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"What do you mean no?" Said the now in tears Konata

"When I say no I mean no!" Yelled the obviously drunk Sojiro at his daughter

"But why can't you accept me for who I am?" Konata yelled back at her father

"Do you think your mother would accept this?" Sojiro yelled and nearly fell over.

"My mom would accept me for who I was!" Konata yelled but was interrupted by a sudden slap from her father.

"Don't you dare bring her into this!" Sojiro yelled at his daughter.

"That's it!" Screamed Konata as she ran out her front door with nothing but her cell phone and her clothes with her.

"Fine leave, but don't expect to be allowed to come back!" Sojiro yelled at his daughter before slamming the door, leaving Konata out in the cold brisk winter air.

Konata took a walk to calm down, she was crying in puddles and she had no idea what to do. She knew that her father could go over the edge when drunk but she never expected what had happened.

After sitting down on a nearby bench Konata decided it was best that she asked Kagami if she could stay with her for the time being.

Konata pulled out her phone and tried Kagami's cell phone twice and she hoped that she could get her attention.

Finally Kagami answered with an angry "Hello" as she was just woken up from an amazing dream, and wasn't in the mood to talk at the moment.

"Hey, umm, can I come over and stay at your house, I need a little help and…" she started to say before Kagami interrupted her.

"NO!" Shouted the now angry Kagami "You wake me up in the middle of the night asking if you can stay over at my house for probably some stupid reason again!"

"But, Kagami…" Konata tried to explain but she couldn't get very far before being interrupted again

"No buts, I know what you're trying to do! You're trying to copy all the homework that we were assigned tonight, well I've put up with it for too long! Don't call me back!" Yelled Kagami before she slammed the phone down.

Now Konata was in tears again, but this wasn't like when her father had kicked her out. These were tears of complete anger and regret. She didn't expect her best friend to snap at her like that.

"What's the point, nobody loves me!" Konata yelled before throwing her phone. Unfortunately unlike what she expected the phone traveled into the nearby pond and after a few Crackles and sizzles, the phone died and was completely useless.

When Konata heard the noise she had a feeling like someone just punched her straight in the gut. Now she was without a home and a cell phone. As the Small Otaku dawned on what had happened she only sat there quietly thinking about how much has gone wrong in the past hour.

"Oh no oh no oh no oh no!" She yelled inside her head "My cell phone is gone now too! I can't believe it! First I get kicked out then Kagami rejects me and now I ruined my cellphone!"

She had lost all hope by now and she couldn't help from crying. It started to soak the clothing she was wearing and made her colder than ever but she continued to cry, thinking the same thing over and over.

"All those people that would make fun of me were right I am just a useless Otaku."

Finally after a half an hour she finally cried herself to sleep on the park bench.

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