Me: God***m I'm on FIRE TODAY! New chap for Operation: Commenza Nuovo, Assassins Creed Brotherhood fic Brother in tha Brotherhood, and this one my Overlord fic Modern Med-Evil. Maybe ill change this im not sure ill just roll with this. So lets meet my Overlord OC shall we?

Cryro: Hello soon-to-be subjects, I am Cryro, a 21st century Overlord with mastery over fire and water/ice magic. Do run in fear, I enjoy watching you all scramble about.

Me: Watch it there buddy, I just might have to tone down your evil alignment a bit.

Cryro: hmmph.

Me: (Eye roll) So, anyway lets get started. I don't own anything in Overlord except Cryro, and maybe a few nondescript minions I might name.

Modern Med-Evil: Start of the End

Cryro looked out across the city from the new Culver City Overlook. He thought it was nice here, in Los Angeles. There were plenty of things to enjoy viewing. Homeless people acting like idiots walking out in front of traffic, stupid pedestrians almost getting run over to catch a bus, and there was always the odd raccoon or possum that got turned into roadkill. He would cheer every time he saw the brain matter splatter. Then when people looked at him oddly he would just flip them off, and wait for the ensuing fistfight to commence. Sometimes they didn't start just because of the finger so when they reacted verbally he'd just reply with some explicit quip about their mother's very active sex life. Or low IQ. Or lack of hygiene. Or having more balls then their other dad. Yeah this was a fun city. He began wondering what and how he would do things today when the Earth behind him started rumbling. He looked to a large plot of land at the top of the Overlook, completely barren that suddenly exploded when a dark black spiky claw-like Gate popped out with a shockwave. Cryro felt a slight familiarity with it and was only pushed back a step while everyone else was sent tumbling down the hill.

"What the f**k was that?" asked Cryro.

"That was a Seeker gate, and it seems we got it on the first try." Said a voice.

"What the-" Cryro looked around before glancing down and he jumped in surprise.

In front of him stood a hunched over, raggedy clothed, long eared, gray…thing.

"…" said Cryro "What the f**k are you supposed to be?"

"Well Sire I am Gnarl, Minion Master, and advisor to the Overlord." Replied Gnarl.

"What the hell is an Overlord?" demanded Cryro.

"The Overlord is the master of Minions and the embodiment of Evil. He or She commands the Minions in order to fulfill whatever they desire. The minions are the ultimate servants. Though each tribe ranges in natural stupidity they are all equally loyal to the Overlord." Recited Gnarl.

"Ok so am I supposed to be the Overlord?" asked Cryro.

"Yes sire" replied Gnarl.

"Awesome" said Cryro, cackling quietly.

Gnarl looked back towards the gate. "If you don't mind Sire, we should head back to the Netherworld and prepare the world for your Domination."

"Of course Gnarl, of course" Said Cryro, striding towards the gate.

The two of them stepped in and the gate released them down the magical fiery path to the Netherworld, the Claw like surface opening spinning closed and tunneling back down, leaving a fresh mound of dirt where it stood.

Gnarl reached the Netherworld first and with a nod to Mortis and Giblet he hovered over to stand beside the Overlords throne. Cryro came through a few seconds later surrounded by magical flame and, oddly enough some ice shards. The minions all burst into cheers as they saw their Overlord float down to the floor. Cryro saw the hole and was about to question Gnarl until he saw stones float up to cover the hole from the bottom in a descending spiral pattern. When he landed he looked up towards the throne, noticing Gnarl gesturing towards it. As he walked up to the throne and sat down upon it Gnarl began talking, and the Minions stopped cheering.

"Well Master I would like to officially welcome you to your Netherworld tower. As you can see the minions are quite excited to have you here. We have some materials for renovations if you'd like but we have an important spell to cook up so you can either send in orders now or do it later." Said Gnarl

"I'll look at it later what kind of spell are we talking about here?" asked Cryro.

"Glad you asked master. Sorry but you will have to follow me to the spell room in your private quarters sire." Gnarl said as he turned and walked up the staircase behind the throne, with Cryro following him. "As you know sire, that was the throne room, where you have access to almost anything not concerning the Netherworld. Its like your command center for all surface world activities." The two reached the private quarters and pushed open the doors seeing minions scurrying about to keep the place clean. They turned and headed for a room that was glowing with a faint blue and red aura in its center, surrounding a giant light purple sphere. Above the sphere and aura floated a circular stone, a Spell Stone, covered in glowing runes.

"What's that?" asked Cryro, pointing towards the sphere and aura.

"That, Sire, is the tower heart, basically it was the main magical power source for the old tower we had on the surface. Its been steadily charging a lot of power since it's been moved to the Netherworld, and we are going to drain it of almost all its magical energy to cast this spell."

"What about the aura?" Cryro asked.

"That aura represents your primary magical abilities. Hmmm, it would seem you have a natural ability for fire and water/ice magic, interestingly enough. You must be destined to be a very strong Overlord if you are that naturally inclined to such strongly opposing forces."

Cryro smirked as he examined his fingernails "Well what can I say? I'm naturally great."

"That you are sire, however I would advise you not to become too cocky. I've seen a large amount of Overlords die in various ways due to their arrogance." Said Gnarl ominously.

Cryro's smirk dropped into a slight scowl "I'll keep that in mind Gnarl." He was actually thankful for the advice, not wanting an early death and all. He'd never admit it though so don't ever try to get him to. "Now, Gnarl, what are we going to do for this spell?"

"Rest assured Sire this spell is not hard to do. I have already inscribed a spell stone with the necessary parameters, and effects. All we have to do is activate its charging sequence and feed it magical energy."

"So why couldn't you do this before I got here?"

"The Overlord has magical energy but it's of a different signature or frequency than other magical beings, like our blue minions. Your special magical signature and frequency is necessary to give the spell a commanding energy to ensure it does everything we want properly. So, without you we wouldn't have this special magic to make the spell work exactly."

"So Ill just give it some magic?"

"Not just some sire, you'll be using all your magical energy for this since we're casting this spell across the whole world. Your magic alone is not enough so that's why we have the tower heart to supply the rest of the magic energy to DO the work. Yours will mostly serve as the brain of the spell." Replied Gnarl.

"Ok, I get it now." Said Cryro.

"Alright ready sire?" said Gnarl getting into position beside the Tower heart.

"Thumbs up, lets do this," Cryro said as he lifted his hand and willed his magic into the spell stone. "GGRRRRAAGGHHH!"

"By the Netherworld, he's a natural" muttered Gnarl, as he prepared to send the Tower hearts energy into the spell stone. The two energies of Overlord and Tower heart met, and joined together in the Spell Stone. The runes on the stone glowed fiercely and got brighter as the energy poured in.

"Master your doing great. Just a little longe-" Gnarl cut himself off as he saw Cryro take a step forward and lean towards the spell stone. The magic pouring from his hand intensified, becoming a mixed stream of red and light blue colored magic. After this, Cryro lifted his other hand, and the tower heart picked itself up, and floated beside him, it's own magic stream increasing in size and intensity. No longer controlling the magic stream from the Tower heart, Gnarl looked upon Cryro's face. His skin had gone from a light brown to dark german chocolate, and his eyes had begun to burn, with small flames licking the outsides of his eyelids, and his face was slowly being framed by ice, with Icicles growing out over his head to cover his scalp and end behind him, promising cold, piercing death to anyone who was hit by the back of his head. Suddenly Cryro's voice boomed from around the whole room. "I am the new Overlord, and with this magic I order you to obey my will and turn the whole world into my playground!"

As he said this, both streams of magic intensified once again colliding together in the spell stone. With a small flash from Cryro's hand and the tower heart, the streams sent one last pulse into the stone, ending their flow of power. Cryro lowered his hands, dropping the Tower heart and watching the Spell Stone shake, before it released the magic through the earth, to the surface and into the sky growing a shield of red and light blue magic around the Earth.

Cryro turned towards Gnarl as the gray minion called for his attention.

"That was AMAZING SIRE! I've never seen any Overlord display such power, not even at the prime of their life, much less as a beginner. Oh joy we really will be able to take over the world this time." Gnarl exclaimed as he began cackling.

"…" replied Cryro.

"Sire?" Gnarl asked. Cryro just dropped to his knees and fell flat on his face. "Oh dear. Smasha, you and Bitey get the new master and put him in his bed. I guess it was too much to ask that he still be fully conscious after that, but seeing as how he's a beginner magic user that was still beyond impressive, even if the fainting wasn't.

In the strong, righteous, and perfect country of America (stop laughing Cryro its partially true)


Drake had just sat down to his analyst desk when he noticed something odd on the satellite viewscreen. Turning and amplifying its size he gasped in shock, horror and confusion. He watched as a thick stream of unknown energy burst into the atmosphere of Earth from some unknown source in the west coast. He breathed raggedly as he watched the stream stop and pool in the sky before flattening out across the world. The energy spread in a perfect red and light blue circular shockwave traveling across the world in mere minutes. Once the shockwave reunited with itself on the other side of the planet, leaving a nearly transparent covering of energy over the surface. After this a second, larger pulse spread out across the covering but slower than the other one. This pulse was thicker with a higher concentration of this unknown energy, and it did something to the landscape but Drake didn't know what. Trembling he used his finger to order the satellite to zoom in and screamed a little bit when he saw the energy move over entire cities and town, changing them instantly into those of 12th-15th century origin. He tried to look more but stopped when he noticed a red and blue glow to his right. Drake turned and looked out the window yelling, along with his coworkers as they all saw the wall of energy barreling towards them.

Back in the Netherworld Cryro had just been placed in his bed and Gnarl threw a blanket over him. Gnarl turned around to leave until Cryro said, "Gnarl."

"Yes master?" he replied turning towards the youthful apprentice of Evil.

"I hear scared people" he said smiling darkly and with a sadistic glint in his eye.

"That's wonderful Sire" Gnarl replied, sharing that same sadistic glint and smile. "Sleep well Sire, there's smiting to be done in the morning."

Me: Annnd DONE! First chapter of Modern Med-Evil has been written.

Cryro: I love how you made me so powerful Zero.

Me: I kinda had to, we can have just some Overlord take over every Nation in the world. He's gotta be extremely powerful, capable of controlling 100's of minions in his personal horde. Also with your natural skills handling the basics, your upper, less instinctive cognitive abilities will be in charge of other uncommon complications.

Cryro: Yeah, cool, wateva.

Me: (muttering) ungrateful little bastard. Anyway in case you, great reader, have forgot I have 2 other stories for you to check out in the Halo universe and the Assassins Creed universe. Here they are.

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