Thanks SO MUCH, you guys :D For all the reviews and support; so I bowed down to the peer pressure and I now present to thee – an extra chapter from Harvey's perspective (And this really is the last one XD). It's shorter than the other one – which isn't hard XD But hopefully you all still like it :)

Harvey shut the door to his condo and dragged his associate over to the couch. He could feel the heat radiating off Mike, and examined him with a keen, lawyer's eye.

Mike shuffled uncomfortably. "Why are you staring at me?" He murmured, rubbing at his eyes which just made Harvey think of a toddler who had missed his nap.

"'Cause you're too warm, kid," he told him, going over to his fridge to pull out some ice. "And I'm wondering whether you should go to hospital or not."

"Harvey, I don't need to go to the hospital!" Mike argued, giving a very girly squeal as Harvey put a bag of ice on the back of his neck. "God, why is it so cold?" He whined unhappily, trying to remove the ice. All he got for his troubles was a slap on the hand.

"Leave it alone," Harvey ordered in a sing-song voice. "You don't want to go to hospital, you do as I say."

Mike huffed and looked away, not caring that he was pouting. "It's too cold," he whimpered drowsily, looking back at Harvey with large puppy eyes that only served to make Harvey smirk. However, the older man then gave him a sympathetic smile.

"I'm sorry, kid. We need to get your fever down," he looked down at Mike's hands. "I think I have some bandages or gauze or something in my cupboards," he muttered to himself, and went over, rifling through his medicine drawer. "Aha!" he said victoriously. He grabbed a tube of anti-septic cream out too, and was soon sat opposite Mike, whose fever ridden eyes gazed at him with trepidation.

"What are you going to do?" He asked blearily.

"I'm going to use these to gag you and then force you to inhale the cream," Harvey deadpanned, giving him a look. "What do you think I'm doing?" He didn't expect an answer, but got one anyway.

"Wondered why you were holding a bandage and zit cream," Mike replied quietly, slipping back on the sofa.

"It's to help with the infection, genius," Harvey told him in an annoyed tone.

"I am a genius," Mike told him haughtily, pulling himself up on the couch slightly. "My grandma got my IQ tested in high school – you know what it was then?"

"Something that will embarrass me when put in contrast with my own?" Harvey muttered, already knowing the kid had a freakin' computer for a brain anyway.

"I scored 185. Apparently for an average person, it's 100 – that means I have the IQ of 1 and 3 quarters people. I think…" Mike went off on a tangent, his brain so fevered he couldn't work out how many quarters of people he was. Harvey wasn't listening. He had at first glanced up in shock at the number, but quickly went back to wrapping Mike's palms.

Done with them, he moved down to his associate's knees. "What are you doing now?" Mike asked.

Forgoing his usual sarcasm, Harvey simply answered: "Doing your knees as well. What happened?"

"Told you," he sniffed. "Fell off my bike."

Harvey had a feeling that there was more to this than he was letting on, but decided to give it a rest. It was unfair to interrogate the kid while he was ill.

"Harvey?" He glanced up from Mike's reddened, swollen knees. "Do you think that Louis looks like a rat?"

Harvey burst out laughing.

Yeah, while the kid had a valid point, he wouldn't exactly talk much sense for a while now.

There was a knock at his door at about half seven in the evening. Harvey got up from where he was watching the game on the TV and quickly glanced through to his room, where Mike had passed out on the bed. He would need comfier clothes, Harvey thought as he went to answer the door.

He opened it to find Donna stood there. "Donna, what are you doing here?" She held out a large Tupperware container filled with… "Did you bring me round some vomit?" He regretted saying that, as her face turned livid.

"This is my mother's recipe for chicken soup! It works wonders with colds and I guess he has one as well as the infection – which, by the way I picked some antibiotics up for," she sniffed at him and glanced around. "Did you kill him?"

"Yes," he told her calmly. "He got so annoying, what with his fever and all that I decided I would be better off killing him and finding a new toy to play with."

"Well warn me in advance when you're intending shopping for a new one," she warned him. "Your schedule is now fully booked for a while. I'd say that you owe me, but…"

"But I pay you?" He offered, again glancing into his room. "Now if you don't mind, I have an associate passed out on my bed that I need to get back to."

"Isn't that like most nights?" Donna asked coyly, an innocent smile on her face.

"Goodbye, Donna," he smiled at her and closed the door, only realising afterwards that he was stuck holding the heavy container of… soup? He shuddered; glad that he wasn't the one who had to eat it. He put it in the fridge and grabbed a cup to fill with water. He wasn't really the nursing type, but he knew enough to keep Mike hydrated. He grabbed the antibiotic that Donna had given and went to his bedroom.

Putting the glass on his beside table, he stood up to watch the kid for a second. His face was flushed, and he kept muttering and twitching. "Don't think this constitutes as caring," Harvey warned him; unbuttoning Mike's shirt so he could put a lighter t-shirt on instead. "And don't think that this counts as sleeping your way up the ladder either," he smiled at his joke, finally pulling the shirt off his unconscious associate. He swore slightly. Mike was so thin. If the kid had been a puppy then Harvey would probably have scooped him off the street and fed him up before realising that – yes it may be a mutt and have some kind of infestation – he'd grown accustomed to it and didn't want to get rid of it.

Frowning at his odd thought process, he looking in his wardrobe before finding an old grey top that he never wore anymore but couldn't be bothered throwing out. He then frowned as he realised that Mike's pants – although dry now from the rain, would still be too uncomfortable. "You tell anyone about this," Harvey snarled as he unbuckled Mike's belt, "and I will personally make sure that Louis knows you give out free favours like this to all partners at the firm," it was just a small prod – he didn't know or care if Louis was gay, but sniping at something made him feel better as he uncomfortably pulled Mike's trousers down, thankful that the kid wore boxers.

He decided to just leave the boxers on and not give him something else to wear. "Right, kid – you need to wake up 'cause this is going down in one," Harvey told him grimly, picking up the bottle of pills and unscrewing the cap. He pulled two out after reading the side of the bottle and put them on the bed stand, next to the cup of water.

He pulled Mike up to a sitting position and shook him. "C'mon, kid – wake up," he muttered, happy when Mike's eyes opened.

They were glassy, and Harvey would have been worried, if it weren't for the sudden: "Dad?"

"Sorry, kid – it's Harvey. Now," he tried to establish normality again by grabbing the cup and pills, "I need you to take these pills. Okay?"

Mike pushed his hands away, "I don't w'nna take pills," he whimpered. "Where's Mom?" he asked quietly, and Harvey was horrified to find that what he thought were beads of sweat were actually tears, slowly seeping out from under Mike's eyelids. "Why isn't she here?"

Harvey started to panic. Sure, hallucinations that were of stupid things – hell, if the kid was seeing Louis in a tutu he could adapt; but thinking he was with his parents? Harvey didn't know what to do. All he knew was that they had died when his Mike was younger. "Take the pills, Mike," was all he said, pushing them closer to his face.

Thankfully, Mike took them but looked at Harvey warily. "'f I take them… you'll go get Mom?"

Harvey squeezed his eyes shut for a second. "Sorry, Mike," he replied softly. "I can't."

He wanted to go dig their bodies up and bring them here, seeing that look on Mike's face. "Won't take them without Mom or Dad," Mike slurred.

Fine, Harvey decided – he was a lawyer; what else could he do but lie? "Your dad's here, Mike," he said gently, nodding towards the door. "You take those and he'll come see you," Mike gazed at him but swallowed the pills, drinking the water as well. "Good boy," Harvey said quietly, taking out a thermometer. "Now, put this in your mouth."

Mike took it and held it in his mouth for a minute. The silence seemed to stretch forever, and when the thermometer finally beeped, Harvey hastened to take it out of Mike's mouth. Okay, 102; he could adapt to that, right?

After 2 hours, Harvey was convinced that Mike's temperature was going down. He checked intermittently, regardless of the fact that he really needed sleep. It was now 4 in the morning, and Harvey was lying on his couch. The kid had had a few rough hours, no question. When his dad hadn't appeared like Harvey had promised, he had tried to get out of bed, tears trickling down his face.

Harvey had managed to get him back into bed (And he could hear Donna's voice in his head mocking him for getting someone into bed so easily) but was then forced to back away as Mike had whispered, "Thanks, Dad…" and slipped off into – what Harvey had hoped – sleep.

Damn kid, getting his emotions all out of whack, Harvey growled to himself, before checking on Mike one more time. He had started shivering, so Harvey had grabbed some silk pyjama bottoms and pulled them up Mike's legs, happy that they weren't as warm as they had been.

"Okay," Harvey said to himself as it neared half 6. "I'll let the kid sleep. I'll leave him a note or something." He decided to litter notes everywhere, in case Mike didn't read all of it. He left notes where he knew the kid would look - the fridge, and then with the bowls after he was ordered to eat soup. Then his wardrobe where he knew the kid would look after finding his suit wasn't there. This Harvey had in a bag, ready to go to his cleaner's. He then remembered one more thing and left a note on the back of the door.

When he found the note from Mike in his office, he laughed and started to look into bike prices. And then he invested in some post-its.

He had a feeling he would need them.

Yeah, it's not as long as the first one, I hope no one minds :S But I'm now REALLY thinking about some sort of multichapter with little ficlets of Harvey and Mike leaving each other post it notes everywhere XD So, yeah - let me know what you thought :D