Well, I never thought that I'd be writing on this story again! It's odd, it's like I'm taking out a movie that I haven't watched in ages, and watching it again. This is the final part of the Extravaganza, also if you noticed, no you're not crazy, and I DIDN'T make another One-Shot for today like I said I was going to, but I'm writing this ON THE DAY that I'm uploading it, if that's not behind schedule, then I don't know what is. I am a bit happy to be writing this NOW though, mostly because of the fact that a YEAR AGO TODAY, around this time, was when I was writing the first chapter of Runaway Otaku. It took about 15 minutes just to write, and it only had about 800 words in it (that's including A/N), but I'm glad to be re-writing this. Read on as I cry a bit on the inside.

"Wha…what do you mean, no?" Konata said, surprised by her father's response to what she had just said, as tears welled up in her eyes.

"When I say no I mean NO!" yelled Sojiro who was obviously drunk. He had been trying to get a promotion in his Photo Journalism job, but when he got the news back, it wasn't as well as he had hoped. He had just spent the last 2 hours at a bar downtown.

"Why can't you just accept it?" Konata yelled, the tears streaming down her face.

"Do you think that your mother would allow this?" Sojiro said, as he had to grab the side table to stop from falling over. "Well? Do you?"

"She would accept me for who I AM, not who she wants me to be!" Konata said

"No! She would agree with me!" Sojiro yelled almost every word he said being slurred. "She always did agree with me!"

"My mother loved me!" she yelled in Sojiro's face "My mother wouldn't yell at me….!"

Konata didn't get to finish what she was saying, before her father's hand made contact with her check, causing her to fall to the floor, her face a deep red shade from both from the slap, and her crying.

"How dare you bring your mother into this!" Sojiro screamed, forgetting that he was the one who had brought her up in the first place.

"That's it!" Konata yelled as she ran past him, and out the doorway. "Go to hell you jerk!"

She moved down the path and through the gate, to the road where she kept on running. She nearly ran into a guy on her way out, but didn't stop to apologize, in fear of him seeing her. He recognized her, though, but by the time he realized it, she was gone.

"Fine, Go ahead and leave! Don't expect to be let back in when you come back, though!" Sojiro yelled out to her, as he slammed the door and locked it.

It was already 11:00 at night, later than she had planned to tell her father her secret, but he hadn't come back until just then, and she had to wait for him, only to be hurt. She had only brought her cell phone, and the clothes that she had on, considering that she had rushed out without even thinking about how she would eat or get a change of clothes.

A cool breeze rolled through the trees, signaling that winter was starting soon, and that snow, and cold temperatures were soon coming to Japan.

As she ran into a park nearby her house, she stopped to sit on a bench, and calm down a little bit. The realization of everything that had just happened hit her hard, but she kept strong, and thought of the best solution to the issue.

After a bit of thinking, she figured that if she called Kagami and told her what was going on, then she might be able to stay with her family for a few nights, so she took out her cell phone, and pressed 1 on her speed dial to call Kagami's cell phone.

She listened to the phone ring, before it got to her voice mail, but Konata just called back again. Finally, after trying to call her twice before, Kagami had finally answered the phone.

"What is it?" Kagami asked into the phone, a bit annoyed at having been woken up from a really good dream involving Ice Cream, Chocolate, and Tsukasa and Miyuki surfing in a fondue.

"Hey, Kagami." Konata said, trying not to sound too sad, or like she needed help. "Any chance I can come over to…"

"For the love of GOD, Konata!" Kagami yelled into the phone, cutting her off "No, I know you just want to copy that really large homework assignment for tonight."

"But, Kagami…." Konata said before getting cut off again.

"No, I may be pretty easy, and let you people copy my homework a lot, but I have to draw the line here!" she yelled "It's 11:00 at night, just go to bed, and stop playing all those stupid MMO's all night long, now good bye!"

With that, she hung up, leaving Konata there, not knowing what had just happened. After a bit of thought, Konata screamed, and threw her phone across the dark park.

"Nobody wants me!" she yelled before she heard a noise that made her heart sink.

Her phone had sailed over all the bushes, and dodged all the trees, but it landed directly into a small pond on the other side of the hill. It made some crackling and some sizzling noises when it hit the water, but after a few seconds it had died, just like Konata's hopes.

"God damn it!" she screamed "Why me? Why now?"

She then cried herself to sleep, hoping that no pervert or rapist would come across her in the night, and try anything, but the worst of her concerns, was how she was going to live on the cold, unforgiving streets.

There you GO! I finished this in about 45 minutes and it STILL is only about 1,200 words! I guess that there was less in that first chapter than I had originally thought, and the only things I could add was more dialogue to some characters, and more description of scenery. Even THAT seems small! Oh well, it was fun! This whole 4 day thing has been fun! I've gotten so much positive feedback from the Barricade chapters, and people just seem to love the stuff. Now it's been a year since I wrote the first chapter, and I'm a bit sad now! To think that my story has only taken up about 4 months of time, while it took me a year to write it! I mean cmon! How I managed to keep It that short is beyond me (oh yeah it's called 3 months of sitting on my lazy ass not writing a chapter at all. X/) Of course Smusher managed to get a WEEK spread out to 40 chapters, so who knows. Next big update SHOULD be for my Birthday on the 30th of this month! My trip to New York City was one of the presents, and I got to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway! It was EPIC, I can't believe that they can do that in a PLAY! Well enough small talk, I gotta go to bed before I pass out in the monkey suit I'm still wearing. Night, and Happy One Year of Runaway Otaku! Bye-Niiii!