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This story takes place many years after the war of he ring, the elves already sailed across the sea. It takes place in Gondor, still under the rule of Elessar and Arwen. The main character will be Legolas. I can assure you this is NOT a Mary Sue, Non Slash. It will feature many surprises, but I will do my best to portray the characters according to the books. However, the appearance of the characters is taken from the movie. I intend to write an epic, so it will be long.

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A long, painful war.

He made one last swift and deathly movement, knocking the horrendous creature dead. It was the last of many kills that day. Finally he lowered his daggers and allowed himself to calm down, mentally checking for wounds on his body. Nothing serious, as always he had managed to go thru a massive battle without mayor harm. After all he had no match in battle, not anymore since the battles of the ring quest.

How long has it been? So much has happened. All the first born sailed across the sea long ago, all but him, he stayed, he was still hopelessly bounded to middle earth. Gondor grew strong under the wisdom of Elessar and the light of the Lady Undomiel. The middle earth became prosperous and peaceful since the darkness faded. But since a few years ago anew darkness arose and came from the south. No one could explain the source of this new evil, but it was undeniable. They kept coming, closer and closer each time. Always heading for the white city. The orc armies where stronger each time, forcing Gondor to send the best warriors to repel them. The armies of the white tree always succeeded in doing so, but lately it was becoming harder.

Aragorn was still a skillful warrior, but time and age had taken the best of him. He was no longer the invincible ranger of old times. Eldarion was still too young and inexperienced, after all he was born on a time of peace, it was until now that he had to face the horrors of war and he was not ready.

"Master Legolas, are you alright".

The voice of a seasoned soldier woke him up from his thoughts. "I am well Finadon, don't worry" about me".

"Good fight Sir, as always".

Legolas smiled sadly "How many losses for Gondor?".

Finadon lowered his head "Less than last time Sir".

Less than last time yes, but the battles became fiercer each time, and if it wasn't for Legolas's brilliant strategy the story could have been very different.

He had volunteered to lead the resistance front since Aragorn was wounded in the Third Great Battle in the southern frontier tree years ago. There was nobody fit enough to lead the men and despite himself, he stepped forward and offered his aid. He had been fighting ever since that day, never returning to the city, and he had won the respect of Gondor's soldiers with his skills and wisdom. Under his command they endured the constant attacks, and he was always at the front, in the midst of the battle, spiriting them to hang on, lifting up the fallen and encouraging the weak and frightened.

"Sir, the King is here". A young messenger said.

He stood up from the wounded soldier he was tending "Aragorn is here?".

"Yes Sir, He is at the bridge".

He whistled low and a few seconds later Arodon came galloping and neighing, stopping by his side. "Hello my trusty friend" He said climbing effortlessly on the horse's back. "We have company, Royal company, and we don't want to keep him waiting".

As if he understood every word, Arodon launched forward towards the bridge, and in matter of seconds they were there.

"Greetings my Lord". Legolas said, dismounting the horse and bowing slightly but respectfully in front of the King. "It has been long".

"Indeed Legolas, so long you have forgotten that I hate when you salute me like that".

Aragorn stepped forward and embraced him tightly. "My friend, my brother, congratulations, a great victory".

Legolas looked at Aragorn and realized how tired and old he looked, it broke his heart to see him like that, but he said nothing and smiled to him sadly. "Why are you here Aragorn?, this place is not safe, sometimes we get sudden attacks".

Aragorn humped and followed Legolas as he started to walk slowly towards the battlefield.

"Since when I became a useless, decorative King, Legolas?" He said with a hint of bitterness in his voice. "It tortures me to know you are here risking your life for my kingdom while I do nothing but pace back and forth in my palace/prison".

Legolas looked at him knowingly and put his hand on his shoulder. "I know you wish you could be here mi friend, and I would be honored to have your sword and your courage by my side, but you know the white council would never allow this"

Aragorn stopped and looked at him expressionless. "I am old Legolas, I feel week and surrendered, I wouldn't be of much help now, the council knows this and so do you". He said slowly.

Legolas sighed at his words and continued walking slowly, followed closely by the King.

"Tell me Legolas, how are we doing?, I get messages with news of great victories, but tell me the truth, How long will we hold on at this pace?

"I can't really tell my lord, the only thing I'm sure of is that it is far away from ending. The hordes keep coming, more numerous each time, and I'm running out of tactics"

"Legolas, this war must stop now, Gondor is debilitating too much, there are no men left in the fields to work the land or look after the cattle, the women miss their husbands"

Legolas tilted his head and sighed. He knew all this; he knew Gondor was paying too big a price to keep clear the frontiers. He also knew what was necessary to stop it, he had been thinking about it for a long time.

"I know all this my friend, and I think I got the solution"

Aragorn looked at him, a mixture of hope, doubt and fear in his eyes. "What are you thinking?"

"I think we must stop defending, and start attacking, we should advance to the south and conquer the wild territories". Legolas said with cold determination.

"What?, are you insane, that would be far too risky for you, for what's left of the army, for Gondor, it's madness!!"

"It's the only way to put an end to this Aragorn, besides, I never said we are going to need the whole army to do it, just a few men"

"You are saying to me you are going to conquer the south with a few men?. I say you've lost your mind. I will not allow this"

"At least let me explain it to you"


"LISTEN TO ME ARAGORN!!!" "Don't take me for a boy just because I look like one, I've been thinking this over and over for a long time and you know I've fought more wars than all your heir together, honestly, I thought you trusted my judgment by now!"

Aragorn dropped his jaw, surprised by the unexpected burst; Legolas had never talked to him like that.

Legolas softened his voice and features before continuing. "It is risky I know, but it is also possible; And if there is a way to put an end to this then I am willing to try".

Aragorn stood silent for endless minutes, studying the surroundings, watching the wounded soldiers been tended; then he saw the carriage gathering the fallen. Young boys, brave men, all dear sons of Gondor… death. He clenched both his fists and asked in merely a whisper…

"What do you need?".

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