This short, very very short, fic of Children of the Lamp is dedicated to my new friend: Hanban915. I hope that you like it, my friend. :) Oh, and sorry about my horrible English, it´s really really bad.

Nimrod hates Iblis. Iblis hates Nimrod. It is draw.

They had been fighting for centuries, but they haven´t get tired yet. They love fighting, they really love it. Okay, they would never admit it, but it is there.

Sometimes, Nimrod wins; sometimes, Iblis wins. But they never stop fighting because they need it; they need the adrenalin of the fights, they need to know that they have enemies that won´t leave them never.

Of course, Nimrod won´t liberate Iblis if he catches him; and Iblis won´t waste the opportunity of kill Nimrod if he has it.

They know that the best enemies are the ones that would never disappear, the ones whose hate survive to everything.

They can´t talk without insult the other with the charm that gives the years, but they have a secret and wordless pact: they will be enemies for life, and they will love it every time that they argue and fight and insult.