AN: The final chapter of For the Reason of Temporary Insanity, it's extra long compared to the rest of the chapters, I hope that helps to make up for me ending the story! I'm pretty happy with this chapter and the story as a whole, I hope you guys are too


Chapter 21: Life and Love

"Thats it, Ichigoooo, my son!" Isshin cheered happily from where he stood, a few feet back and out of the way. His son was making good progress, much to everyone's relief and joy. The elder Kurosaki stood, leaning back against the wall by the door to the physical therapy suite, watching as Ichi carefully forced his body to respond to his commands.

"Shut..." Ichigo grunted a little with effort and forced one foot in front of the other, grip tightening around Grimmjow's arm momentarily. He had been going through these routines several times a day since he had switched therapists, a man that wasn't quite so intimidated by the large and protective bluenette.

The physical therapist, a strange looking man with a creepy grin and golden eyes, was standing only a few meters in front of him now, encouraging Ichigo and telling him he was doing well. His goal was always the same, to walk all the way to the man. The first day of going to visit this particular doctor, the man had only stood a few feet away, this time, however, he had started from the opposite side of the room.

"Shut up, Goat face." Ichigo ground out, no real heat in his voice, and took another slightly shaking step. He was almost there.

Beside him, Grimmjow carefully matched his pace and steps, a wide grin never leaving his face as Ichigo slowly walked toward the doctor. He didn't care for the therapist much, the man rubbed him the wrong way, but he would do anything for Ichi.

Grimmjow let his lover lean as much weight on him as he needed, but Ichigo was determined to do this and only used the bluenette's support to steady himself. Grimmjow took another step forward with Ichi, eyes never leaving the orange head.

Off to the side, Shinji excitedly bounced up and down on his toes, clapping his hands together in front of him as he watched. Nnoitra towered behind the blond, piano key grin spread across his face. He placed his hands on the over excited Shinji's shoulders, halting his bouncing and making the slim blond hold still.

"Excellent, King, yer done." The therapist said, smile still in place on his pale lips.

Ichigo let a smile consume his features and finally allowed himself to lean against Grimmjow's solid body with a sigh. The bluenette easily and happily accepted his weight, wrapping an arm around Ichigo's waist.

"How ya feelin?" The doctor asked him.

The orange head thought for a moment. "Burns a little, like I just got done running, but it's a good feeling." He said with a happy smile. And it was true, it felt great. He may still need Grimmjow's support, and he may be unsteady, weakened still, but he was up and walking. No matter how hard it was, or how slow, even if it wasn't very far, he was still walking. The thought made him smile. He was determined to walk out of the hospital under his own power.

The doctor snorted, smile matching his patient's and motioned Isshin over. He scribbled on a clip board for a moment before speaking. "Don't rush, but if yer feelin up to it, ya can go home wit' yer dad tomorrow."

From the other side of the room, Shinji squealed, barely containing his excitement and resisting the urge to rush over and hug his best friend. Nnoitra held him in check, making sure they gave the recovering man his space while he talked to the doctor.

Ichigo frowned a bit and glanced up at Grimmjow.

The physical therapist saw the look "Ya can't stay by yerself, yer not strong 'nough fer that yet." He added with a stern look, leaving no room for argument.

Behind him, the bluenette let a small, nearly inaudible growl rumble through his chest that Ichigo felt more than heard. He patted the man's cored forearm and Grimmjow looked down at him before speaking. "Can he come home with me?"

The therapist lifted a snowy brow and looked up at the protective blue haired man. "He's ganna need someone to be around constantly fer a while. Don't a strappin young man like you have a steady job?"

Grimmjow instantly bristled, curling his lip at the doctor's mocking tone, his brow scrunching into his classic, angry and slightly murderous scowl. Ichigo could feel the man's muscles tense up against him and he again patted Grimm's arm, trying to calm him down. He didn't really understand it, but these two really didn't get along. Not that it mattered, he would be leaving soon.

Isshin stepped in, shooting his coworker a warning look. "He owns his own business, Dr. Shirosaki." Looking back to his son and the bluenette, he gave Grimmjow the same glare. He knew the therapist could be difficult to deal with, the man was a bit eccentric and loved to push buttons, but his son's lover needed to keep his cool anyway. "You're a grown man, Ichi. And you can always call if you need something." He said quietly, a small smile presenting it's self.

Ichigo's expression brightened and he looked up to see that his lover's smile had returned. The therapist nodded at Isshin and turned to leave. "I'll sign the papers, then. Ya can leave tomorrow" With a slightly creepy grin, the man left the room.

Grimmjow wrapped strong arms around Ichigo's waist, hoisting the smaller man into the air. Ichigo threw his arms around his lover's neck, laughing as the bluenette twirled him in a circle before setting him back down and hugging him close. The orange head gratefully returned the embrace, circling his arms around Grimm's trim waist, laying his head against his chest.

Shinji finally broke away from Nnoitra, racing over to Ichigo as soon as the bluenette released him. Squealing, the blond pulled his best friend into a quick hug before pulling him back to arms length. "Congrats, Ichi!"

"Thanks" Ichigo said, smiling. He allowed Shinji to lead him over to a small couch, where they sat down and he listened to his blond friend's excited chatter.

Nnoitra sauntered over to his blue haired friend as Shinji pulled the orange head away. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he came to stand beside his obviously over joyed buddy, where he was talking to Isshin about caring for Ichigo while he continued to recover.

Grimmjow turned to him, grin still plastered on his handsome face.

The lanky man rolled his eyes, but he too had a wide smile on his features, happy for his friend and the man's lover. "So, Shin wants me ta ask ya. S' ok if he throws a surprise 'welcome home' party at yer place fer the kid?"

Grimmjow snorted a laugh. "Damn straight he's getting a party"

Nnoitra let out a cackling laugh. "Good, coz he already got half a what he needs fer it." Nnoi glanced over at Shinji and Ichigo from the corner of his good eye, making sure they were still occupied. "We'll call everyone tanight an sneak inta yer place tomorrow to set up. Just tex me a list a anyone in specific ya want there and give me a heads up when yer leavin here."

The bluenette nodded to Nnoitra, his attention being pulled back to his lover and the blond. "Make sure you and the twins are there." He said to Isshin, still watching the two younger men.

Shinji had a wide, piano key grin partially hidden behind his hands, giggles escaping to fill the room. Ichigo had a slightly embarrassed, little smile tilting his lips, his face turning a brighter shade of red by the second. His eyes widened a little and his face reddened even further when he took notice of Grimmjow watching him.

"Gotta get goin, Ichi!" Shinji told his friend. He leaned over and gave Ichigo a quick kiss on the cheek before hopping up and skipping to where Nnoitra and Grimmjow stood. He threw the bluenette a wink and grabbed Nnoitra's hand, pulling the lanky man toward the door. "Le's go, Nnoi! We got things ta do!" He said cheerily as they left the room.

Grimmjow watched his friend as he was dragged out of the room by the boisterous little blond, then turned back to Ichigo, who was still a light shade of pink, thoroughly confused. A blue brow rose in a questioning manner as Grimmjow made his way back to Ichigo, standing in front of the couch where the smaller man sat. "What was that about?" He asked, small smile tilting his lips when Ichigo blushed anew. He extended his hand out to the orange head.

"Uhh...N...nothing..." He said, standing up, using the offered hand for help. Quickly changing the subject, he patted Grimmjow's muscled stomach lightly. "Hey. I've been awake for how long now? Were you just not planning to tell me about how badly you had gotten hurt?" He asked in a mock, scolding voice.

Grimmjow stuttered around a bit. "Well, ya know. It's really not a big deal..." He threw a quick glare at Isshin, who gave a sheepish smile and ducked out of the room, giving them some privacy and getting back to work.

"Bull shit it's not!" Ichigo snaked his arms around Grimmjow's waist, looking up at the taller man. "You should have told me."

The bluenette blew a light sigh, looking down into Ichi's chocolaty brown eyes. "Damn it.." He mumbled. "I..." He rolled his eyes a bit at how cheesy he sounded to himself before finishing his sentence. "I was too worried about you to care."

He braced himself for Ichigo to go off on him, scolding him for not saying anything about it or that his reasoning was stupid. But the scolding never came, instead, Ichigo melted against him, small smile tilting his full, pink lips.

Grimmjow curled his finger under his boyfriend's chin, lifting his head and capturing those lips with his own. He ran his tongue over Ichigo's bottom lip, wanting and needing to feel more; to taste more.

Ichigo smirked a little against his lips, before parting his own and giving Grimmjow access. Their tongues danced and caressed, this kiss growing heated before they finally broke apart, panting lightly.

They smiled, looking at each other, studying each other and so very glad to finally have each other back.

Turning, they slowly walked out the door and into the hall, Ichigo using Grimmjow's offered strength for support as they headed back toward his room.

It would have been quicker and easier to let the bluenette push him in a wheel chair, but they had time.


Nnoitra patted Pantera's head where she was cradled in his arms, as he followed Shinji around the large space of Grimmjow's apartment. They had decorated the sitting room and kitchen. A banner that read "Welcome Home!" in bright colors hung at the entrance of the hall way, it would be the first thing the berry would see when he got there.

The couches in the living room had been in the perfect place already, leaving the center of the room open, but sill having plenty of seating. Shinji had made him drag Grimm's big screen from where it sat and move it so that they could hook up the PS3 for anyone who wanted to play. He had also drug the other large, flat screen from his friend's bedroom, out into the sitting room, next to the one already out here. They would be able to duel screen if they had enough people, or have two different games going at once.

His phone beeped in his pocket and Nnoitra let Pan drop to the floor. The cat bound back into the sitting room to investigate as he pulled his cell out and opened it. "OneNewMessage:GRIMM" He opened the message to read it.

"Shin" He said, pulling the blond's attention. "They're leavin' soon, Grimm says they're gettin' the kid's shit ready now."

Shinji jumped up and down, clapping his hands excitedly as he left the kitchen. "Alright everyone!" He addressed the guests of the surprise party. "I'm ganna go get the party boy!"

Cheers erupted from around the large room. Nnoitra rolled his eye but walked Shinji to the door, telling him to be careful.

They had decided it would be less suspicious if the blond picked Ichigo up from the hospital. Grimmjow had demanded that someone with a car be there, saying he would not let Ichigo ride on the back of his motorcycle while he was still recovering.

Sending Isshin would have tipped the orange head that his father had taken the day off from the hospital, which could have ruined the surprise. In the end, the best and most unassuming choice had been Shinji.


A large, handsome smirk was stretched across Grimmjow's face. He held up Ichigo's jacket so that his lover could slip into it easier. He was finally taking his Ichi home, after everything that had happened...they could finally go home.

"Shinji should be here soon" He said, pulling his own jacket into place. He hefted the bag that held the few things Ichigo had at the hospital. Most of the things he had with him were get well presents from friends and family, he internally grimaced at the thought of having so many brightly colored stuffed animals sitting around his apartment.

Ichigo made a grab for the bag, not wanting Grimmjow to feel he had to carry it for him. The bluenette gave him a level look, adjusting the strap on his shoulder and grabbing his helmet, making it quite obvious that he wasn't going to give it up. Ichigo rolled his eyes, but smirked and hugged the man. "thanks" he whispered.

"You don't need to thank me." Grimmjow said, offering Ichigo his arm. "You sure you don't want a chair?"

Ichigo linked his arm with Grimmjow's offered one. "Very. I'm sick of those damn things."

The bluenette chuckled, fully understanding the feeling.

They made their way out of the room and started down the hall, Grimmjow carefully matching the pace Ichigo set for them.

They made their way to the elevator, passing a few nurses and patients on their way. A young woman in a nurses uniform practically raced toward them, shouting Grimmjow's name.

"Mr. Jaegerjaquez!" Grimmjow instinctively curled his lip at hearing his last name being shouted. He always was more fond of being called by his first name. The bluenette turned to face the woman.

He relaxed some when recognition dawned on him. The woman had been assigned as his personal nurse for his first visit here, when he had been brought back from the accident. He kind of wandered how she remembered his name.

"I knew it was you!" She exclaimed enthusiastically. "Can't miss that hair anywhere" She gave a delighted smile and looked at Ichigo. "It's so good to see you finally getting out of here" Her smile faltered "Umm... Not that we don't like you!"

Ichigo smiled at the slightly flustered nurse. "It's alright, I know what you mean, miss"

The nurse gave them both another beaming smile. "I just wanted to congratulate you both" She said, then looked up at Grimmjow again, her smile changing a little. It was still a happy expression, but not so exuberant, it was more gentle and sincere. "You seem much happier now, Mr. Jaegerjaquez. It's good to see you smile again."

Grimmjow wrapped his arm around Ichigo's shoulders, pulling the orange haired man closer. He kissed Ichigo's temple, a happy smile playing at his lips. The shorter man smiled up at him, then looked back to the nurse, his face coloring ever so slightly.

The elevator dinged before the doors slid open. Grimmjow slipped his arm back through Ichigo's and they slowly walked into the elevator and turned back to face the doors.

The nurse stood on the other side, waving happily good bye. "You guys make such a cute couple! Take care you two!"

The bluenette chuckled. "Thanks" He said, giving a short wave as well. "And Thanks for taking care of my ass too" He added as the doors shut.

Ichigo looked up at his man, raising an orange brow in curiosity. "Who was that?" He asked.

Grimmjow chuckled again, the sound vibrating in his chest where Ichigo had pressed up against him. "She was my personal nurse after the accident."

"Oh" Between the bluenette and his father, Ichigo had finally been able to drag out most of the details about what had happened after Grimmjow finally woke up in the hospital. "Did she flirt with you?" He asked as the thought popped into his mind. He found that it kind of pissed him off to think about his boyfriend having a personal nurse. What woman wouldn't fall for the man, after all? And she would have been around Grimmjow constantly, no matter what he was doing... His train of worried thoughts was cut off.

"Nah. Pretty sure she was too scared of me at first." The bluenette replied as the doors to the elevator opened. They stepped out together and headed toward the large double doors at the front of the hospital. "By the time she got over her fear, she had figured out I was yours." Grimmjow added, a little quieter, his vision trained straight ahead of them, watching Shinji's car pull up in front of the doors.

Ichigo's steps faltered as he registered what Grimmjow said. He looked up at the bluenette, searching his face and trying to figure out if he had meant it to sound how it did. Even though the man still looked straight ahead of them, a small smile tilted his lips and Ichigo decided he had.

Shinji raced to the automatic doors from outside, stepping in front of the censors to make them slide open. He bowed low, dramatically swooping his arms out to the side like he was holding the door for the couple leaving the hospital, a large smile on his face.

Grimmjow snorted a bit at the blond's antics. Ichigo laughed at his side, playing along with his friend. "Why thank you, Mr. Hirako" He said happily, arm still linked with Grimmjow's.

After they passed by, Shinji came up to his friend's man's other side, snagging the strap of the bag and lifting it from his shoulder. Grimmjow let him have it. The blond tossed it in the back seat of his car before rounding the vehicle and opening the passenger door for Ichigo to climb in. "So we're goin' ta yer place, handsome?" He asked the bluenette. He really didn't need to ask, but he wanted the act to be as convincing as possible.

"Yeah, we can get the rest of his shit from your apartment later." Grimmjow said, watching as Ichigo gingerly lowered himself into the seat. "Let me pull my bike around and you can follow me."

"Sure thing!" Shinji replied, going back to the driver's side and climbing into his car. "Soooo... you guys have plans when ya get back ta his place?" Shinji asked his friend, wiggling his eye brows suggestively.

Ichigo blushed a light shade of red.

He had been thinking about what Shinji had mentioned the day before, at his therapy session. He had made a comment about how long it had been since he and Grimmjow had... been left alone together... "Uhm... Not that I know of?" He answered.

Shinji was right though. He almost felt bad for the bluenette when he really thought about it. It wasn't so bad for himself, Ichigo hadn't been awake for most of it, but Grimmjow had. And it had been months... Ichigo cringed at the thought, but smiled as another thought bubbled into his head. It would be worth it. He could feel himself getting aroused just by the thought of how great he and Grimmjow's night would be.

Grimmjow pulled his bike up beside the passenger side of Shinji's car. "What ya thinking about, Ichi?" He asked, raising a blue brow at the pink that dusted the bridge of Ichigo's nose.

Beside him, Shinji giggled and Ichigo decided he might as well play along, there was no sense in trying to hide it from these two. "Just how hot you look on a motorcycle"

A lewd grin split the bluenette's face in half, showing pearly white teeth as he zipped his black jacket up. "Don't worry, I'll give you a ride..." Grimmjow said, sliding his helmet over his head and revving the engine before pulling through the parking lot.

Shinji's giggles grew into laughter and Ichigo colored even darker, but he couldn't quite repress the shiver that Grimmjow's deep, rumbling voice had sent through his spine.

The car pulled out of the lot, following behind the blue crotch rocket.


Nnoitra glanced at his phone. "Alright, everyone" He addressed the small crowd in Grimmjow's apartment. There wasn't a crazy amount of people, but each guest was close to either Grimmjow, Ichigo or both of them. Shinji had invited a dozen or so of his and Ichigo's friends from the club and school, Isshin and the twins were there, plus Grimmjow and Nnoitra's close friends. Nnoitra had given Mr. Ukitake a call, but the lawyer had prior commitments. However, there was a small, wrapped box with Grimm and Ichigo's name on it from the man. Everyone in attendance had brought flowers, balloons and other gifts for Ichigo with them, the gifts were stacked on the kitchen table, waiting for the orange head to arrive.

"They're pullin' in now" Nnoi told everyone. An excited hush fell across the apartment, the silence only broken by Pantera's excited chirping.

Isshin leaned a little closer to the lanky man. "Do you think we should try to quiet the cat?" He asked. She had been fussing over all the people in her home since the first few that she didn't know started showing up.

"Nah. Grimm'll come up with something if the kid asks." He said, crossing his wiry arms over his chest and leaning back against the counter in the kitchen.


Grimmjow turned his bike into the parking lot of his apartment complex. He pulled it under the open air pavilion and killed the engine. Dismounting, he threw the cover over his motorcycle as Shinji pulled his car into the space next to him.

Ichigo slowly climbed from the car as Grimmjow made his way over to him. "Is it ok for Shin to come in for a while?" He asked, looking up at his lover.

"Of course it is." Grimmjow said, wrapping his arms around Ichigo and pulling him close. He gave the orange head a deep kiss. There was no teeth or tongue involved, but Ichigo felt himself melt against Grimmjow's strong chest at the emotions he could feel through the kiss.

The bluenette pulled away, smirking down at him, before taking his hand and leading Ichigo toward his apartment. Shinji followed behind him, bag thrown over his shoulder, a wide smile taking up the lower half of his features.

Ichigo frowned a bit as he slowly accented the few steps to Grimm's door step. "What's Pan so talkative over?" He asked, looking up at the bluenette. She could be heard chirping and meowing through the closed door.

Grimmjow gave a half hearted shrug. "She sounds excited to see you" He said, smiling when the orange haired man rolled his eyes but laughed all the same.

The bluenette pulled his keys from his pocket, and unlocked the door. He pulled Ichigo in front of him and swung the door open for the smaller man.

"Welcome Home!"

Ichigo jumped, stepping back a little to bump into his lover. Grimmjow laughed and scooped him up, turning side ways to walk through the door, Ichigo in his arms. Ichigo linked his arms around his man's thick neck, a happy and very surprised grin transforming his face. His wide, cocoa eyes took in the site of the apartment and all his friends. He pulled Grimmjow's face closer, kissing the man on the cheek before squirming a bit.

After being put back on his own feet, he turned and gave Shinji a hug, knowing this had to be his doing. "Thank you" He said to everyone in the room.

Pantera made a break for it, escaping Yuzu's entrapping arms and trotted over to her owner and Ichigo. She head butted the orange head's thigh, chirping happily. Ichigo reached down and patted her head.

His sisters ran over, Karin giving him a quick hug before she looked up and made a face at Grimmjow. The bluenette returned the favor, sticking his tongue out at her before an evil smile ripped across his face and he took a stalking step toward her. Karin laughed and took off through the apartment, threading her way through the crowd to escape her brother's boyfriend. Grimmjow looked to Ichigo, shrugging a bit, then took off after her.

Yuzu circled her little arms around his waist, looking up at him. "Ichi-nii!" She exclaimed. "I'm glad you can finally leave the doctor's!"

Ichigo laughed "Yeah, me too" He ruffled her hair when she held up her arms. "Sorry, Yuzu... I can't pick you up yet..." He hated that he wasn't fully recovered and strong enough yet, but he knew he would be again eventually.

The little girl deflated slightly before shrugging and letting another happy smile cross her features. "It's ok, Ichi-nii!" She bent slightly and circled her arms around Pantera's midsection, hoisting the large cat up. Pan huffed a sigh, her tail and back feet dragging the floor as Ichigo's sister carried her away, but she didn't struggle or try to get away and thankfully kept her claws sheathed.

Everyone took their turn coming up to Ichigo and giving him a hug and congratulating him. He took a seat in an arm chair, getting tired of standing and beginning to feel a little worn out. He sighed and gratefully accepted the glass of water and pain meds that were presented to him. Isshin smiled down at him before returning to the kitchen to help Yuzu cook for all the guests at Grimmjow's place.

As the smell of food permeated the air, a happy squeal broke over the din of the talking voices from near by. Ichigo looked up to see Grimmjow push through a few people, headed toward him. Karin was thrown over his shoulder, one of his big hands on her back to make sure she didn't fall. His other arm was circled around her legs, keeping her from kicking around too much.

She laughed and finally gave up on trying to get away, accepting her fate. Turning her head to look over her shoulder and in front of Grimmjow, she waved to Ichigo. "Ichi-nii! Are ya ganna help me or just sit there?" She asked.

"Hmmm..." Ichigo put on a thoughtful expression, looking up at Grimm. "I think I'll just sit here." He said, laughing when Karin growled and started struggling anew.

She kicked her little feet around, struggling in the bluenette's grip. Her laughing turned into a startled squeak when Grimmjow's grip loosened and she slid a little.

Brilliant, blue eyes widened a little and Grimmjow grunted, gritting his teeth when a little foot connected with a very sensitive area. "Watch it, kid" He said, tossing her up a little before carefully lowering her to the ground. After she scrambled away, he dropped to the ground in front of Ichigo, sitting cross legged, one hand protectively placed over his groin while he let out a long, controlled breath. "She's got a good kick." He said, resting his forehead on Ichigo's knee.

"She plays soccer all the time" Ichigo chuckled a bit and leaned forward, kissing the top of Grimmjow's head.

Grimmjow grunted in reply, not moving from where he was sitting. Ichigo watched Nnoitra sneak up behind the bluenette, but said nothing, desperately holding in his laughter as the lanky man pulled an ice cube from the ice pack in his hands and dropped it down the back of Grimm's shirt.

The bluenette jerked upright. "You fucker!" He yelled, pulling his shirt away from his body and letting the ice fall to the floor.

Nnoitra cackled like a hyena and dropped the ice pack into Grimmjow's lap. "The lil one said she thought she 'bagged ya in the nuts'." He said.

Grimmjow curled his lip, grabbing the cold bag of ice out of his lap. He was about to throw it at Nnoi, but his anger dissolved with Ichigo's laughter.

Finally, Yuzu came into the room, holding a plate of food and a can of coke. Karin trailed behind her. "Foods ready!" She announced, walking up to her brother. She handed him the plate and can before heading back into the kitchen.

Karin gave Grimmjow a sheepish smile and handed him a plate of food and can of beer, before hurrying to follow her twin. Grimmjow accepted the offering and turned so that his back was against the chair Ichigo sat in.

"Hey! Where's mine?" Nnoi asked, following after Karin.

"You can get your own!" She shot back, placing her hands on her hips and sticking her tongue out at him.

Grimmjow and Ichigo laughed as Nnoi disappeared into the kitchen.

After everyone had food and made themselves comfortable, Shinji made Nnoitra help him carry all the gifts into the sitting room and place them on the floor in front of Ichigo. The orange head looked a little worn out, not that anyone blamed him, so they didn't want to make him get up. When everything had been opened up, Ichigo thanked all his friends, a few people beginning to filter out of the apartment and head home.


Isshin sat down on the couch opposite of the one Shinji and Ichigo were sitting on. The twins curled up on the couch next to him, Yuzu dragging Pantera with her. The cat glared but allowed herself to be positioned on the small girls lap.

Shinji giggled, watching as Nnoitra got his ass handed to him the racing game he, Grimm, Ulquiorra and Starrk were playing on the PS3. The four men sat in the middle of the floor around the big screen. Laughter and a few muffled curses rang through out the room.

Nnoitra grumbled as he drove his vehicle across the finish line, coming in second place. "Oh, yeah." He grabbed something off the entertainment center and tossed it over his head, in the direction he heard Shinji and Ichigo talking and giggling.

Shinji let out a startled squeak, catching the object that had been flying toward his head. Looking at it, he quickly handed it to Ichigo, smiling a little before shooting a glare at the back of his lanky boyfriend's head.

Grimmjow glanced back at them, looking at the wrapped box in Ichigo's hand for a minute. He let his head tilt back, deep laughter ringing through the room as he recognized the shape and size of the object. He pushed Nnoitra a little, turning around so he could see Ichi's face when he finally figured out what it was.

Ichigo watched as grins spread across the faces of all four men sitting on the floor. He glanced at his father on the other couch. Isshin shrugged at him and he redirected his attention back to the package. Peeling a corner of the paper back, his face went red and threw the box back at Nnoi.

The lanky, raven haired man caught the box, falling backward as he laughed so hard a tear slid down his face. Everyone burst into laughter as Nnoitra pulled the rest of the paper off for Ichigo and placed the box of condoms and tube of strawberry scented lubricant back on the entertainment stand.

Ichigo hid his face in his hands, Shinji circling his shoulders with a slim arm. The orange head could feel his blond friend's barely concealed laughter shaking the man's slim frame.


Pantera looked up from her spot on the couch as a weight settled down next to her.

Ichigo ran his fingers through her soft fur and tilted his head to rest against the back of the couch, stifling a yawn as he did.

Grimmjow closed the door behind Shin and Nnoi, locking it and turning back to Ichigo. The party had been fun, but both were glad that everyone had finally left, giving them some time for themselves.

The bluenette settled on his knees in between Ichigo's legs, elbows resting on the cushions on either side of the orange head's thighs as he looked up at chocolate brown eyes. Grimmjow leaned forward, capturing petal soft lips with his own. The kiss was simple, chaste even. He pulled back looking into Ichigo's eyes before kissing him again.

Ichigo could see the fire simmering in swirling, blue depths and linked his arms around the back of Grimmjow's neck as the bluenette kissed him again. This time, the kiss grew deeper, more heated.

When a warm tongue ran along his bottom lip, Ichigo parted his lips, letting the appendage invade his mouth. Grimmjow eagerly swallowed the low moan that escaped his throat when the bluenette's growing arousal brushed against his leg through his jeans.

Grimmjow stood, braking the kiss and panting lightly. He stooped and picked Ichigo up, cradling the smaller man in his arms and headed down the hall.

Ichigo placed his hand on Grimmjow's broad chest, his eyes heavy lidded and swirling with arousal and need. "L.. Let's shower first..." He whispered, pressing his face into the crook of Grimmjow's neck. "I don't wanna smell like a hospital."

Grimmjow chuckled and pushed the bathroom door open, pushing it closed behind them with his foot. He let out a low, rumbling growl, almost a purr, when Ichigo began kissing a trail up the side of his neck. He gently set the smaller man down and leaned over to start the water so it could warm up.

The bluenette straightened, pulling his shirt over his head and helped Ichigo to do the same. His breath hitched slightly and he paused, letting warm fingers continue exploring and tracing down his bared chest and abdomen.

Ichigo studied Grimmjow's scared torso. Most of the marks were old, but some where new, fresh and still slightly pink. The smaller man ran his fingers over them, enjoying the feel of honed muscle dancing beneath taut, golden skin. The scars could never make Grimmjow any less gorgeous, less perfect.

Ichigo pressed open mouthed kisses to the larger man's collar bone. Warm, strong arms wrapped around him and Grimmjow let his head fall back as a groan worked it's way past his throat.

The orange head made a hot trail down the rest of Grimmjow's abdomen. Alternating between licking and kissing, he came to a stop at the waist of the bluenette's pants. Grimmjow's breathing had picked up, a slight whimper escaping and Ichi knew the bluenette was trying desperately to be patient for him. He knew he was driving his larger lover insane, but he couldn't help it and was fully enjoying himself.

He finally undid the button to Grimm's jeans, letting the pants fall to the cool, tile floor.

Grimmjow pulled his boxers down, releasing his straining erection before making short work of Ichigo's pants and boxers. He lifted the smaller man up, stepping into the tub, and gently set him back down under the hot spray of the shower.

Ichigo let his finger tips brush across Grimmjow's hard member. The bluenette leaned into his touch, grinding up against him gently. He licked a trail from the base of Ichigo's neck to his jaw before capturing his lips in a soul searing kiss. Breaking the kiss, he grabbed a bottle of shampoo and worked the lather into bright, orange spikes while Ichigo soaped Grimmjow's sculpted body, obviously enjoying what he was doing as he teased the bluenette with light touches while he washed him.

Their shower was filled with slow, sensual touches and caresses, and heated kisses.

When they were finally done, they climbed from the tub, the air around them steamy from the hot water. Grimmjow wrapped a fluffy, black towel around Ichigo's shoulders before grabbing another to scrub through his blue hair.

Ichigo dried himself as quickly and thoroughly as possible, before turning back to his lover. He needed to feel Grimmjow, to taste him, to be with him as completely as he was able. He ran his hands slowly down Grimmjow's broad back.

The bluenette froze for a second, closing his eyes and enjoying Ichigo's hands on him. He let his towel drop, spinning around so fast the smaller man was forced to take a step back, bringing him against the wall. Grimmjow pulled him into a heated kiss, his tongue instantly dominated Ichigo's. He brought his hands around Ichi's waist, then cupped his ass and hoisted him up.

The orange head locked his legs around Grimmjow's waist, moaning into the man's mouth as he felt the larger man's very prominent erection slide against him. Grimmjow pushed the door to the bathroom open, the force of it causing the door to bounce off the door stop and close behind them.

The bluenette carried him to the bed room, gently laying him down on the thick blanket. He climbed over top the orange head, hand reaching blindly for the bottle he kept in his night stand.

Ichigo wrapped long, slender fingers around Grimmjow's aching cock. The man gasped slightly, head falling forward to rest on Ichi's shoulder. He thrust into his hand a slowly, need clouding his already foggy mind. "I...Ichi..." He said in a breathy, slightly rough voice against Ichigo's heated skin. "I don't...wanna hurt you..."

Ichigo's breath hitched as Grimmjow's lips brushed against his over sensitive skin. "You...You wont," Grimmjow bit into the flesh of the juncture between his shoulder and neck. "Grimm–" Ichigo arched into the bluenette's solid body above him.

Grimmjow squeezed a generous amount of lube onto his fingers, before circling his index finger around Ichigo's entrance.

The orange head gasped below him. "Oh...god, Grimm...please..." He panted out, trying to push backward and make Grimmjow's fingers enter him.

Grimmjow hummed his approval and mapped the planes of Ichi's stomach with his tongue. He looked up at Ichi's flushed face, still licking and tasting, while he slowly pushed the first finger in.

Ichigo shut his eyes, moaning out his pleasure. After a moment, he wiggled his hips a bit, letting Grimmjow know he was ok while his brain tried to process words for him to speak. As Grimmjow shifted his finger, pulling out and pressing back in, the words died in his throat, leaving as another, deep moan.

The bluenette added a second finger, still struggling to be patient. The orange head gasped and mewled, thrusting his hips downward in an attempt to have those fingers buried deeper. "Damn... Ichi... you keep makin those sounds..." Grimmjow scissored his fingers a bit, then started thrusting them in and out of the smaller man. "and I'm not ganna be able to take it slow much longer."

Ichigo arched his back, pressing back against the fingers impaling him. "O...ok..." He moaned again, needing more. More movement, more heat, more Grimmjow. He couldn't get past his need to form full thoughts or sentences. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he noted how careful Grimmjow was trying to be with him.

"mnnn..." He panted, hands clawing at Grimmjow's strong shoulders, trying to pull him closer than he already was. "M...more..."

Grimmjow's dick twitched at the needy command and he couldn't help himself any longer. He pulled his fingers out and lubed up his cock. He lined himself up, then slowly pushed the head of his cock through the tight ring of muscle. He braced one hand on the pillow, beside Ichigo's head and looked down at him, his other hand gripping the orange head's slim hip.

Ichigo had his eyes squeezed shut, trying to adjust to the larger intrusion. Finally, after a few, still and quiet moments, he opened his clouded, darkened eyes to look up at the man above him. He wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's neck, pulling him down for a heated, passionate kiss.

Grimmjow slid his tongue into Ichi's mouth, moaning quietly, deep in his chest as he slid the rest of the way inside tight heat, fully sheathing himself. He paused again, not braking the kiss, but he couldn't wait for long and slowly pulled back again. Ichigo whimpered into the kiss and thrust back against Grimmjow, forcing his cock further into him again.

Grimmjow snapped his hips forward and Ichigo threw his head back, crying out as he finally broke the kiss. Grimmjow thrust again, picking up a steady pace. A deep rumble erupted from his throat as tight, silky heat milked his length.

Grimmjow felt Ichigo's tight walls spasm around him and he wrapped tanned fingers around the orange heads saluting cock. Ichigo gasped, tossing his head back and arching his body into the touch. He moved in time with Grimmjow's own thrusts and pumping hand. "I...Grimm– jow..." He moaned out his lover's name, feeling his release creep up on him. "I'm ganna..." White pulsed behind his eye lids, and he cried out as cum coated his and Grimmjow's bellies.

Above him, Grimmjow let a strangled moan escape his throat and thrust one more time as heated walls closed around his cock and pulled his own orgasm from him. The bluenette rode out the wave's of pleasure before finally pulling out and dropping down beside Ichigo.

The smaller man stifled a yawn and turned so he could lay his head on Grimmjow's slightly sweat slicked chest. He smiled when warm, strong arms wrapped around his naked torso, pulling him tight against the man beside him. It was a strong and solid embrace, one that promised to never let go. Ichigo wrapped an arm around the bigger man's waist, silently promising the same in return.

Grimmjow kissed the top of Ichigo's head, using one hand to pull the blanket up to their waists, before wrapping his arm back around a drifting Ichigo.

"I love you, Ichi" He whispered quietly, pressing his face into orange locks. "I love you" He repeated, his voice was soft and sincere, hardly braking the comfortable silence of the room. He felt his lover smile against his bare chest, and he too smiled as he allowed himself to drift off and follow Ichigo into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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