Oh my gosh! THE SEASON PREMIERE WAS AMAZZZZING! I loved all the Klaine, Blaine, and Kurt-Rachel! Seriously, the music is phenomenal!

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I'm even more excited for next week's episode, entitled, I Am Unicorn, that revolves around Quinn/Shelby/Puck/Beth, etc! It's been confirmed that there are Quinn/Puck scenes that were filmed, but, note they are more like the Q/P scenes in Preggers. More emotional. And 3x02 will end on an emotional cliffhanger. But hey, we lasted 470 days (according to some post on a Quick-related fandom thing, I was looking at), without our favorite couple talking! :)

Prompt from im a gleek1994: for your 'puck is the father story' you could do one where Puck's mum finds out Quinn is pregnant and then she discuss' this with Puck and he lets it out that he is the father or something similar involving the parents because we didn't really see puck's or finn's mother's reactions to finding out who the baby's father was :)

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Puck shoved his car keys in his book bag as he walked into the Puckerman home after school.

He was expecting his little sister, Sarah, to be sitting at the counter, doing her homework. When she wasn't there, he was slightly concerned, and wondered if his mom hadn't been able to pick Sarah up on her lunch hour from the hospital, where she worked as a nurse, from school and had left him a voicemail to do so.

He opened his phone, but he had no missed calls. That's when he saw something he hadn't been expecting—his mom was there at home, sitting at the kitchen table (which was hidden by the opened door when he walked in, so he hadn't seen her).

"Um, hi, Ma," he called, "Where's Sarah?"

"Upstairs in her room doing her homework."

"What are you doing home so early?" he asked.

"The hospital let me off early today," Ruth Puckerman told her song, "Which also gave me the perfect opportunity to talk to you about something Carole Hudson told me when I stopped by the Lima Walgreens, on the way home."

Did his mom know that he had gotten Quinn pregnant? No, of course not. If Finn's mom had told his mom something like that, then Quinn would be standing on his doorstep with all her stuff, because she would have been kicked out of the Hudson home by Finn, where she was living since being kicked out and disowned by her own parents.

"Um, okay," Puck mumbled, "What?"

Ruth took a deep breath.

"Noah, I know you know how to be safe," she began, "And I know that you do things that I don't approve of. I'm not dumb. I know what goes on. But today Carole Hudson told me…"

"Told you what, ma?" he questioned.

"She told me that Finn's girlfriend, that Quinn Fabray girl that you used to be best friends with in kindergarten and preschool, is pregnant. Three or four months pregnant, actually," Ruth told her son.

"I know," he responded, "I've known for awhile—you know, 'cuz I'm Finn's best friend and all."

And the real father of her baby, Puck thought to himself.

"Yes," Ruth nodded, "And I wanted to tell you that you need to make sure that you always are safe—so you don't end up in the same situation as Finn is with Quinn. Her parents kicked her out too. I don't know how they are going to raise a child there—the Hudson home isn't much bigger than ours. Like I said, I just don't want you to end up in the same situation."

It's kind of too late, Puck thought.

"Well, they are giving the baby up for adoption," he mentioned.

Ruth furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Um, how do you know that?" Ruth questioned her son, "That's something that should be private between Quinn, Finn, and maybe his mother, but Finn shouldn't be telling you those things."

"Finn didn't tell me. Quinn did," Puck stated, not realizing he had just spoken what he had been thinking.

"Why would Quinn tell you that?" his mother asked.

Puck didn't respond, which, of course, led his mother to become more suspicious.

"Noah, why would Quinn tell you that she and Finn are giving up their child for adoption?" Ruth Puckerman demanded to know.

He was not going to be able to dismiss this question. He had to tell his mom. Maybe, she would understand.

"Um," he cleared his throat, "Because—because I'm the father of Quinn's baby."

Ruth Puckerman had known something was up, but she hadn't been expecting that answer.

Before his mother could say anything about why Quinn was still with Finn and how everyone thought it was Finn's kid, he spoke up.

"Before you say anything about dad and how I should own up and not be like him, I tried to get Quinn to tell him. I tried to get Quinn to tell him. First, that we had slept together, and that she had feelings for me and that I have feelings for her, too. But she wouldn't. Then, I found out she was pregnant and tried to get her to tell him that I was the father. But she wouldn't—thinking I was a deadbeat and all, like you-know-who. But, like I said, she wouldn't. She thought Finn would be a better dad—be a better guy to go through her pregnancy with. She also told me that if I really, truly loved her, I wouldn't tell anyone. And I do, so I did. I tried to support her secretly and sometimes she accepted it. The other week, I think she finally accepted her feelings for me and all. She kind of told me that, too. She could've told Finn then, too. But the reason I think she didn't was because she's too deep in her lies."

Ruth wasn't sure what to say, exactly. Finally, she said the first thing that came to her mind.

"Why on earth did Finn believe her if they never—you know."

"She told him a lie—not one I really wish to explain. But Finn being Finn, believed her. She said it said so on Ask Jeeves, and well, you know Finn, he's kinda dumb when it comes to those subjects," Puck noted, "Okay, very, if he believed her."

When he finished his sentence, his mother stood up from the table. Ruth Puckerman filed over to the kitchen counter and picked the phone up out of the cradle.

"Ma?" Puck began, "What are you doing?"

"You've tried to take responsibility and I applaud that," Ruth told her son, "But Finn should not have to face this burden—especially since it's not his. I'm calling Carole and she can tell her son or she can have Quinn tell him."

Puck knew that there was no point in arguing with his mother.

"She can have my room," Puck murmured, "Well, we can share it, since we don't have any extra rooms."

He hoped Quinn would forgive him for this.

He watched as his mother dialed the phone number for the Hudson residence and as she told Carole the truth. He knew when Carole must have told Finn (that or Finn had picked up the other phone the same time as his mother and just hadn't put it down before hearing the truth), because, within a few minutes, he could ever hear, over the phone, Finn screaming and his mother was standing at least seven or eight feet away from him. Quickly following Finn's outrage, he could make out Quinn crying as his mother talked to Finn's. Finally, he heard her speak the inevitable words.

"Yes," he could hear over the portable phone his mom was holding, "P-P-Puck is the father. I'm so sorry, Finn. I never meant to hurt you."

Ruth took a deep breath.

"I understand, Carole," Ruth mumbled, looking over at her son, "Yes, send her right over."

Puck watched as his mother sat the phone down and turned to him.

"Quinn's coming over with her things right now," Ruth announced, "She will have to share a room with you, since Sarah's room isn't big enough. Nor do I want to put a three-month pregnant girl on the couch. It wouldn't be comfortable or be right. I'm not putting you on the couch for the next six months either, since you don't even fit horizontally. Just…no funny business, please."

Puck nodded, looking up at his mother.

"Are you mad?" he whispered.

"No," Ruth answered, "Not mad. More—I don't know—but I'm not angry at you or even Quinn—that much—either."

Ding, dong!, the doorbell sounded.

Puck jumped up from his seat at the kitchen table and ran to the front door. It opened, revealing the golden-haired, tear-stained, ex-head cheerleader.

"Welcome home," he said.

That's all he could say.

"I love you," she choked out, "I'm so sorry I hurt you. You know, after the bake sale, I wanted to tell him. I'm sorry I didn't. I'm—"

"Shh, it's okay," Puck murmured, embracing her.

"Never let me go," she whispered.


So, I honestly don't think it's that big of a deal that Puck knew that Quinn was giving the baby up (before everyone knew it was his kid) in the story, I just thought it worked as a way of him confessing the truth to his mother.

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