How Do I Live?

Chpt 2

An hour later found the remaining members of the Power team on board the jump ship headed for the Passages. Jon had been true to his word and had been on board when the rest of the team showed up but he took a seat in the back. He didn't want to command anymore. Matt took over, finally realizing how truly broken Jon had become.

The whole flight down to what had been Los Angeles, Matt couldn't shake that something was up with Jon. He had a bad feeling that Jon was about to do something monumentally stupid while he wasn't thinking right. Well, even Stuart Power great man that he was had his moments, but he'd had Morgana to keep him grounded. Jon was floundering in a big way. Matt figured he better stick close to Jon for a bit.

"We're on approach, Hawk. I've just receive the clearance to land."

"Then set us down and let's see what they wanted us for." Hawk responded.

A short time later, as they were disembarking the ship, they were met by a man, who was quite clearly a doctor.

"Ah, Captain Power! I'm so glad you could come on short notice!"

Matt noticing that Jon wasn't going to respond quickly jumped in.

"I'm Major Masterson; I don't believe we've met before. You are?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Dr. Hayes. I'm one of the new surgeons here at the Passages. I've only been here a few weeks. I'm the one who had the message sent to you all."

"Well, what can we help you with, Doctor?" Matt replied.

"Actually, I think it's what can I help you with?"

"Come again?" Scout interjected.

"It's better if I just show you. If you all will follow me please, I think we found something that belongs to you guys."

The team was more than a little puzzled by this new doctor, and even Jon was a little curious.

Couldn't hurt to see what he thinks he's found. Jon thought to himself.

The Doctor was motioning for them to follow, so they quickly fell into line behind him. Doctor Hayes was not a tall or a young man but he moved fairly quickly. They all had to work to keep up with him. It wasn't very long till he led them to a large cavern that had been set up like a hospital ward with curtains everywhere and every bed occupied by someone in need of help. The doctor continued to far corner of the room and stopped them before he took them in.

"Now, I feel I should tell you that I'm sorry we didn't contact you all sooner. I had no idea who we had here. She's been here about two weeks, but hasn't said much of…"

"She?" Jon jumped in; pushing passed the Doctor, and pulling the curtain back.

"Jennifer!" Jon gasped. There on the bed before him was Jennifer, sleeping soundly. The only indication that anything was wrong with her was the IV attached to her left arm.

The team stood there in total shock. Jennifer was alive!

Jon couldn't move. He almost couldn't breathe.

Hawk was the first to gather his wits.

"Is she ok?" He asked the Doctor.

"Yes. She's going to be fine. Like I said she got here about two weeks ago. She'd apparently been severely injured recently. She'd had a few field surgeries done to repair her injuries, and last week, I had to go in and finish some of the repair work. She will recover, given enough time."

"Most everyone in the Passages knows us. How come no one recognized her?"

"She came in on a refugee transport out of New Mexico, and we've had some turnovers in personnel in the med wards." He finished quietly. Everyone knew what turnovers meant.

"So the people that should have known who she was weren't here?" Lt. Michael "Tank" Ellis stated.


"Any idea what happened to her?" Scout asked.

"I'm afraid not. When she arrived here, she wasn't in the best shape. She only started talking a little bit two days ago, but nothing any one could understand until this morning when she said her name. We all assumed she had some kind of amnesia as she seemed unable to recall her name. One of the nurses said that she needed a name, and decided to call her Jessica. The nurse, a lady named Anna Beth, was taking her vitals this morning and talking to her. She was telling Jennifer that until she recalled her name that they were going to call her Jessica, Jessie for short. That's when she spoke clearly for the first time. She said her name was Jennifer. Jennifer Chase. Not JESSICA. Well another patient close by heard the name and well it just spiraled out from there. We soon realized we had to get you all here as soon as possible."

"You're sure she's going to be ok?" Jon spoke for the first time.

"Yes, Captain. She's healing well and remarkably fast. Most likely because she's young. I won't lie to you though. She's got a long road ahead. She had extensive internal injuries at some point in the recent past. I..."

"Six weeks ago." Jon said interrupting him.

"I'm sorry? I don't understand." The Doctor responded.

"She was injured in the destruction of our primary base six weeks ago. We thought she died in the explosion."

"Oh my. I'm so sorry, Captain, but as you can see by some miracle she is here. She's going to need several months of recovery though. She needs time for the muscles and her nerves to heal from the digitization process."

"Digitization?" Hawk interjected.

"Yes, I heard some of the others who were brought in at the same time saying that they had all been recently digitized by Blastarr. If you would like I can make some introductions for you, if you all want to talk to them."

"Oh we like." Tank answered.

The scratching of chair legs on the floor all gathered their attention as Jon pulled the chair as close to the bed as he could get and took her small hand in his much larger one. Jon was done talking. He just wanted to sit and watch for now, and try to convince himself that this wasn't a dream.

Hawk pulled the curtain closed to give them what little privacy they could, turning to the Doctor, he said, "We'd like those introductions now, please."

"Right this way. The refugees were brought in by a resistance cell in New Mexico. They were dropped off and then the cell left again, but I heard this morning that they were due back here today to gather some more supplies. I spoke only briefly with their leader, a man named Crazy Horse. He didn't tell me much of what happened to them."

They followed the Doctor down towards what was the Command and Communications center for the passages. Once inside, Doctor Hayes located the tech on duty.

"Hey, Leslie."

"Hey Doc. How are the patients today?"

"Today is a good day. Do you know if that resistance group out of New Mexico, leader's named Crazy Horse, has shown back up yet? I heard they were due back today."

"As a matter of fact, their shuttle is on final approach. They're cleared for landing in Bay 5. Crazy Horse is with them."

"Thanks, Leslie. We still on for chess later?"

"Wouldn't miss it?" She winked at him.

"Do you all need me to take you down there?" He turned back to Hawk.

"No thanks, Doc. We know where Bay 5 is. Thanks for the help."

"It's the least I could do."

"I don't know about that, but I do know we owe you a huge one. We're in your debt, Doc."

"You're very welcome. I'm heading back down to the med ward. I should know more by tomorrow when she can go home with you guys." He finished heading out.

"So…Bay 5?" Scout inquired.

"Yes, Bay 5." Tank replied, following Hawk who was already headed that way.

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