Tonight's the Night


Wayne said nothing for a moment before reaching up and scratched the back of his neck. While he wanted to laugh, say it was a joke, he knew that was wrong. He didn't want to lie about this, not to Bernard of all people. Looking down at the man he smiled nervously.

"No. Metro Man." he said.

"Hmmm. Prove it." Bernard pulled the icepack off his face. He looked a mess, wet, red and bruised, but he looked Wayne right in the eye.

"Prove it." Wayne echoed the phrase. "Hrm. Prove it." he dragged a finger along his bottom lip as he thought. What could he do, to prove it? There wasn't much room to move in, was there? He could lift one of the book cases but the ceiling wasn't that tall so he wouldn't be able to lift it very high.

"If you're Metro Man, you can fly. So far I've not once seen you fly."

"That's true. You're right. Here..." he carefully helped Bernard to sit up on the couch, propping a few cushions behind him. "You're taking this better than I thought you would."

Wordlessly, Bernard took a small piece of white material out of his pocket and handed it to Wayne. It was clean, perfectly folded and pressed, with the monogram outward. His logo.

"...oh." he mumbled as he lifted the handkerchief out of Bernard's hand and looked down at it. "I see."

"I'm glad you didn't... I was worried you were going to mess around with me. Then I thought I was wrong, it was some... A mistake. A piece of fan art."

"Hah, no... no this... this was a gift." Wayne explained as he stared down at the white piece of material in his hands, running his thumb over the embroidered M. "From my mother." he added as his feet began to subconsciously leave the floor behind, and hung suspended in front of the couch and Bernard, standing on the very air itself.

"Huh. Magic. Now is the moment when I discover I got hit on the head harder than I thought." Bernard was staring at the ground, the way the feet hovered. "If this was at your place, I think I would have assumed you'd made a trick floor..."

Wayne laughed slightly before leaning forward so he was laying 'flat' while still remaining suspended in the air and folded the piece of fabric in his hands as he did. "You were just punched, Bernard. Nothing dropped on your head."

"I could be hallucinating this whole thing. It's... a very good dream though."

"Well. I'm not a dream." Wayne said before he reached forward and touched Bernard's face gently. "I'm very much real and very much the ex-hero of this city."

"It's... A little hard to believe that the former hero of the city is now a DJ at a nightclub." Bernard reached out to touch Wayne's face. "Oh... No, wait... you were a DJ before... before you quit? I definitely saw you there before you... uh. Died."

"Hmm." he nodded.

"I guess it's a little hard to quit that sort of job huh?"

"Easier to fake your death to stop being a hero like that, since. Well I didn't want to be that anymore. I wanted to be me, and being a DJ makes me happy." Wayne explained, leaning his head into Bernard's touch.

"I feel like you're just going to disappear under my hand."

"I wouldn't."

"You could, though, right? Like when you were in that interview, where you disappeared then rematerialised with ice cream and flowers and stuff, and everyone said it was a filming trick?"

"I could. I could slow time down entirely and do all manner of... hm. Things." Wayne said, "But it wasn't a trick. I'm not a magician, I'm... well. An alien. Who was either born with these kind of powers or they were increased by this planet's atmosphere. I don't know, I'm not a thinker like Megamind is." he admitted before sighing and drawing back slightly, still hovering in the air.

"No... but Megamind tends to out think... a lot of things. It's not as good a thing as you might assume."

"You're probably right." Wayne said. "So... what do you think?"

"I think... I need to be wary of out thinking this also." Bernard continued to reach out, not quite able to touch. As he leaned forward, Wayne remained slightly out of reach. Bernard frowned and flung himself off the lounge to take a grab at Wayne.

This surprised Wayne, and blinked in reaction but made no move to fly out of reach again. Bernard ended up kneeling on the floor in front of the seat, holding Wayne by the collar of his shirt. His eyes were very determined. "So. Metro man is alive and well and floating in my living room."

"He is...?" Wayne asked slowly. He was unsure of just what Bernard was going to do, or say, but was going to face it.

"And now he's going to kiss me."

"He is." Wayne agreed quietly, truly amazed that things had gone this way. He had anticipated screaming, things being thrown at his head again and guilt being thrust upon him all over again. The fact that Bernard had already worked out who he was, still demanded proof, and wasn't chasing him out of his apartment was... quite possibly the best thing to happen today.

So he did as Bernard instructed, and kissed him.

It was never just a simple kiss. It was like something magical, more magical than flying or super speed or super strength. Bernard had somehow got one of his hands into the former heroes hair, the other was holding very tightly onto the front of his shirt. When Bernard's tongue somehow insisted on entry, Wayne allowed him in. Wayne's hands found Bernard's back as well as his wild hair and his tongue arched desperately up against Bernard's own.

Bernard was tugging insistently at Wayne's shirt, pulling him closer and closer. There was a moment of confusion, and somehow Bernard found the leverage to push Wayne around, so that he was leaning over him, controlling what was fast turning into the kiss of the century. Their breathing was rough and harsh as their lips continued to press down against each other, Wayne's beard somewhat itchy against Bernard's smooth face but it was hardly a distraction.

Behind him something shifted, and a pile of books fell over with a slow rumble and slide. Bernard looked up with a worried expression.

Gulping at the air Wayne was vaguely aware of the disturbance behind them, but shifted his gaze to look at the books before looking back up at Bernard and smiled. "What?" he asked quietly, "What's that expression for?"

Bernard retreated slightly, seated on the floor, resting his back against the edge of the lounge. "Startled me, that's all."

By now Wayne had sat up, and had lowered himself so he was at least sitting on the ground now. "Oh, well. Is there anywhere we can do this where you won't be so easily startled?" he asked.

"No, no, I'm pretty much easily startled anywhere. Being this forward is pretty much a new thing."

Wayne drew closer to him and caressed his cheek with his thumb, smiling still. "Well, good. It's always good to try new things," he paused to kiss him again. "Don't you think?"

"This is a much better new thing than... any new thing. Ever." Bernard ran his hand through his own hair, a nervous gesture. "So much better."

"Hmm hmmm." he nodded before pulling back slightly and took the sight in of the man, flushed, hair a mess, and that poor eye of his that would no doubt hurt for days now. Who would ever have thought they would find themselves in this situation? "Come here." he held his hands out to him.

Bernard fell into those warm, strong, totally capable arms, and sighed, pressing his face against Metro Man's chest. They closed around him and he could hear the Wayne's powerful heart beating within his chest as the man's hands settled against his body. "Hnnn..." Wayne sighed, shutting his eyes and just took in the moment that he thought he might never have shared with the other man.

Bernard's hand ran slowly around the waistband of Wayne's jeans, then a finger slipped under the loose red T-shirt, and Wayne felt the slightest touch on his back.

Opening his eyes, Wayne looked at Bernard with both of his eyebrows almost vanishing into the mess that was his own loose, wavy hair. But he then smiled, toothily, and trailed his nose against Bernard's forehead while his own hands began to echo Bernard's. Like Wayne, Bernard was wearing a jacket over his button up shirt, so he lifted both articles of clothing to touch his warm and strong hands against Bernard's back.

"Maaaan your hands are warm." Bernard let the rest of his hand slip under the T-shirt to run his open hand under the fabric. "Your back is warm too. How do you stay so warm like that?"

"I don't know. Never really bothered by the cold or anything, to be honest." Wayne replied as he ran his fingers against Bernard's back, lost so much in the sensation in the feeling of Bernard's bare skin he barely noticed that the material was bunching up against his hands. And with his strength that, momentarily, lapsed began to slightly thread and tear.

"You feel like you're running a temperature." Bernard ran his fingers lightly in a circle, then dug in, trying to scratch with fingernails in the same circle. It had no effect, of course: Wayne was impermiable to things far stronger than fingernails. It felt good, though.

The man of strength soon realized that he was stretching Bernard's shirt and jacket and eased his hands down the man's back slowly until they came to a rest on his hips. "I guess so. But I could comment on how hot you feel, right now too..." he lifted his hands and took hold of the jacket's lapels and began to very slowly push it back, and off, Bernard's shoulders.

"Hardly likely, I've been chilled by that ice pack." Bernard shrugged out of his jacket with Wayne's help. This had the disadvantage of taking his hand away from Wayne's back, and the advantage of exposing Bernard's arms.

Wayne hadn't seen Bernard's arms before. Funny how, at a point like this, he suddenly realized this. The man had always gone around with long sleeves on, be them jackets, sequin suits, or long sleeved shirts even if he tended to dance up a storm in the bar every time he had seen him. Suddenly finding himself in the presence of bared arms reminded his mind that yes, Bernard had a body under all those layers.

And that body wasn't just pale flesh which had far too rarely seen daylight. Bernard looked where Wayne was looking, put his other arm over his face and leaned back against the lounge, his head facing the ceiling as it rested on the seat. "Oh god, here we go."

"What, what's wrong?" Wayne asked. Had he done the wrong thing removing his jacket? Or had he spotted the raging boner he was currently sporting, that was fighting against his jeans?

"Come on, ask the question." Bernard said to the ceiling, hand still over his face. "Everyone always asks it."

Wayne continued being very confused, and still very aroused. Two very conflicting emotions that didn't do well when they met.

Bernard raised his head to look at Wayne. "You're not asking the question."

"No... I... uh. What...?" he asked, looking at Bernard's arms for more than what they were, other than a possible gateway to ripping that shirt off of his body to see more of his skin.

"Why is that written on your arm, Bernard? What does it mean Bernard? Is that a Tattoo Bernard?" Bernard used a strange sing song voice. He rubbed his arm without thinking, pressing his thumb deeply into the picture painted there.

"To be honest I didn't even notice." Wayne admitted.

"Didn't even notice? Well, that's a pleasant change."

Wayne laughed, before he reached out and took hold of Bernard's wrist and easily lifted the man's hand off of his arm, allowing him to look at the tattoo in question.

The tattoo wasn't very complex. A vertical series of six separate square boxes, each about an inch across, with letters and numbers in them. He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn. The numbers didn't follow any pattern that he could see.

He tilted his head slightly; thinking as best as he could given the situation. He gave a faint smile, though and looked at Bernard. "Cute."

"Isn't it just? Probably not really cute enough to make an indelible copy of... but I wasn't really thinking straight at the time, I guess."

The other man had drawn himself closer while Bernard was talking, but it was still a mild surprise when his nose brushed against Bernard's ear and his warm breath touched his neck. "Thinking straight is pretty boring, though." Wayne mumbled.

"Yes, I keep forgetting I'm talking to the man who faked his death using copper and a satellite bombardment."

Wayne froze, and his eyes opened but felt as though he wasn't really looking at anything. Slowly he withdrew, face suddenly grim. "...right."

"Damn. I said the wrong thing, didn't I?" Bernard looked up at him miserably.

"It's not... not really something I'm proud of. It was a necessary step to take to finding who I am but..." Wayne tried to explain before sighing, and pressed his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose. "Damnit."

"I meant that it was something I regret doing, and which I choose to live with the consequences of. You shouldn't... You shouldn't feel so bad. It worked out in the end. It was even a fairytale ending: Your nemesis became a good guy. I haven't heard of many super heroes able to put that down as their success story."

He lowered his hand and rested it in his lap, a sorry expression still on his face. "I still deserted everyone, didn't I?"

"It seems to me they had deserted you long before that. You were living some sort of fantasy, a lie made up by so many people at once... Any scholar could tell you that you were being controlled by the crowd. We never expected you to break free of them so successfully though. It was... It took everyone by surprise. But people are strong, we adapted."

Wayne nodded vaguely before running his hand through his hair again, shutting his eyes as he did. "I'm better off without living up to everyones expectations and wants of me. It's all I've done all my life and I just finally had enough, you know? I wanted... I wanted to get in touch with me. Wayne. Not... not Metro Man."

"So do I."

He opened his eyes at hearing this and looked mildly surprised, but also very grateful at the same time. "You're very witty. I like that." he smiled, "I like that a lot."

"I've often been told my tongue is a curse. Witty is an odd way to put it." Bernard gave a wry smile.

"Can I find out for myself?" Wayne asked. "On if it's cursed or not?"

"How do you propose to find out?"

His answer came in the form of yet another embrace, and Wayne's mouth all but crushing down against his own. Wayne's hands dug against the fabric of Bernard's shirt, and with a simple almost innocent tug there was a ripping noise and the fabric was removed entirely without the need for the two men to part at all.

Bernard mumbled into Wayne's mouth, both of his hands pushing up under his red T shirt, up his stomach to his chest, rolling the fabric upwards. It exposed the man's all but sculptured body, as well as the body hair that Wayne possessed. His arms felt so strong and sure around him, even if Wayne was still stuck wearing his own jacket and shirt. The growing desire to feel skin on skin was becoming all but impossible to ignore and despite how deeply they were kissing, and desperately grasping at one another, Wayne removed his arms from Bernard's body.

Bernard took the opportunity to awkwardly try to undress him. The jacket was caught around his arms, and there was a struggling moment as Bernard tried to pull one way whilst Wayne pulled the other. Wayne apologized, and allowed Bernard to take over the art of removing his jacket and red shirt. The clothing, unlike Bernard's ripped shirt, were soon deposited somewhere and knocked over even more books.

Once that was done the two men paused, but only momentarily, before they returned to one another quickly. Skin met skin in ways they hadn't done before, while the kissing started up as if it would never end. Wayne turned out to be incredibly hairy under the shirt, and Bernard was delighted. Bernard found himself uncomfortably sprawled over a scatter of books, and managed to free his mouth enough to say "Should we... Should we move to somewhere more comfortable?"

"Good idea, great idea." Wayne mumbled against his jaw before the floor beneath Bernard fell away. After a moment though, and when nothing replaced the feeling of the ground, the brunette realized that Wayne was actually hovering off of the ground again. He grabbed onto Wayne with his arms and legs and whimpered. "Hey, hey... it's all right I won't drop you..." assured the flying man. "I wouldn't dare..."

Bernard turned his head to carefully contemplate the floor. It actually wasn't all that far away.

"Is it all right?" Wayne asked as one hand had, at some point, found Bernard's rear and was gripping him to ensure the man wouldn't go tumbling to the ground. That, or he was just groping for groping's sake.

"It... sort of is. I can see... I can see some uses for this already."


"I will say... That your view in your apartment was not like flying at ALL."

Wayne laughed, squeezing Bernard's rear just a little more. "I'll take you on a flight one night, shall I?" he asked.

"Oh, I'd like that very very much." Bernard sighed, and squeezed his arms and legs even tighter around Wayne's body.

"That's great," Wayne agreed and nuzzled against Bernard's neck with his lips.

"Haaaah... That tickles..." Bernard pulled away, realised that he could fall, and pulled closer again.

"Ticklish? Bernard?" Wayne asked, sounding genuinely surprised, but didn't pull away.

"It's your... Eeeee... Your beard!"

Wayne chuckled, and nuzzled even closer now if just for the sole purpose of hearing Bernard laugh again. It had done... something. He had never heard such a breathy noise before come from anyone, much less Bernard, and it all resulted in the sound of tearing fabric filling the room. This made him freeze, however, and his eyes widened as he realized just what had happened.

Another pair of jeans, completely and utterly destroyed. And they had put up a good fight today, too, against his erection, but that last push was the last they could manage. Like so many jeans before them, they had fallen foul to the strength behind Wayne's erection which had also tore clean through his underwear as well.

"Uh... That... that was not a good sound, was it?" Bernard inspected Wayne's face thoughtfully.

"...just another pair of jeans destroyed." Wayne muttered, face burning.

"Destroyed? Destroyed... how...?" Bernard slowly let go of his legs around Wayne's chest then his arms, and lowered himself to stand on the floor, then had a look. "Oh."

Wayne didn't even attempt to hide himself at this point. What was the point?

"You... You seem to have sprouted... a..." Bernard started giggling uncontrollably, and staggered around to sit on the lounge, hands over his face.

"This is doing wonders for my confidence." Wayne said flatly as he reached down in an attempts to cover his dual sexual organs. While a single shaft looked human enough, at least in the dark, in the daylight like this you could definitely see slight differences. And the fact there were two of them, one positioned above the other one.

"Hahahahohow many pairs of trousers do you go through?" Bernard giggled.

"Enough that I have crates of them at home." replied the alien man through gritted teeth as his face remained a bloody red.

Bernard peeked through his fingers, saw the embarrassed flying man standing in front of him desperately trying to hide the issue he was having, and fell back against the chair, roaring with laughter, hands still over his face.

The laughter had been fine before, now though, it was far from it. By now he had covered himself with his hands, but lowered himself to the floor and grabbed his jacket from where it had been tossed aside. Moment passed he felt it probably was time to just leave.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm just now realising how lucky I am that mine just leads to slightly awkward seating positions." Bernard wiped the tears from his eyes and tried desperately to get a hold of himself, a big smirk on his face. "I'm really sorry, I know it's rude to laugh." He looked Wayne in the eyes, grinning widely.

"This is partly why I've never gone after men too. Not just because who I am, or was." Wayne said flatly.

"You have got to see the funny side of this. All a normal man usually complains about... compared to this..." Bernard made a sweeping gesture. "And... And... My god you must have some serious self control." Bernard's voice changed from laughter to plain awe. "You'd have to."

Wayne shrugged as he held his jacket in front of him, eyes now more or less staring at the floor. "I always knew I was different. I wanted to fit in with everyone and when I got to that age when you want to be with someone... I realized I couldn't. So I just. Didn't."

"Sure you can. So long as. I mean." Bernard looked worried. "I mean... I think we can. Why... why couldn't we?"

"I mean couldn't because Wayne Scott couldn't go around after men at all. Wayne Scott was meant to be straight. Wayne Scott wasn't Metro Man so how do you explain two dicks to somebody, without giving away who you were?" Wayne asked, still looking at the floor. "Impossible. I don't... but. No." he shook his head before looking at Bernard, fingers gripping his jacket still. "And I don't know. You don't have experience being with a guy who has two dicks, have you?"

"Um... No, no this would be a first. But. The... the idea should be the same." Plus, you should see some of the things in that box under my bed. This is nothing. "I can think of a few p-people who would be delighted t-to try this... A-and I'm not telling them! Don't look so worried!" Bernard put his hands up in front of him, palms spread. "You're no different to anyone else. Just... Just stronger. And better. That's all. Honest."

"And capable of flying." Wayne said before looking away, biting at his bottom lip.

"I said better."

"I should go."

"NO! Oh, please. No. Please. Oh no." Bernard looked utterly heartbroken.

"Sorry." Wayne said but didn't go anywhere. He seemed incapable of doing so, despite the great lashing his confidence had just sustained. Shutting his eyes the man sighed. "I'm just a big virgin aren't I?" he asked weakly.

"That... Now that I can fix. I mean." Bernard suddenly started blushing almost as much as Wayne. "I..."

Wayne couldn't help but give a soft chuckle at that, and moved closer to the man and slowly wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him in for a hug. "I know."

"Mmmph." Bernard said against Wayne's chest.

"I'm sorry for messing this up." Wayne whispered into his hair. "I should have tried to at least tell you before..."

"You only just managed to tell me you were Metro Man." Bernard whispered back. "Although I think I'll modify that to Metro Bear..."

Wayne snorted and pulled back, narrowing an eye. "Metro Bear. Now that's an interesting choice."

"Accurate." Bernard reached out a hand, gripped a handful of chest fur and tugged gently. Obviously, it didn't budge an inch.

"I guess that's true." Wayne laughed, before looking down at Bernard for a moment. "Hrm." he narrowed one eye in a thoughtful kind of way before reaching forward, and pressed his palm against Bernard's stomach. "We have a problem."

"A problem?" Bernard's worried face was back.

"You're still more dressed than me. Shall we remedy that?"

"Oh? So it's a competition now?" Bernard backed away and fussed with the button on his trousers. "I'll just..." And then he turned and ran.

"Hey-!" Wayne couldn't help but laugh at just how nimbly the other man managed to run around his stacks of books without knocking a single pile over.

"Come and catch me then!" Bernard disappeared around a shelf.

"Are super powers allowed?" Wane asked as he began to follow after him, using his feet on the floor rather than fly.

"Wouldn't that be cheating?" From the sound of his voice, he had made it a good distance ahead. A bookcase blocked the most direct route. Where had he gone? Two gaps, left and right, both seemed to lead to darkness.

Wayne set his hands on his hips and scowled slightly before giving into the frivolity of it all and headed down one gap on the left. "Right right, no powers at all. I promise!" he called, feeling his way along the book cases and trying not to bump anything over.

There was a series of odd sounds from a goodly distance away, and he saw a light flare up. "It will be worth it, I promise."

"Worth it you say?" Wayne asked as he began moving with a destination now in mind, that being the glowing light in the distance.

"Sure. My bed is back here." He heard a distant pile of books get hurriedly evicted, and the light... flickered. "And... And some other stuff. And mind your step..."

"I'm being pretty careful already." Wayne answered as he approached the door that finally came into view after he moved around yet another book shelf. He had abandoned his jacket back at the couch and looking down at himself now, he saw just how useless it was wearing jeans that had such a malfunction.

He continued to walk, but eased the last pieces of clothing down his legs and left them abandoned on the floor as he continued to walk towards the doorway.

"Yeah, but at the door there's this... Ah, you found it? Sorry. I keep meaning to move that to a different location."

"I'm at a door..."

"I honestly will hang it on its hinges before the next inspection, I swear."

Wayne carefully moved around the door and peered into the room.

It was a smallish room with a large canopied bed in the middle. A lot of books had obviously just evicted onto the floor, and the blue bed cover was definitely just made up. A candle lit the room with a warm glow. Bernard was sitting on the end of the bed wrestling with his shoes, his pants around his knees. He looked up at Wayne and grinned sheepishly. "I screwed up. First shoes, then pants. It doesn't work the other way around."

The man arched an eyebrow, a small, coy smile on his face. "So I see." Wayne said before walking into the room and knelt down in front of Bernard and began to help in the removal of not only shoes and socks, but his pants. "Here..."

"Thanks." Bernard tried to help, made the situation worse, and stopped.

"Here you go..." Wayne set his shoes down on the floor along with his socks before finally working the tan brown trousers off of Bernard's legs entirely as well as his underwear. He slowly looked up Bernard's body until his eyes met his, and smiled. "All better."

Both of them stopped, staring into each others eyes.

Then Wayne's hands were touching Bernard's shoulder and hair, and the two were kissing one another. Bernard ran both his hands through Wayne's beard, then to the back of his neck, then they, with a mind of their own, wandered down his back, and pulled. Bernard had soon coaxed the larger man forward so that he was over him on the bed, the kiss never breaking.

The heat radiating from Wayne was like standing near a furnace, and no matter where his hands happened to touch, it felt like he was leaving blazing trails of fire in their wake. Their kiss deepened effortlessly, both men now beginning to pant against each others lips as the desire for air began to smother their desire for one another.

They separated to breathe, and when Wayne looked at Bernard laying there beneath him he gave a soft chuckle since the man's glasses had fogged up. Reaching up he drew a lazy circle against one of the lenses. "How well can you see without them?" he asked.

"Things that are close are... okay. If they're the right sort of close. Too close and everything goes blurry again." Bernard blinked behind the lenses, his lashes touching one and leaving marks. "And of course, nothing is the perfect distance when I need it to be."

"How about now?" Wayne asked as he slowly slid the glasses away.

"Well, anything is an improvement from fog." Bernard pulled one hand back to rub his eyes. "But... You're mostly blur."

Wayne slowly pulled back. "Tell me when it's clearer."

"Too far."


Bernard frowned. "The problem with this is that you're now too far away to kiss."

Wayne laughed and drew in close again, and kissed him softly on the lips. "You're so problematic." I love it.

"You're so perfect."

The man of strength wanted to deny that, since he knew he wasn't. There were many things wrong with him, but felt now wasn't the time to argue with the man laying beneath him. Instead he focused his attention on kissing his way down Bernard's neck and shoulder as his hands ran up and down his beautifully shaped hips.

Bernard whimpered and struggled under him, a musical instrument he was learning to play. He soon found he could get a repeat of a particularly amusing noise several times, and Bernard snarled at him. "Cut that out!"

"Aw..." Wayne grumbled against Bernard's neck. "But that was... fun." but he pulled back, and stared down at him. "So, what shall we do instead?"

"I'm not indestructible. You tickle me that much I'll explode." Bernard ran his hands down Wayne's chest hair.

The man sighed heavily, finding this simple gesture far more pleasurable than he thought possible. "Hnnn..." his eyes shut for a moment. "All right, all right... I'll try to keep the tickling to a minimum."

"How about... we find out whether you're ticklish?" Bernard was running his hands slowly up Wayne's sides, now, tips of his fingernails attempting to dig into his impermeable flesh.

Wayne blinked slowly before tilting his head slightly to peer down at Bernard's fingers and their attempt to tickle him. He waited, and when nothing happened, he scowled. "Well. That's disappointing."

"I guess it was unlikely." Bernard pushed his hands through Wayne's furry front again, then unexpectedly leaned forward and licked a nipple.

This got a reaction. A shuddering, moaning reaction from the other man.

Bernard grinned, bared his teeth and bit down, first gently, then, realising who he was with, much harder. Of course it wouldn't hurt the man, nothing could hurt the man presently settled on top of him, but it was obvious he could be pleasured though. His mouth fell open and he made a low, hungry noise as his whole body shuddered.

"I like the sound of that" Bernard whispered, then bit and tugged, seeing just how far he could go.

"Ahh, oh God you..." Wayne tried to make words function they way that they were supposed to, but found they were refusing to cooperate. One of his hands pressed down against the mattress and gripped at the sheets, somehow managing to control himself enough so he didn't rip clear through the fabric or the bedding beneath it.

Bernard's hand found the other nipple, and he did his best to treat both of them the same way, a smirk on his face, then pulled away to watch the look on his lovers face.

Nobody had ever seen such an expression on Wayne's face before. This sort of thing never had happened before, finding himself in a situation like this. Of course it was new, and exciting, but was still relieved when Bernard stopped since too much might have caused an overload in his body. Breathing hard, he paused to swallow in an attempt to clear his mind, before opening his eyes and stared down at the man.

"...that," he said, "was definitely new."

"Good new, or bad new?" Bernard asked warily.

Wayne smiled and leaned down, bumping Bernard's forehead with his own and looked into his deep brown eyes. "Good."

"Good. I'm sure I can think up some more good new things as well."

"I'm sure you could." Wayne replied before kissing him yet again, having discovered just how wonderful it felt in the past hour. It was almost addictive.

Bernard's hands were everywhere, first his chest, where his nipples stood erect in their sea of fur, then his back and neck, and fingers tangled in his hair, then one hand slowly ran back down his back, lower and lower, stopping just short of where his trousers would usually start. Then the hand inched lower yet. Both of them, distracted from their kissing, stopped, staring at each other, as Bernard ran his fingers in a thoughtful circle on Wayne's perfect behind.

They stared at one another for a moment before Wayne chuckled, and shifted his hips slightly, a devilish grin now in place. "My turn, then." his hands which, up until now, had been moving just up and down Bernard's sides moved with greater purpose. They pushed down past his hips, slipped beneath the man's body and grabbed onto Bernard in a mirror of Bernard's wandering hand.

"You are so damn hot." Bernard hissed, almost flinching. "Your hands have no right to be so warm."

"Sorry, I could cool them down if you want?" Wayne asked, his thumbs tracing circles just like Bernard's were.

"No, no, keep them like that, it actually feels very very good."

"Very very good?" Wayne asked on a low chuckle before kissing at Bernard's neck again.

"Very very very..." Bernard squeaked. "Ai. Yes and that. I like hot baths as well."

"We'll have to share one together at some point." Wayne grinned before he began, once more, to kiss and nibble at Bernard's neck.

"Oh. Ooh yes we can do that. I..." Bernard whimpered as Wayne hit a tender point. "I... definitely want to do that."

"Your heartbeat's going so fast..." Wayne mumbled, refusing to remove his lips from his loves neck yet. "I can hear it even without my super hearing."

"Uhhuhhh..." Bernard's hand tightened on Wayne's hair, and he tried to pull him off. "Mmmmh heartbeat's all yours yes..."

"How... how about this..." very slowly, very cautiously, Wayne brought one of his hands around from Bernard's behind to his front. His thumb touched Bernard's excitement first, before he eventually ran his fingers over it.

Bernard cried out then panted in surprise, and writhed under the touch. He closed his eyes, smiling in pleasure. "You have my full and total attention."

"Like I didn't before?" Wayne asked with a smirk, as he dragged his fingers over the sensitive flesh once more.

"Oh, you've had my attention for a long time. I just... I just didn't think I had yours."

"You've had my attention ever since I first saw you dance." he answered truthfully as he kissed the man softly.

"I think that highly unlikely. When you first saw me dance, Kev and his posse were there. I was definitely not what everyone was looking at."

"You were what I was looking at." Wayne said pointedly as he closed his hand around Bernard's erection, fully enclosing it in his large, warm hand. "You're who I waited for every night I worked at that bar, not Kev, not Steve, not the men in those shorts. Only you."

"Hnnnnnnn" Bernard whimpered, twisting and shifting in the incredible heat the hand was providing.

"All right?" Wayne asked as he began to slowly move his hand up and down the shaft. "It was only you."

"Fffffind that rrrrreally tough to- to- believe..." Bernard's voice was completely different, now. It was fascinating.

"Think what you like, it's the truth." he pressed his thumb against the slit purposely. He felt the sticky evidence of just how excited Bernard was, so he slowly sped up the motions of his hand.

"Rrrrr." Bernard pulled Wayne closer for a kiss, pushing himself purposefully into Wayne's hand. "That's... That's going to lead to. Nnno don't stop..."

"I'm not, I'm not... wouldn't dare." Wayne whispered as he kept his word, his hand now set at a steady rhythm.

"On- on- second- thoughts..." Bernard put his hand on Wayne's, halting him "Second stupid thoughts, we should stop we should..."

Wayne, confused beyond belief, stopped. "Stop?" he asked, making no attempt at removing his hand.

"Th-there is... I mean we can... I mean... I'm not thinking straight. There is. Do you want to. I-I'm not sure how it would work b-but..."

"Do I want to what?" Wayne asked.

"Do you want to... Do it?"

"Yes." Wayne's answer was straight forward, and to the point. He even nodded. "I do."

Bernard reached with his left arm towards the edge of the bed, worked out that he was totally turned around, and gently pulled Wayne's hand away from himself. "There's a few technical things we have to do before we do that then." He tried to sit up.

Wayne moved back, giving the man room, nodding his head. "Yeah, I know."

Bernard sat up, went right forward, and pounced on Wayne, kissing him as he reached his own hands towards Wayne's own erections. After the kiss, he looked down. "I've heard of being a hand full... But this is... different."

"Ahhh... hhhnn... y-yeah I..." Wayne was startled by having Bernard's hands, both of them, suddenly grasping his dual erections. "Never had this before... I'm guessing?"

"Sort of the same... and new." Bernard stared as he ran his fingers gently over the doubled organ. "Interesting."

Wayne leaned back and dug his hands down into the bedding beneath him and moaned, probably louder than he would have liked, but he could not help it. Feeling someone elses' hands on his body like this, it was something he had been wanting, and waiting, for so long.

Bernard moved first one hand, then the other, finding a rhythm, fascinated by the sounds he was making Wayne make. A wide smirk appeared on his face, and he lowered his head and licked the end of one of Wayne's penises, experimentally.

At first there was no taste at all, which was slightly disappointing. Then, strangely, an odd flavour of sugar, and he frowned. Peculiar. More experimentation needed.

Just how Wayne was remaining not only motionless, but silent, throughout this was a mystery. His right to speak had been ripped from him the second Bernard's tongue had come in contact with him and, with wide eyes, had watched the man. Bernard gazed up at him as he very deliberately leaned back down to take another taste.

This time he remained there, taking his time to lick, and then suck, the head. Definitely sweet tasting. Not at all like anyone elses penis. New. Wayne was watching him like he had been frozen in time. Bernard sucked enthusiastically, both of his hands full of the remarkable double handful.

It seemed as though the longer Bernard was down there, the longer it took for time around the man to finally speed back up. He hadn't slowed things down, not at all, yet why had it felt like he had? He finally blinked after going who knows how long without doing it, and bowed his head forward as he shut his eyes, breath coming in deep, slow breaths.

"Were... weren't we..." Wayne finally found his voice from where it had hidden itself. "...g-going to... to... oh god Bernard..."

"Mmmmmmmm," Bernard mumbled in agreement, his voice buzzing against Wayne's flesh in the most enjoyable of ways.

"Nnghh!" Wayne shuddered at the sensation, since Bernard's tongue seemed to vibrate against him when he had mumbled.

Bernard finally pulled away, licking his lips, and tilted his head, watching Wayne on the bed in front of him. Definitely everything I wished for. When he let go of his double handful, Wayne whimpered slightly, and Bernard smirked as he flung himself over the side of the bed to rummage around underneath it.

Finally given the chance to catch his breath, Wayne took full advantage of it. Lord, what had come over him? He had never felt like that before, it was new and unexplored and he loved it. For the first time in his life, it had felt as though he was at someone elses mercy and for a man who had spent so much of his life being a pillar of strength and power it was more than just a shock.

Swallowing dryly he ran a hand against his forehead as he sat up, and watched Bernard as he searched for something underneath the bed. His naked bottom, white as snow, wiggled in the air, as he slid half under the bed, cursing softly. Giving a sly smirk he reached forward and boldly took hold of it, craning his neck slightly as he did.

"Found what you're looking for, yet?" he asked.

"There's a lot of books under here." came the muffled reply. "But I've found the right box. Just working out how to- Aha!" Bernard pulled himself out from under the bed, and kicked his legs, narrowly missing Wayne. "Uh... give me a hand back up please?"

Bernard felt strong hands grip him around his waist and effortlessly lift him up, and settle him back down on the bed so that his back was against Wayne's chest as the man allowed his hands to settle in his lap. "So what've you got there?" Wayne asked, peering over Bernard's shoulder.

"Spoonful of sugar." Bernard muttered, holding a small bottle of something close to his chest in an attempt to warm it up.

"Helps the medicine go down." Wayne answered back as he lifted a hand and prodded at Bernard's own. " it flavoured?" he asked with a grin.

Bernard snorted, then laughed, tilting his head to kiss the larger man on the cheek. "I have no idea why I'm the one so nervous about this."

"Hmm, by rights I should be the nervous one here."

"You're definitely not nervous." Bernard wriggled against the pair of boners he was sitting against. "Not nervous at all."

Wayne chuckled but it turned into a pleased sound, before he pressed a few kisses to Bernard's neck. "Well, I could become nervous soon. Maybe it takes my mind a moment to realize I should be feeling anything else."

"We mustn't let you think about it for too long then." Bernard wiggled cheerily, and then with more purpose. "Mmmm."

"Mmmm is right..." Wayne's breath was hot against his exposed neck, and those hands that had been settled quite nicely against his hips began to ease their way forward to touch Bernard's sensitive flesh for a second time tonight.

Bernards head fell back on his shoulder, and he moaned delightedly. "You are still so deliciously warm."

"Maybe you're making me warm up...?" Wayne asked as he carefully nipped at Bernard's shoulder, while his hand wrapped around the man's erection. "You're certainly doing something to me."

"Aaaaah... no, no, that would be youuuuu... doing..." Bernard gave up on talking, and shifted in his seat, one hand reaching up around Wayne's neck, the other trying to snake between them, the flask he had been holding dropped forgotten on the bed cover.

Wayne's hand was incredibly warm, just how it had felt before, as did his lips and breath as they traced flaming trails along the man's skin. It seemed neither of them could hold a conversation for long this evening, but given their present situation nobody could blame either man for their fault. Tonight seemed as though it was to be full of half-spoken sentences and hands dragging against hot, bare flesh.

Bernard pushed himself into Wayne's hand, lifted himself using the arm over Wayne's shoulder and neck, and rubbed pointedly against the rock-hard lumps behind him. Both the men gasped.

It got the point across loud and clear, and without any use of the human language at all. Wayne's voice was low as he moaned, once the initial gasp had left his system, and kissed at Bernard's neck with more purpose. His hips, meanwhile, gave a very pointed movement forward, pressing their bodies closer in a way they never had before.

"Exactly... Exactly right..." Bernard whispered whilst he rummaged frantically for the flask he had dropped. "So very much so." The flask had disappeared somewhere under both of them, and it took a little while to find. He somehow found it, and did his best to get the lid off one handed, whilst he still suspended himself from Wayne's shoulder, rocking and rubbing himself delightedly against Wayne.

"So, so how are we...?" Wayne asked breathlessly as his hips continued jerking forward every now and then, drawn into activity by Bernard's warm body continuously grinding down against him. His one free hand, the one not preoccupied with what lay between Bernard's legs, had dragged itself up to grasp at his chest and couldn't help but find it somewhat amusing at how fair Bernard's chest was in comparison to his own. He had body hair, of course, but it was so fair unlike his.

Bernard was chewing his own lip. He opened his mouth to gasp "Got an idea about that," and dropped the bottle entirely, left with the lid in his hand. "Damn."

Wayne helped, releasing one hand from him to lift up the bottle. "Do tell?" he asked.

"I want this..." He wriggled against something of Wayne's "Inside me," he took the bottle from Wayne "before I go completely insane." he did his best to empty the bottle onto Wayne's hand, and pulled the hand insistently, a pleading look on his face.

The man smiled at him, before winking. "Now how could I say no to a face like that?" he asked. While he had experience doing this sort of, well, preparation it was normally done on himself. Doing it to another man, on the other hand, was a whole other kettle of fish but just as before, he wasn't feeling as nervous as he thought he would. Maybe it was Bernard that set his mind at ease like this. He wouldn't question it, either way, since he busied himself with pressing even more kisses to the man's cheek and neck as his slicked hand drew back and pushed down between them to do its job.

Bernard moved in unexpected directions and there was a confused moment where both of them were not meeting up, but then the searching finger found its intended target and Wayne had a whole new musical instrument to play. Bernard was very vocal about his enjoyment of this, and his mouth was very near Wayne's ear.

He took great care to memorize just what movement drew what noise out of his lovers mouth, and took great pleasure from hearing those sounds and knowing it was he and he alone behind the cause. Wayne breathed harshly through his nose, breath forever hot against Bernard's shoulder, as he felt the other man's body still brush down against his excitement.

It was a great distraction, and extremely enjoyable, but this wasn't getting him closer to what he needed. Wayne gently pushed Bernard forward, unto the bed in front of him, and applied himself to the task. It wasn't until Bernard was moving desperately beneath him, hands gripping at the bedsheets, that Wayne felt this was probably the time. "Ready, right?" he asked, surprised at the tone in which his voice came out in.

"Yes. Yesyesyes. Please?" Bernard squirmed on his fingers, both hands twisted in the fabric.

Wayne nodded. "Right, yes..." he said as he stared down at himself and suddenly wondered... well. Which one do I use? For a brief second he deliberated before finally settling on using the top one. It would be easier, right?

He hoped so, anyway.

So with both hands now gripping Bernard's hips he drew himself closer to the man's body and felt a rush of pleasure at the heat that was coming off of Bernard's body, for once, rather than the other way around. He shut his eyes, took a deep breath to calm his mind, and pressed forward.

It seemed to take a ridiculously long time for Wayne to take that final step but Bernard was determined not to rush him. Wayne's hands closed around Bernards' hips and he was extremely aware that those overheated hands could crush him to powder, and yet he didn't care at all. Then Wayne pushed and it seemed to Bernard that he was filling him with fire.

Wayne was renown for being indestructible, Metro Man was known to have no weaknesses. How many times he had clashed with his nemesis Megamind? How many times had lasers, spikes, and other deadly creations had been been thrown at him in so many different ways? Nothing had hurt him, nothing had stunned him or given him pause. Yet suddenly, now, with Bernard's body pressing down around one of the most sensitive parts of his anatomy it felt as though none of that had ever happened. He didn't feel weak, per se, but he didn't feel like the man of strength he was known to be. The heat and muscle of Bernard's body was illuminating, and the man shut his eyes and let his hot, heavy moan describe what this felt like.

It was mirrored exactly in Bernard's moan, the only perfect reply. Bernard pushed himself back into Wayne's center at just the right moment, and allowed him even deeper inside, emphasizing the moan even further.

This is new, thought Bernard, carefully. That which was inside him was both new and not, and a good deal warmer than anything he had experienced before, but far more different in this situation was the other thing which rubbing in a most fascinating way against his own erection.

Every girl in the history of the universe would have some idea of what to do with that, and here I am... Bernard thought desperately, as it rubbed, and he squealed. Wayne paused, worriedly, and Bernard panted "Don't stop. Don't ever stop." only to squeal again as Wayne thrust and rubbed in one inexorable movement.

Wayne hadn't expected to hear Bernard squeal over anything, but it was a lovely addition to what was fast becoming an incredible new experience. He could feel his muscles twitch with every movement, still an easy and fluid-like in motion, but he could tell by the way that Bernard was clawing at the bedsheets and pushing back onto him with every heavy pant and squeal that things would become faster paced relatively soon.

Bernard snarled into the fabric of his bed. Too slow too slow but even though he tried to speed the movement up Wayne forcefully kept it slow and Bernard had no way of controlling it. And it had an unexpected effect, building up inside the core of his being, as hot as the fiery organs he had accosting him. And it was good.

"Bernard... hnnn..."

"Oh man Wayne..." They both spoke at the same time, and stopped, lost in mutual sensation.

The larger man gave a soft chuckle as he gently guided one of his hands up Bernard's bare back, until he was grasping his shoulder. "You're... amazing..." he panted, giving his hips another rock forward, purposely deeper and faster in comparison to his movements before.


"Ahh... a new... sound?" he asked. "Let's... hear that again..."

"Aaaiiii..." Bernard squeaked.

"Huh... new... I like it..." Wayne bent forward, pushing himself just that little bit deeper, and his mouth found Bernard's shoulder and he kissed him.

Bernard gave up all attempts at real thought, and lived in the moment. The pressure inside him, hot and large and making him seem to burst, the rubbing against his erection, insistent, always there, the grip of Wayne's hand on his hip, his shoulder, in the side of his ribs, all over him, so strong, impossible to fight, not that he would ever think to do so. The breath on his back, Wayne nuzzling the back of his neck. Moment after moment, instant after instant.

And Wayne was getting faster. It was a slower acceleration than he had ever had before, and he at first thought it was too slow, but now he realised that it was exactly what he had been missing in the past. Other lovers fucked him for their own benefit... Wayne had a different goal.

His lips were hot against his shoulder, and he felt them move from there to his neck, before the mans lips were lost momentarily in his mess of brown hair. Wayne suddenly let out a low, almost irritated, growl before the warmth against his back pulled away. "No, no..." The man muttered as his hands slid down Bernard's body until they both gripped his hips.

Then Wayne pulled away from him completely, leaving Bernard feeling remarkably rejected. "No! No, come back!" he whimpered, struggling.

"I am, I am, don't worry, don't worry..." Wayne reassured him as his hands were back, touching his back tenderly. "I just... want to change something..." that's when he, once more without any effort, lifted the man and rolled him over so Bernard was now being settled with his back against the bed. "Is this all right?" he asked, hands already gripping Bernard's body as he now knelt over him, wanting to return so desperately he was amazed he was even capable of both holding himself back, and even asking.

"It will be in a minute." Bernard pulled him closer.

The fire was back, alarmingly fast, and it felt somehow different to the way it had the first time. Probably because this time, Wayne's mouth found his own and they kissed desperately as their bodies feverishly reunited. So goddamn warm Bernard thought as he was pulled closer and closer into Wayne's embrace.

Wayne's weight pressed down against him but never enough to crush him; Wayne was probably all too aware of what he could do to the skinny man if he wasn't careful. But either way, he could feel those strong, indestructible muscles and their thick covering of body hair press down against his body. His hands helped position Bernard's legs, so they ended up wrapping around down low on his back, and just as before he felt the second sex (which beforehand had been the other way around) grind against his own erection, both of them trapped between their two bodies.

Bernard curled his back and moaned into Wayne's mouth. Different again, the sensations were somehow getting better and better despite the fact that this seemed an impossible feat. And yet again Wayne was going too slowly. Bernard whimpered, shifted, and pushed and did his best not to rush him.

It definitely was worth the time. He was being filled with liquid fire, Wayne was kissing him on the mouth, the cheek, the ear, biting his lip, and all the while there was insistent rubbing not only inside him but along his own shaft, a thorough friction which electrified everything.

After what felt like no time, and yet also a small eternity, Wayne's movements finally started gaining speed like they had before. The force was enough to push Bernard upwards on the bed with every second or third thrust of Wayne's body, but thankfully Wayne seemed somehow aware enough to spot this so before the other man's head would hit the bed frame he lifted a hand and pressed it against the wall.

And yet his lips never left Bernard's skin once.

The delirious friction and pressure of Bernard's body moving against both of his sexes was unlike anything he had experienced before. Hands were one thing, but having not only somebody like Bernard but somebody he honestly cared about being here was like throwing fuel onto a fire. Said fire, which had been growing ever since he and Bernard had been kissing on the couch surrounded by all those books, spiked dangerously within him, and he knew what that meant. The tight coil, ready to snap and break, was growing tighter and tighter with every push and it wouldn't be long now.

Why did it have to end?

Apparently so that he could hear some exciting new noises from Bernard. In hindsight, he had been able to predict this moment for some time. In reality, it took him, and appeared to take Bernard, rather by surprise.

The fire ran right through Bernard, hit something deep inside him, and howled in surprise as Wayne rode him right over the edge. As stars raced across his vision and fire ran to the tips of his extremities, he managed, "Oh ho ho ho …..METRO MAAAAN!" and the world became both infinitely big and smaller than the smallest point, all at once.

The name, or more specifically, the title that Bernard had chose to cry out surprised the man but his surprise was soon blown away and forgotten when the body beneath him did something deliriously pleasing. There was a sudden rush of pressure, combined with the pitch in Bernard's voice, his heart racing within his chest, and the feeling of his lovers climax splashing over his stomach was what grabbed his restraint and pulled him too, down over the edge.

His whole body slammed forward, drawn towards Bernard's by a force he could no longer deny. His whole body felt as if it was on fire, exploding every single molecule in his body, and it felt vastly different to when he would reach this kind of end when he was alone. "B-BERNARD!" his voice came out far louder than he had thought, as his orgasm struck him with such a force it left him breathless.

Naturally having two penises meant two exit points so not only did Bernard end up being filled by the man, but his stomach got splashed as well and not exactly at the same time either.

Bernard was distracted by other things however. "Ow!" he yelled, not so much in pain as in surprise, as he was pushed deep into his bed, Wayne grabbing him in a crushing embrace. "Woah!" both of them rode aftershocks, tangled in fabric. They were both now on their sides, and Bernard was relatively sure that there had been a tearing sound mixed up in the final few sounds, and he didn't care, didn't care.

The best sex I've ever had, and we're still at the early awkward phase of the relationship, Bernard thought to himself, then realised one of the awkward parts and cringed inwardly. There was no way that Wayne could not have noticed that...

Of course it took little time for Wayne to catch his breath back since it seemed not even sex itself was enough to render the man completely exhausted. Still, he lifted a hand and wiped it at his forehead, shutting his eyes as he did unless he wanted sweat getting in them. When he lowered his hand, he opened his eyes, and smiled at the smaller man who still had his arms and legs wrapped around him as if letting go was the worst thing that could happen.

" about," he said quietly as he trailed his hand along Bernard's jaw, "next time we try for my name?" he asked on a small, amused smile.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry..." Bernard whispered whilst he hung on desperately, not wanting the whole embrace to end.

Wayne couldn't help but smile, even if he felt a little sorry for the embarrassed blush now spreading over Bernard's face. "Hey don't be...! You knew me as Metro Man far longer than you knew me as Wayne. It's okay, it's okay..." he kissed his forehead softly, beard tickling him as he did. " about I wear my costume, though, next time? Would you like that?" he asked with a playful grin.

"Oh god." Bernard hid his face in Wayne's chest, then continued, his voice muffled "Although I do want to see you in that, that would be awesome."

The larger man chuckled. "I can arrange that."

The End