I was running away. Yes, go on, say I'm having a teenage temper tantrum. But you don't know the whole story. My dad's crazy. His job is basically to capture aliens and experiment on them. It's sort of sickening, and by sort of I mean while it's interesting knowing a little bit of what really goes on, I can't wait until I put all of this completely behind me. Dad was hoping to raise me to be just like him - daddy's little girl. But no matter how much he tried, I was always my mom's daughter, even though she died when I was 8, and he couldn't stand it. He acted as if my mother never even existed.

I'm not sure if he knew how I stood on the entire subject, if he ever cared about it at all. Daddy's little girl, remember? I never really spoke out on what I felt about it, I made my point that he worked too much and he should take a break and what not. But I never dared to outright say 'What you do sucks, so give it up already'. I wish I had, maybe he would have stopped.

Instead of that, I just left all that stupid government stuff behind me. The thing is though, I have no idea where I'm going. I mean I'm in the middle of the fucking desert right now. I have a backpack with soda, water, food, a few changes of clothes, all that stuff. My iPod too, but I left my phone. Knowing my father he would have put a tracking device or something in it. But thinking back on it, I could have called someone to pick me up or something. It's not that I have friends, because I really don't, but I could call a cab or something couldn't I?

A sound took me away from my thoughts, a whooshing type sound, but much louder, and a crackling sound, sort of like fire. I looked around, nothing out of ordinary really. But when I looked towards the sky, my thoughts were proved wrong. There was... something... hurtling towards the earth. It looked like, a spaceship maybe? Well whatever it was, it crashed a safe distance away from me, setting plants and other unfortunate beings of the desert on fire as it basically blew up on contact with the ground. The impact threw me a few feet back, into the dirt.

I got up quickly, and ran closer to it, and stared. Stared at the giant spaceship thing, just sitting in front of me, completely still.


I apparently spoke too soon, because the outer layer of the ship started shifting, opening up. About 15 seconds later the door like thing opened up completely and two figures scrambled out. From the light the fires and the ship were giving, it seemed like there was a boy and a girl, oddly enough. That's unexpected. Not like I expected I.T. or anything, but they look like regular… people. I think they were bit confused the way they were still taking in the landscape.

I crouched down until I was sure they couldn't see me, unfortunately the one I figured was a girl turned her head in my direction. She froze, like she actually could see me, sitting in the dirt next to a bush.

"Sara, Sara what is it?" The boy asked, tugging on - apparently Sara's - arm.

"Someone's here," She murmured, then louder said, "Come out. We will not harm you."

Yeah, well, that's what the murderer says to his victim every time, I thought humorlessly. I almost laughed at the thought though, but figured what harm would coming out into the open do? Well actually, a lot could happen, but I'm just gonna guess that she wasn't lying, they wouldn't try to hurt me. So, calmly, I rose into a standing position and took a step towards them.

"Hello," Sara said, "My name is Sara, this is my brother Seth. What is your name?"

Seth, hm? Well he was actually pretty dang cute. And Sara was very, very pretty. They both had blonde hair and blue eyes. Seth looked on edge, but I guess if it was my spaceship that had crashed then I would be too. Ya know, if I ever get a spaceship that is. Sara smiled, while Seth gave her a lookthat seemed very suspiciously like a warning. Someone crashed on the wrong side of the foreign planet. Which is a kind of funny thing to think, because not only do I mean it sarcastically, but they really the only worse place they could have landed in would be inside one of the research facilities that dissect people like them. Aliens like them. And honestly, they're not that far off from one, being that the mountains not too far off hold one of those very facilities.

"I'm Nicole, you can call me Nicky though. Uh, hi," I waved a little bit.

I came farther into the light, revealing my brown-black hair that spilled past my shoulder blades, covered in a black beanie. They could probably just make out my green eyes, and my pale skin was on obvious display even in the limited light. I spend more nights outside than days, and even if I spent all the time in the world in the sunlight, I'd never be tan. I was wearing a dark purple shirt with the sleeves cut off, with a worn out denim jacket vest over it. I had on a pair of jeans that I noticed were torn on the sides, probably from some rocks on the ground. And cakes in dust and dirt. On my feet I had my old Chuck Taylor's that I refuse to throw out, no matter how much my dad wished I would. I also had a tattoo choker necklace with a charm that my mother gave me before she died.

Sara tilted her head a bit, "You do not seem scared."

I laughed a bit, "Well I'm not. I'm a bit cautious, but I'm not exactly scared. Let's just say a spaceship crash landing in front of me isn't the craziest thing I've seen."

Seth looked down to Sara, dismissing me completely, "Sara, we must go. We do not have the time for this, we must go retrieve it."

Sara glanced back at me and I gave her small smile, "Seth, I think she could help us. She would know how to get us to it, we can trust her. I know we can."

"Hey," I interjected, "I don't know what you're after, but as long as it doesn't kill the entire human race, or any race for that matter, I'll help you find it."

"Why would we want to kill the humans?" Seth spat out the world 'humans'. Okay, rude.

"How should I know, I'm just saying as long as it doesn't kill people I'm ready to help. Besides, it's not like I have to rush home for dinner or anything." I shrugged casually.

"And why is that, Nicky?" Sara asked, watching me intently.

I shrugged again, "I'm not planning on going home anytime soon. Which means I have all the time in the world to help you guys. Even if you, Mr. Rude, don't want me to. If Sara's okay with it, I'm helping."

Sara smiled a little bit, and Seth glared at me. I brushed it off.

"Well, Nicole," Seth started, taking a step towards me, "We do not have all the time in the world. If we don't hurry and get what we came here for, you might not even have a world anymore. Does that scare you?"

I took a step towards him and crossed my arms, a faux innocent smile playing on my lips, "Not one bit, Superstar. All the more reason for me to help."

He looked irritated. Good, that means I won.

Sara smiled, "If you are going to help us as you say you are, you should know that I can read people's thoughts. As well as control things with my mind and communicate with animals. Seth can control his molecular density, giving him the ability to pass through solid objects or withstand the greatest of impacts." Seth shot her a look, which she ignored.

Okay, these guys talk like they're dictionaries. Does everyone on their planet speak in such a complex vocabulary?

"So, he can phase through things...and pretty much turn into a walking, talking, breathing concrete wall?" I asked, just to make sure I actually knew what tricks this guy had up his sleeve.

"Yes," Seth said, finally calming down

Just then something in the sky caught my eye, a bunch of somethings actually. They looked like...helicopters. How did I forget my dad! He obviously knows about the ship by now! NOT GOOD! I started having a mild panic attack, and Sara and Seth didn't know what the hell was going on.

"Nicky, what is it?" Sara whispered to me, putting her hand on my shoulder.

"We have to hide. They," I motioned to the helicopters which were coming closer. "Cannot see us, any of us. Follow me."

They looked at each other and followed me. We all crouched on the side of a hill, covered by dead brushes.

"What are they?" Seth asked keeping them in his sights

"Helicopters. Government helicopters to be exact," I mumbled, watching them land, and idiots in bio-hazard suits pile out of the flying contraptions.

They used flashlights to get a good look at the area, and the ship, and Seth slowly advanced farther up the hill, and crouched behind another bush. What is he doing? If they see him... He put his hand on the bushes branches and moved them to the side a bit, trying to get a better look. The dead plant rustled as it was shifted around, and the people closest to our little hiding spot quickly turned towards us, their flashlights following. Swiftly, Seth grabbed my hand and we ran. Sara, who was a few feet behind us on the hill, bolted after us. My heart started pounding really super hard, but I dismissed it as adrenaline. We did just almost get caught.

"We need to get away from here. Do you know somewhere to go, Nicky?" Sara turned to me.

I thought for a moment and nodded, starting to run again. No doubt those stupid 'scientists', and my father, were going to start searching extensively for something, anything, as soon as dawn came. I lead them towards the highway that was about a mile from where we were.

Probably five miles after that, we slowed down to a walk, all of us breathing heavily. Seth turned to me with a hard stare, having dropped my hand about two miles ago.

"You cannot help us any further, you must go home."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, that's not going to happen. Even if I wasn't running away."

He then glared and I glared right back. He gave up and looked away, beginning to do stuff with this device he had in his hand. How didn't I notice that before?

We were pretty silent for about another two miles, and the light was only illuminated by the moon and stars above us. This fact freaked me out due to the fact that we're in the desert, where there are coyotes, so I scooted a little bit closer to Seth and kept looking around. Pretty much just waiting for something to attack me, the fact that Sara could talk to animals completely slipping my mind.

"Do not worry," Sara said, "Nothing will harm you."

Seth glanced down at me and tilted his head to the side. Okay. That is fucking cute. I heard Sarah giggle. If you tell him I thought that, I will kick your ass back to last Tuesday. I glared at her slightly and she just kept going with a proud smile. I rolled my eyes and saw Seth looking at us again. Who wishes they could read minds now, huh? Yeah, it's you. I put my hair in a side braid, not bothering to tuck back the shorter pieces of hair in the front and letting them fall into my face.

Probably seven or eight miles later we hit some civilization. I looked at the siblings, and took in their clothing, which were extremely dirty, as well as my own. Okay, y'all need to change into clean clothes. I have some for myself in my bag, but that's it. You so are not blending in like that. Sara nodded and told Seth what I was thinking. Since they most likely didn't have any earth money, and I only had like $15, I knew we had to steal some clothes. It didn't bother me, but still. That's totally not lady-like. Please note my sarcasm.

It took about 3 minutes for Sara to spot an RV. We all decided to look in there for clothes for them. Sara used telekinesis to unlock the door, thank god no one was in there. We all went in and Seth was the first to find clothes that would fit, luckily enough. The first RV we see belongs to a family that has two teenagers, that are both Sara and Seth's size? Or we're just that good. I dug in my backpack for my extra set of clothes, a black shirt with the classic "Parental Advisory" warning on it, ripped up black shorts and knee high black socks. I kept on my vest covered in patches and studs, my necklace, and my Chuck Taylor's.

"Nicky? Would you help me pick out an appropriate outfit? I do not want to 'stick out' as you say." Sara asked, peeking her head out of closet.

I smiled and nodded. It didn't take me long to find a blue/green shirt and a grey jacket that would look good on her. Then I saw a pair of tan capris, and grabbed them as well. Handing them to Sara, I looked for some shoes. In the corner of the room were a pair of combat boots, and I knew they would be perfect.

"There ya go! Change, I'll go see if Seth is finished," We both smiled and I walked out.

A few seconds later, hello Deja Vu, Seth asked me to help him with his clothes as well. I walked into the boy's room laughing. He did the super cute head tilting thing again, and I nearly melted on the spot. I gave him a small smile and tilted my head down to get away from his curious gaze. Hurrying to the closet, I looked for something that would look alright. Suddenly I was hit with incredible amounts of nostalgia, and I couldn't remember the last time I had seen my one and only friend, who is a guy. I would always go through his clothes, picking out outfits for him or just stealing his shirts.

I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat and tried to busy myself with looking for clothes again. I found a brown shirt with a cool grey design on it, a darker brown jacket, grey jeans and a pair of sneakers that were shoved under some shirts on the ground. Typical guy's room.

I turned around to see that Seth was sitting on the bed, looking at his hands. He seemed to be in deep though, so I put the clothes next to him and waited until he looked up at me to smile at him. He returned it, which made me feel proud. I got the vibe that this dude doesn't smile much. I played with the ends of my hair a bit and turned to go into the hallway, risking a glance back one last time. I smiled wider to see he was looking at me, too.

Once I left the room I saw Sara sitting at a table, she looked up at me from the seat and smiled. Sliding down across from her I couldn't deny it. Sara, I becoming too attached to your stupid brother already. Her smile grew about ten times bigger, But you probably already knew that, didn't you? A moment later, we both broke out in laughter.

She then started to tell me about why they were here, or at least the gist of it. They were looking for an experiment of their parents, which would save their planet from dying, and ours from being taken over by their people. Yeah, so they really needed get this experiment, like, pronto.

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