CHAPTER 47 (and last one. I can't believe it!)

"Take me to see the ocean" - she said dreamily, hopefully, and he swept her off her feet, pulling her lithe frame to rest in his strong arms. A small cry of amused surprise escaped her, and she clung to him, to his strength, to his reliance.

"I shall make haste" - Legolas said, his long strides already leaving behind the gloom and paleness of Caras Galadhon.

A horse neighed in the distance; the gift from the King of men to the last elven Lord waited for his master's return by the boundaries of the abandoned elvendom.

As he walked briskly, a luminous smile graced his features, as if his bliss could not be held inside his body and had to reflect to the world to contemplate. Arwen wrapped her pale arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his cheek - "Why so much rush?" - she said - "Now we have all the time in the world, and even beyond."

"Indeed" - he responded - "But I wish to take you away from the sadness of this place. I promise to you today, that no more pain will ever touch you, and no more tears will dampen your face, other than tears of joy that is."

Her soft, musical laughter, rang through the air, scaring away all the melancholy hanging from the dried branches - "That is one serious promise, my friend"

"I swear upon my life to keep it" - Legolas said, while in one swift movement he placed her atop his horse. Then, with equal agility, he propped himself up, right behind her. His arms surrounded both sides of her waist as he reached for the reins, and his warm breath tingled the back of her neck.

"Noro Lim!" - he called out, gently spurring the eager steed that at once took off galloping through the leaden forest.

Soon enough they had left the borders of Lorien behind, along with its ancientness and memory. Outside the thick woodland everything seemed brighter, and alive.

The horse's gallop was smooth and steady, and being outright exhausted after months of restless nights, Arwen found herself dozing, cradled in the horse's gentle seesaw, safe and warm in the arms of her lover.

"Sleep" - he whispered in her ear, sensing her fatigue and lethargy - "by tomorrow's sunrise we'll be gazing down Belfalas, and the ocean's breeze will serve as your salutation"

Arwen leaned her head back against his shoulder, and gripping his arm, she guided him to surround her waist in a protective manner.

"I won't let you fall" - he said, embracing her tightly, and pulling her closer to his body.

"I know you won't" - she answered sleepily - "I enjoy your nearness, that's all" - and with that, she fell asleep.

What an amazing sensation it was to have her so close, so intimately near. Legolas marveled in the scent of her hair, in the calmed sound of her breath, in the slow beat of her heart; but above all, in the reliance she had in him and the way entrusted her life and wellness in his hands.

Half a day and a full night they rode without a rest, and the Lady slept peacefully, dreaming of the ocean while drawing near to it; and during all that time Legolas hummed songs of commend and gratitude to whoever had conceded the miracle of having her in his arms once more, this time forever.

No talking creature saw them, as they went through the plains of Rohan and then Arnor under the cover of darkness. For this reason, none ever knew of the Evenstar's final choice, and the books and records from that age claim that she died in Lorien, finding her final rest upon Cerin Amoth were her green grave is said to be until the days of her life are utterly forgotten by us men who came after; all but those of us who are fortunate to hear the truth of this account, and will remember her, and the story of Middle Earth's last great love until the end of our mortal lives.


Arwen's eyes opened leisurely, and she blinked twice, focusing the sky above. She at once remembered where she was, and noticed that the horse was halted. She felt Legolas' even breathing and heartbeat against her back. - "We are not moving" - she said, her eyelids falling again under the drowsiness of a long doze.

"Good morning" - he answered softy, planting a light kiss on her temple.

"Why are we not moving?" - she asked, stretching lazily on the horse's back.

"I wanted you to see something" - Legolas said, stretching along with her, his body tense and sore from the long ride - "and I did not want to wake you, since you were so deeply in peace; so I decided to wait until you'd wake by yourself."

"Uhmmm...and what did you want me to look upon?" - Arwen said, reaching her hand back to caress his cheek; her eyes still shut.

"Open your eyes and see for yourself!"

Arwen straightened her body and opened her eyes. As they focused the sight before her, her pupils grew in sheer astonishment, and a gasp got trapped in the depths of her chest.

They were standing atop a hill overlooking Legolas' chosen cove, as the first lights of the morning illuminated upon the Belfalas bay brightly, the light of the newly born sun reaching every inch of the shoreline, painting the landscape with the bright, vivid colors only the ONE single and greatest artist could create.

A lush tone of green surrounded Arwen's vision, a green no northern forest could ever achieve for it was warm, and more energetic than any other she had seen on all woodlands in her long life. The strength and thickness of life around her reached her ears in a serenade of sounds; and a host of scents filled her nostrils, awakening her to the raw beauty all around her.

The tropical forest extended down from their standpoint, emerald green crouching over the blue just below, opening a window to admire the pristine cove, and the ocean.... the ocean she longed so for.

A warm, aromatic breeze brushed a few stray strands of hair away from her face as her eyes roamed over a vast, cerulean plain that extended in every direction, as far as her keen elven eyes could reach and infinitely beyond towards a clear horizon; the lucid, lighter color of the sky seemed to merge with the water in an unbreakable union, forever.

It was all she had dreamed of, and more. It was alive, aware, powerful, yet soothing and welcoming like a long yearned home. She could see the continuous dance and flirt of the waves and currents upon the surface, lapping at the tropical beach, while lazy seagulls dived carelessly to catch an early morning bite; yet she could also sense the dark cobalt beneath the bright fa├žade; the calmed, obscure rage temporarily tamed below the merry waves. If the surface seemed vast, how much more inscrutable, unfathomable and inconceivable was the extent of what lied underneath; even as the day was bright and the air was warm, Arwen found herself shivering at the thought.

Then, her marveled eyes came to fix upon a lustrous white, lonely figure resting proudly on the blue, near the seashore below... Legolas' ship, shinning like a pearl of hope and trust, as it was the doorway to their eternity together.

Together. The word crossed her mind leaving a trail of peace and comfort; she felt his arm clasping her waist gently and her inner self beamed in serene joy. Her lips curling into a smile, she turned her body, accommodating her legs on one side of the horse, she faced him - "It's beautiful...beyond words" - she said, even as her eyes were no longer focusing on the landscape before her but on eyes that looked back at her with love so strong it was almost overwhelming. - "I feel like I am found...." - she trailed off, as she could see in his eyes the reflection of the very ocean she had looked upon; they revealed to be the same, peaceful, welcoming; yet deep, powerful and intense beyond description.

In truth, it was only and until she gazed upon those loving, passionate eyes that she truly felt found; and for the first time in her life she felt that she was where she beyond doubt belonged. It was him, all along; it was his presence what her soul had always searched and desired.

"Wait until you see the sunset over the ocean" - Legolas said, urging the horse to continue down hill and towards the beach - "Wait until you see and hear the waves crushing against the reefs; wait until you feel the warm mist upon your face; and above all, wait until you merge with the warm water, and let your body be caressed by the gentle waves, then you'll tell me what you think!"

His promises and enthusiastic descriptions made Arwen giggle in amusement and glee, as the horse rushed down the steep hill, the pounding hoofs stepping securely on the well known grounds, leaping effortlessly over fallen logs. Soon enough, the ocean was on close sight, and the steed happily jumped the short distance that separated them from the sugary beach; the noble beast pranced and shook its mane, pleased to be back on its beloved sand.

Arwen stared at the scenery, now so close that she could touch it. The sound of the waves enthralled her, so powerful, yet so soothing, as the sea sung a welcoming melody only she could hear. She closed her eyes, receiving the gift with all her heart.

"Take off your shoes" - came Legolas' voice, awakening her from her captivation, and she looked back at him with some curiosity.

"What for?"

Legolas' laughter seemed to tune perfectly with the continuous song of the waves - "just do as I say"

Arwen reach down to get rid of her shoes, slowly, still wondering about his odd request. One by one, the elegant shoes fell to the sand, and she noticed the quiet, yet crisp sound that came as they contacted the peculiar surface.

"It looks like snow...." - she said, studying the sand - "...and yet not at all"

She pondered in wonderment, for if the whiteness of snow seemed barren, unkind and even cruel, this one seemed rich and inviting.

A gentle push upon her lower back, snapped her out of her deep contemplation - "Stop musing about it" - said Legolas, gently shoving her off the horse - "just go on and feel it!"

Arwen landed gracefully on the soft surface, her small feet half burying in the sand. The glare in her face, directed towards Legolas lasted only brief seconds as the minuscule, pleasantly coarse granules massaged every curve and inch of her feet and toes. It was warm, as pleasantly warm as everything around her in that amazing place seemed to be.

Legolas leaped off the horse and slapped its rump; the mighty steed took off galloping keenly across the beach, the powerful hoofs throwing back sprinkles of sand.

Arwen stood still, gazing at the sea; following the continuous coming and going of the rolling waves upon the beach. She found it sensual, the way the lathered brims of the ocean slowly caressed the smoothed sand upon the shore, coming in intimately and then withdrawing teasingly, only to come back further and closer in. - "Like lovers" - she thought to herself, deeply touched by the beauty of a ritual that had been performed since the beginning of time.

Then, the back of Legolas body caught her full attention, as he walked towards the ocean, removing first his tunic and then his shirt, which were discarded to the ground as useless burdens. It was then that she noticed how the tropical sun had cast an exquisite, pleasant color to his once pale skin, enhanced with the azure of the ocean as worthy background.

"You should do the same" - he said turning to face her - "otherwise the heat will melt you down under those garments"

Suddenly, the warm temperature became exceedingly evident to Arwen; but she could not discern if the heat rush in her body was due to the tropical sun; the way his rippled, suntanned and tattoo covered bare torso looked under the bright sun; or if it was the casual way in which he suggested her to undress.

Trying to be as casual as he was, she came out with a worthy reply - "Are you proposing that I should go around nude for as long as we are here?"

Contrary to what she had expected, Legolas did not blush, nor showed a sign of embarrassment or awkwardness. - "Well, my Lady, that was not exactly what I was implying" - he answered with an impish twinkle in his eyes - "but now that you mention it, it wouldn't be such a terrible idea, specially since there will be only you and me, and none else will come to bother while we are here."

Arwen felt her knees weakening at the gallant, yet naughty tone of his voice, and the way his intense eyes seemed to devour every inch of her body, in a desire charged gaze. She tried to search words in her mind to respond to his insinuation, but no wit or word of sagacity could be found, and she just stared at him, her eyes unwillingly letting show the effect his words and deep gaze had on her.

"Enjoy the beach" - Legolas said, tearing the thick and heavy atmosphere that had suddenly surrounded them - "I am sorry I cannot join you, but I have much to do; the sails won't fasten themselves to the masts"

Arwen took a step forward - "May I help you in any way"

"Oh no! That won't be necessary, you just rest and enjoy the place, it will probably take me the whole day to attach the sails, but then everything will be done; I will join you at sunset, and tomorrow at dawn we sail. Then I will need your help, when we are traveling through open sea"

Arwen could not tear her eyes away from him as he made his way towards a small wooden boat rested on the shore, and as his strong arms rowed towards the hefty ship - "Sunset" - she said absentmindedly - "I only trust the sun to hasten through the firmament, may I have him near again soon."


The rest of the day proved to be more than pleasant to Arwen, though she felt somewhat lonely without his nearness. She finally got rid of her heavy dress; leaving on only the short, silken robe she wore as undergarment. It was quite a relief to be free of such a burden, and besides, she was in absolute seclusion in the small piece of paradise Legolas had found, none could see her; none but him, and the very thought of his fiery eyes settling in her partially uncovered body had her trembling with anticipation.

The hours went by, and she spent her time walking through the beach, exploring the surroundings and just admiring the beauty of the place, listening to the ocean, finding new wonders by the minute. Every once in a while she glanced towards the ship, her eyes comforted as she saw him diligently fastening the white sails, his body perched in the heights of the masts, working without a rest. Maybe after all, she was not the only one anxious to see the sunset come.


Finally, the sun began its last descent towards the west, and the once azure sky merged with brushstrokes of light orange that burnished upon the few strands of thin clouds away in the horizon. Arwen sat freshening under a palm's brief shadow, her eyes feasting in the vastness that was the ocean, and the yellow flickers the parting sun conferred to the crests of the waves; she just could not get enough of it. Her gaze diverted upwards to a small group of dark albatross, flying neatly in a V formation, which seemed to be coming towards the cove. She was amazed by the elegance of their movements and the way they seemed to be suspended in the air up there. Their long, lustrous wings fully extended, there was no need to move them as they soared with the wind currents.

Soon, she was surprised to see them circling the ship, closer each time; until they were very close to Legolas as he hung precariously from the highest mast. She furrowed her brow, trying to discern the birds' business with her elf, as they started shrieking around him, quite demandingly, she thought.

She could hear Legolas' annoyed elvish curses, and then she saw him descending from the mast, and disappearing inside the ship. When he reappeared, he had something in his hands; and Arwen could not suppress a chuckle as she saw him feeding his exigent feathered friends. Food, that's what they were shrieking so loudly about.

Legolas then, giving the birds a little scold for being so rude, proceeded to load the small boat and made his way to the beach, and towards her. Arwen's heart skipped a beat.

She tried to appear serene as he was coming, and remained seated peacefully in the warm sand, suppressing the urge to run to his encounter, and trying not to think in the briefness of her clothing.

Legolas beached the boat in the sand and leaped out of it, carrying a bundle in his hand. He sprinted up the beach towards where she was, hurriedly as the sand was quite hot.

"Hi" - he said nonchalantly, letting himself fall on his rear next to her - "Are you hungry?"

Arwen tried to divert her attention from the tiny drops of sweat gracing his torso - "A little bit" - she answered, and then a smirk formed in her face - "though not as much as your winged friends"

A snort escaped him - "those scoundrels" - he said glaring at the fleeing birds - "they abuse my kindness!"

Arwen laughed at his make believe resentment, and the sound of her own joy startled her. How many times had she laughed out loud in just one day? Maybe more times than in months and even years before.

"I brought you something to eat" - he said, undoing the bundle in front of her, and arranging the contents ceremoniously upon a cloth over the sand - "I already have all provisions inside The Evenstar and..." - he ceased talking, seeing the utter astonishment expression in her face.

"Evenstar?......You called your vessel after me?" - she breathed out, her eyes striving to see the name in the hull, after some time, she could actually discern it, lovingly carved upon the fair wood.

"I can't believe it, you named it... even before you knew....." - her eyes found his, and all air escaped from her lungs. He finished her sentence - "Even before I knew you were coming; yes"

Once again, she found no words suitable for the moment, and her eyes lowered to the ground.

"Oh, come on! Cheer up, lighten your mood!" - he said opening a wineskin, and pouring some wine on a goblet for her - "forget about the past and look to our bright future with a smile on your lips"

"Toast with me" - he offered, handling the goblet to her, and her whole body tensed as his fingertips brushed her hand.

"To our future; to eternity" - he declared, lifting his goblet.

"To our eternity" - she echoed, emptying the sweet content in one sip.

Legolas then proceeded to present her the fare he had brought; cheese, bread and fruit; nothing fancy, but nevertheless she found everything delectable. After she had enough to be satisfied, Legolas took a grape between his fingers and offered to feed her in the mouth.

"open" - he said with a mysterious half smile.

Her lips parted and he delicately deposited the tiny grape between her rosy lips. Arwen's eyes closed, and she savored the contrast between the fruit's sweet juice and the saline taste in Legolas' fingers; her lips then enveloped the tip of his thumb and index; slowly, sensually, wetting them with her tongue.

She opened her eyes to find a fairly disturbed Legolas looking right at her with wide and darkened pupils, the angles of his strong jawbone clearly jutting as he had it tightly clamped together. A searing tide ran through her from head to toe as his eyes lowered upon her body and seemed to rip off the succinct clothes that covered her flesh with the intensity of his gaze.

Both heads leant forward, drawing closer to each other's, while their eyes locked in a wordless hold before shutting to a shared spell. The kiss was slow, but growingly intense, as they tasted each other hungrily, their breaths mingling with the brackish scent of the ocean. They parted slowly, their eyes closed in pained bliss, their mouths still open in ecstasy, striving to find the air of reasoning to clear their minds as they were about to loose all reality and control.

Arwen opened her eyes and was startled to see Legolas on his feet, towering above her like a young tree. To her, he suddenly seemed taller and his frame more daunting than she remembered, and she felt small and frail when compared to his inherent might; but the feeling was not disconcerting, nor alarming, contrary, it was comforting to know that her frailty was to be taken by his strong arms, cherished and protected by his power.

He extended his hand to her, and she was pulled up to her feet and against his chest in one single, swift and breathtaking movement.

"Tell me" - Arwen said, running her hands over his chest - "what happens now?"

Legolas trapped her between his arms and pulled her delicate form to fully collide against the solidness of his body - "Now we let the waves love us both while we are joined forever as one"


He carried her towards de water and the ocean seemed to freeze as they reached its boundaries, turning into a calm, clear lagoon that watched in awe as they became one with it.

He went deep within, until the warm water reached up to his waist; there, he laid her upon the water, barely holding her with his hands so her body floated weightlessly. Then, he released completely, leaving her to the gentle currents, and she extended her arms to the sides, completely lost in the sensation of flying over a balmy cloud.

"It is wonderful" - she whispered, reaching her arm to caress him, but he wasn't there. Unable even to imagine the ache of being without him for another second, she straightened and stood, water trickling from her hair and onto her damp body.

He was near, only steps away from her, standing with the water up to his waist, completely steady and permanent, unmoved by the current or the waves that had gone out of their astonishment and had returned to their eternal sway. She smiled broadly, knowing that he would be as steady and permanent in her life as he seemed at that moment, regardless of time and events, he would always be there.

"Listen to me" - he said solemnly, deviating her attention from the miraculous reflection of the crimson sun that was already sinking in the horizon, and which last rays crowned his head and glistened over his shoulders.

"I am yours, if you would have me.... eternally and incessantly"

She glided in the water, lunging slowly until she was within the space of a heartbeat from him - "I will have thee, for I belong to you as much"

And so it was, that they sealed their everlasting pledge to each other with a kiss that the waves still to this day celebrate, sparkling the beaches and rocks of the world with their joyous spray.

Their bodies sank, embraced as one underneath the plum surface of the sea, tinted by colors of the last lights before twilight and dusk.

How or when, the bards still cannot tell; but the ocean rid them from the burden of clothes, and carried them like on the wings of a dream to rest side by side upon the moist sand of its rim, where the entirety of creation sighed in awe as they beheld the splendor of their bare bodies, now harmonized with one another. He propped himself up on his elbow, and watched her silently for endless minutes as she did the same, finally contemplating what for so long was forbidden and denied.

"You are so beautiful" - Legolas said, running his hand over the sinuous curves of her glossy waist and hips - "All the stars pale and wither upon seeing your perfection"

"And yet...." - she said, brushing her index over the muscles of his arms - " is I who pale and wither when I come to contemplate you"

He pleasingly moved his body to rest over hers, his form adjusting perfectly to hers; concave fitting precisely with convex. His lips found hers, and he kissed her tenderly, so tenderly that the sweetness of his kiss contrasted with his later actions, for soon after it, he moved his mouth to feast hungrily upon the rest of her body. No inch of her skin was left out, not a curvature of her body neglected as he worked wonders and miracles with the passion of his fiery lips and tongue, clearing her from the salt of the sea, pushing her to the limits of torturous enjoyment. He savored her completely, lost in her scent and sweetness, while her soft but anxious moans painted the air and everything around them with the colors of love.

She tangled her fingers in his damp mane and pulled him up to meet her starved lips, tasting the savor of her own flesh that was saturated in his mouth. - "Such great endeavors shall not go unrewarded" - she said, parting from him, while she pushed him to a side and trapped him underneath her body. Soon, she began worshiping his body with her mouth as he had, tasting him, teasing him to the boundaries of his sanity; his nails dug deeply into the sand, trying somehow to overcome the unrelenting need growing in the depths of his soul, as her luscious mouth persisted in pushing the taunt further, but always halting before he could get satisfaction of any sort.

A dismayed moan escaped him, as he could not endure the sweet torture further. Taking her shoulders, he propped her up, before pinning her against the sand once again. She squirmed and struggled beneath him, trying to regain dominance, but he had become too strong for her attempts, and this time she knew he would not comply.

"My sweet executioner" - he purred - "You have given yourself to the task of driving me insane. That shan't go without retribution as well"

She opened her mouth to protest, but no sound could come out as he covered it with his lips, stealing all breath from her in a feral kiss. Then, after he allowed her to breathe once again, he moved to feast upon her neck and ears, his body hindering hers from any movement.

She tried to break free from his trap, her slender arms striving to dominate him, but it only caused him to grasp her wrists with his commanding hands, binding her arms to the sides of her body. Frustrated for not being able to participate in the activities he was performing, Arwen whimpered in complaint and dissatisfaction, but any kind of displeasure was promptly forgotten as he started rubbing his sleek body against hers like an ardent cat, kneading every inch of his burning anatomy with hers in a sensuous press, mimicking the completion of their union and throwing away any control she could still posses.

Her protests became moans of ecstasy; her squirming became agreement as she moved along with him, rubbing herself against him as it pleased her the most. Her arms no longer struggled to push him away, but to hold him closer, and so he released her. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, urging him to complete, to fully achieve their union; but he did not regard her wordless plea, and continued his tease, pressing and rubbing, but not complying, denying to her the satisfaction, adding to her desperate longing.

"Please!" - she whimpered, sending a shiver that felt like the molten, burning wax of a candle sliding down his spine. He straightened up, his eyes locking with hers, while his hand traveled over her breasts and down across her navel, before sinking between her thighs; his fingers collected the warm moist surfacing from her body, irrefutable proof of her lust for him, while she threw her head back, eyes closed, overwhelmed by his touch only.

He took her face with one hand, forcing her to watch as he licked his prying fingers clean, one by one with his yearning lips. She clenched her jaw tightly, seeing in the flames of his eyes the extend of what was about to happen, while he leaned to kiss her, allowing her to taste her own sweetness, that complemented perfectly with his own.

"Take me...." - she pleaded hoarsely, parting from his mouth and gasping for air - "I cannot bear to wait another instant"

"Neither can I"

The moon rising over the hills silvered the perfect shapes of their bodies as the union became whole and complete. In both their throats the same cry was caught, but no sound came from either of them, only the sharp gasps of fulfillment. Their joining was both sweet and wild, serene and desperate; for it was beyond the physical pleasure, it was the cataclysmic collision between two souls that had longed for each other since centuries before.

They both cared only for the other's sake and enjoyment, and so the lovemaking was prolonged and intense; both trying to elevate the other to heights of bliss never before achieved; stretching and increasing their own sweet torment.

Arwen was first to reach the peak of her pleasure; she dug her nails into his skin as she was overwhelmed by waves of warm, forceful satisfaction that filled her body from head to toe. She arched up against Legolas, while she looked up crying - "Ai! Elbereth!" - to the witnessing stars.

He went still and shut his eyes, striving frenetically not to spend himself from the powerful spasms of her completion; not yet, not yet!

When Arwen could finally regain some awareness and control, she noticed his attempt to endure and something that can be only described as frenzy overcame her. Finding strength she knew not to posses she rolled herself and him over, gaining dominance once again, pinning him down forcefully with her hips.

Legolas' heart started beating madly; now it was him who felt weak, overpowered and helpless being trapped underneath her, while still being deep within her, enveloped in her warmth, with her fiery eyes piercing him from above.

"Let go" - she hissed, while her hips started moving around him.

"No... I want this to last forever" - he managed to say between gasps. Then he sat up, so his head was cradled between her lively breasts, her erect mounds of flesh rubbing against his face as she worked laboriously to bring him to his completion.

Her commanding tone of voice became pleading as her attempts were profoundly affecting her as well, and she felt the surge of fire forming inside once again - "Do not deny me this" - she whispered.

- "No...please" - he supplicated, even as his hips inadvertently moved to meet her cadence, deepening the union between them, sending them both over the edge.

Legolas felt the heat from her spreading over his chest and thighs, conquering every inch of his throbbing body - "No" - he exclaimed with abandonment, his eyes tightly shut, his body starting to arch.

"Grant it to me" - she barely articulated the words as she felt the overwhelm of a second culmination possessing her

This time around, they reached their pinnacle at unison, in perfect synchronization of body, mind and soul; sighing each other's name into their joined lips, holding to the other for dear life as the force of their coupled completion menaced to steal their souls away to touch the borders of heaven.

They fell together, like falling from the heights of the infinite down to earth again, to the welcoming bed that the sand offered. Exhausted, fully satisfied, they searched for each other's arms to rest. And they slept, abandoned quietly to the security of the other's warmth, they gave themselves to the sweet slumber of dreams, while the borders of the waves came to caress their feet and legs gently, to lull them further into complete peace. The tide held back, only to have the chance to see them together yet for a time and to let them have their serenity, it held back until morning came, so they could wake to the first lights and bathed by the lathered waves; holding each other, his head rested peacefully upon her bosom.



None is certain, none would dare to swear it; but some men dared to whisper that they saw the white ship cruising through the ocean, heading always west. Others whispered about a wild steed that dwelled in the beaches of Belfalas; it never allowed no other to try to tame it, much less ride it. It galloped across the sand, reminding every creature of the miracle witnessed by those lands.

The legend sings that the sea became crystal calm as they sailed, that only a gentle but steady breeze blew, always from east to west, carrying the lovers effortlessly towards their final destination. They had no need to navigate, to set course or struggle with the sails, for Manwe and Ulmo had come to the agreement of aiding them, and both their realms offered their best to bring them home safely.

Released from the burdens of sailing, they gave themselves to the pleasures of their love; under the sun, or the stars that found them lost to each other upon the ship's prow, never growing tired, never getting enough.

The golden coasts of Aman received them on the morning of the fifteenth day; there, upon the shore awaited every one of those who had loved them. Her family and his; friends, and others they had never met but that had been waiting for them for long.

Standing upon the blessed beach, the tiny frame of the ring bearer watched the pearly ship in wonderment. He looked up to the Maiar called Olorin with a smile - "The last of the firstborn" - he said thoughtfully - "Now we can all be in peace and leave the world to the wisdom of men, right Gandalf?"

"Indeed, dear Frodo" - Olorin said with his deep voice - "their arrival marks the end of middle earth, and the beginning of earth. Lets just hope men are wise enough to follow the tracks left by their elder brethren, the elves."

The Maiar furrowed his brow, focusing on the approaching ship - "Wonderful creatures, the elves; and these are two of the most remarkable ones I ever had the pleasure to meet"

A smile formed in his ancient lips - "Good thing they finally decided to put an end to their stupidity and got together, they had all the Valar holding their breaths. Even Manwe was growing tired and nervous for their sake!"

A wholehearted laughter emerged from the ones around Olorin, who couldn't help but to listen to his comment. The faces of Elrond, Celebrian, The Twin Stars, Galadriel, Thranduil; and many others gathered there lit up upon hearing his words.

"Well said Mithrandir!" - said Elrond, arching his brows - "This silly youth. I would personally scold them for taking so long, if it wasn't because I am so happy to see them again!"

"Look! They come!" - Frodo cried, unable to restrain his joy.

After they had greeted a multitude of loved ones and new friends, they were led to Manwe's throne, and before the sacred trees that gave light to Valinor There, the highest of Valar blessed their union, sealing what was declared upon a beach of a tropical bay, a world away from their new home.


"Yes Frodo" - The Maiar said absentmindedly, as he was contemplating the brightness in the newly wedded faces.

"Can I get tattoos like Legolas'? Those are very neat!"

"For the love of Eru Frodo! I should have left you in the Shire!"

The End.


Well folks, it is over. I cannot believe it took me so long to finish this.

What can I say that you don't know already? This has been an amazing experience for me, my first fic. I got to tell you, I learned so much and gained so much from this endeavor that I'm willing to repeat the feat.

That's right, I'll be writing another one, another huge epic. It's all in my head already, and as soon as I have time I will start it. It'll be called "TURIN'S PROPHECY", and it will be set in the time after The War of the Ring, with many of the members of the Fellowship (yes, Legolas will be there) but with many elements and references from The Silmarillion. The characters will be more developed and fleshed out than in this fic, they will be more real, if I might say, and the plot will be more solid, more precise and truer to the books. So, if you are interested, wait for it.

All I can say now is THANKS, thanks so much for reading this, thank you for your patience, for your support and your comments. I love you guys!

Until we meet again, my friends. A star will shine upon our meeting.

Be blessed.

Elwe Singollo.