I can't believe I have to do this again, I'm so tempted to turn off anonymous reviews, which I haven't done so far because some people just don't want to sign in and that is their personal choice, but some reviews really peeve me off.

So to the person who reviewed under the name "Seriously", maybe you might like to read the chapter again before trying to explain to me, like I'm some kind of fool, why the ring choice that I made for MY story is bad.

Since you have decided to go ahead and explain let me explain a self-explanatory chapter to you….

He just told his mother to stick the Malfoy fortune, and proposed before Hermione received his mothers' note; therefore, no he can't afford a big flashy diamond as a school student who has never worked a day in his life!

This takes me to your second point. that an engagement ring represents wealth and the ability of the husband to provide, well hello he's a school student, could you provide someone with a Diamond ring when you left school? Because I sure as hell couldn't.

And lastly I personally don't think Hermione would be allured by the rich lifestyle at all. I never saw that in her character and I most certainly didn't write her that way, the whole point of the story was that Draco pulled away from the Malfoy lifestyle.

Why don't you get some guts next time you flame someone and sign in so they don't have to burden the rest of their readers to answer your completely incorrect and off the point of the whole story review.