A/N Okay, so this is going to be the part where I put up my deleted scenes/ outtakes/ un-needed materials for my story. The full story hasn't always been quite told, then again most stories really aren't. You watch those movies that you've read the books to and think, "hey they didn't put that scene in there". Sometimes there isn't enough space or it just doesn't go with the character you're trying to portray. Almost every single chapter is truthful in terms of me. But there is a whole other side I didn't get to talk about which is quite important to me.

In Tears Fell into the Water you may find Bridget to be very quiet, unspoken, shy and not so trustful when it comes to meeting new people. But there is a whole other side to her that you haven't seen. In this I'm hoping you'll get a clear picture of the whole Bridget and the whole me that I didn't get to talk about throughout the story. So hopefully you see not only Bridget but Brooke in this.

I really hope you enjoy reading these outtakes/deleted scenes/unneeded materials in this. If you have any requests please just ask and I will write it up and post it eventually. I am busy these days with school stuff and this really good book series I am reading. But I am not abandoning you guys. I couldn't do that to you! Well, until next time I guess! Have a great day/night

Not only is this my first scar but an insight to her past as well. I think this will describe it in depth before the bullying had come in. This chapter has happened to me when I was three, but it happened just a little bit differently. It was daytime.

P.S- If you managed to read all of that then wow! Thanks. A/N

Bridget's Real First Scar

It was the stroke of twilight and the stars were beginning to shine down on the earth, almost smiling in glee. You could almost hear the magical whispering of the trees as they blew in the breezy wind around them. The silent giggles of a little Bridget were erupting from her as she began running through the house, trying to find the unknown voice of a cartoon playing on the T.V.

Jocelyn had been on the phone, ordering the dinner she couldn't have been bothered to cook herself. It had been a long, stressful day at work with a screaming boss and an angry assistant. Clearing her head had been almost impossible as she tried to think of an order suitable for her and Bridget.

"Can I please get one….-"Her sentence was cut off by a loud scream laced in pain. "Shit!" She swore. "I'm sorry I have to go" She didn't even bother hanging up as the phone slipped from her grasp and fell the ground with a small, but hardly silent "thump"

"Bridget? Where are you?" She could hear the small sobs coming from the little girl balled up on the ground in a fetal position on the stone cold ground outside. She saw blood pouring out of her lip as she quivered and twisted. Jocelyn was beyond horrified as she took a step forward to place a hand on Bridget's shoulder. "What happened" She whispered too afraid to speak any louder for a strange fear of losing the only good thing in her life.

As Bridget lifted her head up to her mother, Jocelyn gasped, a small shriek of surprise arising. She bent down, picking the limp girl in her arms tight. "Shh, sweetie. Mommy's here, it's going to be alright." But, there was that thing in the back of her mind that was questioning herself. Wondering if everything indeed was going to be alright, she was not only trying to reassure her daughter, but herself too. What if things weren't going to be okay, what would happen if… If something bad happened to her only daughter? This little girl had changed her life from the very beginning.

There had always been something peculiar about Bridget's eyes. The way they would always change from one colour to another. One day they would be slightest of browns then the next the darkest of greys. Sometimes they were even the colour of an emerald stone. There was always something about here, a flare that went off when she was in the most angriest mood. Her lips would quiver down into the smallest frown that only just slightly bared her teeth. Sometimes her anger was as fiery as her red hair.

When Jocelyn had seen her in the woods she grew a certain attachment to her, an instant connection that came straight from the pits of her heart. That day, Bridget had reached her hand up to touch the base of Jocelyn's cheek, a soft, gently caress that felt like a feather touching the most softest skin. And then she fell, right under the spell of her bewitchment.

"It's going to be okay, it's going to be okay, it's going to be okay" She chanted in her mind as she paced the waiting room, Bridget sat in a small chair trying her absolute hardest not to cry her eyes out. Instead she busied herself by watching her frantic mother pacing back and forth, her small, quivering hand slumped on her swollen, pregnant stomach.

"Bridget Greene" Squawked a voice in boredom, a clipboard in hand as she looked down at it. "Is Bridget Greene here?" That was all Jocelyn needed as she picked the little girl up in her arms.

"Right here" Jocelyn whispered, breathing out, grasping Bridget's hand in her own. "We're right here."

"Mommy, I don't want to go in there with her" Her imagination was beginning to get the best of her as she took in the doctor. Her nose…. Shaped just like a witch's could be, there was a wicked feel about this lady. A feel that sent shivers up her back. "Please don't make me go in there with her" tears began brimming at her eyelids, she tried to fight it. She hated crying, she was supposed to be her mommy's tough little girl. But this wasn't what tough girls did, now was it?

"Oh baby, I will be in there with you. I won't let anything bad happen to you ever again. I promise" It was a promise that wouldn't come true, but nonetheless Bridget believed in it anyway just like little girls would. "Now come on sweetheart, remember you're my brave, strong little girl, huh?" Bridget nodded in determination as she latched onto her mother's leg just like a baby panda bear.

"Panda" Jocelyn smiled. "I like that as a nickname" She said to no one in particular.

"Okay" Said doctor Tay, placing Bridget on the examination table. "Bridget, how old are you?" Even as a small, ignorant child, Bridget rolled her eyes. Did it even matter what her name was, she was bound to be in pain later anyway.

"Three" She responded, her cheeks rosy from the pain before. "I'm fwar soon. I really don't like hwospwitals."

"Okay, we'll just fix this right up then you're free to go. Then, at the end, you get a lollypop, now relax" Doctor Tay had no experience with children, and you could tell by far with the tone she was using, the harshness making Bridget flinch and Jocelyn getting protective of her daughter. "Don't move an inch, now"

Bridget couldn't be entirely sure whether it was her imagination or real life as she saw something razor like in front of her face, rotating, spinning. Her cries echoed around the room as the pain came, her hand tightened in a death grip around her mother's hand. "Mommy" She whispered one more time.