy gently on his lips like a lover would do.

" Dido." Robin said. Slade smiled and helped cut Robin down. He then carried Robin back to the cabin for a long deserved sleep. Tomorrow they had lots to discuss, which included the topic of how to take the Teen Titans down.

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