A warning for those who are not really fond of gore,

Ivan's explanation is very dark, so please skip it if you like.

"I want to know aru, I want to know why."

Ivan gave him a blank stare, a look of confusion, fear and hate. He could again begin the hear the soft screams, the blood splattered into his vision and he shook slightly.

"Ivan, are you ok aru?" Yao grabbed his hands and he stop shaking. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want too, I understand," he was about to go on when Ivan interrupted him.

"I will tell you, da, it is not a tale I like to talk about often, but I will tell you." He looked at Yao and gave a weary smile. "If this is the last thing you wish to hear, I can not deny you that. Hmm, it started when I was 10 years old, my family was a mess, my father had many wives. His first one was a beautiful Ukrainian women, which was my older sisters mother. After awhile, my father dumped her and married a Russian women, which was my mother. She was very kind for as long as I knew her, than I turned 8 and my father re-married again to a Belarus women, she was the most beautiful one, and the one that lasted the longest. She was my younger sisters mom. but she was also cruel and heartless, she never listened to a word I said, or any of us, all she cared about was herself, and my father, so strucken by his own selfish ways, never even cared about me or my sisters. We moved around a lot, and was too poor to move into somewhere permanent. I was beaten and tormented by both of my current parents. When I was bad they would stick me in the bath tub and turn on the freezing cold water, and I had to stay in there for a least a hour. It was torture, I was so cold."

"Other times they would whip me, and other times they would smack and beat me almost half to death. I was going crazy, but they didn't seem to care. When I turned 12, I planned the murder of my family. I really didn't want to kill my sisters, but I couldn't have them talking, and they were also annoying, my big sister was a crybaby tattle tale, and my little sister was obsessed with me. I had too, I just had to, I couldn't take it any longer, I hated my life and tried to commit suicide several times."

"Which would explain the marks on your neck aru,"

"Yes, I tried many ways; hanging myself, cutting myself, but nothing seemed to satisfy me more than the thought of killing my family. You don't understand Yao; you don't understand the rush it gave me to just think about slicing their throats, to rip out their organs one by one and watch them bleed from the outside. I wanted it so bad, it made me so happy, kolkolkol~"

Ivan chuckled darkly as his face dropped into a scary fashion. Yao quickly got up and cupped the Russian's face. "Ivan, stop it aru, right now." he gave a semi-hard slap to the man, right across the face. The Slavic quickly snapped out of it and turned his view towards the Asian; A light smile in place.

"Sorry," he said softly and leaned in to kiss Yao on the lips. "But as I was saying, I remember it so well, so vividly. It was my 13th birthday, I spent it alone, my parents forgot; my sisters didn't, but they really didn't do much except say happy birthday, and my older sister gave me this scarf." He closed his eyes and touched the fabric with gentle fingers. "It was her last gift to me, da?" his eyes gained a bit of water in them, he quickly wiped them away. "I had to wait until night time, it was the only time everyone was at there weakest. At 1 in the morning, I went down stairs and slipped out a knife, a 12 inch dagger. I went upstairs and went into my sisters room first, both slept in the same room so it was easy. I killed my younger first, she woke up and looked at me with saddened eyes. I quickly slit her throat and stabbed it so it would go deep, she gagged a bit, but not loud enough for the other to hear. After that, I went to my older sister and stabbed her right in the forehead, she screamed a ghastly sound, shouting horrid things, I got worried my parents would wake up so I stabbed her in the throat. She quickly died after. I opened her mouth and slit out her tongue, keeping it in my pocket. I went back over to my little sister and stole her eyes."

Yao had a horrid look on his face, one of terror, it was hard to listen to such gruesome acts by one he had such feelings for, but he had to keep strong. "Please, go on aru,"

"Da, my parents were next. I went into their room, and carefully strode up to my stepmother. I hated the way she slept; so peacefully, with a smile. I wanted to rip it off her face, I wanted to take her pulse and stop it completely. So I did; I smiled so brightly with my blood stained clothes and hair and face, I smiled and I stabbed her in the chest. She quickly screamed, louder than my sister, I actually got scared for a second, to much of a second, I had let my guard down and she got up as I pulled out my knife."

"YOU DEMON CHILD, YOU MONSTER, I HATE YOU, YOU EVIL BASTARD!" "She yelled it so loud, I saw my father awaken, so I quickly went to finish her; I stabbed her in the stomach multiple times, again and again until she dropped to the ground. I did not have time to enjoy my kill because my father quickly punched me in the jaw and I stumbled back. He was a powerful man, strong and mighty. But the only mistake was, he went to comfort her, not paying attention to me. As he yelled for her to awaken, I took the knife and stabbed him in his back, he screamed and I stabbed him again, deeper until I hit his spinal cord, paralyzing him. I had learned about the body before hand, making sure to know were all the most lethal parts of the body were. He fell to the ground next to his precious wife; his eyes lifeless and dull, he looked up to me though, he looked at me with fear in his eyes, and I loved it. I loved how they were so afraid of me. It gave me so much joy, so after I left my father alone for a moment, I went over to my stepmother. I quickly and skillfully cut off both of her ears, and also put them in my pocket. The last one was my father; the man I had once looked up to, now looking up to me. I bent down next to him; he was still alive but could not move. I slowly took the knife and sliced into his body, right were his heart would be. I cut deeper and deeper with each press, small moans of pain escaped his mouth, but I ignored it. I finally got to were I wanted to be, I had made a circle and open the skin, reveling his heart to me. I reached my hand in and grabbed the beating organ tightly; so tightly I thought I might accidentally pop it. When I had it in my grasp, I quickly yanked it out, and held the slowly beating red and bloody item in my tiny palms. I couldn't help but laugh; laugh so happily, I heard the police sirens, but I ignored it I was so happy. Someone from across the way had called the police after hearing the screams. I had enough time to set everything up, I sat in my parents bed, blood dripped from the body parts I had collected, I placed the eyes, ears, tongue and heart on the bed next to me. The eyes of compassion and inspiration from my little sister, the tongue of my older sister who cried to much and complained, the ears of my mother who would never listen to a word I had to say, and the heart of my father, who never showed any kind of love. The police barged into the room, and I was snatched away."

"They wanted to place me in a insane asylum, but I told them I wasn't crazy, I told them I planned everything and thought logically about it. With me convincing them, they had to send me to a regular prison. Word spread of what I had done, and I became the most feared in the jail. That's what happen Yao, now you know, now you know why I must not live. I really do deserve to die, I am just happy, I met you before I did."

"Ivan, I-I had no idea it was that serious aru, why did you not tell me sooner!" Yao yelled with a motherly tone.

"I was afraid; afraid you would hate me,"

"I could never hate you, you idiot! Aiya, I am more worried though, I can't leave you after hearing all that, I don't want to leave you alone again, what if you go crazy?" The older man got up and sat in between the younger's legs, and kissed him. Ivan kissed back, adding a bit more force to the nice feeling. Ivan placed his hands on Yao's waist and brought him closer. He broke the kiss and leaned up to his ear.

"I want you to go," he didn't need to look to notice Yao starting to cry again, he just leaned his forehead against the Asians shoulder and hugged tighter as Yao wrapped his arms around him. "I love you, Yao."

"Aiyaa-a-a," the Asian could feel the lump in his throat, he stuttered to say the words.

"I-I love you too, aru!"

-1 month later-

"Braginski, you have a visitor."

Ivan sat up from his bed and walked with the officer down to the visitor center. He sat down in one of the chairs and waited patiently for him to come in.

"Go on, he is to the right,"

"Thank you aru,"

Ivan practically jumped in his seat when he heard the Asian's beautiful voice. He watched as the man strode in, he looked the same, wearing his usual red mandarin jacket and black pants. He had been coming to vist the Russian every week or so, but it was never enough for the Slavic man, he wished Yao was back in his cell. Were they could kiss and talk, and have hot sex whenever they wanted.

"Hello Ivan aru, how are you?"

"Ahh, Yao-Yao, I am good da! Very well, I miss you so much da!~"

"Aiya, I just visited you last week aru, isn't that enough?"

"Nyet, I need to see you everyday, I want to touch you and kiss you, and make you feel good everywhere or I will go crazy Yao~" Ivan giggled as red painted the Asian's face. He reached his cuffed hands over to the smaller mans and covered them. "I miss you Yao, I really do da."

Yao gave a sad smile and looked down at the giants hands on his. "I know aru, but, you wont have to miss me for long."

"Ugh? Uhh, little Yao, you didn't get in trouble again, did you?"

"No way aru! Not on my life! but, I have a couple friends on the outside that may be able to help you out, yes?"

"Huh?" Ivan looked at Yao in question, "little Yao, what are you-?"

Yao laughed slightly and sat up. "You will see, wait for me, wait two weeks, I promise."

"Wait, Yao!" he tried chasing after the man but his leg that was cuffed to the table prevented him from doing so. He watched as his love left without so much as a word. It had been lonely since Yao left, a couple weeks after the man had gone, all his friends began to slowly leave as well, getting off for good behavior. Alfred and Arthur hit bail, Francis is still in, Matthew had left since no one seemed to remember what he came in there for in the first place, along with Antonio and Romano, all out. It left him with a couple of people, but not the most best to hang out with.

So, he would wait, he would wait two weeks, he would forever.

-2 weeks later-

Ivan stood in the court room facing the judge with imminence calmness.

"It has been awhile since we seen each other, has it not?"

"Da, it has, Mr. judge."

"You know, I never thought I would see you again until the time of your execution."

"It is a surprise to me as well sir,"

"You have good friends Braginski, especially that Mr. Wang. I can't believe they all got through the system, clearing your name like that off the whole inter bass. Jeez, what a mess."

Ivan smiled softly, looking towards Yao who in turn gave him a more gentle one.

"But, you have been good, really good actually, more than usually and I thought it was weird. It seems that slim ball Khan had made up most of the rumors why you stood in jail. Although you did a horrible thing, I can no longer account you for anything in your past, thanks to your records being destroyed. Well Braginski, this is your chance to start over, don't mess it up."

"Da, I promise." As Ivan was being taken back to get ready to be sent home; he quickly called the Asian's name. "Yao!" he yelled loudly, Yao looked to him with a wide grin.

"I will wait for you, I love you aru!"

"Da!" Ivan smiled brightly. "I love you to Yao, I love you too!"

~The End~

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