Elizabeth's Prov:

I woke up in the middle of the night to a sharp pain in my stomach. I immediately looked at my sleeping husband, as I took a shaky breath. "Will?" I whispered painfully, and I heard my parents footsteps. Will woke up automatically and Had me in a comfortable position in 3 seconds. I said "Thanks love..." The pain subsided as my parents burst through the door. Dad said "Whats wrong Lizzie?" I said "Contractions." Will looked at dad and Mom said "The baby's coming. Will, go get a towel and some water in a bowl. Now please." "No Will don't!" I gasped out. Just then Bella ran in with the bowl of water and a towel. "Here mom." She said as she handed the bowl and towel over to Will. My mom said "Now get the others out of here Bella. Theres gonna be blood." Bella did as she was told

(a few hours Later Carlisle's Prov)

I Was helping my daughter through labor. "Lizzie PUSH!" I said to her as she moaned in pain, but also weak. "Will, we'll take care of her, you need to go eat." My wife said to our son in law. Lizzie cried out "I can't do this Daddy! Make the pain stop!" I said "Sweetie Push, it's the only way, It'll be over quicker if you push." She pushed and cried. I said "Good Lizz. Again!" She cried as she pushed again. I saw the head and said "One more time sweetie!" My wife was beside me with Will, as Lizzie pushed. I got the baby out and handed it to Esme. Lizzie relaxed back in to Wills arms as I sat beside them. "Where is our baby daddy?" my daughter asked, as my wife brought over our granddaughter and handed the baby to our daughter. Lizzie said "She's so little!" I said "I remember you being that little. It doesn't last forever. She'll grow up fast just like you did darlin'." Lizzie smiled as Will Held both his girls. I said "Do you have a name for the little girl?" Lizzie looked at Will and said "We were thinking, Charlotte Cullen Turner." My wife and I said "Beautiful." Just then my wife went to our bathroom and threw up. I was at her side.