Chapter Three

Natsume stared at a picture of woman with auburn hair tied into pigtails. She was attractive enough; she had almond shaped eyes complementing her dark chocolate orbs, her face is heart shaped coincidently adding charms to her endearing nose, her lips were luscious and elegantly formed. She was smiling on the photograph. This was the face that would solve Natsume's dilemma.

After a thorough investigation was made on Ruka, he found out that Ruka too had used the agency that he hired to find a woman, Mikan Sakura, the agency found that Mikan Sakura was a close friend of Ruka since he was child, they were close friends until Nogi moved to another city. They both lost contact with one another, and recently Nogi took the initiative to find Mikan.

Natsume was going to play a game, and Mikan Sakura will be his pawn.

He smirked then comfortably raised his hand over his head, resting the back of his hand in his palm as he slowly leaned back on his chair. He was a ruthless when it came to his plans, Ruka was finished after his plan was over.

He had concocted a plan. His preliminary plan evolved hiring this woman to be his pretend girlfriend.

But his plans didn't stop there. He plans to ruin the bastard's life. Ruka Nogi was lawyer, such a shame because Natsume had bigger plans, that involve ruining his work reputation and making it know that Nogi was lousy lawyer to work with, and his words were as good as gold.

His preliminary plans involve, Mikan Sakura would act as his girlfriend, and he somehow figured out that Ruka had feelings for Mikan. Deceiving Ruka into believing that Mikan was dating him (being called a playboy had its benefits), Ruka would be protective of her. His next move was to make Ruka fall for Mikan. Ruka falling for Mikan would instantly confused Nogi from getting married to his sister.

His reasons were the only solution for his current predicament was that to find a woman to break his sister's wedding; a woman who could distract Ruka and change his mind.

Many men's weakness were women, they could control you if you don't know how to play the game.

Natsume Hyuuga was not one of those men who fell for the tricks of women.

Mikan Sakura's job was easy. She only had to make Ruka Nogi fall for her. Pretending to be his girlfriend would be just a way for them, to actually be close again and get Ruka to react.

It was such a bonus when Natsume found out that Mikan Sakura was on the verge of foreclosing her family owned shop, she was in debt. This made pursuing her to accept his preposition much easier. Not that Natsume thought he won't succeed because he knew that once he have put his mind into something, he always succeeded.

He knew that his plan would affect his sister. He didn't want to hurt his sisters but giving her a summary of how Ruka Nogi worked, will eventually make her realize it was for her own good. Nobody messes with him or his family. Everyone pays for their mistakes.

Ruka was about to get drench in the storm without any covers insight.

Mikan Sakura was seated in the conference room where she last talked to Ruka and Aoi. She was waiting for Aoi. She was so unsure of her plans. For she knew she didn't have the guts to asked Aoi to lend her money.

She was so unsure.

She sighed. She couldn't do it.

She clutched her visitor badge and elevator card.

She need to leave, she just could do it.

She was about to stand from her seat when Aoi entered the room.

"Mikan! What a surprised! Did we missed something, yesterday?" Aoi asked as she entered the room and sat beside Mikan.

Mikan couldn't reply.

It was not her nature to asked people for favors. She was too independent, and really she didn't want her friend to be bothered by her problems.

"Uhhh- you see." Mikan murmured softly.

"Yes?" Aoi asked with worry.

When Mikan saw Aoi's expression, she redirected herself. No she couldn't worry her friends, newly acquired or long time for the matter.

"Yeah, I forgot to ask you…" Mikan tried to side-step. "I forgot to ask…What your favorite flowers is."

"Oh!" Aoi sounded surprised. "We'll I love the roses, you gave me yesterday. Maybe we can work with red roses."

Mikan nodded. And they talked more about theme for the flowers.

While Mikan left the conference room she felt drained. She felt like a failure, she couldn't help her grandfather.

She entered the elevator. She swiped her card over the panel about to press the letter "G" when suddenly she swayed. The elevator doors were closing. She blindly pressed a button.

She couldn't scream, for help. She was blacking out. All of her thoughts were immediately seized and all she could feel was her body falling.

"Cancel, my meetings today." Natsume barked at his assistant.

He was going to call Mikan Sakura an unexpected visit.

When he got to the elevator, he crouched down. A woman lain in the elevator floor. Her hair was in pigtails. The similarity instantly hit him. This was the woman. This was Mikan Sakura.

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