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"Wang Yao, on behalf of the murder of 21 year old Benjamin F. Jones, we the jury find you guilty of first degree murder. You are hereby sentenced to life in jail without parole."

"Court is adjourned!"

Yao just stood there as the judge threw down his gavel, eyes wide with fear and horror. He had been charged with murder and not just any murder, first degree murder. How could they convict him, a tiny 24 year old Chinese chef. A young man who loved all things cute and adorable and wouldn't hurt a fly.

Yet here he stood.


"Take him away."

Two very large security guards came over and grabbed the Asian by the arms, dragging him out of the court room.

Yao struggled to get free."N-No, you are wrong aru! I didn't do it! P-please, you have to believe me!" He yelled so loud it stung his throat. Tears began streaming down his face. "You have the wrong guy aru! You have the wrong guy!" But his voice drifted off, falling upon death ears as he was taken out.

The writer for the jury looked up at the judge with concerned eyes. "V-Vash, do you really think he did it? You can't believe he actually killed that man do you bruder?"

The judged sighed heavily looking down to his sister. "Lilli, Its not my choice, it was the jury's. In my opinion...he couldn't be more innocent."

Yao was lead down the stairs of the court house, swarms of journalist surrounded him as he was taken out by the guards.

"Sir, Sir, how do you feel about being guilty?"

"Do you regret killing him?"

"Do you have anything to say to the family?"

"Leave me alone aru! I didn't kill anybody!"

But they just didn't listen, they kept bombarding him with questions of all kinds until he was placed in the cop car. Yao brought his sleeves, although his hands cuffed together, to his eyes and tried to wipe away the stinging tears that blurred his vision. "This isn't could this have happened?"


"Aiyaaa! I don't want to wear these orange clothes, its so tacky and uncomfortable aru! I am innocent, I can't live in jail, I have public issues aru!" Yao yelled loudly as he was taken down to the cells of the jail. The convicts that stood behind the metal bars watched with hungry eyes as they followed the petite Asian.

The men whistled and howled at the feminine looking male. With his long ebony to black hair tied in a red ribbon, his small curvy body, tendency to have a higher voice then most males and being oh so short, he was a perfect little rape toy to the rest of them.

"Oh yeah baby, me and you are gonna party tonight!"

"Hey sweet thing, why don't you enter my cell~"

(Whistles) "How bout' me and you get together later sweet thing~"

Yao shivered gulping as his face contorted into complete and utter fear and disgust. He really did not want to be here. No, not at all.

"Here we are." One of the guards said. "Cell block 54, oh boy..." He paused looking over to his friend then back down to the Asian.

"W-Whats wrong aru?"

The man looked back up. "I hope you survive in this cell longer then the rest." He opened the cell, placing the man inside and closed the gate locking it tight as it made a loud clicking sound.

"Wait aru! What do you mean survive? Hello?"

But they already walked away. Yao griped the bar tightly, tears falling again.

"Oh, Privet~"

Yao's eyes shot opened wide, frozen with fear. He slowly turned around leaning his back up against the bar. He looked into the dark space and out of that dark there was a pair of bright violet eyes. The man that belong to those eyes stepped out slowly. Immediately Yao gulped, he craned his neck to look up and stare at the man. He was a giant, at least 6 foot 2. He completely shadowed the short 5 foot 5 Asian. His hair was silver and was wearing an oddly colored pink scarf with the same orange ensemble as himself. He looked kind of fat but Yao would never dare say anything like that.

"Heehee~" The man giggled. "I said privet, it means Hello da?"

"Oh, H-Hello aru." Yao stuttered. Trying to stand up straight and act not completely terrified out of his mind. It wasn't so much he was scared of the man, although terrifying as he may be, no he was scared of the whole "I'm-in-jail-I'm-small-and-could-easily-be-raped-thing" that scared him the most.

"Hmm~ I did not know they allowed girls in this jail~"

"Ugh!" Yao's eyebrow twitched in aggravation. "How rude! I am not a girl, I am a man aru!" He said pouting, crossing his arms.

"Oh really?" The man walked up closer, bending down till he was face to face with the smaller male. Yao held his breath as he could feel the taller man's breath hit his face. "Ahh~ You are very beautiful for a man da~" He said smiling.

He blushed. "Who do you think you are! I am handsome not beautiful!" Yao glared hatefully into the mans violet irises but as he gazed all he saw was a hint of surprise like he had never gotten yelled at and something else, although his facial expression did not show it.

After a moment of silence, the silver haired man spoke. "Da...either way, it does not matter." He bent up, shrugging his shoulders. "My name is Ivan Braginski by the way." He stated as he sat down on the bottom of the bunk bed. "I am from Russia."

Yao stared at the man for a bit before finally responding, bowing first. "My name is Wang Yao aru and I am originally from China. I moved to America for a better life aru but so far all it has done was land me in jail."

"Huh?" The Russian looked at Yao with a tilt of the head in confusion.

"Ah? W-What is wrong aru?" Yao questioned blushing again.

Ivan got up and again leaned in close to Yao. He cupped his hand under his chin in a thinking sort of pose. "Yao~ Yao-Yao I like this name da~ But this, "aru" thing, why do you say it?"

"Oh! Well, its kind of a nervous twitch aru. I-I really don't even notice that I do it that much. And please don't call me Yao-Yao..."

The Russians smile grew wider. "I like it da~ I think its adorable~"

Yao fumed. "Its not adorable!" "jeez, what is this guys problem!"


"Aiya! What's that aru?" The Asian cringed, covering his ears from the loud piercing ringing noise.

"It is the dinner bell. We all have to go down to the cafe now."

Yao sighed. "I'm not really hungry, can't I just stay here aru?"

"Nyet! You will come with me and eat with me! I haven't had a cell mate in a long time and want to get to know you better da~ Plus..." The Russian's face fell, becoming almost terrifying. "If I left you here alone...something bad might happen to you da? Kolkolkol~"

Yao shivered at the cold atmosphere that seemed to admit from the Russian. "Agreed."

"Hooray!" Ivan pushed on Yao's back, leading him down the hall. "We are going to be good friends! I can just tell!"

"Aiya! Don't push aru!" "What is wrong with this man? He is terrifying and intimidating yet acts like a little kid!" Yao tried to maneuver through the crowd of men that walked along with them. Everyone seemed to be taller then him, of course, just his luck.

Ivan leaned down slightly to whisper to Yao. "Just stay close to me ok?" He stated as he stood by Yao's side.

What choice did the Asian have, he didn't want to get lost and since Ivan knew the way, it was safer to stay next to him. As they continued to walk a man with short black hair walked up by the Asian, he smiled down at him and winked.

Yao blushed trying to advert his gaze.

"Hey sweetheart, you gotta name?" The man asked.

Reluctantly he answered. "Yao." "Stuipid jerk, how dare he ask for my name so rudely aru! If I only had my wok with me."

"Yao? What a lovely name, for a lovely person of course. So your new here right?"

Yao scoffed. "How can you tell aru."

As the man continued to talk to Yao, Ivan couldn't help but feel his blood start to boil. Even though he just met the Asian, he was 'his' cell mate, 'his' new friend. It also could be the fact that he found the Chinese man to be quite alluring, different from all the others. This man was nice, kind and he actually stood up to him instead of running and crying away like everyone else. Also he had the cutest little temper and his Ivan his eyes were a golden sunflower field, the most beautiful eyes ever.

"Aiya! Let me go aru!"

Ivan snapped out of his trance only to notice Yao was no longer next to him. He began to panic but why should he care? He never cared about any of his other cell mates. He looked around and saw that he was back some, the man he was talking too had Yao's arm grabbed tightly and was trying to pull him away.

"Come on babe, it'll be fun I promise!"

"I said no aru!"

"Excuse me da?"

Both looked up to see Ivan standing there with a creepy child-like smile.

"You seem to be hurting my new cell mate da? I don't like that very much... I would let him go if I were you. kolkolkol~"

The man that held Yao's arm shook violently and unleashed the Asian. "S-Sorry Ivan, I-I didn't know, please don't break my arm!" He cried quickly running away.

Yao looked up to Ivan who was smiling happily in contentment. "I guess your pretty famous around here aru." Yao didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Da~ But enough about me, lets go I'm starving~"

This time Ivan grabbed Yao's arm tightly, making the Asian flinch slightly from how hard he griped. Ivan decided to keep Yao close just in case someone else would come along and try to steal his possession again.

Yao sighed. "This is going to be a long life sentence."

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